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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa barakato to limit the teen Wallah or the one in the mean. Well a Chateau La Ilaha Illa La Isla avelina will occur in a shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah, Allah He absolute salata, Mata slim. Welcome back brothers and sisters in Islam to a series of the journey to the hereafter. Last episode we had taken the issue of the intercession of Rasulullah Selim, for mankind, for Allah subhanho wa Taala to actually start the intercession we spoke briefly about the importance of loving Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, and how we should all love him why we should love him, and how the companions used to love him. And actually we spoke about how

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to love him which is to defend him, to make up for him to follow his son, etc, etc. Today we allow we will be dealing with, with with follow on the journey. So once Allah once Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam makes the law to Allah subhanho wa Taala to get started with the accounting at that point, Allah subhana wa Taala will now appear at that point Allah subhana wa tada will actually come down and he will have the ranks of angels with him. At that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, what are Boku wa buco and Monaco sufferance of at that point, your Lord will come and the angels rank in rank, truly amazing sight. You see all this time, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Once we

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were standing on that, on that plains of the resurrection, Allah subhanho wa Taala was not visible to anybody obviously. He was he was he was not visible to us. He was still hidden from us and and and we were still under the ground of you know, experiencing the terror and and the pain and torture on the day. However, after the intercession now Allah subhanho wa Taala comes, and that is why Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had said in the authentic narration which is mutawatir meaning it is so many new numerous narrations in Bukhari and Muslim and others Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had said in Satomura Baku Katana

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feel a little better. Verily you will be able to see Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as you are able to see the moon on a full night. Not that Allah subhanho wa Taala will be like the moon I will be let Do not ever even come close to such such statements. However, we'll be able to see just like we were able to see. So just like we are able to see at the lowest point has given us the ability to look at the moon. In the same way Allah Subhana Allah will give us the ability to look at him and this is an important point, we will be able to see Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day and this is this is truly amazing for the first time the believers will be able to see Allah subhanho wa Taala and the

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believers will not be able to see the beauty of his face but see Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah subhanho wa Taala wills at that point people will want to prostrate all of creation will be will be asked to prostrate no one will be able to prostrate everyone will be able to prostrate except for the disbelievers except for those people who Allah subhanho wa Taala had already told them to prostrate in this life and they did not used to listen to Allah subhana wa Taala on that day, they will not have control over their bodies, their bodies will will will defeat them their bodies will be speaking

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and witnessing against them as we're going to come to very soon. And at that point, they will not be able to prostrate in front of Allah subhana wa tada if you're standing there that day you will see in front of you the scales as well being being being brought in front of you, and the scales of the judgment, the scales upon which your good deeds and the bad deeds will be will be weighed will be brought in front of you. You also hear an amazing sound and amazing sound as as 70,000 angels put bring an end and are actually pulling Johanna 70,000 angels on each ring and each ring has a rope on it. It's 70,000 angels and there are 70,000 rings, all of them pulling jahannam pulling jahannam and

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bringing it closer to the land of resurrection to the earth resurrection. And as Allah says in the Quran, Hua Ji IO may even be Johanna Yama II The attacker insano and Alhaji claw on that day, Johanna will be actually brought close to the day to the playing or resurrection. And when the jahannam is brought close, the people will hear the screen when the shout and the and the calling of jahannam to feed itself to feed it feed it to to put more and more people in order to feed. Johanna at that point Allah Subhana at that point, let's put the law says in the Quran, yo my eating ethical inside. On that Day will man can truly remember what unethical and what will that ever benefit him

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What would that remembrance ever benefit him when people went out

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Allah subhanho wa Taala comes with the with the angels ranking right people will not be screaming shouting anymore. As Alo says knock on the Quran when they see Allah subhana wa tada when when Allah, Allah is coming and Allah has come

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at that point for that four letter smell Illa Hamza you will not be able to hear except Hamza, which is quite whispers and fear and trembling for the fear of Allah, but quiet whispers from the tremendous fear that people will be on that day. And also on that day Allah, Allah says wahana delu. On the day the believers will be able to see and gaze at Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then also, let's put a look continues and says, well look at Harbor Mohammed Abdullah, verily The one who is a is a sinful transgression, the one who died in as a disbeliever as a tremendous sinner with Allah subhanho wa Taala. As a sinner to oneself and oppressor to oneself. On that day truly, he will be at

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loss truly he will not be able to, he will be in pain and terror and terror on that day. We find my brothers and sisters Islam on that day that the angels will after having brought

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the scale they will also and also pulling jahannam they will also pull agenda agenda will be able to be smelt by the believers. At that point. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, will lie agenda has a smell in an authentic hadith and Buhari said Jana has a smell and the smell of Jenna can be smelt by people from 500 years travel. So as gender is brought closer people will be able to smell they'll be able to smell Mashallah, what is a beautiful smell? What is a tremendous smell, I've never smelled something like this before. That is the beauty of the smell of gentlemen. So the believers on the day on that plane of resurrection will be smelling Jenna, and that will be the glad tidings for

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them. And the disbelievers will be smelling the molten, molten fire and and the love and everything in the fire, they will be smelling the fire. And that is the punishment of just before the day of judgment is about to start.

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At that point, at that point, unless the law says that on that day, while manikato rj had the angels will be in ranks on the on the in the sky they will be in groups and on the side will be groups and groups of angels. And on the left and right will be groups in groups of angels. These are the Jews of Allah, these these are the army of Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has come now to pronounce judgment. These were the angels that we did not used to see these were the angels who were either our helpers, or they were our punishers and SubhanAllah. Truly, these are the angels that have now come rank upon rank to glorify the Lord of mankind the King of kings, the king has come with his

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army. Where is the metaphor for Angel my father on that day mankind will say insano a number four on the demand come and say Allah where will Where will we will run away? Where can we hide? I can't go back because there's an English sitting on the back and other one we've been me. I can't go forward because there's so much crowd of people. They're all going crazy in front of me. I can't and in front of me is Allah subhanho wa Taala on his own is established on his throne and with all the angels all around me. Yeah, what is going to happen? What is going to happen? Where is the muffler? Where is a place of hiding? I know my first calella was our verily No, there is absolutely no no way

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to hide that and this is not this is not a joke at all. This is not a joke. And also as Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you are insane. In Africa, the Hon Illa Allah, verily, all inside all mankind, you'll be toiling toiling and toiling with your life and your struggle on that day, in your life, in the in the in the in the grave, and also on the day until you meet your Lord until you meet your Lord. So this is the promise of Allah subhana wa tada that truly Allah subhanho wa Taala will truly test us with the test that he has never tested. Anyone ever before. And that is the that is a meeting on the day of judgment on the day brothers in Islam. Everyone will be brought out one by

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one, one by one, he'll be called by his father's name. So if you're Abdullah and his father is Mohammed, you'll be called Abdullah. Mohammed, you'll be called out and you will come forward and you will be standing in front of all of creation was all of creation is looking billions, trillions of people and billions or trillions of angels and Allah subhana wa Taala in front of you, and Allah will speak to you without a translator. Allah subhanho wa Taala will speak to you without an interpreter. Unless you speak to just by yourself and ask you all mankind Masaki rabbinical Korean or mankind what has taken you away from the remembrance of Allah? What has taken you remember away

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from Alice remembers Miley remembers Alice papillons remembrance what is taking you away unless presentable say on that day? What answer will we have on that day? What answer will we give or Allah I was young but I did not spend my time praising you or Allah I was I was old but I did not spend my time praising you and worshiping you or Allah I was healthy but I did not spend my time praising you and worshiping you or Allah I had money and wealth but I did not spend it in your cause and earned it in haram or Allah. I had knowledge but I use the knowledge in haram

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I gained the knowledge in order in order that, that people may call me an island that people may call me learn it. Is this the reason? Is this the answer you're going to give? How do you expect to give that answer standing in front of all of creation, with billions and billions of people, billions, trillions of angels, and also parallel to Allah talking about it. And as Allah says, LA, Min coffea, not even a single harm, not even a single evil, not even a single sin that you have done, will accept will be fully produced will be shown to you on that day. How is it my brother, sister Islam, that we do not think about that day when we will be embarrassed in front of Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah? How is it that we don't think about the day when we will have to answer for this on the on the, in front of all of creation, on that, on that on that meeting, next time when you try and do that sin, you think that no one is looking? Then remember what Allah Subhana Allah says that truly we will all have to come on the day, we will all have to produce ourselves and every single thing of good or every single thing or bad will will truly be produced in front of us and we will have to answer for it. Also, my brothers in Islam, we will have to also have the witness of a few things, a number of things will witness against us on that day. So on that day on the court, on

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the court proceedings, where the the judge, the greatest Judge of all, when he judges between us, and and when he judges our deeds. There will be many types types of types of witnesses against us. The first type of witnesses that will witness against this on that day, my brothers in Islam is our skin, our hearing and our eyesight. On that day is Allah says in the Quran, yo ma Ed Tirana de la jolla who will have to tell us what to do, man for that that's why lamsa there are the less popular continues on and it gives description of of, of what is really going to happen. And it tells us well Yama either you shall adopt la isla nanny for home use our own on that day, the enemies of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will be brought in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will not be able to run run away. And on that day Hector either magia on the day when they have come in from Allah subhanho wa Taala shaida Allah him there there will there will be witnesses against them. What will witness say that led him someone whom were absorbed or whom what you know to whom they're hearing their eyesight and the skin will witness against them. And then on that day Subhanallah on that day the man will say my skin you're talking against me my eyesight you speaking against me witness against me. My hearing your speaking gives me what is going on my ears Why are you talking and

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witness against me? We'll call you as Allah says he will he will say we'll call only Judo De Lima shadow ballerina. He will tell his skin so all my skin Why are you witnessing against me? Oh my hands Why are you talking to me? Oh my legs. Why are you speaking and witnessing against me? Callie julio de Lima Shai Elena on that day the skin will say as a lesson

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they will say I'm talkin Allahu Allah de Takashi will lie today. We have been waiting patiently. We have been waiting patiently whilst you've been sitting with us what lay we've been waiting patiently in the in the life of this world whilst you have been harming us whilst you've been sitting against as well as you've been thinking that less credit I cannot see. Whilst you've been thinking that lesson is not here whilst you're thinking that Alice probably does not see what you see and the evil that you're doing with your eyes and your and your skin and with your hearing. Well, I you thought that the no one was looking at was was paying attention. But less McCullough was truly paying

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attention and we were paying attention on that day. They will say today we are going to talk with Aloma today I'm talkin Allahu Allah, the Takashi today, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the ability to speak as he is given everything the ability ability to speak, and everyone will go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala lahmacun to desta Tirana

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alaikum and as Allah says, No Quran and in the last this world, you never used to be careful of your skin and your hearing and your eyesight witnessing against you. Wallachian is on on to Allah Allah Allah Makati, Rami Mata, I'm alone. However, I used to think that Allah Subhana Allah does not know many things about what he used to do, or all of what he used to do used to think or less prevalent, could not see or less probably did not hear. Or let's say the law does not know what you used to do. And we know that lessees we know what he that Alice probably hears, we know that les pantalla knows what we do. Yet we are forgetful yet we forget and think that les patella is not actually actually

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thinking and it is because of this that we sin and because of this, Allah will cause all of these things to witness against us on that day. Also, my brothers in Islam that will be witnessing against us on that day will be the angels. The angels who used to write down our deeds on that day will also witness against us. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, la el Federman Colin Illa de la Cubana T. He does not say a single word or anything. Not a single word, not a single sound that he's making does he make with his mouth except Allah subhanaw taala has two angels on your right on your left except that they are writing down, writing down all the things that you do also

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause the earth upon which we used to do the sins to talk and will witness against us, all will witness for us if we wish to prey upon it, or do good deeds upon it, as Allah says in the Quran, what he does with zillertal artisans, Allah when the earth is shaking with the terrible shaking

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of kala, when the earth throws out that which is inside its belly, meaning mankind when it when they come up for resurrection, we'll call it in Sonoma, when mankind says, What is wrong with this earth? What is wrong with this earth? What is going on? Why is there so much earthquakes, what is what is going on, on that on that day, Allah says, yoma, even to have this, that is on the day when the earth will actually witness against mankind, that is on the day, when the Earth would speak about the tails of all the things that man needs to do upon its backs upon law. So the earth will be the third witness against us. The fourth witness my brothers and sisters in Islam, they will witness

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against us or the people around us, the people themselves, your friends, your family, your your, your colleagues, your acquaintances, everyone, their business partners, everyone that you interact with, will either witness for us or against us, once, Islam had a janazah passing by in front of him, and the people started saying bad things about the about the gentleman saying what an evil man, and he used to do this evil and that evil and solar system said, whatever, but he said, what, it has become obligatory, and then another janaza pass by, and then people started saying good things about this person. And then at that point of socialism said, whatever, but and so at that point that the

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people asked jasola and the janaza came past you said, What's your bet? The next one came pass, you said what? Yeah, but maybe it has become obligatory. What do you mean? So at that point, also, also, some said that you started saying bad things about the first one, after he had passed away. So it has become obligatory meaning Johanna, the fire has become obligatory meaning Allah has accepted your witness, Allah has accepted the weakness, and that this person passed away, and then the other person passed away. And he started saying good things about him. So Jenna Jenna, the paradise of Allah Subhana, WA, tada has become obligatory for him. Yes. So you must be careful about the way you

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deal with people. Because people the way that they speak about you, the witness that they give about you after your death, will truly will truly either obligation upon you, or will obligate jahannam upon you, my brothers and citizen Islam. This is the fourth witness that we will have on that day. The fifth witness will be the prophets, Allah Himself. The fifth witness will be the prophet SAW Selim himself, he will be a witness against all of us. So we will be a witness against each other, we will be a witness for the disbelievers and the prophets. Allah will be a witness against us and this is the fifth witness that we will have to answer for on the Day of Judgment. The sixth witness

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will be the Quran, the fasting our good deeds, so our good deeds will either be a witness against us or will be a witness against for for us. So the Quran will come on that day, as Rasulo Some said will either either witness and intercede for the person or it will be a witness against the person by saying Oh Allah, he left the Quran or the Quran will say, Oh Allah, he read me and he slept. He did not sleep at night he used to read me and used to pray all night or night except my intercession my witness for him. So this is the sixth witness for brothers, brothers and sisters, Islam, your good deeds, the seventh witness, the seventh witness that everyone will have to then answer for his

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witness and and refute his with this is your book of deeds, your is your book of deeds, as Allah says in the Quran, well will the Al Khattab on that day when man has been brought forth and Allah is asking questions, the book of deeds is put on in front of him. Well, will the keytab father almajiri mean and if you're standing, you will see the majority mean the ones who are the the sinners and transgressions, Fatah almajiri mina mushrikeen. I mean, Murphy, they will be worried about what is inside this book where Kowloon and they will say yeah, we're in Atlanta. Oh, woe to me. Oh, woe to me. Yeah, wait, Atlanta, Molly huddle. Kita What is wrong with this book, they will turn over the

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pages and see what is wrong with this book, la you go through Sahara and Wallah Kabira in LA, I have not done not done a single great thing, not a single small thing except that this book contains it Subhan Allah, they will turn over the pages and and really understand what Allah has to say that he does not say a single word except the angels writing down. A truly Allah meant truly every single thing that book will have. So he'll be turning over the pages and say, Oh my god, Subhana Allah, a single big thing I've done, not a single small thing I've done except that this book contains it. What would you do, man? I mean, you had one if limra buka. And then verily, he will turn around the

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pages and you will find everything that he has said inside it. And truly your Lord does not transgress your Lord is not an oppressor to anyone at all. Yes, allama brothers, sisters, Islam, this is the this is how it will be. And then thereafter, Allah subhanho wa Taala will weigh his deeds. And after weighing his deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala will either give him and tell the angels to give his book in his right hand or give his book in his left hand meaning that you will be given his book of deeds and right time meaning Allah has accepted him for Jenna or that he will be given his book in his lifetime meaning Allah subhana wa Taala has doomed him for the fire and I read

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to you

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From from Surah harpaz is Surah number 69 verse number 19 and have a look at what what Allah subhana wa Taala says in the Quran about the person who has given his book in the right hand and he says Allah says for a man Oto kitabi Yemeni. As for the one who has given his book in his right hand for your kulu ha omocha Aki tabea he will go back to his people and say, read my book I'm so happy read my book, read my book or what I used to do in this like how omocha ottavia in Nissan to unimolecular Serbia, I always knew that I would come upon this reckoning, I always knew Allah subhana wa Taala would give a day of judgment or day when I would be I would be the on the on the top not be the

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I will be recompense for all the difficulties that I had in the in this life in neither unto me mula sabya. Fellow of Eurasia robbia. So truly he will be in the gardens of delight fall of Eurasia de la the future net in earlier in the highest of gardens, go to Florida near a place where in the trees are closed by meaning the fruits of the trees are closed by the tree and the tree will fall down and give you to eat from its from its from its fruits, Hulu washable, honey Amoeba as leftover Holly and the angels will say to him in general, be merry and be polite, be happy for what you used to do, and and enjoy your your life in this world in general for what you used to do, in the in at toil and

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struggle for the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala the life of this world. What a man Oh, Takahashi Malley asked for the one who has given his book in his left hand for Imam and Oto kitabi Chemin de Fer kulu er Litani. lambuth Akita he will say, Oh, well to me. I wish I was never given my book while I'm at Rhema he Serbia, and I never knew what was my reckoning my judgment to be on that day. Yeah, later Colonel Katya. He will say oh, well, to me. I wish death was the end of it all. He will wish that the death was the end of it all. Yeah, later. kanatal Claudia? Ma Vina animalia my wealth has not benefited me. halakhah and me Sue Tanya, my suit on my authority, my power, my honor, my

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status. Everything has gone away from me. Everything has been destroyed away from me. And then at that point, when he's trying to run away, Allah subhanho wa Taala will order Hello. I will no rush after him. Run out three more angels get him. Take him and then tie him up who to follow. Grab him. Grab him Don't let him get away and then tie him up who do follow thermal Jamison solo then towards Jana towards jahannam throw him throw. Throw him on the ground dragging on the ground towards jahannam Phil Murphy Silsila tindora Rojas Oberon Avira anfis loco, then in the fire a rope made a fire of 70 yards tie him up in no can allow you to be like Avi Verily, he did not used to believe in

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Allah the Great One. Army miskeen and he never he never used to encourage the feeding of the poor fillet Salah Julio Maha hoonah hammy so today there is no friend for him on this on this day no good friend no protector no helper for him on this day wallet Armani laminate his name and no food to eat except from history in the past that flows from from your from your limbs. La yaku Illa hottie own, no one will eat from that except from the hot even the ones who are transgressors, the ones who are sinful. My brothers and sisters Islam, I urge you, I urge you for the sake of Allah repent. I urge you for the sake of luck Sestak for Allah 100 times. I urge you for the sake of Allah to be the best

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friends of Allah by repenting to Allah says not for Allah. Allah forgive me or Allah forgive me repent to Allah have sincere regret in your in your in your in your heart and then once you regret, do not go back to the sin. Do not go back to the sin if you go back to the sin, you're not repenting properly, but try and not go back to the sin also remove all the ways that you could sin. And as a reminder, remind us Allah says in the Quran, about the slaves of Allah subhana wa Tada, Valentina LaDonna, ma la Ilaha, those who do not call up with Allah subhanho wa Taala any anyone other than other than Allah Subhana Allah do not worship anyone other than Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah

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Allah will have and they do not kill anyone a soul without you right? what is known as did not commit adultery. What am I yes as Alec al Kasama. Whoever does this will have terrible punishment on himself. You love the whole addabbo Yeoman chiamata punishment will be doubled on him in the hereafter. Why? Look at him ohana and he will enter into it forever in lamonta except for the one who repents what am and he believes while I'm Eli. I'm Alan salia and he does righteous deeds for Allah eco Ubud de la Jose Adam has said that they are the ones who Allah will turn their bad deeds into good deeds work on Allahu Allah for rahima and Indeed Allah, Allah is oft forgiving, Most

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Merciful. May Allah subhanho wa Taala turn our bad deeds into good deeds. May Allah accept us as proper repentance. May Allah make us his best friends because truly the best friends of Allah are the ones who repent to him. Go back to Allah go back.

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To Allah go back to Allah and repent to him, fulfill in Allah run away from Allah to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala is truly waiting for your, for your repentance, inshallah Until the next episode, I ask Allah subhana wa tada to preserve you and to preserve me inshallah, and until then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh