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Sarah Sultan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of standing up for what's right in Islam, even in the face of obstacles like injuries or failure to achieve goals. They also mention the motivation behind Islam, which is a process of shallow purification and finding one's way to achieve what is right. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding hesitation and the need to be humble in order to succeed.
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So one of the things that makes it boy my slump so special is the fact that when Allah told him to do something he did it. He didn't ask questions. There was no hesitation if Carla who Rabu Aslam call it Islam to me when his Lord says to him submit, he says, I submit to the Lord of the Worlds. And in the case of Ibrahim alayhi salam, it's not just that he's submitting in regards to religious commands and things of that sort, but he's submitting to Allah subhanaw taala when he is being detached from some of the things that every human being seeks in life. And when you're reading his story, even in the Quran, in his journey, it's like every time he gets to a certain place where it

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seems like things are settling down, there's another twist. And all of that, as the scholars say about Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam is so that Allah subhanho wa taala, would clear his heart to be only for him, that the heart of this prophet of Allah the Sadiq, this truthful person, would be only for Allah subhanho Its ad, and everything else is cast into that perspective. The firt one of the first stories that we know about Ibrahim Ali Salaam is how he stood up for the truth, how he spoke the truth, and he wasn't worried about anybody, when it comes to the story about the idols, when it came to like standing up to his father,

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who was not worried about the consequences, you know, he spoke the truth. So you know, it's a lie. So, in order to become the friend of Allah, you know, he did start his journey by something very simple by standing up for what's right, by standing up for what's the truth, in every single moment that he's in no matter like, how painful it is for him, or how eminent it looks, or what it might really seem to be the end, he's still so conscious that, alas, Ryan data is the one who I'm seeking help from, and it's it. And that's just so powerful to me, you know, the obstacle is the way the obstacle to something is to lean in, and push through that.

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And to learn and to embrace that so others can see how to maneuver and push through an obstacle, with the faithful Allah and the guidance of Allah to get you where you need to be. Sometimes you're gonna, you know, I'm doing all of this, you know, I'm trying to be a good Muslim, but still bad things happen to you. And I mean, this was the friend of Allah, and he went through all this, that should

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give us hope that, you know, just because you're going through something doesn't mean, you know, something's wrong with you. It's basically just a process of a shallow purification. Just seeing that love that He has just constantly from that young age to his very old age, when there's other tests that he's put through. Zoo. I think it's really, really motivating. really inspirational. I think the key that you mentioned is willingly and that's also part of the Islam, that submission is not a submission that comes begrudgingly. It's with trust and with love. And there is no hesitation even the various if kala who Rabu Islam, when his Lord tells him submit it's not shuck Allah or well

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call it's called Islam to rob the enemy. I submit, oh Allah. I will put it forward if you're benefiting from this content, and please make sure to click subscribe and make sure that you turn on your notifications

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