Ahmad Saleem – Quranic Character 002 – Different Ideologies

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding character and HELOC in the face of culture and the moral compass in Christian faith. They also touch on the history and effects of Islam, including its impact on society and its use in the APAC regions. The speakers provide examples of books and encourage listeners to download them, and discuss the use of hedaya in the Arabic language and its potential impact on the environment. The segment also touches on the use of pronouns in English to describe people and the potential for confusion when faced with negative language.
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Ernie Slappy?

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is waiting okay, I'm just waiting for the signal from Brother

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hillberg

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rubbish Raha Lisa three were silly Emery workflow looked at her Melissa Annie of Coco Lee Robina. Zina alemannia carrying

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last time

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voice is very loud.

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Can you guys hear the echo?

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Yeah, maybe

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it'd be my scarf

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Splenda, smell similar. All right, with Smilla. So inshallah last time we talked about what and character and we gave a pretty introduction and we said that there were certain verses from the Quran that lay the foundation for us to be able to actually understand the importance of character and HELOC in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. And we also talked about examples from the life of Prophet sallallahu Sallam and how they play. Now, today's discussion is more on the element of understanding

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characteristics. And what are the different schools of thought when it comes to how does InDesign develop hope? So, if you look at the world today, there are many, many schools of thought the two primary ones is one, they believe that you cannot change the whole look of an answer. So you are born with the body and you're born with a rule and that is a constant.

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And whatever set of features that car got that human being got, you are stuck with that.

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And there is no change that can ever happen.

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And the only way you can change or you can bring that change, if the change does occur, then that change is a change of a temporary nature, just like water that is cold and when it is brought with fire, it will boil but when the fire is gone, the change is gone.

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And that is why the western societies and the Western philosophy is developed heavily on

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Bonnin rules, principles and enforcement of those rules. And the self regulation it is understood that the rules must exist for a certain normative behavior or behavior to prevail through a society.

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So what happens when in the absence of rule,

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in the absence of when electricity, electricity is gone? What happens in downtown usually

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chaos, people go break glasses, you know why? Because the entire society was developed. And the premise on which they have built this western world is that

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there has to be a rule. As long as the rule works,

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then it really doesn't matter. As long as you've got the fire underneath the water, people will conform it, we are not in the business of changing the whole of the character there. We're not in that business. We don't need to do any of that. People will automatically conform to the rules, we are not of this opinion that people can ever change.

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This leads to a lot of problems. This leads to the problems that you and I are facing today.

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Because it's the rules then start determining what is right and wrong.

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And when the rule changes,

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you're left with no moral conscious or choice except to conform that to that rule.

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When the rule says like in Canada and Ontario, and the rule says that

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if the person across the identify as a cat

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or a dog, you must accept.

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So right now what is happening in public schools is a lot of you are probably not aware of this, but maybe some of the younger ones are they have this furry fandom world this

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world where this entire, you know, you know, they're called furries. You guys know this? To get you guys laughing? What is it that would have called for if?

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Yeah, so I went to a public school in Canada when I arrived there, I saw a guy dressed like a dog, he's got a tail, he's got fangs. And then when you call him Jacob, he's like, whoa, whoa, he responds, the teachers are forced as part of this type of philosophy to conform to the rule that you must call upon this person the way he seems fit for himself.

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we had and this is this is coming down here guys like this is you guys are only like five to seven years behind.

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This is still far like it's far fetched for people to believe. But that has already happened in California, it has already happened in New York, it has already happened. Like Missouri, Minnesota, it has already happened in all these states. So it is north and it's going to come down south.

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The other part about this philosophy that that is really scary

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is that there is no moral compass.

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It's the collective knifes of the people, or whoever has money and power decides what can be right and wrong.

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And we saw that in the mass killing of the Jewish people by Hitler

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were they're not people that were living in Germany that were there were people living in Germany.

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And they were completely okay with the killing of all of these 3 million 6 million Jews.

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Absolutely, they felt nothing wrong with it.

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Because they followed. That's what the rule and law says. Okay. So why is it important for us to study Quranic character because it gives us that moral compass that is disconnected

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from the rest of the world. Now, the the Christian fates, or the Jewish faith, or the Buddhists or the Hindus, or even to the extent you know, other not like religions, but their their religions, but they're really not known religions, and Islam, all of them are based on a moral compass.

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There are universal values, especially the monotheistic religions, right? If you add Judaism, Christianity and

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Islam and if you take the opinion of some of them have a zero, like even caffeine and stuff that even Zoroastrians are added to keytab like people who sun worshippers there are students because they existed, and they had a book but they the Hadith of the religion. So the question so if you add those four, there are people of the book, we have set rules and codes of what is right and wrong.

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So this second side of the equation, people they believe that people are susceptible to change, otherwise, the whole purpose of Prophethood has null and void. Why have prophets if people can change? Allah subhanaw taala send the prophets so that you know when the deviance has happened, that deviance can be brought back to the center of where Allah subhanaw taala wants that deviants you know, last month I don't want it back. Examples of that. Like if you look around us, you know, the soccer world knows this very well. The difference between Messi and Ronaldo what's the difference

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among your all of your kids probably know this.

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Well, sure. Messi won the World Cup. But like if you look at their styles, what's the difference between Ronaldo and Messi?

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Talent versus hard work.

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Okay, Messi talent. He has to put in the hard work but not as much as Ronaldo.

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Alright, Ronaldo, he had to put in a lot more hard work. Actually, Ronaldo, he has this routine. Where you know he has he follows this thing called a polyphasic sleep. Anybody knows about that? So he doesn't sleep. He has an ever since he's been playing professionally. He hasn't slept for eight hours straight ever.

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It's been 17 years he has not slept for eight hours.

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He only sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour gets the power nap. And then his he's he's got a mini day within a day. So he's got 12 Or I think seven days within 24 hours. He sleeps for an hour, goes to the gym and does a specific type of workout has a certain type of meal that goes back to sleep. Wakes up meal sleep wakes up meal sleep. This is how he lives. His life pre coming to the the tournament and the tournament

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He has a completely different set of routines. So, so much hard work and dedication. You have LeBron James Right. He's a 40 year old player, you know, they lost last night and they left. You know, they're no longer in the playoffs, but a 40 year old player, he spends around $1.5 million on his body every year

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just on his body.

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And he's like, this is the you know, why is that because it is hard work with with character with dedication, you look at around us, for example, examples of circus, you have these vicious, ferocious animals that have no apple.

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They don't have intellect like you and I. But with training and repetition, they can be trained to obey and they can be trained to, to conform to commands at the will of the trainer.

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So what about our own knifes? What about our own hole? It's the same thing. At the CRAR. You look at what you want to do, you repeat it enough times. If you repeat it enough times it becomes something which is called Malacca, it becomes something that you never have to think about it when you enter the masjid, you will automatically enter with the right foot when you leave the masjid you're automatically leave with the left foot. When you're putting on your when you're putting on your pants or your shallower you will know the sooner that you need to sit down and put them up you shouldn't be putting them on standing. But this becomes autopilot. You don't think about these

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Right? But then you have to start inculcating those habits and characteristics one thing at a time and do the crawl on them. Okay, the next part is, does the change happen? Does this environment have an effect on us? Or does the change happen from within and we affect the environment? Or do you guys think

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both ways, both ways. Both ways. So in sha Allah in our next halacha will will index you know, we'll talk about it that there are six verses in the Quran, total six verses that prove to us that the external also has an impact on us

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as well as the internal that is why the ayah that we said last time that in Allah Allah Yiruma be comin, Allah subhanaw taala does not change that which is in the comb. So whichever state that olm is in your external environment will not be changed HUD da until you're a year old, they change Mabi unfussy him until they change that which is from within. So change from within. And the environment outside supports the process of change within

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the next session inshallah that will do. I'll focus a little bit on habits and how the science of habit works, what we know from the science of habit today. Okay.

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There's lots of books that are.

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Sure, Inshallah, the science of habit is something very important because once we embark on different characteristics, we must know that how do I develop a habit? Right, and again, it's an entire science about it. There's lots of books that have been written on habits if you want to pick up you can pick up you know, various books that are written, the best one that is out there is called atomic habits.

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Atomic habits, if you have time, before our next Halacha, I would highly recommend that you pick up that book if you don't have time to read, at least download the audible audio file of that if you have Amazon Prime, you will be definitely able to download it for free or you might have to pay whatever 10 $12 Listen to the book at least two three times. Because atomic habit is basically the closest study that I have seen amongst many of the books that I've read on habits which will outline to us how the external environment as well as the internal so there are two inputs, the external input and how you design your external environment. Design and I use the word design to facilitate

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your hook and characteristics and how you focus on the internal how you focus on the internal inputs which would be from this halacha and the inspirations that we get from the ayat and Hadith the Prophet says the lambda stir the internal process of change began for Ramallah the Allah one. It is mentioned that he had a female servant

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that converted to Islam. Before Amara, the Allah and the Sierra books talk about it. What did he use to do with her?

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You should talk torture until when? How much would he torture?

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Until he would get tired, he would beat her up and

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Until, as a man he would get tired of beating her up.

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And then he would take a rest because he got tired of beating her up

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that same role model

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towards the end of his life.

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He would wake up in the middle of the night when he would be sleeping Rhodiola Juan, and he would like shiver and wake up. And they would ask him what happened. He said, I'm afraid that Allah subhanaw taala is going to ask me

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about a goat that is walking in the streets of Baghdad that Yama Why did you not pave the path for this goat? Because this goat got hurt?

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Because you did not pave the path

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or the donkey that fell in a well, because Jamar Lima dama Tobler, why did you not close the cover of the sewer? That same Omar turned from the one who used to beat her hurt his own servant until he got tired from this extreme to that extreme? How did that happen? internal environment, internal input and external input. The other example is the one that I gave him a few weeks back, which is a full day living area out where he got up on the member. He got up on the wall he was about to enter the house of this woman and he heard somebody recite the Quran that you know is it has the time not come

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for you on Dasha Apollo boom, Lady Karela that has the time not come for people that their hearts are tremble from the vicar of Allah. And he said an AR N and he did Toba and he became one of the the famous people in the science of Teskey. And Tessa Wolf is known as like when you read the two word the saints or who are these people who understood the knifes he went from being a cardiothoracic he used to be a bandit. He would like steal people kill people from there with one verse that triggered and that leaves me with this message for everyone. When we come to these gatherings Wallahi neither you nor me can guarantee ourselves hedaya

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None of us can guarantee that.

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I know a person. All of you guys are using this Quran apps. I know the person who would who wrote the code for it.

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He has left Islam.

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He used to live in my city.

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He is the guy who wrote the code for every single Quran app that is used. That's the main text source code source code that is used in Corpus Quran. He was the one who did it. spent nine years dedicated his entire nights

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for the sake of Allah to write that code. And now he has a YouTube channel where he promotes people leaving Islam.

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But don't ever we should never think that I come to the masjid and now Allah has you know, this hedaya this guidance of Allah has nothing to do with my Iboga or Yoruba. It is only the father of Allah and his his father and his Rama, that you and I are here.

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Likewise, it is only his father and his Rama that this verse you don't know like full they live in a world when we come to these gatherings which I will Allah allow to penetrate to the depths of your hearts and change your environment

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and can become the source of changing

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you know,

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the one who wrote the Arabic language

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code and the person who wrote the entire Arabic language grammar itself save Hawaii.

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Right save means what in Urdu? Apple, Hawaii means the scent of his name was saved Hawaii, the scent of an apple

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save Hawaii passed away and his students they saw save Hawaii in the dream.

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So obviously the student asked madda Allah Allah Who Vic? What did Allah subhanaw taala do with you? A student is concerned about his teacher.

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So save Hawaii responded, he says GoFAR Allah Who leads me as an OB, Allah has forgiven all my sins.

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Allah make us from those. Allah has forgiven all my sins. lumada what are what did you do? Like what Surah which I would say Quran which not what do you do? He said because of one sentence I wrote in my book.

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What is that sentence I'll explain to you. So in the Arabic language, there are dama there are pronouns. There are certain pronouns. For example,

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They're a third person second person first person in English we know that right? So there's Hua

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somebody's third person and TA I know okay so in terms of my differ in terms of knowing I know myself the most I'm ta if I'm doing second degree that is a second day so the highest degree of pronoun is Anna then the second degree is and third and a third degree is who are because why if you don't know who that person is, so same hallway that was the known fact throughout history, save who he comes in, he says that is wrong.

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Anna are not No, I Are we is not a full man if it's not the best highest degree of pronouns.

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Allah is the highest degree

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because Allah knows you better than yourself.

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So he said Allahu Ahad are full mirdif Allah is the highest degree of any pronouns. Because no pronoun can know anyone better than Allah subhanaw taala. Because of this statement, Allah subhanaw taala forgive all of his sins. So as we come to these gatherings come with this mind, that which you don't know which I which Hadith, which statement of whatever Allah gives us, though feet to say, May penetrate your heart and becomes a source of changing you and also come for the environment in sha Allah, Baraka lofi come as Saramonic uma rahmatullah wa barakato Subhanak Allama we have the eyeshadow La ilaha illa and stockwork Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy

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he was telling him to Seaman Kathira Allahumma it NOFO Sana Taqwa was Akira antihero. Manchaca Antonio Elmo Leia, O'Brien Amin, Allah who mostly Helena Flocka and Ira but I mean, Allah Who mustered enough luck and Ira but I mean, Allah muslim Elena luck on Ira but I mean, Allah Who myjalah Me again Allah whom I laminated my Deen Allah Houma in our local Hoda our top our lava our enemy, Allah Humann SORNA Allah Humann sadhana ilottery as Latina Arabella Alameen Allahumma nanoco Alpha Allahumma NanoDot Culatta Catalina V beta your Allah whom Allah year la Pana il after watch

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interviews Allah Allahu alayhi wa salam, WA sallahu wa Taala Anna Heidi healthy Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim the Seaman Kathira

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