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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of staying on the Islamcasting platform to create a sense of community and respect among fellow citizens. The speakers emphasize the need for a good reputation and a good believer to achieve success in life. The importance of men in Islam is also discussed, including the fear of failure and the desire to excel. The need for a good reputation and a good believer is emphasized, as is the importance of staying on the Islamcasting platform to create a sense of community and respect among fellow citizens.
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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah una una stockfeed movie when he when Allah

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fusina women say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la dama de la la la fecha de la la la la la la hula Sheree cannon. When I said when nessa Donna molana Mohammed Abu

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Hamid rubella Amina Shea Pani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Hafiz Anika familia Tena koe tena Fuzhou, wok Allah tala limitary hada funny armadillo ham, you know, we're calling the BU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a long email follow up sha Allah econ wakeeney Absa and Tibetan eco madonia Kama boosey Tottenham and Kanaka Bella fatahna for su ha fatahna for suhar komatsuna for su half a Dominica Come Come on, look at home. Oh c'mon caradine salatu salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. One of the greatest talents and gifts that nature is inherently placed in every human is the constant desire to progress and just not to progress but to excel. And

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it is this very innate desire that drives men and prompts men to innovate measures to simply find his life on this earth. Man put his hand on steel and converted it into excellent aircraft into wonderful vehicles, men places and onto timber and made it into excellent furniture. Hence, this is one of the greatest gifts that Allah has given men. However, having said this year, the greatest tragedy today is that this great gift has been exclusively channeled in materialism. This, this this talent of progressing and advancing is exclusively been channeled in materialism, which will allow us the greatest fear in the heart of nivi occurring sallallahu wasallam the divine it appears in

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both Bukhari and Muslim whether it be overland dispatches Abu Zubaydah, even a giraffe towards Bahrain to receive some of the wealth they have the Texas of the people for Kadima be monumental Bahrain and hence he returns with a significant amount of money. Then you started spreading amongst the answer that Abu Zubaydah has returned and he has some money. So there was a sense of anxiety and anticipation that entered into the heart of every Sahabi for waffle sonetel fidgety Maha Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the next morning they all came in they were there early for pajamas with Nabi sallallahu wasallam let me Elisa Lam completed the Salah, and he turns around further radula who

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they politely present themselves. Let me le salatu salam since the atmosphere of joy, jubilation in xiety anticipation liberally Salam looked at then he says oh no comb and akun semi auto and obey the Kadima be monumental Bahrain. I think you've heard about abou Vega come in with some money and hence you anticipate in something so Safa Cydia, SONA, viola, nothing too high, there is the truth. We have come here and we do have a sense that perhaps, you know, you would be distributing something, let me la salatu salam then went on and seize the opportunity. And he said Why is the opportunity he has presented? Let me tell you, I am happy that you have come and I will give you the money you want

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in May Allah give you Berkut in this, but let me tell you whether you get this money or not. This is not my concern. And that's not my primary worry. Let me tell you what is the primary concern in the heart of univee that the fear that haunts my heart for lying email fircroft Sha aleikum wa Kini Sharon, Lee Kumar, dunya. Camacho, Sita talamanca, Bella calm. I fear not when you have this were not when you not when you don't have this well, but rather my primary concern is when you will have too much of this wealth. And I feel that alarm has not let that day dawned upon my oma that he opens up the riches of this world in such abundance like he came on the nations nations that preceded you

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fatahna for suhar enhance mutual rivalry became a common feature among them that when selecting aka, one would not gaze at the comfort of the car, but rather buy this car which is branded to secure a name in society. Oh my Sahaba when debt will become your note it will destroy you like how it destroyed the nations that preceded you.

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Libya, Li Salam is sitting with the Sahaba it appears in Muslim Ahmed when he stands up he says Don't be over la we've been gripped in severe drought and hence this famous Indian dish shortage and be suffering. Let me Ali Salaam says I sympathize with you. But you are talking of the extreme of not having anything. I am more afraid of the other extreme when you have too much. You are currently talking that you have nothing I sympathize, but that's not my concern. My concern is Hina your sub baliga with dunya Saba, when Allah will give you a lot of this word, there is my fear and that is my worry. When the treasures of Persia came into Madina, munawwara Satan, Amara de la Juan who was

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there, llama ot A B kenzi kisara, Baka Hama, he started crying profusely. I've dropped my evening off Deputy Minister Dr. amirul momineen. in La Jolla Surin indeed this is the day of joy, happiness, that you know we went through difficulties hardships, poverty penalty, and now

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Allah has opened the doors of effluence happiness and joy. Is this not the opportunity to to rejoice and to be happy about this day? Look at the first sightedness of Homer the Allahu anhu. What did he say in Del Mar? La Mirada hilang Coleman Illa. Allah who been in the Houma, la de Beauvoir study the history of affluence, what were the words of our study the history of money whenever it came into a tribe or nation, it divided them. It brought about Melis it brought about jealousy. This came with that wealth, often brother's wife today we enjoy happiness, prosperity and affluence. We cannot forget cherish in those old days, we we lived under one roof 10 brothers together one man working,

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but there was no heartbeat and even if there was this difference of opinion, the hearts were clean. Allah forgive today these arts have become an abode of melas. Nevermind trying to contribute to the prosperity of your brother. It has become difficult for a Muslim to even witness the prosperity of his brother. So we find today this particular tenant has been exclusively channeled in materialism. Islam invites us not in certain references, but in emphatic exhortations in explicit exhortations Islam invites us to express this tenant in the deen of Allah. Hafiz Nick affiliates unofficial muthana. Official limits Lima de familia de la milone Allah says when it comes to my Deen also show

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me how you can vie with one another how you can compete with one another how you can excel one another. The Bethel have offered elaborate preparations have been made young young Saba of tender age make a contribution to young Sahaba which is the point of my discussion. One been Rafi even a Hadid who was not even 50 years of age, and the 15 minute on the 15 is soaked only in under 15. He was under 15 participating in Ohio. And there was another young Sahabi by the name of summarization Deborah llamando both these two Sahaba disguising themselves camouflaging because they know him very well that puts us he will return us because of our 10 days. They come into the mainstream, you know,

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the people that are proceeding towards the better than me overlock it is sight of these two young Sahaba and nearly Salam says I'm sorry, you're too young, both of us will have to go back. Anyway, the Sahaba then return on the requests of navionics Salatu was Salam. One of the Sahaba whose name was the Rafi his father then comes to an aviary Salaam and he says only we have a lot. You have declined from my son participating. I respect your view. However, I just want to make mention, my son is a very skilled Archer. My son is a very skilled Archer. And if you permit subject to your consent, his skills can be of great benefit to the omens in napanee Rafi marami. My son Rafi is a

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skilled Archer. Then have you ever heard the intercession of the father? He says or I kill your son? It's okay. You can come back and join. He subsequently joins us this is about this year. He comes running to the Vla Salam ala rasulillah la casa Raja Tani. We'll just start off on one of the saara to hula Serato. Whenever you have a law you have permitted, or raffia to go, and you have returned me where is if we wrestle, I will drop him. These are the explicit words of God. Whatever your life we wrestle, I will drop in, I'm stronger than him. Initially, you return both of us, then you accept the intercession of his father on the grounds that he's a skilled Archer, perhaps I don't have the

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skills of archery, however, I'm a talented person. And if we wrestle, I will drop him than any of our lessons or I gather the Sahaba income. And now two of us wrestle. One is those two people that are fighting in the boxing ring for a title. I devote this fight to this country and I devote this fight to this president, and you know, you're talking of dollars per second in a boxing ring. Not for a title, not to take the country forward, but to serve and literally are expressing detail and image in the Navy over losses Go for it. One is I know when we were small used to come out of school, you know, every day they used to be a fight. I never used to fight but I used to love

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refereeing those fights.

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It was always something that intrigued me to say today it's happening at this ground in year two Sahaba literally fighting, literally fighting and true to his word, he drops his opponent and then Have you ever last night and he says you are right go both of us I internet cocoate of using martyrdom and both of the Sahaba so Allah invites us that challenge one another, those two young Sahaba who killed Abu Jamal who have 10 days and then they come run into Nebula Salam Yara Sula, La Jolla, Ana Patel to be over Let me tell you it was me that killed your enemy. Then other one comes whenever you have a lie It was me. Me Me. Sam says okay, we will bring your swords and come to my

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safe a coma. Have you wiped the swords? They said no, go bring it and come. When maybe Elisa Lam glances at the swords. He found that both the swords was stained with blood. He says killer Kumar katella who neither you nor him both of you collectively have killed the scaffold and brought joy to the heart of unity. So Allah invites us to express our talent this is this is the object and this is this great gift that Allah has given us. Let me add a salami sitting with the Sahaba the Hadith appears in Bukhari Sharif.

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Larry Ellison says already that Allah yellowman I've seen many nations for a to nebia Maharajah, I seen a prophet and with him was one man. When nebia Maharaja lon and I seen another prophet and he had two people following him. When NaVi Yama who Rohit and I seen a prophet in a group of people who were following him. Suddenly I glanced in the horizon, and I seen a lot of people, and it was told to me that this is my own Ma. And then it was also told to me that 70,000 of my own money will enter into Genet without accountability. Literally, Sarah made this comment, excuse himself and went away. Sava said no, who will be these fortunate people who will enjoy the privilege of entrance into

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gentlemen, and will be divinely exempted from accountability. So someone made a comment and let me know when you do Phil Islam, what about those perhaps who were born as Muslims, who didn't see the error of Kufa in their life from the time the eyes opened up the Muslims, maybe this virtue goes to them? Another one said no, no, maybe this is the virtue alladhina Sabu Rasul Allah, those who sit in the company of nearly saddam, they were debating in Libya, Willa returned Libya Sanchez what's the dispute? So they said only people like you made this comment you around our anxiety who are going to be those fortunate people? Let me add a Salam said humann Levine Allah your cone, Allah yester cone

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wallarah him yet avocado those who exclusively put their reliance on Allah and nothing else. Once IV stood up he said whenever you make do I am among them on the spur of the moment. Let me read some since you have it you amongst them for karma Raja known for camara genuine one man stood up you call.

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His name was Akasha even a mason how said you and I don't know the name of this Sahabi yet the hadith of Bokhari confirmed that this man is a generality on the tongue of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. We don't even know the names of those that enjoy the privilege of being gender insensitive who granted the glad tidings of generosity in this world. So the Sufi stands up near his son says you have to join gender. Another one comes around he's gonna be over loving it for me also, Larry Ellison says no, no, he's taken the regenitive his Subbu Picabia aka Chateau

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Olson has read if you study basic Islamic history, these were two tribes that were at loggerheads for decades, if not centuries. When Islam came, the naturally Islam abandoned this form of rivalry, this form of hatred and malice amongst them. And now they started using this very talent that Allah had given them for Deen. So after they accept that Islam and they became devoted companions of nebulae, Salatu was Salam. One day, they had a debate amongst themselves, and the tribe of all said, in the pre Islamic era, we used to boast about our strength in our mind, and our skills. Now we can boast about the virtues of being that we enjoy, which you don't have. And then 100 says, Let us tell

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you what we have for quality, we'll also want to compare, you know, your son to your your brother's son, my son has excelled in maths and my son has excelled in this, my son has excelled in that, you know, brothers, I don't wish to pinpoint, but let me just make mention of something that is really, you know, something that would strike concern in our hearts. One day, a great scholar by the name of one on a user parameter learning how to address some professional people. And it is not easy. I was once in Chicago, I need to address 200 doctors, and my knowledge of medicine is basically minimum, if not zero, and I'm thinking of doctors, physicians, whatever, all professional people, and it was

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decided that I will have to address the communication. So anyway, what I had to address a group of some very intellectual, academically intellectual people, someone started introducing, and he says, you know, this man has this expertise. He's a graduate of this university. He has so many diplomas, he has so many degrees Manasa Okay, can you just pause, I just have one query and one concern, since when he has the title of the coffee to become the introduction of a believer.

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There was a time in the annals of Islamic history. I'm not saying don't pursue that degree, but let that not be your price. And that degree, my brother, by all means, have that profession, but that's not the grounds that give me honor in the eyes of Allah. Tomorrow on the day of Tiamat the grounds of honor will change Allah will the the grading process will be totally different. Then he came in and he said, You know what, there was a time when a man was introduced to viola, his last two sons in

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law this man has contributed so much in this better this man's three sons a half is, this is how believers were introduced. This is how believers were introduced. So anyway, oh said you know what Mina Rashid Menaka we that is the tribe of hosts, we have that Sahabi who enjoys the privilege that after sharing the bid with his wife, the goal of jihad was made, he did not even take his first vessel, and he advanced towards the battlefield. And immediately he enjoyed martyrdom. The melodica descended from seen water dripping from his body via Instagram says it looks like Hans Allah had relation with his wife and that is why the Monica have descended to give him muscle. So the tribe of

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OHS telling the counter tribe that is 100 Do you know who we are? We have debt Sahabi Hirsi Ali melodica who's America came and gave us a Can you show us anyone amongst you that have that privilege that the melodica came and gave us all this? No, we don't have it. That's not all. Let me tell you who else we are. Min nominee de la hora Sato no mas. We have that Sahabi on who's dead.

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The Throne of Allah came into motion. Saba, CBC navionics ramped up to it. We said whenever you have Allah but there's nothing here that would hurt you injure you Why are you doing let me it Sam says there are so many 1000 melodica I don't want to hurt any Angel. There are so many 1000 when I get that his honor brothers, Allah it is not that when you die that you enjoy your state funeral and the media covers your death. If you have by yourself, you're in people at your janazah minor pieces you have 40 like that, in general it is yours.

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We have that Sahabi one whose death even the throne of Allah came into ocean, Ming na Muhammad, whatever they are speaking and comparing, we have dead Sahabi who after his death, that was a symbol of the loved one who, when he was killed in the battle, he had heard that one woman had taken a vow she taken a vow that if this man dies, because the Savi was responsible of killing one of her relatives, I will catch his body. I will mutilate his body and I will drink wine from his hedge. This is the nasty remarks this woman had made. So before his death, he lifted his hands he said a lot with no caffeine Touch My Body ever. He made this law he passed away the kuffaar came to get

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hold of his body. Allah sent a swarm of bees and adolescence of wasps that surrounded his body. They said we will wait by night, the West will clear away that the bees will fly and then we will take the body came nightfall unless in such a heavy storm, and allow washed his body away in Dec location which Allah Allah knows, till today historians cannot point the finger to any location of this earth to no way the Sahaba his body has been rested with a service body has been kept. So we enjoy the privilege of that savvy, who on his death, Allah made divine arrangements for the protection of that body. And that's not all women, not men. Oh, Jesus Shahada to be Shahada theologian in the ohsas

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18 101 is comparing mica with yoga palabras is the time has come that we mature the crave of materialism. How long will this remain the goal of my life that I need to drive a better car or in a better House have a higher degree of flying more effluence driving more luxury? How long Islam challenges us to express this talent of rivalry in matters of Deen wamena men Oh, Jesus Shahada to be Shahada to julaine we have the privilege of debt Sahabi that one day in the interview will listen to this brothers. Then have you ever lummix in agreement that transaction with one villager that I will purchase this donkey I will give you so much money? He agrees in the 11 lessons you work with

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me I go to my house, I'll give you the money. Is there working? Someone tips? He says how much you want for this donkey? This man got tempted. He started a fresh new transaction. Nearly Sam turns around and says What are you doing? He says no, I'm selling it to this men that we are assumptions. But I told you I'm buying it. You gave me your word. He says no, no, I had no agreement with you. Now it so happened at that time, there was nobody that witnessed this transaction. And since then, the Sahaba. Jose Maria lon who came forward? He said whenever you have a law, what's the matter? Let me on instagram said I made an agreement with demand. We verbally agreed I told him I'll pay you we

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on the way to the house. I'm about to give him the money. He ventures into a new agreement. And it just so happened there was no witness to the deal. He said no, no, no people I stayed with this is right what you say you had made this agreement, any promise. The will is Trump says I respect your evidence in my favor. But you were absent when it happened is that whenever you have a law, we trust you in methods that are unseen, we will we will lie in trivial methods like this. We trust you in methods that come from this guy, I put my head on the block you have spoken the truth. The vlsm then called him and called the Sahaba. And he said this man has stood evidence against in my favor.

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People say this is this President's lawyer. You know he stood in witch trial. You know, when he was evidence he stood this man's to guarantee for Mohammed sallallahu wasallam miner we called him and my Navy not an inauguration that is an insult to what my neighbor gave him mine. He called him forward. And my interview said in every aspect of the way two witnesses are required this one man will represent two witnesses. If you need two people to say the moon to other Sahaba will be required. But if hoceima has cited it one man will represent two because he stood evidence and he gave witness in my favorite This is the privilege he will enjoy. So then came the nation of hundreds

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Let me speak also they said mean our battle in Jammu and Quran Oh brothers, let us tell us, let me let me tell you who we are. We enjoy the privilege of contributing to the compilation of the Quran. We have for Sahaba that is from our tribe, not from your tribe. Whatever that brothers on the day of Tiamat. Perhaps my son had all the academic degrees. But what about when my brother's son was stand up? One would stand up is a harpist and I would say take 10 and go one was set up as an Early Middle also, as you guided them in this world guide them towards gender. This will be the grounds of honor on the day of the summit. So they said we have Abu Zaid, we have ob even a gob we have these Sahaba

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who were responsible for the completion of the Quran. Once even our Maria lavorando Denby of Allah making mention of a hadith Ian kata yo yo melty Yama Kula sebin Vanessa been in Lhasa baby when they don't have the arm at all times will be severe. All relations will cut out. However anybody related to me my relation with that man

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When a Valium beat my close ties all my relatives or my in laws, any men related to me through blood or through in laws. This will Valium on the day of the Ahmed Satan Omar heard this he says I need to secure this virtue. He went over earlier the alarm he says, Oh honey, I'm much older than you. Your daughter is much younger than me. But I need to become part of the family of Mohammed Salah ism. What about your daughter for my nikka I have no intention of lust I put down 40,000 Dylan's ismar but I want to become part of the family of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I need to secure this virtue for me saving the aloneness if you have my daughter own nickel to him. He gets married to her. He

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then goes to the congregation and he says Allah, the only people you congratulate everyone, you don't congratulate me. People ask him what's the matter, Omar, he says from today I am part of the family of nearly Salaam and this bond will avail me when all religions will be severe. This bond not married to this man's daughter that men, this is the context that will avail me on the day of the AMA, say to the nicer brothers. In essence, the message of my talk is it's time to reset the recording Dean. It's time we set the record when he's what the media is harping on. I feel shy to say it but this is what our youth have been exposed to been only girl put South Africa on the map.

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This is what the world is talking about the pursuing some drama and something else, bringing them into the limelight. This is why not incentivize them in the metrics of Dean, why not create an incentive in the metrics of Dean levy a creme de la in the Battle of kuzia in the Battle of causes, he was in his martyred in the midst of the better now the issue in the ferocious battle the issue arises come time of Salah who's going to give us on the savvy says I will give us another one say no I will give us on because the nephew of Allah said he had to rukmani under his hand will be on the head of a Muslim and I can forego this virtue that he says they want to call this salts God. This

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was virtue they understood it. They took out their swords and they said no no, I'm not gonna let you give us an I will give us on you will give us on today it is a man's pride to take every invitation door to door but it is not the point of a man to stand up and call towards us and it's my daughter's function. I will go door to door and invite It is my son's function. I will go and call one by one I will take the cards and formally present myself I will start three months in advance and go door to door What about calling towards Allah finally they throw lots and it's a hobby whose name came out was given the privilege. nebulae Serato Sam chips villa in the evening Jose ma NaVi salatu salam

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says you have been a dream of Sabbath and Elijah Pilla last night I entered into agenda and I seen your walk in ahead of me what happened below how you got there before me. He says whenever you have a low whenever I give us an I perform to rakat namaz and whenever my resume breaks I make assumptions because I grab on to it this is the reason this is the reason Allah clearly says in the Quran, Allah throws a match the distinction law yesterday mean common and common covenant, Leyva cartel, una casa de Rajasthan, Mina, Latina and for those who accepted Islam before the conquest of Mecca, and those who accepted Islam after the conquest of Mecca, those who were the first to excel

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in good and those that came later claims they both were Sahaba the boat will enjoy the net but the rain it will be different. Their rank will be different. I end with one incident, some high profile Quraysh members gathered at the door of Omar Delano, and there was some poor Sahaba like Bella and sohaib Rolando. So they knocked in the waiting Amara dlrc still belong in suhaib to come forward. So Abu sufian we accepted Islam late and he was a person of high Baba high position in society. He found this to be a bit uncomfortable. He says that, you know, we came before them. We waited longer, but preference was given to them over us. So another Sahaba who has been he answered? And he says in

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the home door with Lena for us through fatahna over Sofia, let me tell you, we were invited to Islam they were invited. They responded first we came late. And if this is the mark distinction, the difference in hospital hospitality at the door of Omar can we imagine how differently we will be treated at the door of Allah? If this is how they enjoy a greater hospitality? Because they were the first to excel in good I end with diet with which I come in Allah says limit

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me don't

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get an office soon. It is in this method that you excel one another Mind Map he said do not stretch in envious eyes to any man other than that young boy who has memorized the Quran and devoted his life to Quran. Envy that boy envy that Father, mind. He said do not stretch in envy assigned to the wealth of any man other than that man whose wealth has been accepted for a lesbian. May Allah inspire us with the reality of what was said was true.