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AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has led to selfish behavior and privacy concerns, including missing public gatherings and avoiding social distancing. It is important to respect and be oneself, avoiding falsehood, and being true to oneself. The importance of being a rebel and avoiding selfish behavior is emphasized.
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In Alhamdulillah, Muhammad who want to stay in who want to still fiddle when I was a biller him ensuring full Snellman see Dr. Medina? Me you had a healer who follow model the woman you didn't follow her the Allah was shadow hola ilaha illallah wa doko la sharika was shadow ana Muhammadan Abu rasuluh you handed in on a taco la haka. toccata what automaton Illa want to Muslim Moon

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I'm about to agnostic on Hadith Kitab Allah who had you heard you, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are short on Ohmori mcdata to the 13 vida Wakulla. Without him Bala will call about and Finau Brothers and Sisters in Islam today are hotbar is about selfishness. And this hookah is addressing all selfless people in the masjid in the community in the Ummah, those who are only concerned with their own interests, their own welfare, their own benefits, regardless of others, and sometimes at the expense of others. And if COVID-19 has done anything, it has helped expose those who are selfish. And we know some of the marks or traits of selfish behavior during this pandemic. Number

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one, as an example, those who come into the masjid and public gatherings with their masks down.

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So everyone has their mask up. But this one individual has his mask down or has his nose sticking out. So why is it that this person is so special? And why would you feel okay, that everyone has it on but you're the only one who has it off. And it just that should make you feel a little bit embarrassed or a little bit ashamed.

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And you confront them? Oh, it's difficult for me to breathe. That's the concept when these orifices are blocked, it's difficult to breathe for the whole world. It's not like the rest of us breathe better with the mask on.

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It's the same that everyone is struggling through or are suffering with, if you would, or others will tell you, I don't have the virus. Yes, you don't have it. And I don't have it. And this guy over here doesn't have it and the whole country doesn't have it. That's why it's spreading.

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Or those who will cough and sneeze and come and constantly coughing and sneezing throughout the entire salah. Or they have a high temperature and still come to public gatherings. If it's not selfishness, what is this kind of behavior? Oh, it's just allergies. As a precaution, anyone coughing or sneezing don't show up to public gatherings don't show up to the masjid. And what would happen if you did have it, and you passed it on to someone else and that person died from it. That blood is not on your hands at all, you have nothing to do with it due to carelessness.

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Those who have family members who are tested positive and they're still coming and mingling with everyone in the masjid in public events, you know, part of the wisdom when in Islam and maybe some hola hola Salam instructed, when the there's an outbreak of the plague. So he said, if you hear of the plague in a city, then don't go to it. And if it if there's an outbreak in the city you live in, don't leave the city, don't leave the city. And this also trains us to not have this attitude of selfishness of only caring for ourselves. Because I only care about myself and to save myself, I'm going to leave this town. But I might carry it to a whole group of other people, men, women and

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children. And they'll die because of me because I just wanted to save myself, and then exterminate an entire village. It's also not just preservation, but also to teach us not to be selfish like that. Just to save ourselves, we don't care who will put in harm's way.

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Or those who bring their children to public events knowing that they should be in quarantine at that time.

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That's just nothing but being selfish. Or perhaps the worst of the worst, or the mask doesn't work group.

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And one of the problems we have with this individuality or exaggerated sense of individual individuality is that you have to stand out, be separate from the rest of the crowd. Do what you believe voice your opinion.

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And the mass doesn't work is only a half truth. And everyone knows it's not airtight. So it doesn't work in stopping everything from coming in. Yes. But you cannot argue that it doesn't stop things flying out of your mouth and your nose when you cough and you talk and you sneeze for those people who say the mouse doesn't work. If you have open surgery, and your surgeon tells you I'm going to perform

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I met without a mask. And I'm going to be speaking over your open body without a mask talking and spitting into you Would you accept. So either it works, or it doesn't work, but we don't play games, because it's convenient or inconvenient. But suppose the mask didn't work at all. Suppose it didn't work at all. It didn't stop things coming in, and it didn't even stop things flying out of you. I would still wear it, why? I don't have respect for everyone else.

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Because it makes people comfortable, I'll wear it. It's not always just about the individual. It's about the community. It's about respecting everybody else. It's about making everyone else feel comfortable.

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If it's the law will respect that law. And we'll do it even if you're not convinced. But the idea now everyone wants to be a rebel. Everyone wants to stand out and do what you believe and even at the expense of offending others. Omar RFH lack of respect is what it is. Just for the sake of making others feel comfortable. Even if I don't believe it, I'll put it on.

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What happened to the Hadith? Now you may not have had you happily agree, my holiness, this hadith we learn as children that one of you will not truly believe until he loves for his brother or sister in this case, what he loves for himself. What happened to that? The Sahaba were amazing people and they live this hadith, a Sahabi would be hungry, but he will take a date and put it in his brother his mouth. And he would feel the sweet taste the sweetness in his own. He will stay to taste the sweetness because he gave it to his brother or from the early Muslims, a store owner. A customer would come to him towards the end of the day. And he'll tell him I actually sold a lot today. I made

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a lot of money today. But my neighbor who says the same thing didn't get a lot of customers to go buy from him.

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That's living out this hadith.

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How do we feel today? When we're trying to park to go to a store? And there's an excellent parking space right in front of the door and someone else takes it? How do we feel? It doesn't matter Muslim or non Muslim? How do we feel?

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That's a part of being selfish. When you're not happy for other people. They took a great parking space honey Anla some cursing and angry? Let her know why. Park down and and walk back you need the exercise. What's the problem?

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A cola cola was tougher. Hola, hola. Yo, la cama? Jimmy, I don't know first off Euro Fairphone must have been asked ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness indeed those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah I mean, what early was a big mind about

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the scholars mentioned some of the bad qualities of a selfish person. One of them is that the selfish person doesn't accept advice from others. Why? Because being selfish they only see the world through their viewpoint only.

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And they said this is like for own Maori in Aurora, same thing. Their viewpoint is so important to them. If they're honest, saying I'll only tell you what I see for myself

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and what will bring you benefit and I'll only guide you to the best path for all

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so the selfish person has an a response for everything you tell him to do. He said he sees himself as above and better than everyone else. That's part of being selfish seeing himself above and better than anyone else. The first example was like for on the second they said is like a bliss color an Ohio Minho. halacha naman Naren Warlock the home into like a bliss when he thought he was better just because of the substance that he was created from

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the companion of the prophets of Allah Salam, a Buddha or the farrier or the lawn.

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Later on in his life, he went to the masjid for the horror and a man from the Tiber in the successors the next generation, he saw him and he invited him to have some grapes that he got from his vineyard.

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And he invites this companion and what an honor and he gives him a bowl of grapes. And we got to eat a little bit, then the man swears to him by Allah that he has to finish the entire bowl. So he finished the entire bowl and the man was so happy to honor a companion of the Prophet so I sent him the next day he catches him again. And he swears to him and he feeds them another bowl. And then about the third or fourth time, a Buddha or the Allah asked him to take some of the grapes and them

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tasted one of the grapes and it was extremely sour. It was in an edible, you could not eat it.

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So the man asked him, he says coolamon minha min Oh, William, from the first day it tasted like this. And I would not have told him yes, the bowl that you swore by Allah and he ate the whole bowl. He was you couldn't eat it was so sour. So the man tells him, but why didn't you tell me from the first day that it was so sour? So without Allah on her response, he said, Allah to Allah, woof Sudha for hataoka be any cooler in the UK.

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We learn the colon, and he tells him, I didn't want to ruin your happiness that I'm eating with you. Look at this level of selflessness. These were the companions of the prophets of Salaam, this level, this level of brotherhood. It's not just I care about myself. I don't care what anyone else thinks he's eating for three days. The sour grapes because I don't want to ruin your happiness. You're happy that you're honoring me a companion. I don't want to make that bad for you. I want to ruin it for you.

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From the companions. God, God Allah had Virginie nobody alone on who he sent his servant. He gave him money. And he'd sent him to buy him a horse at the marketplace. The man the servant comes back with a horse. He asked him, How much did you pay? He said 400 dinos. So Jerry Rabelo and said, Do you would you recognize the person who sold you this horse? If we go back to the market? He said, Yes. So they went back looking for him. And then they found him. He said, You sold his horse for 400. He said, Yes. He said, Would you accept 500? The man said, Yes. He said, 600 He said, Yes. 700. He said, This horse is worth 800 dinars.

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And I want to give you what it's worth, selflessness, and honesty, and loving for your brother, what you love for yourself. And so he gave the man the money. And when the man left, he called him back. He called him back. And when the man came to him, he said, Lisa be Junoon so I'm not crazy. You can go back to your friends. I sold this crazy guy on a horse and he came and prayed me double said I'm not crazy. Well, I can but well, I can nearby Yeah, to rasool Allah is Allah Allah, Allah Salam. I don't know if he Licola Muslim, but I pledge to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to give sincere advice to every Muslim. That's why I did it. Not because I don't understand or can't take advantage of you.

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I pledge to the process.

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These are the values we've had for 1400 years. And we come and forget them in 2020. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For Lahoma Adele haka Khan was

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wearing a bowtie, la Baltierra Christina Alba, for LA mulata Jalla dunya Kabara Hamina what a mob La La La Mina What are in a normal Sirona

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Lahoma brim to head to head Luma to Emerald Austin, you as the fee. Waiver does he know ma sciatic Wait, Murphy Hibben Maru for Yun haffi? Hanuman, correct? Yes, ma da also Allahumma robotic. I don't know. I mean, what he was up to here Jermaine or como, como Han como la.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah