Punishment Of The Grave

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The Prophet sallua alayhi wa sallam uses the shroud to make the shroud presentable for the world. The shroud is used to signal the abuse of animals and people in their graves, and to convey a message ofixts the abuse of people by animals. The shroud is also used to signal the culture of revenge, where individuals can benefit from sharing good deeds and doing things that make one feel good.

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indicates or tells us that the dead people visit each other in their grave, for he sets a lot while he was alive when you Bury Your Dead, then make the coffin make the shroud nice and put on beautiful fragments to them make them presentable for the people of the graveyard so why don't they visit one another?

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For the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about this scenario that it will happen, he said has you know a phantom otaku? For inomata the humanoid as does our own overeem sampla make their shroud nice for in the grave. The dead people visit each other and in Sahih Muslim from selasa lips it is

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a horrible failure sankofa if any of you put the shroud on your brother then make it present presentable meanings and image but someone else is going to see there's a similar Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells us that Bury Your Dead with a solid horn with the righteous people for the neighboring person of a grave can harm the person who is next to them. They're being cunning. They said they are Salalah when they did how they're going to be harmed. They said once you get harmed by your neighbor in real life, they said yes it is and therefore when you're dead, you get harmed by your neighboring that. If you can choose a grave that is righteous if you cannot say

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okay Allah Subhana Allah will look after them make the offer that evening he died. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us to think about these moments,

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he said, an attempt to behead him and let them

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the Shahada Kumar ma Yani moved

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and moved to a new lm et al l cabrio inlet a condemn a fee for Polo unabated.

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Mr. Say,

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talk a lot about this journey, not just this, talk about the heat of talk about the purpose of life, when you talk about the heat up, that means you're talking about the purpose of why you're actually here, he said for it is, if you were to talk about it a lot, then it will help you not to be distracted by what I see. And when you go into the grave, the grave talks to you. And the grave says, I am the house of strangers I am the house of being alone I am and the prophet SAW Selim said the closest Allah is to his servant or one of the closest poses to his servants when he's in the grave when he has no father or mother, or children, or brothers or sisters to company more friends.

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Last pantalla is therefore for a believer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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that a person who is being punished in their grave the animals can hear him or her, but also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in a hadith where he said,

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Oliver the alarm on or eyeshadow, the alarm on her said to old Jewish women entered my house one time in Medina, because they were neighbors. And they said to me, that people of the grave get punished inside their graves. So I said to them, You are lying. This is not true. People in the graves don't get punished, then they live. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam entered, and I said the Arizona law to old women from the Jews came to me and said the people of the grave get are getting punished in their graves. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said South Dakota in Omaha de buena, other than the smell when

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they spoke the truth. There's two Jewish women,

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the people of the grave who are getting punished, they get punished until the animals can eat. So the human beings in the genes can't hear them, but the animals can hear them every now and then. She said I never saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after that day, in prayer, or after prayer, except that he would be seeking refuge in a law from the punishment of the grave.

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And the province of law send them past by two graves one time, this is also say Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim where he saw two graves and harbors all within and he went to some

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a particular type of plant and he cut off a bit of its branches and placed one on one grave and another one on the other grave with his hands. And I asked him why did you do that era Salalah because that's not normally what you do for people who have died

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for their graves. It's not the norm but the process and him didn't especially just for these two, he said in the bed when you add the Burnaby COVID they are being punished right now but they are not being punished with something big what he means by something big meaning in our eyes. We don't consider it as a huge thing.

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But to Allah, it is a big thing. That's why because Allah doesn't punish or something small, will punish you for something that's severe. That's really severe. But in our eyes, we don't see it as severe. Because we take it for granted. He said the first person is being punished, because he used to spread rumors about people and causes bad reputation to others, of course, in a fitness by spreading rumors and gossiping and dumping lies about people and the second person, he used to not urinate in privacy. So he would urinate in open and people would see his private just like that.

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As we are living now, things in the bubbles up that are occurring. Firstly, before I mentioned this Hadith, the prophet SAW Selim told us that when a person dies, their soul goes to a place, a destination that you and I cannot see or witness in the world.

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The soul goes either to where the believing souls and good souls are gathered. Or it goes to where the disbelieving souls and the filthy or the bad souls are gathered. And neither of the two,

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neither of the two meet each other.

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They're in bliss, they're in punishment.

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And when the believing soul goes to the believing place, they're believing dead people, their souls run to it.

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Like a person who is traveling going overseas, you know, how everyone runs to you to ask you about family and friends that they have back at where you came from. Right? How are they doing? How's their health? How's So similarly, in the business world, the believing souls run to the to this new soldiers just finished that person. And they asked them about their brothers, their sisters, mothers, fathers, children, relatives, friends, who they have left behind? What are they asking them about? They are asking them about their faith. They're asking them about their deeds, how are they doing, they're coming close to Allah, they're gone straight, what's happening to them.

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So it means that they miss them.

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They miss them, and they want the best for them. But they don't know what's happening to them.

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So this freshly that person says to them,

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what he knows about them, if he tells them good, they become happy.

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Because they know that if they dine out, they're gonna meet them. They're gonna be with them. Especially especially family, any parents and children, family, brothers and sisters, because Allah spent Allah says no plan, and those who believe truly, and they died a lot, and then offspring believed with them and they died a Lost Planet, Allah, will you reunite them together, and will not take any of their rewards away. So that people who die believers will follow their believing family. And that's the only concern of the souls of the people in the hereafter. As for the bad solar goes to the bad destination. They also run asking.

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And if they tell them they're doing good, they're actually get relieved. If they're doing bad, they also get upset

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because they have seen what has happened.

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But if they go to the believing section, and they ask them where is the soul, or what did our relative do or our father or brother or whoever it is, and the freshly that person says he beat he beat me.

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Sometimes he might say he beat me he died before

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they become very upset because they know that they didn't come to the believing souls site he went to the other side

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are also salaallah alayhi wa sallam told us here are some of the ways in which the punishments can be lessened or forgiven.

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And in your grave, your light can be increased. Even though your your deeds are not enough to increase the light or to make your your your journey better. He said there are ways that the dead person can still receive benefits in the hero in their grave, and the state will be better.

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Either method no Adam in copper, Armando 11. Fellas, when the son of Adam dies, all of their actions are cut off. Allah says nothing that you can do anymore, except for three things.

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A righteous child that will supplicate for you

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or an ongoing knowledge or a beneficial knowledge what you left behind that people can benefit from

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or an ongoing charity

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which you left behind that people can benefit from Hong Kong charity. After the better

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The people stay in there for only a loss. My dad knows how long people stay in their graves until the Day of Judgment arrives. And the last panel of Watada informs or commands the angel is Rafi

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to bloat into the trumpet for the world to end.

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Or until people forget about him. And the moms stop mentioning him whoever dies, then that is as clear as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a fire