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I didn't read many times Allah reminds us to continue to reflect because from the stories, we extract new lessons as we grow older, and our frame of reference changes, we understand these stories in a far deeper context. And these are not stories just for the sake of telling stories, but they are relevant to our life. And so insha Allah today, part one will start going through some of the stories of the Quran, and we'll talk about the first man, the creation of NaVi Adam.

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But before we begin the story of NaVi Adam asked the question, and we can answer it's almost fine. We can not when you're on the moon, but then you can't talk but before that's fine.

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When did Islam begin? Islam? The word Islam as you know, I've said it many times it means to submit yourself to your Creator, to surrender and to obey, and to follow the life. The system that he commanded. Islam is a way it's a system. So who was the first and a person who obeys that way is a Muslim? So who was the first Muslim?

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Who was the first Muslim?

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Or a trick? Sorry, it's gonna be Adam. Okay. Put up your hand if you say that the Adam was the first Muslim.

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Put up your hand if you say someone else okay, who would who disagrees with that? Razor? Who is? Would you disagree?

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All right, so brother mentions, even before the creation of Nabhi Adam, they will creatures before the angels, what is God? Shiva is a Muslim Gibreel obeys the command that he was commanded to do. And even before Jibreel they were creatures, living and inanimate. All of these things are in submission to Allah. And then we go, as we mentioned, the theological debate, what is the first creation, and that's an unnecessary debate, but it's either the pain of the arch Allah Allah knows best. But the moment that there was a creation that Allah created, that thing was a Muslim when it obeyed. And that's what Allah says in the Quran to subdue hola who's similar to several Well, I will

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do my man fee when Allah says, the seven heavens and the earth, and whatever is appointed, living or dead with its enema to inanimate, they make us we have Allah they praise Allah. We're in them in Shane INLA Sahbihi Hamdi and there is not a single thing in all of existence, except that it makes us be it praise it worships Allah, when Allah in light of Cohoon it has to be home, but you all say oh you mankind, you can't comprehend the way in which they worship Me in our kind of Hollywood food and Allah say I'm a forgiving Allah Salah and why Allah is the ayah by saying how

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merciful and forbidding easy says everything in the universe worships Me Oh man, except you, sometimes some of you, your life goes by and you never mind one surgery for me in Surah Rahman, Allah says, One Nigeria was shattered. We are students, that the stars and the trees make sudo to me, everything in creation yearns for its creator. So the idea of Islam, it is this perfect system. We the creation is connected to its creator. And, and again, as I mentioned, you must have heard this from me many times. The word Islam sounds a lot like a Salaam Alaikum, salaam peace, because when you are submitting to Allah, you will find peace in your life. And that is why you the universe

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is in harmony.

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There is no evil in nature, because it submits to its creator. In fact, look at how precise the Sun we can draw a calendar to the second when it will arise and we would sit it obeys the Command of Allah and it's in perfect submission, and therefore you find peace you find Salam in it.

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Now we go to the Quran. And we have this Amin so we know the context the universe is almost in perfect harmony, everything is worshiping Allah there's no problems. The Quran the first conversation, in the whole Quran you owe Surah Baqarah. You have Allah saying what is called a Buddha when you Lord Sit dilemma Allah. When Allah had a conversation with the angels, Allah says to the angels, in the Jain fear of the Khalifa, Allah says to the angels, OH MY ANGELS I intend to place on earth is this place called Earth? I intend to place on IT people, Khalifa, a generation of the generation?

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What is the response of the angels? So Allah obviously informed the angels, I'm going to put a new creation on this earth, and this creation will have the ability to disobey it will have freewill to reject me, it will have the ability to commit evil. How do the angels respond? The angels is called attention alluvia. May you've seen Sophia? Well, yes, we could demand they said of Allah. Why would you put on the earth, a creature that will cause mischief and will shed blood they will kill one another? The highest form of evil to the creation is to kill and look what we're doing to one another. They will they will not cause mischief on the earth and they will kill one another one

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afternoon Musa Hamdi, come on. Where's asiyah? Allah, we the angels, we worship you continuously and perfectly. Why would you do this? Now, what is amazing about this idea is a lot of things to take. Number one, he chose what Allah is. Allah communicates with his creations and Allah speaks to them.

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And we see from the angels who are the most perfect in Eman and obedience. They are allowed to ask Allah why they're so young was doesn't make sense. We don't get it. This is like it doesn't sound like a good idea, Oh Allah, and they fulfill all of us. I know we grew up maybe some of you grew up where you don't ask questions. The iba Mitsukoshi issue. We don't ask questions here. The angels are asking Allah I don't understand that easily Allah. I don't understand what's happening. Do you believe me saying yeah, Allah, I don't understand why would you do this? It is permissible to ask why it is permissible to say I don't understand with respect, of course. You even find in the Quran

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Ibrahim saying to Allah, Ya Allah show me how you resurrect the dead. And Allah says, Abraham, don't you believe in the resurrection. So he says, I believe you're Allah. But there are lingering things in my heart. If I can see it, it will be much more different than believing. So Allah shows him how he resonates with a bird. So even the most pious of people have questions.

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Even the most pious of people have a type of doubt, you're allowed to ask and in search of the answer, and many times the answers are they, but sometimes the answer isn't the and that's how Allah is. Now how does Allah respond to the angels? They just see Allah we don't understand. We don't get it. Why would you do this? So Allah says to them

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in the Anima, Dalaman, I know what you don't know, trust me. Allah is not responding to them. He's not giving them an answer. He's not saying no, they're not gonna shed blood. No, they're gonna be good. Alyssa denying it. Allah say yes, they all like that they are going to do that. But there's more to it than you can understand my angels. You don't get it. In the humanity, there's going to be something special. In their weakness. There'll be something great. You can't understand angels, but trust me, and of course, this is where Eman kicks in. So the angel says hola hola. If you that's what you say, you know, we don't know we submit.

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So then Allah subhanaw taala. So he explained this intention to create men. And now he says to angels is called Abu Khalil melodica. In the harlequin Bashar on May 18. He says, I will create this creature made from clay from mud.

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And I will blow my soul into it now. We talk about the creation of Nabhi Adam now

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we find in the Quran that different creatures have been created from different things. The angels were not created from light, a pure type of light. And Allah mentions in other creatures

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Sure, before I said was created from fire, called the gene, the gene will create in fire. And each creature takes from this substances that it was made from. And so unless it's asked for this new creature, this new invention called Man, it's going to be made from mud. And it's like one of the meanings of Adam is someone a man made of mud a madman, a clay man. That's what he is. And in a hadith is on the Quran, we know in the Hadith, that is a long Hadith within the Salah mentions?

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Subhana Allah instructs it to be, Allah just says B and it is by a command.

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That's why not be ESA is called The Word of Allah. In Christianity that is Jesus is the Word of Allah. Why? Because it was a word that came into existence, Allah said Be and it was.

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But if Allah really wants to honor a creation,

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not that he needs to, but he takes out of honor of that thing, he makes it by his own hand, in a manner which we can't understand. And there are only four creatures that hadith says, For creations, which Allah Himself was handmade about Allah.

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Number one, the pin that the brother mentioned the pin of destiny, the pin that writes everything into creation, Allah created by his own hand, and the arch the throne the greatest of his creations, the mightiest the oldest creations is the arch. Allah designed the arch with his own hand. And Allah took the clay that was meant whenever you Adam, and shaped it into a statue into the form himself. That's why Allah will ask you beliefs, why are you not bowing to that which I created with my own hands? I had made this thing and the fourth and Subhan Allah may Allah grant us to be the the enemies Mrs. Jana has many levels, countless numbers of levels. But the highest Jana Jana to fit a

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dose. Allah Himself planted the trees of genitals of those with his own hands. He designed genital for those himself. Can you imagine what that would be like? Where he prepared a place he had made? The things in general for those for the people get them Allah grant us to be there. I mean, so maybe Adam was made by Allah's own hand in a way in a manner which reflects his majesty.

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And as Allah mentions to the angels, I shall blow my soul. Now interested in our inside note, when we say Allah soul, not a soul, a Essence of Allah, a soul belongs to Allah. I was I will blow a soul belonging to me, a special soul. Each of the angels the gym, they all have their own let's take a month for the IT guys yeah, its own special, unique software.

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The angels have their own software, the gene hub

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They own software. But the software of in sun is something unique, something which has not been seen before. And in fact, when Allah when in the Quran, then it asks the West Aluna Can you rule? They ask you, oh, maybe about the soul about the software, how does it work? Allah says I've given you basically no information about that. That is restricted information, how the roof works, how it engages how it interacts, that belongs to Allah, I haven't told anybody about that. So Allah says, when I put the soul into this statue, because it stood empty for a long time, and the Hadith mentions, the angels will look at this thing, standing the lifeless IBLEES that time we'll talk we

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is looks through this thing finds that it's empty on the inside. And all of them wondering what is this thing, waiting for the day when Allah would bring life to this statue.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala then blew the room into Adam Alayhis Salam, and slowly he came alive from the head down. And as the sole pass through his, his nose, the Hadith mentions that the first thing that we Adam was he sneezed, he sneezed. And instinctively and it shows you the soul as a programming. It has a DNA already some things in the it has a Phaedra Phaedra, there's some what is the fitrah. The fitrah is your natural disposition, without any training, without any learning or knowledge, there are certain things which you are inclined to one of it is, you instinctively believe that there must be a life of the death, there must be something more in the universe.

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Another thing about the fitrah. If you ask anybody, when you want to go on holiday, where do you want to go? How does how does? How does the holiday look like somewhere with these trees? It's a garden, there is a beach water and trees go together? Because we created in Jana, that's our Jana describes. That's where we belong in a place where there's rivers and water, and trees. This is what beauty looks like. It's in our fitrah. And so instinctively, as the soul came into Adam, and he Saddam, he sneezed. And he said, Alhamdulillah, maybe Adam could talk. And he said, Alhamdulillah. And what's amazing, the first interaction of our species is one of thanking Allah.

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And Allah immediately said to Adam, you get Hamdulillah. So maybe Adam says, Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Alameen when he sneezed. And so Allah says, and me My mercy be upon you. May Allah have mercy upon you. This is the relationship already established. And maybe Adam and his salaam when he came alive, he wanted to move, but he was not ready. And maybe Allah says, to not be Adam, I created you very impatient. You are a creature that has very little patience, you just you will just basically born are you really trying to run? So maybe Adam is Salam stands and he's alive, and it looks around him. And obviously, he's being watched by a group of angels. He's being watched by the

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world, everyone's looking at this, who is this? What is this thing? What's he going to do? And so Allah says, to maybe Adam, go to that group of angels, go to them and greet them, and listen to what they say. So one of the items that what should I say to them? Allah said, go to them and say assalamu alaikum. Now, you know, in the in the movies, which we don't watch, obviously, that when you meet the aliens, what do they say? I come in peace, right? I come in peace, I mean, no harm. So Allah is saying, go to them and say a sedan why they call me Peace be upon you. I mean, no harm on you, and listen to what they say. And so that'd be Adam goes and he says, As salam o alaikum, and

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they say, why they can was said, what Allahu wa Barakatuh and they respond, and may the peace of Allah be upon you, and he's Rama, and maybe the blessings of Allah be upon you. And so there's a hadith in Bukhari. And therefore, Allah says, now that the angels responded, this will be your greeting of Adam, for you and your children. And therefore, when you greet one another with salaam, salaam, it's a small thing in our eyes, but it's a great thing, in terms of what Allah has please, Allah put this in the Quran. It's a great symbol of love and affection between one another and in fact, between other creations so that the item is created. And he lives in Jannah.

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And he is amongst the angels. And He's residing with them.

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At some point, and we don't know how long this is, Allah subhanaw taala gave the angels a test, gave the angels an exam.

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And he wanted to prove that Adam was something special. Allah says, Allah Allah, Allah Sama,

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Sama Aquila, we taught them the names of everything we gave them a special kind of knowledge to morrow Malamala ICA and then I put this question to the angels I asked them to answer for call Allah Allah says to them MB only the SP How old are you going to Saudi King Allah Azza Angel give me the names of these things onto this thing? Oh angels. God who is it? Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, O Allah, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. We don't know this. This is beyond our comprehension. In the cantle Aleem, will Hakim only you have complete know

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Ah, so Allah said, Oh, Adam, and the OBS met him. Oh, Adam, you answer this. But I'm bow who so once Adam showed he could comprehend and answer, we don't know what the exam was, Adam could solve this exam color. He said LM Akula, calm. So then Allah said to the angels, can I tell you, I know what you don't know, I know something that you don't know, Allah to determine. And so Allah then shows that now the angels could understand that there was something deeply special about this creation, even though it's very humble in its beginnings, deeply special. And then he says, Thema COVID-19 melodica is scheduled for surgery in Belize. So then Allah said, Now, bow to Adam, mix sudo to him,

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and they all made sujood acceptable is when we take a side note and play the story in a more understanding that you can comprehend. Let's imagine what you learn with Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala, we give no analogies to him, nothing like the creation resembles him. But for our understanding, imagine this is amazing, super, the biggest company in the world, the founder, created this amazing company, it multinational best company in the world, and it's run by, you know, perfect AI robots. They work 24/7 They don't make mistakes, perfect calculate the board of directors. And one day, the founder comes into the company, and he sees a janitor.

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He's been working hard, struggling hard trying to study, and the founder says I'm gonna give you a chance to get promoted, I'm gonna help you study. And this guy takes the opportunity and he succeeds. And he keeps every time he succeeds, he gets a new promotion, a new promotion, studies hard, works hard, works hard. And eventually, the founder says to this guy who saw that as a janitor, you will now be promoted to the board of directors. So now you've got these amazing AI robots that don't make mistakes. And this janitor guy who's worked his way up the ranks, and now he's in the boardroom. He's one of the directors. And this continues for a while. Then the founder

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comes in one day, and he says, You know, I found this kid on the side of the road from the wrong side of town. Those those kids that don't want looks at every looks down on I took one of them. And you know what, I'm gonna put him and make him a director.

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And the director said, Are you sure about this, we don't understand how this is gonna sound like a good idea. If I'm stressed me, I know what I'm doing. I know, talent when I see it. This young man's name is Adam. And he's going to be joining the board of directors. And so Okay, he's with the board of directors. So you've got the AI robots. You've got this janitor guy worked his way up, and you've got this new kid on the block God that promoted straight into the boardroom.

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Then the company goes through a crisis.

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And the founder says, Guy solve it. And none of them can solve it. Not the AI robots, not the janitor guy, and no one can solve it. And so he says, my young man, Adam,

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what should we do? And he comes up with the answer, and he solves the crisis and saves the company. So now the founder says,

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As of today, this young man is the new CEO. You all report to him.

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And the AI robots. They don't make mistakes and said, Fine, you are in charge. We submit and we obey. The janitor guy said, Hell no.

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I worked my way up here. I will never ever answer to this guy. He didn't do the time.

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He's mad. He has no qualifications. He doesn't even have a matric certificate. You know how many years I took to study earning my degree, my honors my PhD, my MBA, and now I have to answer to him. Never.

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So the founder says, Okay, you are expelled from the boardroom. You're not fired, but you are demoted. And you go sit in a corner office, and no one will engage with you. And so now Adam is in charge of the company. He is the CEO.

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And the angels bow to him, meaning that shows the superiority.

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Allah insists to not be Adam. Yeah, Adam, who soon and there was ojochal Jana. So now Allah mentions that maybe Adam for a long period, he was alone in Jannah. And even Jana is not nice to be even though agenda is amazing. But you don't want to be alone in Jana. There's a hadith that says that nobody will enter Jannah alone. So for anyone who passes away, and God never never got married, you have a soulmate. We just didn't meet him in this world, you will meet him in the akhira you will be married to that person, and then you will enter Jannah so even in Jana, Jana is incomplete to be on your own sidenote to

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some creatures Allah creates with one gender one form like the angels is male or female, they just bind that they singular, whereas we are into and that's how the Sunnah of Allah. There's no three or four half or fluid. There's a man and a woman. And so Allah created from Adam from him. So a mate a partner waited. However, where did she come from? Allah didn't take soil again from the earth and create an

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statue he took from the earth and from his soul and from his body and created a female companion. And that is why, you know, sometimes our sisters get angry and said, you know, we will create it from the rib of a man. Well, the man was killed from mud, you know, rather be created from something alive, made from dirt from soil basically. And it also shows in that the nature, our sisters come from something which is alive already, something which is already sensitive, something which is already already loving, where's the item comes from a lot more rougher cruder stuff. And that's maybe the difference between the male and the female. And then Abby sort of mentions that the lady

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was created from the rib of Nabi Adam, and the rope has a flexibility in it, these curves in her and so if you want to, to, to enjoy our sisters, or you want to really benefit from the female, don't try to sneak her into a man. Don't try to take away those curves. Yes, sometimes she's this way or that way. That's her way of being created, and you are created in your way. And so maybe Adam, Allah says, you have a partner, you Yeah, Allah says that. Yeah, Adam Anthroposophical Jana, Adam, you and your wife, you may live in Ghana, and do and go where you please. Fabula I'm in hate to eat whatever you want from it and do whatever you want in Jana. However, Lattakia bahagi, Shakira, don't come

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near to this three foot Hakuna Mithali mean, if you do so, you will fall into error. So Allah says, Now again, our analogy, the founder says, You're the CEO. You can do anything you want in the company, but he's a file. You're not allowed to access that file, that file is restricted, don't even log in the just ignore that file. Don't look at it. And so whenever you add them for a long time, he and his wife and at that time they'd be Adam was married to Miss Universe because she was the only woman in the universe. And I things are good, is the head of the company. He can go as he pleases. He's got the angels reporting to him. He's got the great the best woman alive. And things

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are fine. And then he finds himself somehow we don't know how in conversation with the police. Now HR told him this guy don't speak to him. He's gonna be in the company avoid him is like an interdict against him. But somehow I don't know they were in the lift together and got stuck. And Adam and the police were in a conversation and he believes it to him.

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Are you Oh protect you and how well you can expect your your relocation must be happening anytime now. What's the location you're talking about? Surely you've heard of this place called Earth dome, right? You've heard of it in the reports. So that's a terrible place you go there you die. You don't come back. You get sick you get hungry of jobs. There's something called Monday. It's terrible. No one wants to live there.

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But you're gonna go there right? What do you mean? Oh, didn't you know do you read the memo the day you were created, Allah said in the Jain for out of the Khalifa, I'm going to put on the earth. Amen. That's where you're supposed to go. If you don't believe me, go and ask the angels.

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And now that the item has a crisis and inshallah next week, we'll continue with the story of NaVi Adam, with a lot of time is up. And the line sha Allah just a few announcements.

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There's a fun walk on the third of march in sha Allah, that's the Burano preprimary is hosting it, we ask everybody to inshallah participate if you can. And also we are releasing our hedge book for a hedge guide. So the idea is the hedges when they go and hedge, they will have a booklet to recite it to us and all of that. And if anybody would like to have any 30 throw up, maybe on behalf of a parent or a relative and how wonderful if someone's on our offer, and then you have, you know, ante so and so make dua for and for 750 300 Actually 300 And for that, it's an opportunity Inshallah, so if you'd like to contribute in via page please let us know, in sha Allah, Allah fayed salaam alaikum

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warahmatullah wabarakatuh