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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the extreme heat and sweat experienced during the Day of Judgment, leading to sweat and physical harm. The segment also discusses the state of fear and fear in Islam, the state of fear for the operation War on the Earth, and the state of fear for the operation War on the Earth. The speakers emphasize the importance of not allowing people to do things they don't want to do and caution against driving around with children. The segment also highlights the importance of not screaming and waiving in Islam, and emphasizes the need to avoid future punishment and not be associated with anyone who has lied or stolen something.
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La Romana Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa while I prefer to deal with the pain Wallah or the one I

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mean, well I shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Killeen, will shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah, Allah He asked Allah salatu wa automata slim, Welcome brothers and sisters in Islam and respected guests and friends, to our session today on the journey to the hereafter. Last episode, we took a important point we took the issue of resurrection, we dealt with the second and the third blowing of the horn. And we spoke about how the earth will be changed and the earth will not be the same earth that we are on today, and how the sky will be changed and it won't be the same sky that is there today. And how the sun will be bought so close to the to our

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bodies, to the to the earth of resurrection, that it will only be either one mile or it will be only the distance of about 10 centimeters or so from our heads, when we rise up from the graves, we also spoke about how the earth will be a different earth it will be white and plain and how it will be shiny like the silver or white as the flower that we have. And and these are only descriptions that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam had given us and the reality of these words, and how they will truly be how white it will truly be, etc, etc, and how the sky will be truly multicolored, etc. These are realities which is beyond our understanding of this point. And they have only been

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described to us with the words that we can understand so that we have some sort of idea exactly of how it will be but exactly how it will be there unless Hannah what Allah knows best how Allah, Allah will actually create and how it will actually look on that day. Now, imagine my brothers didn't slam that you are in that grave. And you have been in the grave for all of this time and all the destruction and everything has happened. At that point, you start feeling the soft thuds on your on your grave and you feel some fluids and some rain as if as if it's falling on your grave in here they studs. And from that you hear the command Allah subhana wa Tada, the third blowing of the horn

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for everyone to resurrect it to wake up at that point. You You, you put up your hand and you start your hand goes out of the grave, and you start moving the moving the dirt and you start trying to crawl out of the grave. As you're crawling out. You get up and you see Subhanallah everyone else has crawled out. And all of these dead bodies from the first end to the last and from the people that were there, you knew the people that you don't know, from the first mankind to the last of mankind and all of Jim have now come out of out of the grave and now they're all standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're looking around, what is going on? This is but the Day of Judgment.

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This is the the day of rising that Allah subhana wa Taala had ordered you had an ad promised you Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in that authentic hadith in Bukhari, he said, You shall ness, mankind will be risen up and resurrected, who forgotten urato por la. He said what he said three things and I want you to remember them. He said who Fatone aura por la. So they will be her fat. Basically, they will be without shoes, so there won't be anything that they could walk on. In reality, no foot foot covering. And the second thing is that they will be on Route they will be naked on that day. No clothes they will be raised up on their graves just as they were born. And

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then thereafter, he says hola hola meaning uncircumcised meaning that la subhana wa tada will create as just as we had a last part that had originally created as uncircumcised with all of our limbs with all of our body parts with everything.

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there so even a person who was put into the grave and he did not have a he had an he had a leg that was amputated. He will be raised up with that with that leg restored. And someone for example, was circumcised sized. After you know before he had died. He will be raised up uncircumcised so he'll be raised up in the exact form. C'mon Hakuna, Amara lack of damona comma Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah says, verily you have come to us as we have created you the very first time when Allah Allah had truly created us. Now Allah subhana wa tada at that point will order certain people and you will see this was your imagined as if you're standing on that plane. You will see that certain people the

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angels are descending down and giving them clothing Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in that authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim he said

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The very first person who will be closed that on that day and so because everyone will be naked and and the very first person will be closed on that day is Holly libre he is the best friend of Allah. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, the scholars have discussed why is it that Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam will be the first person to be closed and not Rasulullah saw Selim. And one of the reasons that they had given is because when Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was going to be thrown into the fire that the people had built over for a month they were kept gathering the wood in order to throw Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam into that fire. At that point they had taken his clothes off, and and it was therefore

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as a sign of respect and honor to arrive at a sort of slump, that since he was stripped of his clothing for the sake of Allah in the same way, Allah subhana wa tada will bless him and reward him and give him the honor of being the first to be clothed that on that day even before Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and the clothing will be clothing agenda. And this is the clothing that the people have of taqwa and the people of Islam and the people of of Eman will be close with on the on the Day of Judgment, the rest of the people because of the intense heat, you will see them sweating and some of them will be sweating straightaway because intensity, they will start to sweat so copiously that

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some of them will be as Ross Wilson mentioned, will be up to the knees, and some of them up to the shoulders. And some of them will be even drowning in their sweat because it is so intense, so intense, that is the heat of the sun. This is not even the heat of the Johanna. so intense is a heat that they will be covered in sweat. And because of the heat, and because the sweat, the the heat will cause the sweat to actually become petrified or become pitted on their bodies. So many of the people that only mean you will see that if you're there you will see that they will not be clothed from the people of from the cloth of gender. Rather the clothing will be the pit the sweat, that has

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now become sticky and pitted on their clothes, on their bodies and this is their clothing, on on on gender, the rest of the people the people have talked while they will be flooded with the clothes of Paradise be in the lab. Then thereafter. Thereafter, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that, that every person will come with two angels. And if you were there, you will see everybody on the top of their shoulders will be one Angel and another angel with the whip driving them on. Many people will try to run away from runaway and going left going right but there'll be angels guiding them and whipping them and saying go ahead straight and there'll be another one on the shoulders, riding them

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and then carrying the carrying their witness on the day as Allah says in the Quran, wotja at KU lunasin as sort of Allah subhanaw taala promises and he says what just couldn't have said And on that day, every mankind will come will come Jacques Cousteau nopsema was Shaheed at that time mankind will come on with everybody is a sight is a driver, an angel that is driving them on someone who will pushing who is pushing them on driving the on, towards their judgment. So if we're Shaheed and a witness,

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another angel that is a witness. And this is the description that even Massoud or the luevano had given in the defeat of this verse that one of the angels will be on their back, the angel that is witnessing, another one will be guiding them on with with with with with whips in their hands, driving them towards their, their,

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their hiset and their accounting Subhana Haleakala, the brothers and sisters, Islam, in another authentic hadith, you will find the resource and describes how people will be standing

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on the Day of Judgment. Now imagine you're there and you're witnessing all of these people that all of this commotion going on people screaming people shouting people running away from each other and the angels whipping this one would bring that one. And then you know being on the shoulders, imagine the terror of the horror on that day, the intense amount of heat on that day.

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You will also then look and you will find people doing being one of either three things, you will find either people on their feet or you will find other people on the backs of certain riding beasts meaning that they have been given beasts to to ride on they will not have to stand and you all you will find people who will actually be raised up on their faces. And this is an authentic hadith which is which is narrated in Sudan at telemedia Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, that you shall know the data snap that people will be raised up three different types of the Day of Judgment. The first type is the Messiah, the people who will be walking on their feet. The second

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type of people are the ones who will be on the backs of riding beasts. And these are the beasts from gender that the angels will give the motor clean the people who are righteous to ride on that day. And the last other other people who are raised upon their will do upon their faces, they will not be able to stand up they will be raised upon their faces and they will be made to crawl and walk and and and and and move forward on their faces. So panelizer

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tremendous thing. If we think before we had seen for example, snakes how would people walk on their faces? wellspan legislates Allah has made the snake move on its body in the same way Allah, Allah will make these people on their faces. Who are these people? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We're not sure to whom? Yeoman chiamata Allah Wui him omya waso manga book Ma Ma home Johanna Kula Mahabharata Xena, huzzah euro, yes, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah to protect me and you from this terrible, terrible state, he said, and nashotah home, that is the day where we will raise them up Allah would you have on their faces, or omya they will be blind, some manual bookmark, they'll be

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done not be able to speak and, and and and they will not be able to hear Allah subhana wa Taala will raise them a blind, deaf, dumb and blind, deaf, dumb and blind and on their faces. So Pamela and on the back, remember an angel sitting on their back, another one whipping them and saying go forward, go forward. And he Subhanallah What a terrible state to rise up Who are these people? They are the ones who have turned away from my remembrances Allah says

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Allah Deena any that turned away, that the turned away from Allah subhanho wa Taala is remembrance on this day. Allah subhanho wa Taala will turn away from his remembrance on that day. And Subhana Allah, Allah will raise them up blind, and deaf, dumb and blind. And so they will be made to go on that day. Imagine spotlight you're deaf and you're dumb and you're blind. And there's this huge truck, you're in the middle of the road, and there's this huge truck coming rushing towards you. And they and they're going to be paid, you know, with a huge hunk of the of the of the of the truck coming towards you. And you're deaf and you're dumb and you're blind and you can't see. But you can

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feel the the trembling on the ground as this huge thing is coming towards you. You don't know whether to go left or whether to go right. And you've got this angel pushing you and telling you go ahead, you You sinner. Go ahead. you disbelieve in Allah, what a tremendous state of fear that person would be. Have you seen a little child for example, he's hiding in the closet, and a burglar has come and he's hiding, keeping quiet. And it doesn't only shaking Trump it trembling fear. He's trying to close his mouth. He shouldn't make a noise and suddenly a little bit of sound comes out. And he's closing his eyes because he doesn't want to see the terrible terror that might be going on

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in his in his home. So how have you seen such people? They're in a terrible state of fear, such as the state of fear that such people will be the people who are disbelievers and law, people who are sinners and spent their life in singing with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So how to love my brothers Islam. It is a tremendous state. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to save us from this terrible punishment and terrible torment. This is just the standing of 50,000 years, just to standing on 50,000 years this is a state of people, as they run around for 50,000 years will lie we have not even lived perhaps for you know 60 years 70 years on this earth. And we have been on the belly of the of the of the earth for centuries, perhaps oldest brother knows best. And then now 50,000 years standing, waiting for Allah subhana wa tada his command and Subhanallah you will look towards your right. And you will see people that will have light on their bodies and light on their

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faces. Who are these people? Who are these people that have so much light? Who are these people and then you will remember Allah subhanho wa Taala saying in the Quran yo malaria has Allah who and maybe one Latina Armand Omar knew whom Yes, avena ad him woman I mean a man him Jaco Luna robina ethnonym Lana norrona, as Alice is not an on that day Alice pantalla will not forget the oath that les Prandtl had given the promise that he had given to the, to the narrabeen to the prophets and those who are with them. On that day, the light will shine forth from their bodies, from their faces and their bodies in front of them and in the right side and on the left side, they will be in, in

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golf and they will have tremendous light on that day. And and this is the people who are the motorcade, they will be on riding beasts they will not be forced to stand, they will have the angels given them drinking water, they will have a drink being being being brought to them from the cool drink of agenda. They will be under the shade of Rasulullah sinless Ella and they will have light at the under the shade of the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will have a tremendous, tremendous light on their faces. On that day my brothers and sisters Islam, many things will give shade on that day they will find the Quran Surah Baqarah Surah alibre as authentic hadith mentioned,

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they will come as human as as as clouds of the day and they will give shade to the people who used to recite them. Also we find that on that day, Allah subhana wa Taala will cause inauthentic narrations that people who had children that had passed away. whilst they were still young. Those children will come out of gender looking for their parents and they will they will stop the stop. They will try and prevent the angels

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punishment and and, and and from the from their parents being driven to to jahannam and they will say no you Allah, these are my parents, these are my parents and this is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said that whoever has three three daughters and raises them up upon Islam and goodness, they will be a shield from the fire. And this is the this is the description the the scholars gave that they will prevent the adapt coming from their to their parents and they will tell the angels No, these are our parents, forgive them look after, you know, a way away angels of punishment, these are parents we will not allow you to to force them. Even Masuda the Allahu anhu

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mentioned about the light on that on that day that the people will have some people's and this is a authentic narration upon the condition of Bukhari narrated in the Roman theatre facility Rahim Allah even Masuda della and who said that some people will have light like the mountains amount of light like the mountains, it could light up a mountain or imagine a mountain full of light This is how much like one person will have or sometimes for example, there are other people who will have will who will have light like the like a tree like a date, palm tree and other people who will have light just up to the shoulders and other people who will have as much light as just as an ad meaning just

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one speck of light coming out of them. And the and this is of course according to a person's level of humanity according to a person's level of Islam. And you will find those people who are in the shade of Allah subhana wa tada on the throne of Allah subhanaw taala the shade of less throne there are seven types. Let me remind them to quickly who they are. The first time the first person who will be the shade of Allah subhana wa tada is a just ruler who was just and who never disobeyed Allah and he was always just in his rulings. The second type of person is a youth is a young man like myself like yourself who is still hasn't reached into an old age and he has been been grown up

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upon upon Islam and upon worshipping Allah, may Allah make us of those people. The third type of person is a man who his heart is attached to the mosque and he loves to go to the mosque, may Allah makers also have those types of types of people. The fourth type of person is a person who loves to meet each other and was friends and who makes friendship upon the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whom and who meets other people and his friends only for the sake of Allah for nothing else. The next the fifth type of person is a person who has offered Xena to commit adultery and NPN. And there is a beautiful woman who offers herself to him. And he says no, I feel like just like the women

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offered the disease the wife of the Prime Minister offered of the minister offered herself to use via salatu salam. And he said no, I fear Allah and and I cannot I cannot commit adultery. The sixth person is a person who practices charity so secretly, that He gives with his right hand that his left hand does not know meaning he is very, very meticulous, very sincere in his charity. So that he gives his right hand says that his left hand does not know. So he hides his good deeds from from creation. The seventh is a is a person who cries in seclusion from the fear of Allah. May Allah make us of those people who remember Allah in seclusion. And, and and and our eyes run with tears from

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remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala you will look on that day and you'll find some people saying the Tobia saying look back Allahu Allah back when you go towards him, you will find that he's still worrying that this is a person. This is a person who died in hajj in a state of Iran. So he has been raised upon that way as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had said in the authentic hadith, in Bukhari, that that the people who die in in hajj they will be raised up molap BIA they will be raised up in the Iran lobby and they'll be saying that Elvia May Allah it'll also make us of these people. And I have an uncle who died in hajj I asked Allah, Allah to raise him up in this state inshallah. And

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perhaps you have, you know, people who might have died died in hajj, may Allah raise them up in this beautiful state as well. There will be some places some people my brothers and sisters Islam, you will see that they will have

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they will have wounds and they will have things that look like wounds that they will have the color will be the color of red, and it will have intense smell of must. These are the people who died in the cause of Allah subhana wa Taala. So Allah will raise them up in that form, they will have the signs of blood on them, but but it will smell off beautiful must be unless patella make us of those people who die in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala as well also they will you will find some people who will you will look and you will find some people who are mad they are they're running rabbits. Oh my God, he's driven mad. He's become mad Who are these people? These are the people who

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took Riba on this day. In this life as Allah says in the in the in the Latina kulula River Valley, the ones who eat up river, Leia como una de la cama qumola de Tabata, Chateau de Minimus. They will not raise up on the Day of Judgment, except as a person who has been driven mad by the touch of the shaitan Valley can be unknown colleagues because they said in normal behrami theory by verily buying and selling is just as rebuy, there's nothing there's no difference, what halala who will be out from a river whereas Allah

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subhanho wa Taala permitted a buying and selling and did not permit river so my brothers and sisters in Islam stay away from dealing a river from from buying with Riba from paying Riba from signing Riba contracts from witnessing and being witnesses to Arabic contracts do not fall into that trap of saying that we need to buy a house etc. So let's just go ahead and take what about beef beef got fearing and really try my level best to to stay away from it as much as possible. Also, remember the issue of credit cards, also ribbon credit cards, people are engrossed in it. So stay away from Riba in every single way, as much as possible inshallah, and remember Fiala as much as possible so that

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you don't raise up on that day driven mad by the shaitan also, you will find on that day, some people who some some men who and there will be children around these men and these children are hitting him and and and scratching him and then digging their knives into this man and the cutting this man and then because of that his his stomach and trails will fall out and and his intestines will be on the ground and he will be running away from the children dragging his intestines Who are these people? These are the people who used to eat the the money of the orphans without right without your right as Allah says in the Quran in the lead in the Quran, Amalia Tama. In Mr. Khurana,

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Phoebe Tony Nara, wasa slowness, Ira Valley those who eat up the money of the orphans wrongfully who those who eat up the money of the of these poor orphans wrongfully they have not eaten anything but fire in their bellies, and they will indeed enter into that terrible, terrible fire on that day. Also, you will find my brothers and sisters, Islam, some people, some women on that day,

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you will look and you'll find some women who have this, this jewel Bab this covering on their bodies, and the only way Rasulullah sessom described there Jill Bab is is that they will be wearing a covering a hijab orajel Bab made of Lana to LA made up from something which has the curse of Allah. So it's a tremendous thing we don't know how it is, but it will be something which looks upon Allah, that is so curse that clothing, that piece of clothing has so much curse on it. So this is the way Rasulullah Islam described. This type of woman the clothing that she'll be wearing, also She'll be wearing a cloak and a head covering and a cloak. There are on men men and are actually

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wearing a clothing and a covering made up from the from the fire meaning soon from the from the fire and tremendous things. This this woman will be will be will be worrying a tremendous punishment and she will be in such a mad state that she'll be putting your hands on her head and she'll be screaming screaming on that day. Who is this person Yasuda La Silla, who is this person Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said an authentic hadith. This is the and a half and a half who is the NACA? NACA is a person who is a weeper, who is a weeper, you know, how have you heard of Subhanallah these women who are hired sometimes by people to actually come and weep when someone dies, as Oh,

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woe to me? Oh, whoa, why has this happened? Yes, Allah, Allah, they hate themselves and hit themselves and they hit their faces, or they pull their hair out, or some of the women as you might have seen, when the dead has happened, you know, they're crying and the people are holding them back. And they and they're going wild. These are the weepers these are the people, people who are not patient apart when Allah subhana wa tallas decree comes. We're not saying my brothers and sisters in Islam, that we should not have mercy verily Have mercy. Allah subhana wa tada says, Ill hammelmann fill out your hammock Memphis Allah have mercy on the people on this earth Allah will

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have mercy upon you. And also Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said and authentic hadith r Rahim Allah Yama mala, the people who have mercy Allah has mercy upon them. But is this a sign of mercy to actually scream and cry in this matter? No, it is not in reality, it is in an extreme way, an extreme way of showing disapproval of the color of Allah disapproval of the decree of Allah subhana wa Taala. So my advice to you is when you find something that happens to you which is which is unpleasant, or someone in your family dies, do not scream and will rather let the tears flow in mercy and Rama out of the other person who has died just as aboubaker of the law. No one will soon

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had passed away, he cried, and he said how beautiful you are, when you are alive, and how beautiful you are when you're when you passed away. And then he came and he kissed him on his forehead. This is a sign of mercy. Not that he should scream and wail and cry. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, tell your families to and the and the women of your families to not scream and wail and to fear Allah and to write and write this down in your wills if you can. And the Islamic world should always have a clause in there saying that my women are not permitted to wail and cry. Because as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had said that when people wait and scream and

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cry, then the angels hit the hit the dead person hit the corpse and say are you so so look at your women crying and they punish them because of the screaming and the Wailing of the women. And this is only the case. If if the people who have passed away have not written in their will that the women

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Should not should not scream and cry and they have not advised their women so please do so. This is my advice to also my brothers and sisters in Islam on that day you will find another type of person and he will be carrying a house on his back or a camel on his back or a car on his back. Who are these people and us you will find these other people who had stolen something in this life and they will bring up bring it out on their backs on the day of judgment as Allah says in the Quran, while my woman Hala woman is yet to be masala yarmulke and he who has cheated something he was lied and cheated and stolen something he will come come out with it on the day of judgment on his back. My

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brother and sister Islam. This is an amazing thing. If you have stolen something, give it back to the person. If you have if you have stolen something, even from the government to return it back. If you have stolen something from a person still return it back. We are not just people who are kind people, we're an honorable people we do not steal, a Muslim cannot steal. And as a result, if you have stolen, you should try and make amends, repent and make amends otherwise you will have to pay it back on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhana wa Taala makers of those people who are purified from this from this evil act, my brothers and sisters in Islam from the great mercy of Allah subhana

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wa Taala is that we will be raised up as we have died, we will be raised up as we had died. So in the last day that we were doing in the same way we will be raised up if you were a good and you passed away in the path of Allah you'll be raised up in the path of Allah if you if you were if you died in in in had you raised up in Iran and saying that Elvia if you're right, if you were if you had died, saying the vicar of Allah, then you'll be right raised up saying that they call Allah Subhana Allah, how is your last deed? Where is the last date? What is the last thing that you're doing? My brothers brothers and sisters Islam remember the statement of sofian authority, that I'm

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not worried about my past sins? I know Allah subhanho wa Taala if I asked him, say Oh ALLAH and repent to him, intensely, Allah will forgive me. But I'm worried about my last deed because I do I will not get a chance to repent. Remember, after the last deed, I will not get a chance to repent and I will die and I will be raised up on that. My brothers and sisters Islam, where will you be? How will you be on that day? Will you be with the people who have lied on your faces? Or are you are you going to be of those people who have darkness and gloom on your faces? May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those people who have lied and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us or preserve us

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and to and to have mercy on us on the day when we will be standing 50,000 years waiting for him until our next episode. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh