Tawfique Chowdhury – The Sweetness of Praying at Night

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The importance of praying during the night is discussed, including the belief that only those who know or care for those who do not want to pray are the ones who need to pray. The use of words like "has" and "has not" is also discussed, along with the importance of safe precautions like drinking coffee and keeping your heart pure from hatred or anger. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of praying at night and the need for people to be safe from the virus.
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Salam Alaikum wa barakato brothers and sisters just came back from gamma Lail and tarawih prayers and I thought that I would spend some time with you all telling you about a few thoughts that came to our mind regarding the night Salah, the night Salah will hamdulillah it is the beloved deed of every single righteous person. It is a business transaction that every single believer deals in every single night with his Lord. It is the act of everyone who is at the forefront of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala finding that indeed at the night, the believer is alone with his Lord, he turns all his attention towards the one who created him the one who sustains and nourishes him. So

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he complains only to him and he asks only from him, and his heart and soul are turned towards him, begging the seeking seeking from his Lord. And he thinks with Jana, to his right which, to his left Allah in the front,

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with tears pouring down his eyes as he reads the verses of the Quran.

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He reads those verses about Janani ask Allah for Jenna and he reads the verses Johanna money seeks refuge from jahannam and he sees

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it is as if Jen and Johanna were really just in front of him. This is the beauty, beauty of the night Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In surah such the verse number 16 to the Java julu manual Maharajah and even Kathy Rahim Allah He said about this beautiful verse He said, The Annie be delicate pmla meaning that they

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leave their beds and their sides have not touched their beds. And the and the beds have become dry from not touching the sides of these people because they are busy standing up the nights and salah and this is what the righteous people used to do.

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And Elizabeth also says in Surah 38 in verse 17 and 18 Cardinal kalila Amina layli, Maja john well as hari homea starfield as well, number three is to say that the Salah hain COVID, or Lail, Rama das Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla sofrito allistic and it was the

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Al Hassan merci Rahim Allah used to say about this verse that righteous people, there is to a kind of khaleel Amina layli, Maya john many very few hours of the night they used to actually lie down and rest meaning that they were standing up most of the night. And Allison was used to say that they used to pray most of the night or all of the night until they used to join between mother and father, meaning that they would continue to pray between even between Muslim in Asia and between Asia and Asia. They would continue to pray until the sun had risen up and then after that time, they'll continue to make Dora and his teaching begging Allah with his stepfather

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and also Lazarus. So in Surah zomer, verse number nine, a man who according to an allele, Sadly though, we'll call him a Rottweiler drama therapy. Colchester, Villa de la Moana, Valentina Allah, Allah mon, in pneumonia, Tata, Kuru Alba are those I take the example of the one who is begging beseeching Allah the depths of the night in frustration and he's standing or he is bowing and he is aware and wary of the Hereafter, and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, say, Omaha mssm. to these people, are those who know equal to those who do not know. Verily, it is only those who have wisdom that really understand meaning that those who truly know that those who pray and those who do not

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know or do not care for those who do not so equity my brothers and sisters Islam, which one are we from?

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In the authentic hadith, which is reported by Ahmed and Academy D and authenticated by shackle bonnieux him Allah, the prophet SAW Selim said, Allah can be clear Melvin Salim upon you, or people is to pray at the depths of nightfall Indeed, it is the frequent action of the righteous people of law come before you. Well Cotabato Allahu taala is a act of nearness to Allah azza wa jal Maka philatelists a, and it removes and forgives your past sins or one had to leave them. And it stops you from from doing more since one motor with utterly de unadjusted, and it removes a lot of diseases from your body.

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And it was reported

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that one of the Sahaba reported about about the statement are seldom about Abdullah Omar. There were a solar system heard about Abdullah Omar and this is a de minimis in Bukhari Muslim when he heard about Abdullah

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He said Mr. Raja Abdullah locating solely in a lake What a beautiful man is of the law if only he prayed at night. So since that time Salim bid up the love nama silent the son of the law

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number of the a lotta language I

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used to say that my father never used to sleep at night ever since he heard that he used to pray most of the night if not all of the night, because he wanted to be that beautiful man that the prophets have said If only he had prayed there's also for this reason why it was reported that you know, Mohammed Rahim Allah was asked about a student of student of knowledge who came to him to seek knowledge.

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And he did not pray at night. So he Mohammed said with surgeon Sula, Yakumo lay, what an evil man is he the one who wants to gain knowledge and does not stand stand up the night in prayer.

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It was authentically reported.

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You know howdy switches into Bharati and Hakeem authenticate again Bashar Rahim Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Phil genitive Satomura hero have been bothnia What about what about you know Hamza Hara verily there is a beautiful palace and gentlemen that has rooms wherein you can see the outside from the inside and the inside from the outside. So it was said limani Rasul Allah who is his four year of service so at that point, the prophet system said he said, This house is for Lima atharva column for the one who has beautiful speech, or atomic Tom and he feeds people food about the common one NASA Nia and he stands up the depths of the night was that people are asleep meaning

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stands at the depths of night in prayer once the people are asleep.

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And one authentic hadith as well reported by Al Hakim and very happy and also authenticated and made hassled well Daniel Rahim Allah that you please Allison the slum came to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he said yeah Mohammed h machine in nicomedia to Mohammed live as you as much as you wish but you will die with the machete for indictable for Rico and love who you wish for indeed you will live him while I'm on my ship in neckerman Zb and do what actions you wish for indeed you will be judged according to it, while Amman natural movement to mahoba Lane and know that the honor of a believer is standing up at night where is the who is the state not one in us and his status and

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honor is is being free of people in need free of needing the people and any need from the people.

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And that is why in a very amazing Hadith reported by without again authentically mala and others. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said one comma b Azure IoT lamb yolk Domino's affiliate whoever recites 10 verses at night meaning in the night prayer that he will not be returned from the varsity meaning those people who are forgetful woman comma V me it is indicative amino carnitine and whoever recites 100 verses, then he'll be written from those who are teaming those who are God fearing woman comma b alpha 10, whoever recites 1000 versus katiba 13 he will be written for the contrary meaning those people who have been thought and thought is like a treasure a huge treasure, like mountains of

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treasures. So how can you recite 10 verses very easy 10 verses like, you know, in the upright knuckle culture is three already there, right? So if you just recite surah Doha in first verse and then the second verse, Allah Mashallah Casa de rock, you've got 10 verses there. And then if you did that, then you wouldn't be from the halfling meaning that Allah would remove your name from those people who forget him. But if you recite 100 verses, and it's easy to lose 100 verses if you just recite to the calf, and so, you know, for examples who have cars with a calf, you know, and

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surah waka for example, you've got 100 verses there. And if you did that, then you'll be written from the carnitine from those who are God fearing woman, a comma b alpha, if you could recite 1000 verses Now you might be thinking, oh my god, 1000 verses very tough, but assume to him Allah said that the last two Jews of the Quran, so that's just a Barak and Jews ama. If you were to recite both, to Jews in the Quran, which is very easy to do, really,

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then you'll be returned for the country and from those who have a huge treasure

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in general, Mashallah to Barack Allah, and was said that a man who did not,

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could not get up at night, until the sun until the sun had risen.

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The problem was asked about such a man and the authentic hadith in Bukhari Muslim. He said, that is a man in which in whose ears the shaitaan had urinated. So my brothers and sisters Islam, stand up unites in prayer Allah is the most beautiful thing. And the Prophet says love our professors. I used to love to pray the depths of the night. Of course, it's very, very hard. I know that last University said so he said he admitted a bad

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Shed domina salata feature film I have not found anything that is more severe upon me that the prayer the depths of night and it's well known authority Rahim Allah so if you had a thought he said for 10 years I struggled with it for another 10 years I tolerated it so it's, it's it's possible that you know you don't like night prayer, but a time will come when as Allison Wesley as Sophia latorre said that after 20 years of struggling with it, the next 10 years I fell in love with it. So May Allah azza wa jal make us of those people who also fall in love with our night prayers. So there are a few things of course that that make the night prayers. Easy. Yeah. And that is to drink a lot,

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but not eat too much. Not to work very hard in the mornings to make sure you do your Tallulah, which is your bit of sleep after though her prayer before us. And that you know that you stay away from a lot of sins in the morning so that you don't feel burdened by it at night. Also, there are a few other internal things you can do. And that is to keep your heart pure from any hatred or anger against any believer or from having

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you know,

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lack of trust about yourself and in your own ability to stand up at night. And also to actually know and learn about the greatness of the night prayer. And of course, lastly, to really learn about Allah azza wa jal and his greatness and to come close to him

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by loving him. All of these things in Charlotte Allah will make your night prayers easy Exactly.

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My brothers and sisters love I really hope that you listen to this and it helps you to stand up the Knights in prayer.

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This is your brother tofi God until the next time inshallah salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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