Tom Facchine – These Goals Are Absolutely Achievable

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of fasting and working out, as it can cements habits and increase productivity. They also mention the importance of keeping a schedule and adjusting as needed. The speaker emphasizes the need to have a plan for the day to make the most of the time.
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Ramadan shows you what's possible, you know, just the other day so kind of like I was reflecting because we do Fiamma layout MSG between 230 and 330 in the morning. And on one particular night

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I just I came early, maybe like a half hour early. So I showed up at two and I was just praying by myself from two to 230 people are filing and behind me and stuff like that and just I just had this like realization like this isn't that hard? I

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wake up in the middle of the night and do half an hour

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like not the rest of the hour that I know that's difficult. I don't think I could keep that up all year. Maybe I could inshallah. But what occurred to me is that this half an hour it didn't. It wasn't it wasn't hard. It was actually pretty easy. So sometimes like our own ideas about what's easier, what's not getting our way. And Ramadan shows us what's possible. In fasting, you can fast 30 days. Yeah, we can. So then can you do three days a month? Can you do Monday and Thursday?

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And Koran, you know, you have to if you wake up if you're reviewing Jesus Koran

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or if you recite some Quran at night, in that half an hour, right? It's possible. So that's the sort of thing especially these last few days everybody needs to start thinking about their schedule, right? Oh, how's it gonna look and that's why the prophesy said and he also said that Whoever fasts the six days of show, while it's as if he fasted a data, it's like as if he fasted, you know,

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continuously, eternally, because it cements those habits, it cements kind of the attitude, you've kind of captured that special thing that Ramadan has that shows you what's possible. So you make your schedule now. And you realize that you can probably maybe do a little bit more than you think you can. And you can adjust as the time goes by But the worst thing this is this is the worst thing is to hit eat and show well without a plan.

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Because if you don't have a plan that is kind of backside to whatever you were doing before, you've you've seen what's possible. So now let's try to experiment

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