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AI: Summary © The meaning of the name Shaheed is discussed, which is a witness to everything, including things that are not visible or hidden. The importance of witnessing deeds and being a witness to actions is emphasized, along with the importance of showing one's weaknesses and weaknesses in public. The importance of testing one's testimony and showing one's true intentions is also emphasized. The use of the shadow Allah ilaha is also discussed, as it benefits a person in their life.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah or Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi sadri were Siddeley emri working on the rock that Emily Sani yufka who coli along Matthew Colby was a deadly son he was roots of him at akorbi amine yorubaland mean. inshallah we will continue with our study off the names of Allah exalted and today inshallah we will study the name of Shaheed. The name of allah Shaheed occurs 18 times in the Quran. And the the frequent mention of this name in the Quran in so many different contexts shows us how important this name is, how relevant it is to our lives, and how necessary it is for us to understand the meaning

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of this name and to remember it. So the name of Shaheed generally it is translated as the witness, or the one who observes the word Shahe is actually mobile, meaning it has some hyperbole in it. And it is, and it is from the word showerhead, meaning showerhead, the one who, the one who observes a lot, or the one who testifies a lot. So there's mobiola over here. Now, what exactly is Shahada? Shahada means different things? First of all, it is understood as Shahid is one who is Khalid so Shahada is horrible meaning to be present somewhere, to attend, to be present. And it's the opposite of law. A blob is one who is absent. And Shahid or Shahid is one who is present, so one who attends.

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So for example, in total bacala we learned Allah subhanaw taala says femen shahida min como shahara folly assume hope, that whoever among you shahida he is present in the month of Ramadan, meaning whoever is alive, then he should fast in the month of Ramadan from unchi them in commercial portfolio Sancho. So, first, the first meaning of the word Shahada is to attend or to be present. Secondly, the word Shahada also means to observe, to see to be an eyewitness. So, this is why the word is understood as to have knowledge. So, Shahid or Shaheed is someone who has seen something, someone who observes someone who has first hand knowledge, why, because they have seen, they were

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present. So this is why the word Shaheed is understood as a motala, meaning the one who is fully informed, the one who is fully aware, or hubby or Eileen. And if you think about it, Habib means aware shut Shahid means, you know, one who witnesses meaning one who is aware, and are lemo also means one who has knowledge. So, then what is the difference? It is said that Shahada is to have knowledge of something based on what you have seen with your own eyes, all right, and hover is to have the knowledge of the internal matters as well. And the aim is to have knowledge in the absolute sense. So Allah subhanaw taala is Eileen, meaning he he is absolutely knowledgeable, and he is

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hubiera. So he knows the internal affairs of things, and he is Shaheed so he observes the outward as well. So, Shahada is to observe to be an eyewitness to see.

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And then, thirdly, the word Shahada also means to testify or to bear witness to something that one has seen, because you cannot give testimony regarding a matter if you are not a witness to it, if you have not seen it with your own eyes. So then Shahid is understood as the one who is reliable in his testimony, why because he is giving information that he has witnessed with his own eyes, right. He he

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Giving knowledge of what he knows. And a lot of times you know it testimony when it is given, it completely resolves the matter, it completely resolves the dispute. So, this also means to testify, to bear witness in the sense that one gives decisive information.

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And then finally, the word Shahada also means to judge to pass judgment. It gives the meaning of hokum also, because we see in the Quran in the story of use of alayhis salaam, that when use of LED Salaam ran and the woman ran behind him, and she grabbed onto his shirt and it ripped. So what happened is that she uh, she pretended that she was innocent before her husband and she accused us of RT Cena and Yusuf Ali Salaam said that no, she is the one who tried to seduce me. So then what happened is we learn in verse number 26, of sort of use of that were shahida share, he don't mean a leader, that is Shahid shahida, from her family, meaning gave judgment gave ruling gave that

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decisive, you know, matter that if the shirt is ripped from the back, then then then that then he is truthful. And if the shirt is ripped from the front, then she is truthful. So over here, we see that Shahada doesn't mean a testify rather, it means to give judgment. Right, he ruled. So these are the four meanings of the word Shahada to attend, to be present, secondly, to observe to be an eyewitness, thirdly, to testify to bear witness and then fourthly, to judge. Now, when we're talking about the name of Allah Shaheed, then what exactly does this mean? We see that the name of Allah Shaheed with regard to him means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is a witness to everything,

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meaning he sees everything, so nothing at all is hidden from his observation, nothing at all is hidden from his knowledge or zoologia. And, you know, a lot of times it happens that things are right before us yet we are unable to see them. Right? Or we have perfect you know, and hamdulillah we have perfect vision, we don't need glasses, yet we fail to observe the most obvious details or, or some things are just not noticeable to us. Even though we're looking for them. We want to see them we're not able to see them. Right. This is the limitation of the creation. Allah subhanaw taala. A Shaheed is the one who is a witness to everything, so nothing is hidden from his knowledge,

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nothing is hidden from his observation. Allah subhanaw taala is a witness to the deeds of his to the actions of his slaves. And you see in the Quran, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala is alima laby was Shahada, that he is the knower, he has knowledge of a labor of the hidden of the unseen. And he is also the knower. Meaning he has knowledge of a Shahada, that which is witnessed, meaning that which is observable, that which can be seen, or is visible to the creation, Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of both matters, matters which are hidden from us and also matters that are visible to us, yet matters that are visible to us, right still, so many times we fail, to see those things or to or

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to have knowledge of those things. So Allah subhanaw taala, he is a Shahid meaning there is nothing absent or hidden from his knowledge and there is nothing that is hidden from him, no matter how minute it is, and no matter how, you know, deeply buried it may be or no matter how, you know, secluded or you know, protected or hidden, it may be, everything is known to Allah subhanaw taala because he is a Shaheed even miss Rudra de la hora. And who said that Allah subhanaw taala is above the OCE of Allah who are asila gela Focolare oshi Wella yaha Allah He Shea in our Valley COMM And nothing of your deeds is hidden from him. Meaning no matter what you are doing, even if it is in a

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basement, even if it is in a closed room, right even if it is behind, you know the protection of passwords and and you know, security systems etc. Allah soprano tada he observes his creation he's a witness to their deed

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And Allah subhanaw taala is a witness to everything. We see this in Souter. broj is number nine, where Allah subhanaw taala mentions that Allah de la homolka summer work he will have Willa who are on our coalition in Shaheed that Allah is the one who owns the dominion of the skies and the earth and he is a Shaheed a witness over everything. Now this is very important because when we look at the context of this iron suitor brood, we see that, you know, a people have been mentioned, meaning a group of people who had believed in Allah subhanaw taala knew the believers who were being persecuted. And the the persecution in it wasn't something small. They were literally being thrown

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into ditches that were filled with fire, right as how will overdo it. The people who made a ditch, they filled it with fire, and they were throwing the believers into it. And he and we learned in Hades about how they didn't care if it was a man, woman, child, baby, infant, old, any if someone believed there were thrown into the fire. Imagine how, you know, apparently helpless those believers were. However, Allah subhanaw taala is a witness, meaning he sees he watches the oppression that is being committed. And he he watches he observes the steadfastness of those who believe in Him, their patience, and their steadfastness, that they're not willing to give up at any cost, and Elias

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Shahid, over their deeds, so Allah who are now cliche in Shaheed over everything, Allah is a witness, and everything includes what people, those who are righteous, and also those who are sinful, those who are being oppressed, and also those who are committing the oppression, right, those who are being abused and the abusers, those who are victims of violence, and people who are committing acts of violence, whether this is happening in a domestic setting, or it is happening at a public level, it doesn't matter where at the you know, an act of oppression is being committed. Allah subhanaw taala is a witness over it. And Allah has set a time to give people what they

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deserve, right? That is what the Day of Judgment is for this place. This world is a place of test, right? This is the place where our actions are being observed. Right, our responses to different situations are being observed. And Allah is a witness to our deeds. And then on the Day of Judgment is when we receive recompense for what we have done. So well loved who are luckily Shay in Shaheed and then we see that Allah is a witness to everything this also means that what would that what may go unseen by by human eyes is still witnessed by Allah be exalted. In surah Yunus verse number 61, we learned that one at a coffee shop meaning that you are not in any condition, what matters lumen

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human Quran and you do not recite any portion of the Quran, when at our meluna mina Hamelin and you do not engage in any action Illa Kunta Alaykum Shu who the except that we are witnesses over you, leading we observe what you are doing, we observe the state the condition that you are in, we observe we are a witness to the Quran that you are reciting. So in the canonical shoe, then is to feel Luna fee when you are engaged in it, meaning whatever action that you are engaged in that you are immersed in. And you see sometimes when when, when a person is in a state of flow, they don't even realize how much time has passed. They they almost, you know disconnect from their

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surroundings. They're so engrossed in what they're doing. They have no idea as to what someone is saying to them, you know, what's happening around them. So. So whatever condition you are in whatever activity you are engaged in, Allah subhanaw taala is a witness. He is watching you, he is observing you. And the idea continues, that when my yars were a rugby coming mithali the lighting fill early, well after summer, that Nothing escapes your Lord, nothing is too distant enough for him to observe, even if it is something that is as tiny as a speck, you know in the earth or somewhere floating in the sky. When Ursula

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And even if it is smaller than that any the tiniest the miniscule amount even of anything, Allah subhanaw taala knows about it, Allah subhanaw taala observes it. So nothing at all is hidden from him. And part of this is that Allah subhanaw taala observes, he sees he is a witness to our actions, the decisions that we are making, you know the words that we choose to say, the the way in which we look at someone, right? Allah subhanaw taala is a witness to that, in sootel ambia verse number 78, we learn about the story of the will that are the sentiments of a man or a salon when a certain case was brought. And, you know, they gave their judgment, Allah subhanaw taala says, We're cannoli How

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can we him share he been? We were witnesses to their judgment, the judgment that they made that the ruling that they gave that will their SLM give a certain ruling and then suit a man or at least an M suggested something else. And so they might already Salaam, Allah Subhana Allah says for for him now has today man we gave the understanding of it to suit a man. So the ruling that they made Allah subhanaw taala was a witness to it. And this is something that we should remember that no matter you know how powerful we may be, even if we're doing something and there is no one to question us. We are doing what we're doing from a position of authority from from a place where no one is going to

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criticize us. No one is going to, you know, oppose us or or question us even then what we do is being witnessed by Allah or zoologia we learned through to arrive I number six and seven that fell on us Ellen Medina, auto sila la him. Well an S l&l mousseline felon upasana la him bear illman, one our canal wa a been, there is nothing of our actions that is hidden from Allah. So, in these verses, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions that surely we will indeed, ask those people, those individuals who were sent to different nations meaning the prophets, and we are definitely going to ask the nations also write to the nations who received messengers, and the messengers who were sent to deliver the

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message of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says that he will question both financial Sonali in Berryman and then we are going to tell them we are going to relate to them with knowledge, meaning what exactly happened? What how exactly people responded when our canola a bean and we were not at all absent. Allah subhanaw taala is not absent, meaning he observes all of our deeds. And then we also learn in saluton Pooja della Ayah number six, where Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he'll my ever artha whom Allah who Jimmy are and for you in a bit Oh, whom Bhima Emmylou. The day when Allah will gather all of the people and then he will inform them of whatever it is that they did. Saw hula when

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a su, Allah subhanaw taala enumerated all of their deeds, while they had forgotten. You know, if if we were to, if we were asked about how many lies Have you told?

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How many mistakes have you made? You know, the the sins that we commit? How many times have you missed your Salah? How many times have you, you know, cheated someone or mocked at someone? Right or said something that was not appropriate or entertained? If feeling is thought that was not appropriate or acted upon such a thought. And if we were asked about these matters, we weren't we would not be able to answer because we don't keep count of such things. Right and even if we were to keep count of our deeds, and if we try to remember we cannot write but Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he Allah kept count of their deeds, and they forgot them all. But Allah subhanaw taala will

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bring their deeds on the day of judgment will love who are now cliche in Shaheed and the fact is that Allah is a witness over everything. Right so nothing at all is hidden from him. Nothing at all is missing from his knowledge. In total, Merida is number 117. We learned about rissalah his center, that how will Allah subhanaw taala we'll ask him that did you tell people that they should worship you when your mother right so then every Saturday Sam will respond and park

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His response will be that we'll come to our lay him shahidan, madam to fee him I was a witness over them for as long as I was with them, meaning, I only know what people did for as long as I was among them and I could see them fundamental were faith, honey, then when you took me away, couldn't enter the fever are they him? You alone or Allah? Where a where the observer over them you were observing what they were doing? What under Allah cliche in Shahid and you are a witness over everything. So Allah is a witness over everything. There are things that can be hidden from people, but nothing at all. Can we ever hide from Allah azzawajal what Allah subhanaw taala is Shaheed This also means that

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he is a witness for truth. Because remember that Shahada also means to testify, right to bear witness. So Allah subhanaw taala, also, he testifies, right? And remember, that Allah soprano thought his testimony is, is the best testimony meaning of if Allah subhanaw taala declares that something is a fact that something has occurred, that something is true, then that's it, right? That's the final statement. So Allah testifies to the truth in meaning he's a witness for truth. How First of all, we see that Allah subhanaw taala, testifies to his own oneness. We learn in sort of earlier one I in number 18, that shahidullah who and the hula Illa Illa who Allah testifies that

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there is no god worthy of worship except he, meaning it is only Allah, who deserves to be worshipped, who is who is the one true God and Allah subhanaw taala testifies to this fact he bears witness to this fact. And then we see that Allah subhanaw taala is a witness, meaning he, he also witnesses

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meaning he testifies to the truth of what people say, right or he testifies to he he will bear witness to what people

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do or will do. So, for example, in swith earlier on I remember, at one we learn about how Allah subhanaw taala took a covenant from all of the prophets and Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, made them promise that when a messenger comes, and this can refer to the final messenger, Muhammad Sallallahu, earlier he was sending him or you can refer to another messenger in their lifetime, that they should believe in that messenger and they should assist that messenger. So, then Allah subhanaw taala said to them authority, do you acknowledge what a husband Allah Veliko is sorry? And do you take on this responsibility that I'm giving you call a Koran now? They said yes, we acknowledge we accept this call a fresh hairdo, that Allah Pousada said bear witness what an Omar communist share he did, and I am with you of those who witness meaning I I testify to this, that you

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have acknowledged you have accepted this. So, then you will be asked about it. We also see that one the Prophet salallahu, earlier Southern was at the farewell pilgrimage. He, you know, he, he gave a hook by he he addressed the people. And then finally, at the end, he said Allah who Mashhad or Allah, bear witness, bear witness that I have conveyed, that I have fulfilled my responsibility. Then we also learn about how when a person remembers Allah subhanaw taala glorifies Allah subhanaw taala and he says, Subhana Allah, Al hamdu, lillah Allahu Akbar, Allah subhana wa Tada. Any he, he confirms the person he says so doctor, right that you have spoken the truth. So the truth that the

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person has spoken, Allah subhanaw taala testifies to that meaning he affirms that truth.

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And then, when Allah subhanaw taala is Shaheed This also means that he makes hidden matters evident because remember that the purpose of giving a testimony is to reveal the truth, right to make the truth evident. And Shaheed is a reliable witness speeding someone whose testimony is reliable, right. Why is it reliable because it is based on truth. So Allah subhanaw taala a Shaheed makes his

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Hidden matters evident how by his testimony. So for example, if a person is lying right there with their lies, they may be able to deceive the people who are in front of them. But Allah subhanaw taala with his testimony, what does he do? He makes the truth of these people the reality of these people evident. So for instance, instead of luminaria Khun verse number one, we learn about the hypocrites ilus prarthana says either jet or como nephew Kuhn, when the hypocrites come to you, on who they say, Nash hadoo in Niccolo Rasulullah they say, we bear witness we testify that you all Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam are the Messenger of Allah. Right. So these people, they say Nash had to

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enact Allah rasulillah but Allah subhanaw taala says will love we yarlung henok Allah Rasool Allah knows that you are indeed His Messenger, and will love we yes hadoo and Allah testifies that in the moon fo Pinilla caddy boon, that indeed the hypocrites are lying. They're lying. How are they lying? In the statement that they're saying? No, that statement is factual that yes, Muhammad Sallallahu. Urdu, Selim is the Messenger of Allah. Right. But they're lying when they say Nasha do we bear witness? They don't actually bear witness in the sense that they don't really have faith in their hearts. This is an outward statement, which, which is void of any faith, which is void of any

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sincerity. So Allah subhanaw taala exposes them. Right. And you see, this is what a testimony does. It exposes the truth, that for example, a criminal a person who who has committed an offense, you know, they go on, pretending that they're innocent, right? They don't admit guilt, they go on pretending that they're innocent. And what happens is that, you know, a witness, you know, comes forth, or an evidence is brought forth. And what does that evidence do? It it, it clarifies the truth, right, it makes the hidden matter evident. So, just imagine now, that everything we do our, you know, our reality is completely known to Allah soprano thought, nothing of it is hidden from

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Allah, nothing we do in private or in public is hidden from as long as we can pretend before people, we can, you know, you show a false image before people, but our real state is, is completely known to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah will will expose people on the Day of Judgment. So it's very important that we don't go on living a life of hypocrisy, you know, a life of deceit, and a life in which we are lying to people and just pretending before them. You know, making so much effort to make sure that people are pleased with us, while not caring about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is watching us all the time, no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing. So remember that

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Allah subhana wa Tada, he will testify on the Day of Judgment. And when he declares something, then that is it because that is conclusive. Right, it's it's the final judgment. So in order to hedge a number 17 we learn in the Lucha yfc lubaina homeo will qiyamah that Indeed, Allah will judge between people on the Day of Judgment. And in the Lucha Allah cliche in Shaheed Indeed, Allah is a witness over everything. He's a witness over everything. And when Allah is a Shahid, this also means that his testimony is the greatest and his testimony is enough, when Allah has seen something, then that is sufficient, you know, there's a story that is reported about or multilingual, I know, I wasn't

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able to find the source of it, however,

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any of that there is a lesson in it and it can be you know, applicable in so many different situations. You know, it is said that once there was, you know, a certain battle that happened when a little deal on more on who was the halifa right, when he was the leader of the believers, and when he was, you know, given the good news, that Oh, there has been, you know, such and such conquest and such and such victory and such and such success, you know, news was brought to him and he was being told about the people who had been martyred, right, the people who had lost their lives. So when their names were mentioned, one after the other, or model de la Mourinho, any he he did not find any

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of those

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names to be familiar. He did not recognize any of those people. Right? He said, I don't know this person, I don't know this person. But those people were who there were Muslims who had been killed in, you know, battles in the way of Allah. So if Allah subhanaw taala accepts their sacrifice, they're supposed to be shahadat, right martyrs, but remodel the longmorn, who did not know any of them when their names were being mentioned, or model de la Horne, who did not recognize any of them, and then remodel dilla Horan, who wept, right? He wept he said, so what if I don't know these people? Allah subhanaw taala knows, right? Allah knows about them. And this is really what should

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matter to us the most. Because, you know, these days, really our concern has become that, you know, our work should be noticed by people, it should be known to people, this is how we measure people's scholarship. Right? If they're famous, then they're considered a scholar, even if they have never formally studied Islam, right? This is how we measure people's worth, that if they have a huge following, or if you know, their name is in a certain list, that then we think they're legit, right? Any, this is how we, we measure people that as long as they have a following their name is known their name is recognized, then they must be legit. But that's not what makes a person you know,

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successful. What matters is that Allah subhanaw taala a, he accepts the deeds of people, right? Because if, if a tiniest, you know, a very small deed, which was, you know, done in, in the privacy of one's home, so much so that, you know, a person's spouse didn't even find out, right? You know, for example, we learn about a person who gives sadaqa sadaqa charity in such a way that the left hand does not know what the right hand gave. And the amount of sadaqa has not been mentioned over there. It is a very tiny amount, it could be a very tiny amount of soda. Also, what could possibly fit in your hand, okay, these days, all right, you could fit a whole lot of money, you could hold a

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check, okay? But still, when you're writing that check, you know what you're writing, right, your left hand finds out. This is like quietly putting your hand in your pocket, taking out whatever comes out, and then just giving it without checking, right, a person who give sadaqa in this way, where will they be on the Day of Judgment under the throne of Allah. That's what we learn from the Heidi's right. So, imagine an action that is committed, that that is performed with so much secrecy, so much, you know, sincerity, that has so much worth more worth than an action that is, you know, committed in public and if Allah subhanaw taala does not accept that. So, our concern should be

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that, that Allah, He is watching, he is observing my efforts, he knows the state of my heart. So my goal my concern should be to please my Lord. And that it does not happen by you know, the number of likes you get, or the number of followers you get, no, that happens by your sincerity, right? So that is what we should be concerned about. So remember that Allah subhanaw taala. Shaheed, his testimony is the greatest It is enough, it is the most valuable. So in total anom ayah number 19, we learned that au Shea in a Kerberos Shahada that asked the people that what is greatest in the matter of testimony meaning whose testimony is the greatest kulula say, Allah, Allah, his testimony is the

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greatest right it is the most important meaning if Allah subhanaw taala says something he declares something then then that is a fact. Right? Then that then there is no dispute about it. Because what Allah subhanaw taala says, that is based on his perfect knowledge, right? And, and Allah subhanaw taala is ever just right, he is free of any oppression. So his testimony is enough. incircle Israel is number 96 we learn all katha biLlahi shahidan benei webinar calm in the Hu canonbury bad to have a rhombus leader that say Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you. And indeed he is ever of his slaves fully aware and see

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Meaning he, he watched it he watches his slaves he observes them and he is fully aware of them, meaning of the matters which they conceal inside Allah subhanaw taala knows them. In certain Nisa I 166. We learned lacking in La Jolla, Shadow Bhima unzila Lake, and zillah will be in me. Well, Mila equal to your shadow work si biLlahi shahida. That even if everybody denies you, it doesn't matter because Allah bears witness, right? Allah bears witness to the truth of what he has revealed to you. He has revealed that with his knowledge, the angels also bear witness wicker fabula he shahida. And the fact is that Allah's testimony is sufficient. So his testimony is the greatest It is enough. Now

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when Allah soprano thought is a Shahid What are we supposed to do? What is our share?

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What we need to do is that, first of all, we should be at peace, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala has seen Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of whatever has happened. So my lord knows about the truth. So I am at peace. You see, what happens is that when we are trying to make people believe us, right, we want people to, to believe us to, you know, to listen to us, then, you know, sometimes we become so desperate, right? We try to bring one thing as as an evidence and other thing as an evidence. You know, we try to work so hard. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't be concerned about making sure that, you know, people know the truth about us. I mean, if we have been falsely accused

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of a matter, then we should clarify the things. However, you know, sometimes no matter what you do, people just don't don't believe us. Right? No matter what you do that, you know, there's no evidence that you can bring to convince them. Right? Or, even if you're speaking the truth, that they don't believe you, right. So it's very discouraging at such a time. Remind yourself at that time that Allah subhanaw taala knows, right? He he has seen what has happened. He He is a Shahid even if nobody else, you know, witnesses to the truth of what I'm saying. Allah subhanaw taala is Shaheed overt, Allah is a witness over it.

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And this is something that that is comforting and empowering. Likewise, when there's, you know, injustice that is being committed against us, sometimes we have, you know, the power to or, or the, you know, the ability to take what is rightfully ours. But then there are other times where really no matter what we do, we cannot get what we deserve, because people have taken advantage of us or they have,

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you know, exploited us or you know, taken advantage of our ignorance and things like that gone behind our back, and things like that betrayed us. So, even if you know they've done things like that, again, be at peace because Allah subhanaw taala is a witness to what really happened. And if you don't get justice in this world, imagine how Allah soprano throttle will bring justice on the Day of Judgment. So be at peace, remind yourself Allah knows he has seen and he knows the truth.

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Secondly, while you know the name of Allah Shaheed is very any comforting and empowering at the same time, there is also this reminder that Be very careful, because Allah is a witness over you. So, we should also be in fear, right? Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is watching us no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, we can hide from people, but we cannot hide from Allah. Right? We can, you know, put curtains and doors and walls and pass codes and things like that between us and people. But Allah subhanaw taala knows exactly where we are. And he is watching us, when we are doing what we are doing. Right so so we have to be very careful. In a Hadees which is reported in

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

Bukhari and Muslim. We learned about how the Prophet salallahu Urdu Sunnah once gave a hook by he addressed the people. And he said that he mentioned that, you know, you're going to be gathered on the Day of Judgment. And he mentioned the state in which people will be brought on the Day of Judgment. And then he mentioned some events of the day.

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

judgment and one thing you mentioned is that I will see people of my oma coming toward me, but then they will be prevented right? They will be taken away. So I will say yeah rugby also heavy. These are my companions all say heavy right? These are my companions, meaning These are people of my nation, right? These are people of my oma.

00:40:33--> 00:40:39

So it will be said, you do not know what these people did after you.

00:40:40--> 00:41:26

So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I will say we're calling to lay him shahida madam to fee him I was a witness over them for as long as I was among them, for that matter were fatally continental Aki burlingham when you took me away, then you Oh Allah where an observer over then what unparallel coalition in Shaheed and you are witness over everything. And so those people will be taken away to the Hellfire stuff at a lower Yeah, the Billa Hey, this is something so frightening, that we can, you know, we can show a good face to someone and and pretend to be the most, you know, righteous, good, you know, person before them that we have such good manners. You

00:41:26--> 00:42:13

know, we're so nice. We're so gentle and the way that we talk, we're so kind and forgiving. We can live this kind of a life but Allah subhanaw taala knows our truth, he knows our reality. So we need to mend our affairs with Allah or xojo. And we should remember the fact that even if no eyes are watching us, Allah subhanaw taala is watching us. You know, sometimes we become so careful if there's a camera, right? If it says somewhere that you know, that there are surveillance over here, and you know, people write funny things to remind you that you are being watched, basically. So be careful. Anyone when we realize that there's a camera we become so you know, extra careful, we

00:42:13--> 00:42:28

become so fake and pretentious. Subhan Allah and knowing that Allah is always watching us, why why don't we become careful over there. This doesn't mean that we never relax and we never, you know,

00:42:29--> 00:43:20

let down our guard and etc. No, of course we are human beings, we are in our homes, especially we aren't going to relax, you know, with with our family members, we are going to relax but even in that, even in that, let us not allow ourselves to say what is sinful, right to look at what is sinful, to do what is sinful, it is possible to be with your family, your friends and have a good time without crossing the bounds that Allah subhanaw taala has said, it is possible that you you know live in this world, you you work you make money, etc. And you do it the right way. It is possible. And it is possible that when you realize you're doing something wrong, you're making a

00:43:20--> 00:44:09

mistake, that you correct yourself and you seek forgiveness for what happened before and you ask for strength to to be better in the future. Right. So, when Allah is a Shaheed we should be in that state of fear. Right? You know, a man asked alginate that how can I How can I make myself lower my gaze, right because some people really have a difficult time controlling their eyes, right, their eyes wander a lot and they begin to look at things that they should not be looking at looking at people that they should not be looking at or looking rather in a way that they should not be looking at. Right. So somebody asked him that that how do I do that? Right? Give me some tips to help me

00:44:09--> 00:44:14

lower my gaze. So he said that when you come to know

00:44:15--> 00:44:15


00:44:17--> 00:44:28

the that Allah subhanaw taala is watching you, before your eyes even fall on what you were looking at.

00:44:29--> 00:44:58

Meaning Allah subhanaw taala he he perceives you right he sees you even before you managed to see something that is sinful or something that you should not be looking at. When you realize that then then you will be able to lower your gaze. Any when you remember that Allah subhanaw taala is watching your eyes

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

that were

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

Your eyes are going in which direction they're wandering. Right? What what you are looking at that Allah subhanaw taala is, is watching your eyes, when you remember that, then you'll be able to lower your eyes. Because you see,

00:45:17--> 00:46:01

it happens with us that when we are around people, right? And people are looking at us, then do we become careful? Absolutely we do. Even if we want to stare at someone, we don't stare because we don't want to look like a weirdo. Right? Even if we are, you know, if we if we want to do something, we don't do it because we know that we are being watched and it's not appropriate to behave like that in front of people. So when we strengthen that consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala the my lord is watching me, right? Allah is watching me, then gradually that that fear will develop in your heart, but it will develop as you remind yourself constantly over and over again. My Rob is watching

00:46:01--> 00:46:16

me My lord is watching me Allah is Shaheed Allah is a witness over my actions. And this is something that encourages a person to refrain from sin, and also do you know more good deeds?

00:46:17--> 00:46:19

When Allah is a Shahid

00:46:20--> 00:46:57

What else should we do? We should also bear witness to the truth of his oneness. We learned earlier about how Allah is Shaheed meaning he bears witness to the truth of his oneness, so we should do the same, we should also testify to the truth of his oneness, right? If Allah testifies that there is no god worthy of worship on him, then we should also do the same thing, that we should testify that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah. Now person might say, Well, I'm already a Muslim, right? People who are converting to Islam, they say eyeshadow, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, right, but I'm already a Muslim. Still, you still say that? And you still bear witness to that truth. And

00:46:57--> 00:47:16

you still repeat that statement? Right? We learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no person who dies, while bearing witness to the fact that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah and that Muhammad Sallallahu earlier send him as a messenger of Allah, then this person

00:47:17--> 00:48:11

will be forgiven by Allah. So there is no person who dies in that state except that Allah will forgive him and his or her these which is reported in Swinburne Roger. We also learn in another Heidi's about how if a person says if a person bears witness right, if a person dies, while bearing witness yes hadoo Allah ilaha illallah wa rasulillah see the commune can be honestly from his heart, in it with truthfulness in with with with you know with sincerity and he this person really means it. And then suddenly you said they do and then he corrects himself meaning in life also, he he, you know, he straightens up basically. So, first of all, he he declares that in Illa Muhammad Rasul

00:48:11--> 00:48:30

Allah, how sincerely with his heart, honestly, he means it. And then secondly, he's he straightens up he fixes his life. So, if a person dies like that, he will be admitted into Jenna. He will be admitted into Jenna, this is a hadith and Muslim, so

00:48:32--> 00:49:15

testified to the fact that there is no god worthy of worship, but a lot. This is something really major. This is something that is a means of forgiveness, a means of dignity and honor a means of entry into paradise. But it's not about you know, just saying it once in our lives and then forgetting about it know, saying it, believing in it, and remembering it. And repeating the statement, living the statement, that really your actions show that you only worship Allah, your actions show that you actually worship Allah, that you have a God that you worship, that you believe in a God who, who you believe is no one, you know, is perfect in his knowledge, perfect in his

00:49:15--> 00:49:25

wisdom, perfect in his ability, who is just who was merciful? Right? So your actions demonstrate that you said did you as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

00:49:26--> 00:49:59

and then when Allah subhanaw taala is a Shaheed This also means that we should be truthful in our testimony. And if if ever we have to testify if we have to bear witness, then we should be truthful over there. In is sometimes what happens is that in order to defend a sibling or a friend, we lie straight up. Right? Just because we want to save them from you know getting in trouble. We lie. We are being asked, What did your brother do? Right? Where did he go? Right? Did he go here and we straight up lie he

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

This is something very dangerous if we are being asked about a certain matter any if we are asked to testify in in any setting, then we should be truthful over there. Right instead of tonight either either number eight, Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, are you Hello Dina amanu Kunal ko wamena de la he Shahada, a bill kissed and meaning Oh, you believed

00:50:24--> 00:50:25


00:50:26--> 00:50:34

a woman and unless you had a bill kissed, right, she had a bill test meaning testifying, bearing testimony

00:50:35--> 00:51:30

of justice or with justice, right? Meaning Do not lie in your testimony. In another similar idea, it has mentioned about how that even if, if that testimony goes against your own family, your own people, right, that is that that's still you, you should speak the truth, you should bear witness, you should testify to what is true. In total Baccarat 283, we learn will attack to Shahada Who am I to know as human kaaboo that do not conceal the testimony being if you are ever asked to go somewhere and testified and you know the truth, don't hide the truth. Don't hide it, because whoever hides the truth whoever hides the testimony be evidence than for in the who ataman konbu than he is

00:51:30--> 00:51:43

a sinner, that his his heart is a sinner meaning he's competing This is a serious matter. If Allah subhanaw taala gives us you know the the privilege to see something that then we should

00:51:44--> 00:52:34

you know support the truth, not that we go on concealing it for personal gain or in order to do favors and others so that they will always something with every other below. Now when Allah subhanaw taala is a Shaheed How is it that we can call upon Allah by this name. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala is a Shaheed he, he testifies right to the truth, especially to the truth of his oneness. As mentioned in the Quran, Shaheed Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah Allah, then we should also do the same. Right? And how can we do that? We learn, for example, in a high distance or a Muslim, that, that when a person hears the oven, right meaning the person who's making the oven, you hear the event,

00:52:34--> 00:53:22

all right, then what is it that you should say you should say after the event, a shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah who the hula Sharia color, what a no Mohammed Abu who will assume, or lead to biLlahi raba Wahby, Mohammed Rasulullah, warble Islam Medina. So whoever says this after the event, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we will feel Allah who the mu his sins will be forgiven. This is so beautiful, will feel Allah who Dumbo and this is really a privilege to be able to hear the other one listen to it, attentively respond to it. And then after the event, say this, right. Usually what happens is that right after the event, even even through the event, People Keep

00:53:22--> 00:53:42

Talking, right? But this is this is you know that one minutes, right of of decay of remembering a law and it could be so beneficial. What does this mean? This means shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah.

00:53:43--> 00:54:29

He was the who only hit him alone, meaning he alone is worthy of worship flesh and he can know who he has no partner. Well, I know Mohammed Abdul rasuluh and I testified that Muhammad Sallallahu Urdu senem is his slave and His Messenger and then it will lead to be like here on the I am pleased with Allah as my Lord would be Mohammed was Sula. I'm pleased with Muhammad Sallallahu Urdu sent him as a messenger will Islam Medina and I'm pleased with Islam as my my religion, my my code of life. So if a person says this after the event, then their sins will be forgiven. Also after making Voodoo, and he after we make will do what should we say we should say a shadow Allah ilaha illAllah or under

00:54:29--> 00:54:50

Mohammedan Abdullah he wore a suit or Abduh, what are solo This is based on a hadith which is also in Sahih Muslim where we learn that if any person makes booboo and it is said for you ballyhoo Oh for use behold, meaning he he completes will do or he does it really well.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

Any does it properly use bill will do. So for example, washing three times any

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

Not being hasty or not being

00:55:04--> 00:55:53

rather than hasty IE not being stingy with the water over there or with the time because sometimes you know, we think oh, washing once is sufficient so quickly quickly just make will do and, and go quickly quickly pray and and be done right? No you you take your time perfecting your will do right and you don't just wash once you wash three times but but not more than three times right used to be will will do. So, if a person makes will do properly like this, and then he says this, what will happen Illa footie hecla who have wobble Jana testimonia all eight gates of Paradise are open for him. Yet the Holloman he mean he hasha he can enter from whichever gate that he wants any, imagine

00:55:53--> 00:56:34

this this is so beautiful. So saying a shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah, this is not a small statement. This is a very heavy statement. You know, a statement that benefits a person in this life and in the next life. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to remember that he is watching us at all times. Now Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to remember him and fear him in all situations. inshallah, we will conclude over here for today. So panicle lahoma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta astell Furukawa to blue lake was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.