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la hamdulillah Salam Alaikum. greetings of peace, peace be upon you. And we are coming to you again another episode of the deen show every week, same time, same channel. So very exciting topic today with a very exciting guest. Our next guest, Dr. Lawrence Brown, who's going to come out in a second is somebody who has a DD doctor and Divinity also has a PhD in religious studies. He used to be an atheist,

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and was trying very hard to be a Christian. But he ended up following the way of Jesus, the way of Moses, the way of Noah, the way of Abraham, do we have all the prophets, Islam, because Islam simply means to acquire peace, by submitting yourself entirely to the owner peace, the one God. Now, our next topic, Dr. Brown is going to be giving us the top five reasons why Jesus peace be upon him. We've covered in previous shows the top reasons why he's not the Begotten Son of God, why he's not the Son of God. And now we're going to be covering Dr. Brown's top five reasons why Jesus is not divine at all. God is God Jesus, Jesus, Jesus was a mighty messenger. Never did he say he was God

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never declined to be God. And we're going to be giving you the facts, not fiction. On today's show, sit tight. This is the theme.

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This is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you. While I concern and to be you know it, I know what they don't know it, you know, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ in the last and final master problem on peace be upon them. They use this greeting and they say, What's up guy? They said, He's beyond tears, this factor fiction? No, this is this is the truth. That's one fact fact or fiction that many people they do get a little bit stressed out, and they do childish things. And they'll say ignorant things, I think because it is next topic we're about to cover. So we don't want to hurt nobody's feelings. Islam says, I shall love all mankind. From the beginning, we know that everyone's born in original

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goodness, with a fresh, clean page. So we want the best for everybody. But just like that computer, you get it out the box, it gets a virus here there. So I think some things that have crept into the minds of people, a lot of these false ideas, and this is one of them. And Jesus is divine. He has some kind of divine status, that he's co equal to God, this is definitely fiction, not fact. That's why we brought someone who's credible, someone who many consider a Christian scholar to come on and discuss this issue. Are you ready? I'm ready. But I have to I have to say you you just touched on something you said it's something that has crept into people's thoughts. This isn't a concept that

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has crept into people's thoughts. This is a concept that crept into church canon. I mean, this crept into an established religion, which went around the world, which has been spreading this viewpoint for more than 1000 years, almost, you know, going on 2000 years. So it It is, it is critical to address this issue. Very critical. And I think this is why you know, you have people who get angry, and you know, we bring the evidence we don't play so they'll make up childish claims. And they'll start calling Muslims terrorists. Not all terrorists are Muslim, but all Muslims are terrorists, all this, you know, just false rhetoric. You know, and we know that Islam has nothing. Islam has nothing

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to do with killing innocent men, women and children, we want peace, we started show with peace, and we want people to have peace, they first got to have peace with their Creator. You know, it's funny that you should say that because actually, I was thinking just before the show, we didn't talk about this. This wasn't planned, but I was thinking just before the show. But it was funny how we start each of these shows with the greeting of peace, and with a discussion of this. on a previous episode, I was discussing how Jesus Christ taught his disciples to offer the greeting of peace to one another. And then he set the example by doing it himself, offering the greeting of peace. And,

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you know, here we are talking about peace, peace, peace, and yet other people are talking about Muslims as terrorists. You know, we can't be completely insensitive, we understand where they're coming from. We understand about 911 we understand about the subway bombings in England, okay. But we also we can't forget that terrorism. You know, crimes in general crimes have been pretty

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perpetuated by people from all walks of life from all institutions.

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And you can't just you just can't put a pigeonhole and say, okay, we agree not all Muslims are terrorists, but pretty much all terrorists are Muslims. You know, I looked back recently over the FBI statistics, which are listed on the internet. And it shows that over the past while since I believe it was since 1980, okay, so we're talking about a catalogue over a significant period of time, when you look at the number of terrorist acts committed on United States soil, only 6% of them were carried out by Muslims only 6% 6%. Now you've got, you've got anti abortion terrorists, you've got tax protester terrorists, you've got right wing terrorists, you've got white supremacist

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terrorists, you have you have a large list of groups, and even those who have no group affiliation, committing acts of terrorism. And nobody is standing up and saying, you know, we understand that all Southern Baptists are not terrorists, but all abortion clinic bombers are Southern Baptists, that nobody says that because the media focus is not on that, number one, and number two, it's not true. Okay, it's just not true. In the same way, the media focus right now is to take anything that you know, anything that puts the Muslims in the in the spotlight, and blow it up to make it look normal, make it look normal for the Muslims. This and this, you know, I mean, I, every time I see this, I

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almost want to just like grab the television and say, you know, grow up, I mean, grow up, see the world the way it really is, there are good people, and there are bad people in pretty much every walk of life in every country. You know, it's like equal rights, you know, movement, you know, no matter what race, color, creed, religion, you know, society, whatever. There are good and bad people in all walks of life. We as Muslims, we denounce terrorism, it's a crime, we recognize that, does that mean that there are not Muslims? Who are terrorists? Of course not. There are okay. And they are criminals, and we recognize them as criminals. And we would, we would be the first to put them

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in prison ourselves. You go to some countries, Muslim countries, and you find out that's exactly what they're doing. You know, in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, the most the Muslims recognize those who are applying deviant ideology, those who are at risk of terrorism, and they're put in jail. Yeah. So we got to clear at one point, and hopefully now that that sincere individual can see past all the anti Islamophobia and whatever other ideas have been put out there that you know, associate Islam Muslims with terrorism. You explained this quite well. But let's get back to the main issue at hand. Those top five reasons why Jesus was beloved to our heart, we're not the Antichrist, we love

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Jesus, no Muslim, unless you believe in Jesus. Let's start with number five, we got to get through all of these in this show, okay, even to us, number five, to begin with. Jesus Christ Himself, denied divinity. In john 1428. He's quoted as having said, My father is greater than I, john 519, the son can do nothing of himself, john 828, I do nothing of myself. But as the father taught me, you can, you can go down a long list, I've just given you three quotes. But there's actually a very, very long list of passages in which Jesus Christ showed himself as subjected to God, Luke four eight, you shall worship the Lord your God, and him only you shall serve him only you shall serve.

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You know, if ever there were a time for Jesus Christ, who have said, You shall worship me,

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this could have been it but what did he say? You shall worship the Lord your God and him only your shell sir. So these these are a number of a very, very long list of passages in the Bible in which Jesus Christ denies divinity shows himself as being subject to God, and we must not partner with God but subject is not at all a partner with God, mighty messenger of God and we're going to continue on with Dr. Brown's five top reasons how Jesus could not was not never was never claimed to be any co equal or have any divine status with God, the Creator, the one God, we'll be right back with the rest of the four. Here on the deen show. Islam prohibits killing of innocent human beings.

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human life is precious.

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There always be someone

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There'll be there to say something negative, but at the same time there'll be someone there to say something positive. Just hold on to the wolf of a law. Everything in this universe rely a need for answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed.

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Allah said that the profits are solid never ever stopped.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Why is our news media foaming at the mouth when it comes to stories about Islamic terrorists, but not white guy terrorists? It's not because Muslims are a bigger threat. In fact, between 1980 and 2005 94% of all the attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US soil we're not carried out by Islamic radicals but instead by non Muslims, mostly white guys.

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So then why the obsession?

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Back here on the D show with the top five with Dr. Brown wasted no time. Let's go to number four. Take it away. Dr. Brown. Okay. Well we just talked about was how Jesus Christ denied divinity. Now let's talk about what he affirmed. He affirmed his humanity, he affirmed that he was a prophet, he affirmed that he was a man, read Mark six, four, Matthew 1357, Luke 1333. Again, these are only three passages of a list of passages, which defined Jesus Christ as a man and as a prophet. Okay, so on one hand, item number five, he denies divinity. Item number four, he affirms his humanity. He affirms his prophethood that's number four. That's number four. Let's keep going. Let's keep going.

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Number three. Number three, the only New Testament verse, the only New Testament verse to teach the Incarnation is one Timothy 316. Go look it up. In this verse, you will find it clearly states in the Bible, one Timothy, three 316. It clearly states God was manifest in the flesh.

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Oh, well, that's it. God was manifest in the flesh. That's the proof right there. Right?

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Jesus must have been divine.

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Well, there's only one problem. The problem is that as with other verses we have previously discussed, you will find that in your English translation, you will find that in virtually any translation you read anywhere in the world. But I'll tell you where you will not find it, you will not find it in the original manuscripts from which the Bible was translated. The reason why and this is brilliantly exposed by Bart D Ehrman in his writings, he's not the only scholar who have written about it. This has been written about since the time of Sir Isaac Newton, who exposed it in one of his letters, but could not talk about it, because to talk about it in his time, would have brought

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condemnation by the church. But since the time of Sir Isaac Newton, this has been exposed, what has been exposed, what has been exposed is that the scribes took the word who, and changed it to the word God. The original passage spoke of Jesus Christ, who was manifest in the flesh. But now when you read it, it says God was manifest in the flesh. Okay? That's, that's because why? That's because we're reading our translations. And we are trusting the people who, who took the manuscripts, which were copied by the scribes, and the scribes introduced errors into the manuscripts and then carry them forward. Okay. But we but we now have the, you know, the oldest manuscripts the Codex for an

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abacus because, excuse me, the Codex Sinaiticus, and the Codex vaticanus, which are the the oldest manuscripts that we have. And from these we we can learn that this passage originally was speaking of Christ, who was manifest in the flesh, not God who was manifest in the flesh. That's number three. That's number three. Let's keep moving along number number two to number

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is just common sensical. Okay. God is all knowing God is all powerful. God doesn't need anything. Right? Think about it. If God needed something, then God wouldn't be God. Because he would be relying or dependent upon something else to satisfy his needs. So God cannot need anything. God is all powerful. He is all sufficient. And yet throughout the Bible, we read about Jesus's humanity and his needs. I mean, he was born, he was suckled at the breast of his mother. He, he ate, he drank, he slept.

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When it came to items of worship, I mean, he made evolution he prayed, He fasted he made pilgrimage, all of these things

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reveal his humanity, okay. And it reveals something else and reveals that he was dependent upon something when he was a baby, he was dependent upon his mother.

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Okay, can you imagine Jesus being God being dependent upon an element of his own creation?

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I mean, he needed to find food he needed to find drink, he couldn't eat, he slept. Why? Because sleep would overcome a human being. Sleep does not overcome God. He prayed. Why? If you are a God, and you have the ability to do anything you want because you're all powerful, what is the purpose of prayer to yourself?

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So, as I said, number two is just kind of common sensical. Here you have a man whose humanity is well documented,

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showing that he was dependent upon God he had made and this is not Dudley, this these are the characteristics of a man, not a guy. Now before we go on to the number one reason of the top five, your top five Dr. Brown's top five reasons why Jesus peace be upon him. This mighty messenger who we love and revere, no Muslim is a Muslim, unless you believed in Jesus, so might be hearing this for the first time you're like, wow, these people really are not the Antichrist. They love Jesus. And we feel we follow him more than a lot of Christians. And tell us now, I've had the wonderful opportunity to interview other Christian scholars, former people who are Christians, like Dr. Gerald

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Dirks, finished from Harvard Divinity School, also a sister by the name of Darnell, she finished seminary school, got her master's and others. And they all came to a point where they, you know, in seminary school, you go deeper into the texts, you study the history, and they see that certain things unfolding that the layman doesn't see. Now, they have to come to a to a point, like, have no return, do they continue further? Or sincerity? How can I preach teach something that, you know, these verses are taken out here? These are concocted? It doesn't make sense, you know, and this confusion, so they back away? What is your opinion? Do many of the people who go to the seminary

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school, big business, other personal interests, you might lose your status, you might not be able to hang out with some of the lead. There are many sincere people out there, I'm sure. Or some people just get so emotional and wrapped up in they're not using the logic and the tools that God gave us. What do you think about this? Yeah, no, actually, Bart Ehrman speaks about this in one of his books, how he does, he finds it just, yeah, he found it disappointing that everybody goes through seminary school and they learn these things. But when they come out, they just go back to toeing the line of whatever denomination they're following. And that does seem to be the common experience.

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In my interactions, and my interfaith interactions with other priests ministers, I shouldn't say either, because I'm not a priest or minister, but interactions with priests, ministers, and so on, when I bring up these points, they know these points before I have discussed they know, oh, no, they know that. They, they were raised upon these pieces of information in their own teaching. But because these pieces of information conflicted with their own doctrine, they went with doctrine over, you know, over what made sense over the evidence basically, most in my experience, most people teach the most people treat these discussions like religious turf wars, rather than a sincere effort

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to get to the truth. You know, in Islam, we submit to God, that means we submit to the truth, okay. And one of the things we say is, we openly admit, if Jesus Christ were the son of the God, we would be the first to worship. We would be the first to worship Him. Because we're not trying to defend our position. We are upon an endless search for the truth.

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Wherever we find that truth, that's what we're going to go with. But in my experience, that's not the common opinion. The common opinion is people are looking for any evidence that supports their position when they encounter evidence contrary to their beliefs, even though it doesn't matter how strong that evidence is, they just push it aside. Yeah, yeah. Now, just before we go to break, we give the number one reason just one more point, if you can comment on this, we know that, you know, we wouldn't accept this in our daily lives, we really we get an attorney, we draw up a contract. If there's anything that's taken out from here, if something is crossed out, some doesn't make sense,

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we won't sign it. We won't put our name on it. But many of these books, you know, the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john, you mentioned in a previous show that no credible scholar would say that these are from the disciples, these are anonymous books, and so are many of the other gospels. So people rest their whole salvation on anonymous books, that we don't even know who the authors are, would this even stand up in court with a court case? With no witnesses?

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I mean, certainly, we can discuss that on another show. Probably. Yeah. Because the discussion of the Bible is a very long one. But yes, all four of the gospels were anonymous. None of them were signed. None of them were attributed to a particular author. biblical scholars agree that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john probably did not write Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john. They were authored by other personages who were gifted in Greek, but they were not the earthly disciples of Jesus. And they were they were not even the people to whom they were attributed because Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john. I mean, these were not,

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you know, most of them were not even disciples. So and but this is a long discussion long, this is a long section. But these are just mind boggling. facts, not fiction that many people don't know about. And that's what we're here to discuss. And we want the best for everybody. We'll be right back with the number one reason why Jesus peace be upon him is not God never claimed to be God has no divine status with God is not co equal to God. God is God, Jesus is Jesus. We've right back here in a deep show.

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I don't say to people, I used to be a Christian, I still carry the values and principles of loving Jesus Christ, and perhaps maybe more than most Christians. So I think I got the best out of Christianity by becoming Muslim.

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So many other things that you can enjoy without taking a sip of alcohol. That is the same thing. It's not an obstacle. It's not something that causes people to get completely desperate and start stopping living their lives. No, it shouldn't be a motivation. It's only one life that you're going to be living. So you better do it for the last channel Tada.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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Back on the show, we're giving you the top five reasons Dr. Brown's top five reasons why Jesus peace be upon him is not co equal to God is not divine of any status close to God other than a messenger of God. Let us continue in for 5432. And the number one reason Dr. Brown ticket away. Okay, number one reason is that in the Bible, we don't find any evidence to support Jesus being divine. Now, a lot of people have thrown out a lot of reasons that they consider to be evidence. Let me just go through those number one, Jesus performed miracles. He cured the blind, he healed the lepers he raised the dead, they all say, okay, he performed his great miracles, therefore he must be divine.

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Then again, in the Bible, we have Elijah doing all of these same things. We have a number of prophets doing performing a number of miracles, and the you know, so you have to, you have to either invite all of them to the party, you have to say, performing miracles means that you are divine. Therefore, all of these prophets are divine because they all performed miracles. Or you have to recognize that this is not a sign of divinity, that the prophets were were performing miracles by the power of God, not by any power of their own.

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second issue, some people say, Well, Jesus was divine because he was the Savior. Well, the word translated to Savior is spelled y a sh a, it is encountered 207 times in the Old Testament

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is encountered with a hood with shotgun with Gideon with with many individuals, okay. For whom it's not translated savior with Jesus Christ is translated Savior, but the word

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That is translated Savior is count is encountered with many individuals. Selective translation translating it to savior in the case of Jesus Christ, and translating a shock to a different word for other individuals makes you think that Jesus Christ was the only one called Savior. The fact of the matter is that that's only true in your translation. That's not true in the foundational manuscripts. So again, this doesn't hold any weight. JOHN 858 Records Jesus has having said I am Exodus 314 Records God as having said I am so some people say Jesus said I am God says I am therefore Jesus is God. No. Why? Because in john 858, the word is EMI, it stated 152 times in the in

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the Bible, okay. Only one time is it capitalized, and that's when when it's attributed to Jesus. All right, the other 151 times it's not capitalized. Why is that? Again, selective translation.

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Another point is that the word attributed to Jesus was this. He imi me in Exodus 314, the word attributed to God was higher or whoa own. So you can't equate me with higher or with home. These are different words.

00:26:21--> 00:27:03

This is so well recognized the Revised Standard Version, and New Revised Standard Version, new insight, New International Version, they have all reduced the capitalization and you cannot find support for this and their Bibles because they're upstanding according to their scripture, and they recognize it. Now, there are many other doctrines such as Jesus being the right hand man, the the quotation that says the Lord I am the first and I am the last beside me there is no god negates that. In addition, we know that in Genesis 524, Enoch walked with God. So, if Jesus was the right hand, man, according to Mark 1619, and according to Genesis 524, Enoch walked with God, what does

00:27:03--> 00:27:04

that make him?

00:27:06--> 00:27:18

Forget forgiveness of sins, according to the Bible, Jesus forgave sins, but according to john 530, Jesus said, I have myself can do nothing. So was he forgiving sins? Or was he passing on God's forgiveness of sins?

00:27:20--> 00:28:05

Jesus was called Lord, so it was Abraham. So it was Moses. Moses was called follow him to Aaron. Aloha means God. In the Bible, Moses was recognized as God, judges were recognized as Gods angels were recognized as gods, prophets were, all of these were described by the same word, the same word Elohim, which was attributed to God, okay, so you have you have to embrace the inconsistency. Or you have to recognize that you are being selective in how you apply the terminology, saying, I want to believe that Jesus Christ is God. So we'll take this word, and we'll translate it in a way that makes him look like God. But with everybody else that this word is applied to we'll we'll write it

00:28:05--> 00:28:18

in a different way. This is not this is not honesty. This is this is not being faithful to the Scripture. Now, in the same way, there are many other evidences that we can cite. But the point is this.

00:28:19--> 00:29:09

Each evidence has to bring something to the table to contribute to the the doctrine if it's going to carry any weight. Okay, but if each evidence carries no weight whatsoever, 1002 evidences still adds up to zero, you still get a goose egg, you still roll a doughnut, you cannot float a raft made out of 100 rocks, because none of those rocks bring any buoyancy. Okay? You cannot win a court case over 1000 testimonials if none of those testimonials brings any truth to the matter, to support to support your case. And as the same is the same here. Every single one of these claims to support the divinity of Jesus is easily refuted. so easily refuted that. Again, it just becomes common sensical,

00:29:09--> 00:29:48

you just realize that none of these evidences brings any weight to the argument. So number one, Fact of the matter in the Bible, there is no evidence to support the doctrine of the divinity of Jesus Christ. That is a lot of information. It's made quite simple to understand, is there anything we're going to signal that we're out of time Look, one another in another minister, anything you want to add to this? Just I think everybody else out there knows the arguments. Some people say Jesus Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit. But then again, so where Peter, Stephen Barnabas, Elizabeth, Zachariah, john the baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb. So if that makes you

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

divine, where do they factor into this? Some people say that some of the followers worship to Jesus Christ, the word was prosecuted. mean means bow.

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

Down. The Bible also describes a slave by the same word to his master Abigail to David Cornelius to Peter, a cinnamate. Woman to Elijah. So again, what does this make them if bowing down to somebody makes them God, you have to, you have to factor in the slave master David, Peter alijah, you know, and say that all these people were divine as well.

00:30:23--> 00:30:52

The the resurrection, okay, this is kind of like the last thing. People say, Well, Jesus was resurrected that makes him God. Look, check out the history do me a favor, take the four gospels line them up from the legit crucifixion, and look how consistent they are. One Gospel says his last words where it is finished and other Gospel says his last words were enter your hands I commend my spirit. You can't have it both ways. These are mutually exclusive. One says these are the last words the other says these are the last words and they are different.

00:30:53--> 00:31:33

Matthew records an earthquake Matthew records an angel, the other three gospels are silent. How do you miss an earthquake and an angel in Palestine in that period where nothing else is going on? How do you miss an earthquake an angel, much less three Gospel writers missing it and one recording it at the tomb it records. I mean, you just look at it line up the Gospels. And look, I mean, one Gospel says that when that when they went to the tomb, to you know to see Jesus there was a man and other Gospel says an angel. Another Gospel says to man, another gospel says two angels. One Gospel says they were outside one Gospel says they were inside one Gospel says that they were at the head

00:31:33--> 00:31:36

of where he was laying once one Gospel says different.

00:31:38--> 00:31:50

There is no consistency in the stories. And if there's no consistency of the stories, you would not accept this as a standard of reliability in any other testimonial, widely accepted in the Bible.

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So bottom line, we can't even trust. We can't even trust the biblical narratives in relation to the resurrection. So we can't hold it up as evidence. These are the top five. That's these are the top five that that's the last of the evidences that I would cite. That can be easily refuted got a few seconds, how can people get ahold of you read some of your books. And if they want to dialogue with you about this topic further? Well, you'll find this information and a whole lot more on my website and my articles and my books. My website is level and eight Both of those are just two words, no spaces, no underscores just level eight we started with

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peace we end with peace, peace, BMT. You thank you very much for being with me. God Almighty Allah rewards. And you Thank you. And there you have it made simple to understand lucid, clear, logical, rational five of the top reasons why Jesus is not divine by Doctor of divinity Dr. Brown. If you like what we have to say, and you want to learn more what we believe about Jesus, we love him one of the mightiest messengers of God. Just like Abraham, Moses know in the last and final messages sent to mankind upon peace be upon them, they all call people to submit and to surrender not to themselves not to angels, saints, not to men and monkeys, but to the One God who created this whole

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universe and everything in it. And we have the verbatim Word of God the Qur'an, which is preserved memorized by millions of living miracle, call the one 800 number on the screen to get your free copy today. We'll see you next time. Peace be unto you.