Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Ultimate Justice

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the reality of time and acceptance of Islam as a natural flow of behavior. They stress the need for people to trust in their own values and embracing the natural flow of their behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of not pushing oneself to the future and allowing the creator of their new life to happen.
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fella de la, WA shadow

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Isla de la hula hula shriek Allah wa shadow Hannah Mohammed Abu al Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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Yeah, you have Latina hamanako la hapa tokachi watamu in La 123 Moon

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Johan Astra taco de como la de la Kaku mean FC wahida hola caminhada amin hamari Jalan Kathy Rahmani?

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What de la la de Luna de Waal

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in LA Hakuna la cumbre Eva. Yeah you hola Dena Morocco la havapoo Colin Sadie the useless. Allah como la comme dono become one of your players, how la Sula Who? Frozen alima and that for in stock Alhaji Kitab Allahu azzawajal wa hodja hodja Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam Shabbat memoria madatha to have a coup d'etat in VEDA, Bakula? Allah Allah.

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All praise is due to Allah we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide you bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion, but Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, and I bear witness and testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam is his servant and His messenger or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam and submission to your Lord, or mankind be

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dutiful to Lord who created you from a single person. That's Adam, and from him he created his wife and that's what if

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and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kins. Surely Allah is Ever an old watcher over you. Are you who believe keep your duty to Allah fear him and speak the truth he will direct you to righteous deeds, and will forgive you your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah and the best guidance is that of Mohammed sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters in religion are considered to be innovation and bidda and every bit is misguidance and it leads to the

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah says in the Quran

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similar have Ananda Rahim will us in insane lfu whose Illa Latina ermine, what amylose oily hearty What are also will help the what also will be simple.

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And the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

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by time,

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by time,

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man is in a state of loss,

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except for those who believe, who do righteous deeds and who enjoying one another with truth, righteousness, and with patience, and Imam Shafi commented on this short sola the shortest or probably the second shorter surah.

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And he says, well, la Hello madonsela La Ilaha, he saw that Allah.

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If Allah only revealed this surah it would have been enough as a warning for him for humanity, just the soil, because it has the summary it summarizes the story of life, summarizes the whole story of the whole wisdom behind this creation, behind this worldly life and the next life. So our last words buy time and he says, buy time, while us, time is the medium in which we live. So part of time is in this world. And the greater part of time is in the hereafter in the next life. And we ought to pay attention to this, that this life is not the whole story is just a small fragment.

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Have the wider and bigger context of life and time. So last words by this wonderful mysterious creation of his and that's time because we don't know what the nature of time is no human being really understand what time understands what time is. We just have a very basic understanding, crude understanding, functional understanding that we arrived at, at some level. And it's very intuitive. That just time wiki in or traveling through time, we keep traveling through time. That's how we understand it. So we look at it as past, present, and future. But the reality of time is mysterious. We don't know how it looks like we don't know how even feels like we don't know what the fabric of

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time is. So our last words by this magnificent creation by time, man is in a state of loss, all of humanity, all of humanity are heading to a state of loss.

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And it's not a set up, as sometimes, some people might, you know, arrive at this conclusion that it is a set up, that man is destined to be in a state of loss. Allah did not create man in the state of loss. Allah created man in the best shape. Last month. Allah says, Look at Holloman insane if he asked any time when we've created man in the best design, in the best shape

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in the best configuration. So Allah has set us up for goodness for Jenna.

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But it is through our own desires and weaknesses and shortcomings and wrong decisions. And through following the whispers and the instructions of shape and that we put our state ourselves in a state of loss. Man is in a state of loss. Why because men have been kidnapped. Human beings have been kidnapped, they've been taken captive,

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by shape on and by their desires. And by the short term understanding of what life really means. So man, all of man I lost my dad is talking about a reality that human beings are heading towards a state of loss. Elon levena ermine Whammy loss it hurts whatever so we'll have to whatever so the subject, the only ones who will escape from this trap of shaytaan, this trap of the self of the left's The only ones who will be able to break from these shackles and these chains of shape on and this and this eminent and evidence state of loss are the ones who truly go back to their true nature to their belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they are loyal and faithful to their creators. So

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they believe in Allah. They believe in their Creator and their designer and in that in his right to be worshipped alone, to be recognized for his greatness and for who he is. And to believe that this life is not the only thing to believe that there is the next life because everyone deep in our hearts, we know that this is not the whole story. This is just a chapter in the book of life. We all know this.

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And all human beings, Muslims and non Muslims at some level, some tacit level of they open their mind to what's deep inside them what's been instilled and inculcated inside of their hearts, they would realize that belief in the hereafter belief in the next day, belief in death,

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has been actually weaved within their own fabric.

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But a lot of people just went away from it. They don't want to believe in it. Why because they are taken completely taken over completely by the temptation of this life.

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11 Latina men who wear Amira soiled hats, and that's what belief leads to when you truly embrace belief in Allah, and belief in the last day, believe in the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala belief in the prophets and the messengers, and belief in the decree of Allah about and then you will naturally that's the natural overflow of belief is to do righteous deeds, to make the best choices about what to do and what not to do. So you would be driven from inside not pushing yourself, not forcing yourself, not coercing yourself. But naturally, you would be inclined and pulled towards praying and thanking a las panatela towards fasting towards doing all types of righteousness and

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goodness towards others, towards humanity, towards your Creator towards yourself, towards the whole creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will be inclined to do that naturally in the Latina arm and what I mean asylee hat whatever so will help the whatever sober, sober, and they enjoying one another because when you find the truth when you embrace it, and this is not an arrogant statement that we monopolize the truth, that we harbor the truth and people have missed it. It's not an ego. It's not an egotistic position. It's not an arrogant, prideful position. It's a knowing in our hearts, it's a knowing in our hearts. And this is why there is something inside of us that

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recognizes that truth that no

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It and this one last one, it says in the Quran Pooja

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Baba, Baba can say the truth has come because humans when they say they see the truth, they recognize it, there is some part in them that knows it and recognize it. And and it resonates with them.

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And that's the living part of the sutra.

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So it's not a it's not a pride, it's not a position of pride or arrogance. No, but this is something that all human beings know from themselves, when they see the truth, they have this kind of special feeling towards it, they recognize it. But when they opt for their desires, when they opt for their commitments that are based on worldly principles, that's when they start to compromise on the voice of the heart that calls them and pulls them towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there is no one who comes face to face with the truth and opens his mind or her mind and heart to the truth and recognize it, and then not follow it choose not to follow it choose to follow some other way.

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Except that these people have opted to follow falsehood, and they have given up on the truth. Allah subhanaw taala does not do injustice to anyone. And the last one that it says in the Quran, I will come to talk about this shortly, whether your bilimora buka, Allah does not commit injustice towards any of his creation towards anything. Allah does not commit any injustice, even though we, we may fail to see it, we may fail to recognize it. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't do any injustice.

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What also will help so they when you recognize the truth, then the second natural tendency is to share it. You want to share this goodness with everyone, you want to open people's eyes and people's hearts to the truth because you see the blessings, you feel the blessings, you experience them, you enjoy them. And you indulge in the beauty of the truth and the satisfaction and the fulfillment and the meaning that it gives you. So you want to share that. Because once you embrace the truth, it brings about the goodness that is tacit, and that is latent and hidden inside you. It makes the goodness inside you unfold. So you want to help others, you want to serve others, you want to open

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up open the eyes of others, that's what you want to do naturally, you don't push yourself to it, you don't fake it is just natural. It's a natural overflow of your belief in Allah subhanaw taala. And the fact that you embrace the truth, whatever. So be happy, whatever. So the sub, and they enjoy one another with patience with a sub because this life is designed not to be what we want. It's designed to be a test. So we will be tested out the default setting of the slide that it is challenging. The default state of this slide that there are hardships, difficulties, your expectations will be destroyed. That's that's what life is. Even if you have this life easy, you're going to have

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challenges of a different sorts. If your challenges are not financial, there will be physical, they are not physical, there will be emotional, and they are not emotional, they will be mental. If they are not mental, there will be relational and social.

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Everyone had their own predicaments had their own suffering. Everyone's going through something, everyone, because that's how life works. And it's not meant to be anything other than that. But when we are suffering at some level, we look at others we don't see them suffering in the same way. So we think that having a better life. So we start accusing Allah in His justice.

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So in the story of life is about the whole story behind this life that we live, it's not about the work that we do, not about the clothes that we wear. It's not about our lifestyle or hairstyle or the glasses that we wear, or the people that we know, or the country that we live in, or the language that we speak or the color of our skin, or the position and the status that we have in society. It's not it's about none of this. The whole story about this life is that it's a temporary life. It's a temporary life you are here for a short period of time, for a short period of time to test whether you are loyal and truthful to Allah or not. Whether you embrace the oneness of Allah

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and recognize it. Open up your heart to your Creator and make your journey back to him. That's what this life is all about. It's an opportunity and everyone gets in this life, enough time, enough time.

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To embrace the truth. Everyone is given enough time to embrace the truth the moment they die. They are meant to die. No one dies before their time. You can say of this, this person lived maybe 20 years more he would have maybe embraced Islam. Maybe he would have started praying

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That's a joke.

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That's wishful thinking. Because Allah gives each one the time they need to find the truth. And when they have given enough time, they will be taken out of this life, regardless, as to the normal things, the casual things about this life work, family, clothes, meals, travels, all of these, you know, daily routines of this life, these are just adornments. This is just the unnecessary stuff, you know, small stuff of this life. That's it.

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But these are not the main point. It's not about the car you drive. It's not about the house you live in. It's not about the number of children you have. It's not about the relations and the connections that you have. It's, it's not about the money you have. It's not about whatever you achieve in this life. It's not about none of this. It's only about all of these things are meant to keep you going through this life. But what once the point of this life has been achieved, which is you have heard enough evidence, enough warning, enough reminders, you have been reminded Your eyes have been opened, your heart has been opened, the truth has become clear and manifest to you whether

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you have decided to follow it or to turn away from it. Once everything has been made clear to you, then it's most likely that's the time for you to leave and you will you'll leave. So this is why sometimes wishful thinking I wish this person lived a bit longer. I wish this person met that person where he would have been guided and so on and so forth. All of these are wishes and they might not be true. And Allah subhanaw taala says neon Liana about the people who will end up in the Hellfire and the Hellfire will be merely the consequences of their actions. A last one that it says in the Hadith and producing the divine Hadith. Yeah, anybody in Namibia Maluku, Rafi Kamiya, on the day of

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judgment, all you're getting, it's your deeds, I'm giving them to you back. So you end up in the Hellfire, that's your beads. These are your deeds, this fire that burns you these are your deeds. So realize what the what evil you were engaged in in this life. Although we don't see evil deeds as they truly are, we just see a small fragment of what they are

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evil, these are so evil. And they have very destructive detrimental consequences. But we don't see that. But on the Day of Judgment, our eyes will start to see the whole truth because we only see one spectrum of the truth in this life. This is what a lot of pantalla also says and sort of off to the people when they are resurrected. He says Akasha Anika for basato kalyana Hadid

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we have removed this screen now because you have come to the real life which is in the hereafter. That's the real life. In this world the life you are just going through a test that's it. So not the whole truth is revealed to you But enough of that is given to you and enough of it is planted in your hearts.

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But on the Day of Judgment, you will be able to see everything so you will see the spiritual world you will be able to see the angels here you can see them you will be able to see the jinn. Here you can see them you will be able to see the scenes how they look like because you you don't see them.

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You don't see how the sun looks like when it's elevated. mistaken when it's written in your records. You don't know how it looks like, but it has a shape and it has a smell and you will see that on the Day of Judgment. Nothing will be kept hidden from you.

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For basado curl Yamaha D then your your eyesight is so sharp so you can see everything for what it is. You'll be able your senses, the screen will be removed. So your senses will be able to capture everything that is in existence, then you will see the reality you will see the absurdity of the people who turned away from Allah, the absurdity of the people who wasted their life chasing things of this world.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala does not do injustice. So Allah says about the people on the Day of Judgment, who will end up in the hellfire. Allah says when I will tell our work beforehand enough.

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And if you see these people when they are made to stand up in front of the Hellfire,

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when they will turn off it will pay for Alan

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Layton and aura and they will say, I wish we wish we could be returned we could return to that life. We could go back to that worldly life

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without a lot

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more meaning we wish we can return to that life. So we can believe in the signs and the verses of Allah we can believe in them. And we believers, we wish we can turn we turn to that life. Then our last panel to Allah responds to them to show you that don't think that anyone is going to live this life because they are given enough before they are given enough warning. There are lots of planets that says better, better. lahoma can we afford them and

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Allah says no.

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Now what they have been hiding the truth inside them in the football in their hearts, which they know which way they were born with, which used to nudge them and poke them out.

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Every now and then wake up. This is not what this life is all about. Search for your Lord, search for your Creator search for the meaning of life. This is not the reality. The real life is in the hereafter wake up, but they turned away from it, they suppressed it, they pushed it down. But

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now what they have been hiding, what they have been suppressing has become apparent to them. But

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when I would do

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the bone, and if they were to be returned, if they were to be sent back to life, they would still disbelief after seeing the Hellfire

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after seeing the Hellfire that was to go and disbelief. So Norman enters the Hellfire until they deserve it.

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And if you say if they come back to this life, if they are given millions of years in this life, and see the truth for what it is and see the Hellfire and even be put in the Hellfire then be sent back to this lab that would still commit disbelief.

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That's the ultimate justice of Allah.

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Allah Allah says,

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In the divine Hadith, yeah, a baddie in heaven to burn mahalo NFC wa jal to be in a coma. Roman falletta varnamo. All my servants I have made oppression and injustice, forbidden even for myself, allies forbidden in justice, even for himself, because he's the just

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falletta varnamo do not commit injustice to one another. So we are supposed to emulate some of the names and attributes of Allah. In the sense he's the just we are supposed to be just

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falletta varlaam we do not oppress one another. Because if you were to see the reality of oppression and what is hidden away from you about the reality of oppression, you would never commit it. Because you know it's connected back to you. The rear end of the oppression is connected back to you is going to burn you. So you will need to see this full cycle. You will not committed a whole lot of stuff.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine so the reality of this life is it's merely a test. And a loss of anti law says we're in a double Hello telehealth one, and the hereafter the next slide, that's the real life. That's the real life but because we are trapped in this life, and we our souls are trapped in this body, we cannot see everything.

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We cannot feel everything.

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And that's the test of life. Because when you see everything was that was the difference. Every everyone believes in what they see. Everyone believes in what they see.

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And because you reality is in your hearts, your reality is in your soul. It's in your soul. So you are a soul that is trapped in this body. And the most important fact faculty in you, the system, the central system in you is in your heart is not in your brain, it's not in your senses. So belief is not something that you see, or you have solid evidence about in a scientific sense. That's not what the truth is.

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Because even this life that we live in the things that we touch, and we see, and we are so sure and certain that these things are real. I know that this is real and exists and it's good.

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But the last one that says woman hired to do Nia in lamotta, overall, this life is just

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it's just a fleeting enjoyment. It's not even real. It's not even real.

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This life is a mirage, but we just retract in this kind of perception. So we think because we depend on our perception that this is real, because I feel it's real, my five senses are real.

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You have no guarantee, that's just your feeling. That's just your experience. But the main system in you is spritual, it's in your heart. And that means system knows that Allah is there and it's more certain than anything else. You have no certainty in your heart, about Allah and about the Hereafter, then you have certainty about the things that you see and feel and touch.

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You have no certainty about what you haven't been paying attention to it. Your attention has been completely absorbed in the external world. Colors attract you. Sounds capture you. The beauty of this world captivates you. So you don't pay attention to the central system inside you. But you know, and this is where the fear comes from. But fear comes from this when you pay attention to that it will guide you to Allah without any mistake. And that's why the righteous people throughout the times they were tortured, they were killed but they would never compromise on their belief in Allah wasn't

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about, you know, being adamant was it stubbornness, it wasn't that it was believe it was believe it's in the heart, they know it's so they're so certain about it, they are so sure about it that they cannot compromise on it.

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And that's what we are supposed to do. So in this life, what you need to do, and that's the kind of belief that we should develop within ourselves, and let's grow, because it's inside, but we need to let it grow. The reason a lot of us are not experiencing higher levels of a man is not that we're not doing enough work by the way. It's just we are standing on our own faiths way, we are blocking the way because we're trying to do the wrong things.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:27

But if you let that faith grow, by allowing it, access to the words of Allah, access to the Quran, if you allow it to reflect on the Quran, if you allow it to reflect on life without pushing without being pushy, allow it and look at this life as a sign. Look at the signs that Allah has put in everything for you in the Quran, in the instructions of the Prophet selects in them, in the creation, in every every interaction you have, every situation you go through, there is signs there are signs from Allah subhanaw taala. So if you approach this life with this observant, open attitude, that you want to see what the signs were allotment that is telling you through all his

00:26:27 --> 00:26:37

creation, this man is just going to grow, it will grow, you need to pay more attention to your heart. That's all. That's all we need to do. But when we turn it into a technical thing,

00:26:39 --> 00:27:00

it makes it hard we start we take the we take the Koran, we take Islam, to satisfy our ego, I want to compete with you because I want to prove them better than you. So I'm gonna do more Sullivan you because I'm better than you. sola wasn't designed for this. That's gonna take you away from Allah away from your heart. That's not the right kind of competition.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:13

I'm gonna memorize more than you why because I'm better than you, I'm going to prove them better than you. I'm going to do it through the Koran. That's not why the Quran was revealed.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:23

That's gonna block you from your heart. But when you open the Quran and read and recite and see what Allah is telling you, that's when the Quran is gonna Awaken your heart.

00:27:24 --> 00:28:06

So we need to stop being pushy, and stop being more receptive, be more open to Allah subhanaw taala then we will start to see the justice of Allah and everything, not only in the Hereafter, but even in this life, you will see that whatever and that's my last point. Whatever Allah brings about in this life, or whatever Allah causes to happen, new life is just a law doesn't do it justice. While every mirrabooka law does not do injustice at all, everything that goes through, yes, some people might commit injustice, and their act is unjust towards you, it's oppression. But a law allows it to happen allows the creator of everything and Allah sees that and the law is allowing it to happen

00:28:06 --> 00:28:18

because Allah has wisdom behind it and the law is just in all of this law does not commit injustice. So when you believe in this injustice, you stop trying to interfere in what Allah subhanaw taala designs

00:28:20 --> 00:28:55

you have no with a slim and the rebar acceptance and belief and satisfaction and contentment in whatever Allah subhanaw taala allows time because you know Allah is in control, you know, Ally's making things go according to his means and the means and to up to the balance that Allah subhanaw taala has created to keep this stability within his creation. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes to His justice and to open our eyes to his wisdom in all our affairs. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us paradise. Aloma Philomena will mean that we will see me No one's come at

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me normal watch Alabama, Alabama, Florida no bueno so often a few emelina with a bit of demand on sadhana told me Catherine allama felina will you add now William under home Hakuna Elena, Allah moto was unable automatic a la he mean a lahmacun Salafi nominal mommy and equally McCann alarmist in almost all the Home Alarm family him Dino Mahima and Allah homecomings kameena equally McCann alarm macwilliams domina equally McCann allama mucha Mirage josephy Hello Patrick Duffy Alma sciatic, so cannot be cannibalism as a foreigner salmonella mousseline well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali was audio Salim just a reminder as well that inshallah for Ramadan as

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we have in the stars and anyone who has an intention shall La Jolla come forward, push the brothers in the office and shall la buku days

This Jumuah talk was delivered at the Abu Huraira Center on April 28, 2017.

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