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regret. Al Hasan in Arabic

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is the name of an incredibly powerful negative emotion

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which affects every human being from time and time again.

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However, it's one of those emotions which if it is not managed correctly with iman, faith, they were called reliance upon Allah as the Serb, hoping in the reward from him. It can be

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and it can consume a human being, and can and does and has pushed people to the edge of suicide.

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The Harvard newsletter speaks of an old pensioner in Liverpool, who used to take out the same set of lottery numbers every single day in the hope of one day hitting the jackpot.

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On one particular morning, he forgot to renew his numbers. He didn't take out a lottery ticket.

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And on that morning, his lottery numbers came up, and somebody else won the jackpot.

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And he was so filled with self blame, and pity, pain and regret.

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That he found no way to manage this pain other than to claim his own life he committed suicide.

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And Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who has given the Day of Judgment, so many different names, and one of its names is yo Hassan, the day of regret.

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Where many people God forbid when wish for the same fate of that old man they will yearn for that when they realize that they have failed.

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But that wish shall not be honored and they will not be given death.

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Allah agenda who said what year homea will make Hazara warn humanity of the day of regret.

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And Allah agenda did Allah who said in Darnell Kumada Dang kaliba We have warned you of an impending punishment.

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Y'all know young with old maroon identity.

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On the Day when each human being will see what his hands have gone. Why are called calf ear and the disbeliever will announce the attorney to Rob Oh, I wish that I was just

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the Prophet sallallahu I knew he was in them he said as

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Buhari generates on the authority of Abu Hura Euro. He said Leia to call you are huddling agenda Illa Orianna Haida Homina nadie lo Assa li as they are the chakra

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any person who is given entry into Jana will first be shown his potential home in Jahannam the Hellfire if he had been an evil person,

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so that he may be even more grateful to Allah.

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While you're Toluna hadn't Illa Oriana cada who menial Jannetty lo arson, the Hakuna Ali Hassan and any person who's thrown into Hell will first be made to see his potential home in Jannah.

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Had he been a good person to increase this person in regret? Regret therefore is a powerful emotion. For many people.

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what once seemed to be the ultimate achievement in life

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will on the Day of Judgment seem to be a regretfully wasted opportunity. Because what greater regret can there be to discover when it is too late that not only did Allah exist all along, but we had a lifetime to prepare for that meeting. And we have missed out on Paradise. Regret is a powerful negative emotion. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has guided us to certain matches that will bring about Hazara net dama regret on the Day of Judgment, so that the blueprint is available for you and I to prepare an avoided wherever possible, six causes of regret that I would like to share with you this afternoon.

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The first of them

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the regret of not giving Surah Baqarah Chapter Two of the Quran it's due attention.

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Muslim narrates on the authority of Abu Muhammad by Healy that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if also attend Baqarah recite abundantly surah baqarah he said for in Aqua Baraka because taking Surah to Bukhara is a blessing

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Well thorough Hazara and leaving it will cause regret while studying your hidden backlog and the magician's can never overcome it.

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This is caused number one of regret for people Yeoman piano, having neglected Surah Baqarah

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regret number two,

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sitting in a gathering, whether online or offline with friends or family being part of a majilis whereby the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not even mentioned once.

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And that is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mermin Omiya comun Amin majilis in liath Quran Allah Allah Allah He Illa camo and Mythili G fatty Hema what can Allah whom has

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any people who gather together to talk

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whereby the name of Allah is not mentioned even once, it will be as if they had gathered around the corpse of a donkey. And that gathering will bring regret on the Day of Judgment.

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Start in a measureless with family and not once Allah his name is mentioned Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Allahu Akbar are stuck for Allah. Not once, this will be a gathering of regret this is number two.

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As for regret number three,

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there will be people on the Day of Judgment regretting that they had yearned for positions of authority and leadership in the life of this world and handle so Alan Imara.

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Competing for a position of authority and nobility. In dunya.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the concept of having Sona Island Imara, there will come a time when you Muslims will compete for positions of authority.

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We're in a house at the corner there in our house. And it's going to bring regret on the day of judgment

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for neon lighting model dry setting Fatima. So how great is breastfeeding? And how difficult is the weaning?

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People will ask what is the relationship between breastfeeding and weaning a child and wanting a position of authority? Why is the Hadith concluded like this?

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Because those who are chasing after a position of authority, they are being compared to a child who is breastfeeding from his mother

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receiving his nourishment with ease, from the breast of his mother, morning and evening several times a day with no difficulty from himself. It is all available he has to expend no energy and that is the position of authority. It has privileges. It has perks, it has opportunities makes life easy.

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But every child must be weaned.

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And when the child is weaned, he must cry. And similarly every individual who has a position of authority must be weaned, it will be taken away from him and this person will cry, especially if they were aspiring for this position. They will find it difficult on the day of judgment. He said how great is breastfeeding and how difficult is that weaning? That is number three.

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As for the fourth cause of regret, it is Alia showing off meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala with good deeds that had holes of insincerity within them.

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What this person had described as a lifetime's worth of Dawa and Sunnah. Firstly, sadaqa hijab, Islamic posts Halaqaat circles of knowledge had no foundation of sincerity other than Allah was intended. So this person sees the mountains of good deeds on Yeoman piano being decked one after the other reduced to rubble, La ilaha illa Allah and that is why Allah said, what are the Allahu Allah He now let me call this evil, they will see on the Day of Judgment, things that they did not expect. As for the fifth cause of regret for those who want to prepare

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in justices that were not settled between Muslims in the life of the

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prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mankind is the home of Allah not only archy me inherently he will mean che in failure to Halal hoomin Who Liang Allah Hakuna De nada.

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Whoever has a problem with his brother

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whoever feels there is an injustice between him and another Muslim in the life of this world.

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You had wronged him in his honor or any other way. Then settle your dispute. He said, settle your dispute today before a day comes when they will not be a dinar. And there will not be a financial currency for you to exchange with one another to settle a dispute, the currency will be good deeds and sins.

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And then he said in Canada who I met on Sunday, if this person has good deeds, he will be giving his good deeds over to the person whom he had oppressed, according to the size of the injustice.

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If, however, he has given away all of his good deeds, and he has nothing left to give, then that person will start loading on him his sins. And this is a terrifying prospect, to be answerable before Allah for things that you never did. Imagine finding on your scales, the sins of adultery, interest, rebounds, alcohol theft, you didn't do any of those things, that there was an injustice between you and your brother, you and your sister that was not settled. So they unloaded their sins on URI.

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And this is one of the greatest contradictions and paradoxes of the Day of Judgment.

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On one hand, you find yourself unable and unwilling to give any of your good deeds to the people you love, mum and dad, children, siblings, you cannot and will not and don't want to give them any of your good deeds. Whereas on the other side, you will pass your good deeds over to the people you hate. Why because we had wronged them in the life of this world. One of the strangest contradictions of the Day of Judgment law in the law, and one of its frightening aspects. That is regret number five, an injustice, volume oppression Serdica theft, I don't honor a harm between Muslims and it was not settled in the life of dunya.

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And the sixth and final regret I wanted to share with you

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is the regret, of not giving the Day of Judgment the priority it deserves.

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And there are human piano when people see the realities of the Hereafter unfolding before their eyes.

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Many will fall into her feet and will shriek and will scream and say yeah, like then you add them to the hierarchy. Oh I wish that I had prepared for my life. And they will say or our banner up Sonya was our Lord we now see and we hear for Jana and Ambleside the hand so bring us back to dunya we will do good deeds in quinoa and we are now certain but the response is from another area color No. In our Kelly Martin who are called elucha This is just a word that he is uttering with his mouth when we when will you him Ilaria will you by phone and there is now a barrier between them and life till the Day of Judgment.

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These are six causes of regret

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that will affect every individual who does not take heed and make the necessary changes and reshuffles their priorities and we have been warned. However we don't have to leave it at this negative note. You and I are able to convert every one of these six into opportunities. Take them one by one. We said the regret of not taking care of Surah Al Baqarah. So let us take care of Surah two Baca

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pair up with a brother of yours a friend, a spouse, a sibling and see within three months we will have memorized Surah Al Baqarah enough delaying let us understand it, apply it recite it in our homes it is a Baraka blessings and the magician's cannot overcome it. That's regret no more number one make it into an opportunity.

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And we said to regret number two is being part of a gathering where the name of Allah has not mentioned ensure that you are mentioning the name of Allah in every gathering online or offline. Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad a Stopford Allah this is backstabbing, stop there this is alive do not repeat it mentioned the name of Allah. So the gathering is an opportunity. Have no regret. Number three we said people who are chasing for a position of authority. I have to be the one who cuts the red ribbon. I have to be the one who is in the face of the interview. I have to be the one who signs off the new contract. I have to be the one

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that you are working for the religion tried to work away from the limelight behind closed doors. That is regret number three, regret number four we said react showing off insincerity this, my brother, my sister is a work in progress for every one of us.

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But monitor your heart, just like the ill people or the

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diabetic do further blood sugar levels, monitor it and ensure that it is within the domains of EClass. We said number five, regret for the injustice is between people, we can deal with that as well go to your brother, go to your sister whom you are not in communication with and say it is my fault. I apologize. Is it money you need? Is it an apology you need? What do you require? Let us deal with it today before we are stripped of our money and our clothes on the day of judgment.

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And number six, we said the sixth regret is to not give the akhirah the hereafter their priority it deserves. And we are able to deal with this one by reshuffling our priorities, rethinking our schedules.

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Many people are leading their lives

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and some are being led by life.

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And these are two different perspectives. Either you are leading your life you are in control.

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Or either you are being led by life you are doing things because that's what everybody else does. But there is no real objective or compass that's guiding you lead by life.

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Most of us dear brother, dear sister and I say this with gentleness insha Allah only ever prepare for our dunya we worldly aspirations and even those worldly aspirations that we prepare for. They're not usually beyond the age of 30.

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What about the age of 40 and 50? There is no plan. Ask the average individual What is your plan for the future? What am I going to study? I'm going to work after graduating I might get married and have a few children, then I will save up a few quid buy a flat or a house. Okay, that's the age of 30. What about 1450 and beyond? I haven't really thought about that, let alone thinking about the life after dunya some are being led by life, others like yourselves Insha Allah, they are leading their lives and they are in the driving seat. They are taking command and they are choosing what to do with their dunya and akhira.

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Nobody on his deathbed will ever wish that they had accumulated more money.

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And if you don't believe me ask brawny where

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brawny where is the name of an Australian nurse

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who specializes in palliative care.

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And she wrote a book she called the Five Regrets of the Dying people.

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She was taking care of the young and the elderly who are in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She was interviewing them and she asked them what do you regret the most from life.

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She took note of their epiphanies, their dying wishes. And one of the interesting things she says in her book, there is a phenomenal amount of clarity of vision that is given to a person who was dying.

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And she said

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nobody wished to have had more sexual relations when they were a young man or woman that nobody wished for that nobody wished that they had a better car.

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Nobody wished that they engaged in bungee jumping, or any other exhilarating experience. From the Top Five Regrets of the Dying people that were repeated over and over again, especially for men. One of them was I wish that I had not worked as hard as I did.

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I wish my life was not defined by a taste for the pound and Dada.

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I wish I had greater priorities in my life. I wish I saw the bigger picture.

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And from the Quran, we have been given this clarity of

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we know where we are going and we know what we want to achieve. And therefore we ask Allah subhanaw taala to inspire us with this type of clarity of vision and we ask him to inspire us to focus on the greatest priorities of life and that is pursuing Allah and building the afterlife.