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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the characteristics of humility, including the importance of showing one's worth and positioning in shaping behavior. They also highlight the negative impact of being too humble on one's own worth and encourage finding people who are humble and considerate. The negative impact of being too humble is a positive step, and finding people who are truly humble and considerate is a positive step.
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Two men were arguing. And they were arguing to a degree that it looked like they were about to start fighting. You see, one of them thought that he was right. And what he was learning was correct. And as a result, the other individual that he was talking to, was totally wrong. But it got to the degree that too, when a third person walked up upon those two, he saw that it looked like they were about to really go to blows, they were about to start fighting. And the third person stopped them. And he asked him, I said, I have one question for you. Do you feel that you're better than the other person?

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When they both heard this, they knew that they could not say, Oh, yes, I'm better than the ladder. Their conversation changed more to Okay, look, man, I know that you're wrong, but just think about this. You know, I'm not I'm not saying that I'm better than you. But think about it. And it tone down humility, a very important characteristic and quality that every human being should strive to have and maintain. You know, one scholar was asked what is toddler what is humility, and he said is your barn and halfway on tabula balumama column for the element er, the scholar, the past said that humility is that they lower themselves to the truth. They follow it and they take, take it from

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whoever's mentioned it, and states it, they take it because they know the truth, and they know what it is, and they accept it, regardless of the status of the person that's telling you. That is true humility. When you put yourself in a position, although you are deserving more, but you put yourself in that position, to be content with what Allah has given you, please with what Allah has given you. And you know that if you may demand more, it could temper and adulterate the purity of your humility. And that is important. You know, in the Koran and chapter 28, verse 83, Allah the Exalted speaks about this when he talks about the next life, or the afterlife, he says, After I live in

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Arizona, Jean tilka, Daniel Akela, to Nadia Aloha, Latina luxury, Donna lowenfield, Aldi, whatever said when applicable to them with talking, he says this beautiful afterlife is what we have made for those that do not desire superiority over others, nor do they want mischief. And the afterlife, the happiness is for the ones that are mindful, mindful of God. But if we notice here, you need one little one that they want, and desire to be superior over people just stop and think about that. How many of us want to dress in a certain way to show that we're better than other people, to show that we have more money, more stature, how many people want to address the fact that they know somebody

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that may be popular, in order to show that they are better than another person that they may be in competition with? All of this can tamper with your humility, and even totally eliminate it to where you are thinking you think you are totally better than people. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, he made a beautiful statement

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in a long enough, fairly long Hadeeth. But he says at the very end of this, he says mantova metal wall that I had to lilla illa for our law, that there is not a person that lowers themselves, or humbles themselves, for Allah, except that he will raise him. And the scholar called intimate called the oven reality mentioned that this raising is of two types. The first is an alum may raise them in this life, he may raise them in this life by making the love and honor and position in the hearts of the people towards that humble person, that you may see a person that when you see them, they look standard. They don't stand out, quote unquote, right. But when people talk about him or her, or they

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have a high recall them in high regard, a lot of respect for that person. When you see them, you say Apparently, they don't look like a famous person. When you talk to them. They're quiet. They don't speak in a way that may amaze you immediately. But they're humble when you get to know that person. You recognize how humble they are. You recognize they have a lot of knowledge. You recognize that they don't care about what people think to a certain degree. That is the humble person when they take the people into consideration and they do not want to tamper

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With that which could adulterate or lessen their status in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This humility is something that the prophet SAW Selim even defines as we talked about earlier, when the prophet SAW something. He said that when he talks about that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the lodge meeting, you hibou Jamaat, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam defined keba he defined arrogance when he says that no one enters heaven that has a mustard seed of arrogance in their heart. Then a man said to him, rarely a man likes to have his thoburn hasn't when that level Hasn't he likes to have his you know his his clothes nice and his sandals to be nice. There probably be some lesson be

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upon replied and he said in the luggage, Amina, you should be Jamal, there are a lot is beautiful, and he loves the beautiful things he loves, for one to look nice. But then he said, and kibou bopper, all healthy. While lumpiness, he said that arrogance is is defying or disregarding the truth and belittling people. That is what kibra is. The opposite of that is where one is humble. One is humble for people regardless of their status, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. He said, a balloony I loved what I thought.

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He said, Show me your weak. lead me to the weak people. For verily your risk your provisions is in the weak people. What does he mean by that? That when you work with the weak people and you go to seek out, seek the weak, to seek them, to help them and when helping them. It helps you ponder over the greatness of Allah. Have any of you ever visited a retirement home?

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Or the elders in your household? to sit with them? And realize, wow, I firstly will be coming to that, that that day, one day in my life. And what am I doing in my life, to help people like this, which ultimately helps me. But it's looking at the weak and helping them and that's where the promise a lot of them said they're very your provisions is in them. Because when you look at those that are not as fortunate at you, and you take them into consideration. That is something that is virtuous, highly virtuous, and that's why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always visit the week and always visit even the youth because remembering the greatness of humility, may

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Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that are humble. May Allah spirit Allah make us of those that look at our own sins. For verily, this is one of the strongest ways to make a person humble, looking at your shortcomings and letting that serve as a motivation. For you. To be humble. Said I'm already coming up until I already got it. Thank you.

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