Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-030D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 223

Taimiyyah Zubair
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The next is Nisa oakum Hello through Lacan fit to Hausa calm and now Schichten your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you to HERSA calm and now she tunes so come to your place of cultivation however you wish Nyssa Oh calm hello so Lacan what is health health is a place of sowing seed a place of cultivation okay, like for example, cultivating ground like a field or maybe in your backyard, you have a vegetable patch, okay. So that place of cultivation the place where you will plan to your vegetables, that is health and health it also applies to cultivation itself. So the harvest okay, that also is health here what is meant by how is the place of cultivation okay. And

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this is basically a euphemism, okay, where something has been said in an indirect way. And what is meant is that to help sakam And now sheikdom that come to your place of cultivation, however you wish, and this is basically where men are being instructed to only have * in the * and not in the back. Okay? Meaning this is another way of saying that * Texas something not permissible. Okay. So Nisa, oakum Haussler comfort to health and now Schichten and where it is said that come to your house, wherever you will, you will, this is talking about any position. Okay, so now, there's a couple of things over here. First of all, some people think this is very derogatory, Why are women

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called House a place of cultivation? Like I mentioned, this is a euphemism and basically, what is being said is that * should be in the place of fertility. Okay, the place from where a woman gets pregnant, okay? Not in the back. So Nyssa Openhouse Allah comfort to HERSA co ownership. This is the reason why the word house has been used because men are being directed to place off fertility, the place of pregnancy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a hadith we learned this hadith and a Buddha would that Malarone on men a camera photography duty that cursed is the person who comes to his woman in her double in her back in another Hadith in a Timothy we learned lions are

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Allahu Allah Rajan Uttara Jhulan away ma attend fifth double Allah who will not even look at a man who has annulled * with another man or a woman does a hadith and Timothy, so, this very act is forbidden, because it also leads to other sins right if a man will do this with his wife, he can do this now with another man. So it will lead to other sins. So this act is forbidden All right. And when it is said that come to your house, and now sheikhdom however you wish, however you wish means that the position and the time does not matter as long as it is in the place of fertility. Okay, meaning in the *. And there is a reason behind the revelation of this ayah there's a hadith

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there's a hadith and Timothy and that Anselmo de la noir inherited that the unsought okay of Medina, they were any you see in every culture that there are certain taboos, right. So in their culture because remember, the unsalted were from Medina and the Jews used to live in Medina, they used to think that there is only one position of having * where a man comes to his wife from her front, okay, meaning from above her, and the Jews would say that those who have * with their women from behind meaning that the position is such that he's facing her back, their child would be cross eyed. Okay, so when will had your own came to Medina, and they married the inside women, and the people

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off Macau were different in the way that they would have *. So some there was a woman of the inside who refused to allow her husband to have * with her in a different position. So she actually went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but she spoke to them Salah model de la hora and her and she asked her, and on selama asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on her behalf, and this idea was revealed. Okay, that Nisa oakum household Welcome to wholesale calm and now shito however you wish the position doesn't matter. And the prophets of Allah who already has an edit over there sui Mammon wa heathen as long as it is in one place. All right, meaning the *.

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That's the only rule otherwise the position does not matter. So, to have that come on now shito Jabil de la Horne who he

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also reported that the Jews would say that whoever goes into his wife's * from behind her than his children will be cross eyed. So this was a superstitious belief that they had in different cultures, people have different superstitious beliefs. All right. And sometimes these concepts these false beliefs come in because people don't know what the halal and what the Haram is, you know, we don't talk about these things we don't teach even, you know, subhanAllah people who are married don't know what is permissible, what is not permissible. And they stay in confusion. They don't have clarity on these matters. They don't know whether what they're doing is halal or not. They do some

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Google searches, some internet searches, and they're still not clear on many matters. We don't ask questions openly. We don't teach these matters openly. But you can see how the Companions would go to the Prophet sallallahu Ordo cinnamon inquire, right, this woman, she went to the Prophet sallallahu on Islam in order to ask whether, you know, certain * positions were permissible Subhanallah because, you know, she was not sure because in her culture, they were considered harmful. So we need to learn about these matters to house inertia. And inertia, Tom also means whenever right so the position does not matter, and the time does not matter. So basically, it does

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not matter what time of day, or night it is, because some people think that they can only be sexually intimate with their spouse in the night during the day not allowed, or they've just made this rule for themselves, and mash it on whenever you want. There is no fixed time, okay? You see the purpose of marriage, the purpose of Nika is to have sexual freedom with one spouse. Okay? And what this means is that the person does not need the permission of their spouse, in order to have * with them, of course, they should be aware of, you know, their state, their mood, you know, if they're willing at the time or not. But generally speaking, permission is not needed. But another

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thing I want you to realize is the use of the word helps, okay? How does if you're handling, you know, your harvest, your plants, your flowers, that you have grown, or your vegetable patch, whatever, you have to be very deliberate, very gentle, even with your plants, you cannot handle them roughly, you cannot be violent with plants, because if you're violent with plants, if you're negligent of them, you're not attentive, they will die. Right? And a lot of people will use for example, this part of the eye, and they will say that a man does not need to, you know, take permission from his wife, and so he can have * with her at any time. And so he can be rough and

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violent also. And there is no marital *, and things like that. And okay, yes, he does not need her permission, but it doesn't mean that he should be violent with her. Okay. It doesn't mean that he should not be attentive towards her emotional, her mental her physical state, and it does not mean that all day he ignores her. He threatens her, he emotionally abuses her. And then in the night, he goes in a has just enjoys her sexually. You know, once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that how can one of you beat his wife? How can one of you beat his wife? Like you beat your slave? And then at the end of the day, you have * with her? Any what kind of a person are you

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if you do this, so far to HERSA Come on now she don't. Okay. Yes, you don't need permission. And there is no you know, time which is forbidden, but that doesn't mean that a person is careless and that a person does not care about their spouse. All right. And then it is said what a demo Lee unfussy calm and put forth righteousness for yourselves. And put the Molly unfussy calm this is understood in a number of ways. First of all, it is said that a demo put forth any send ahead, any do something first. This is referring to foreplay. Okay. Any before engaging in sexual * with your wife engage in foreplay, because this is not supposed to be a one sided act, that one is

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just seeking pleasure for themselves, and the other is only facilitating that by participating in it. No, a man should ensure that his wife is also sexually satisfied. And that will only be if he engages in some kind of foreplay. All right. And secondly, Kadeem only unfussy calm. It has also been said that this means that before sexual * say what you are supposed to, and you do first, what you are supposed to and that is that you should

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seek refuge with Allah. In a hadith we learned this hadith in Sahih Bukhari that if anyone intends to have *, he should say Bismillah Allahu wa Januvia shaytaan what gender be shaitana models of Putana in the name of Allah or Allah keep us away from Shaytaan and keep shaitan away from what you have bestowed upon us. So, at that time also Bismillah take the name of Allah and ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from the harm of the evil of shaitan. Thirdly, a Denali unfussy calm also means send ahead for yourselves, meaning seek children, all right, when you engage in this act, and again, this is only possible with vaginal *, right? So seek children. Why so they are a sadaqa

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jariya for you, but the Mali unfussy calm. And also fourthly, it has been said continually unphysical meaning do good deeds, send those ahead for yourself, right. So do this in the right way, even when it comes to your sexual relations. Do them in the right way so that you are rewarded, right? And also focus on other good deeds, any for example, a person's focus shouldn't just be to, you know, spend their night in resting and you know, enjoying their spouse. Yes, that is permissible and that is perfectly fine. But it should not come at the cost of Fajr Salah or basically never praying tahajjud never waking up refrigerant time because by the time they wake up, you know, they

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have to take a shower and then they have to pray and there isn't enough time left cloudy, moody unphysical. Think about other good deeds as well. What the Pula And fear Allah, Allahu Akbar, fear Allah. This has been mentioned where in the context of matters related to sexual relations fear Allah fear Allah in the bedroom, Walsall in your most private matters also observed the fear of Allah. So do not engage in unlawful sexual activity. And part of this is that you also honor your spouse, and you give their hug as well. You see, if a person you know, for example, if a man neglects his wife, in the sense that he never helps her. He's never there to for example, look after

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the children or for example, he does not give her any money. Okay, if a man does not give his wife any money, people would tell him fear Allah because people can see that he is neglecting the right of his wife. Okay. But when it comes to her sexual, right, okay. People may not know about that, that she is being neglected. And sometimes sexual, right? Doesn't mean that he's not sleeping with her. No, sometimes it means that he is intimate with her, but he doesn't let her enjoy. He's only focused on his enjoyment where he finishes and turns over and goes to sleep and she is just stuck crying, wondering Is she ever going to be sexually satisfied with this man? So fear Allah regarding

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that? This is her Huck, you're not just concerned about your own sexual pleasure. Be concerned about her sexual pleasure as well. What the cola and why Allah mu and Nicola ko who know that you will meet him, you will meet him and Allah will question you regarding this. So Don't disobey Allah, even in this matter. Also fear Allah regarding the privacy of your spouse, okay? There is a Hadith in which we learned that the worst of people in position before Allah on the Day of Resurrection is the man who has * with his wife. And then he spreads her secrets as the fiddle, this is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim, he there are some people who will, you know, for example, without their

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spouse knowing, they will, for example, take their photos, even if they have their photos with their permission, they will use those photos as blackmail than that, I will spread this I will share this I will tell people about it. This is terrible. The worst of people in position before Allah on the Day of Judgment will be such a person who spreads the secrets in the private matters of their spouse. So because sometimes it happens that you know people are married and then their marriage begins to deteriorate, and then they use photos and things like that. These private matters as blackmail. So what the cola war Alemu a Nicola coup, you should know that one day you're going to

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meet Allah and Allah knows your most private affairs. Well, but she did meaning and give good news to the believers. Allahu Akbar. How can the ayah is ending like this well, but she didn't want mean and what does it even mean that give good news to the believers. What good news. Now, what good news. The good news itself has not been mentioned anytime.

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Some been said give them good news of paradise give them good news of reward that has been left unmentioned, because it's too great to be mentioned over here, okay? And when something is not specified, then you take a general meaning. So give them good news of what have good things, good rewards in this world and in the Hereafter, good news of rewards that they cannot even imagine. Okay, that is great. So well, but she didn't mean and give them good news. Why? Why is this mentioned over here, because you see, when it comes to sexual relations, a lot of people associate that with guilt or with sin, or with shame, that it's shameful. And it's as if they have done

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something wrong by being intimate with their spouse. So they're trying to hide that they try to pretend like it doesn't exist. And this is because of the different cultural taboos that we have, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam this was something so normal, okay, where people could be seen in the middle of the day, it was very obvious that they had just taken a bath, and water was still dripping from their hair, okay, or there was a part of their clothes that was wet, because only that part of the coats had been washed because there was discharged that had fallen over there. And there is in fact, Hadith, in which we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, you know how I shall do Longhorn, who would just wash that part of his garments that had become, you know, wet with sexual discharge, okay, and he would go to the masjid while wearing that garment, while it was still wet. So it was very obvious that he had been intimate. All right. Sometimes people could be seen, you know, with water dripping from their hair, meaning that they had just taken a shower, they had just washed themselves. So we associate this part of our lives with guilt and shame and almost, you know, as if it's something bad, no will change that mindset where she didn't mean, fulfilling sexual desire, in a lawful way, in a permissible way is not something

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wrong. Just as enjoying good food is not wrong. Okay? When you eat halal, you know, chicken, all right, that was prepared in a very fancy way. You don't feel bad about it. Right? You feel grateful for it. You don't feel ashamed? You don't feel guilty? No, you feel grateful you feel happy. So what does she mean? Enjoying sexual pleasure with your spouse? This is not something to be ashamed of something to feel guilty about. Know what should follow is gratitude towards Allah subhanaw taala. In a hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every does B is a sadaqa, meaning every time uses Subhanallah All right, you get the reward of sadaqa and every tick

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Veera meaning every time you say Allahu Akbar, you get the reward of sadaqa every time either every time you say Alhamdulillah, you get the reward of sadaqa every Leela every time you say La Ilaha illa Allah you get the reward of sadaqa. He said commanding, the good is a sadaqa, forbidding an evil is a sadaqa. And then he said, Well, if he bouldery, a hottie come sadaqa meaning in the sexual act of each one of you there is a sadaqa when you engage in sexual activity, there is reward. So the Sahaba were surprised they said, yellow suit Allah, any do we get rewarded for fulfilling our Shaohua fulfilling our sexual desire? How could there be reward in that? And the Prophet sallallahu

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already said and replied, that do not see that if a person were to act upon their desire in an unlawful manner, then they would deserve punishment? Would they be punished if they fulfilled their sexual desire in a haram way? In a sinful way? Yes, there is punishment. So this means that if a person fulfills their sexual desire in a lawful way, in a permissible way that there is reward well, but she didn't want me mean, there is no guilt in this. There's a reward in this if you do it the right way. And this is why it's important that a person learns about what is permissible, what is not permissible. And again, I asked you if there's any question that you have regarding this matter,

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feel free to ask if you want to send it separately privately. Feel free to do that in an email also, through your group in charge, feel free to ask questions. Inshallah. A question regarding * if that is how long there is a very good video by Chef Yasir qadhi addressing this question in detail any there is a difference of opinion among the Aloma, the majority understand that this is something forbidden, all right. And the reason being that

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At this would mean that a person does not need their spouse than right? They don't need their spouse and then their spouse will be neglected and what that means is that now, they need something for arousal and this is where it leads to more sin, you know, looking at things which are impermissible, perhaps, you know, listening to things which are impermissible and things like that. So, definitely the majority believes that this is something forbidden. Okay, can a woman engage in sexual activity when she's menstruating? Good question. Yes, the only thing that is forbidden is sexual * in the * and otherwise, like we learned in these verses, * * is also something forbidden.

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So that means that any other way is permissible. Okay. When it comes to oral *, again, there is a difference of opinion among the ultimate because the mouth is supposed to be a place of you know, dignity, but there is one thing should be known that there is no clear prohibition. So basically, is people's preferences, right. So in any other way, it is permissible to engage in sexual activity while she is menstruating and using the hands whatever, for both the husband and the wife

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if the period has ended, okay, meaning the bleeding has stopped. She can only engage in vaginal * after she has taken a horse Okay, not before the hosel all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Walla

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Mila don't call your

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shooting at you

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while you're very keen I

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mean no one

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should think you

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while along the way, I do

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know you're on TV evening while

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was Luna county Mahi.

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Mahi really want to double

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up on

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that either

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Law in the law he or she would

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boot up on very

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to have a

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tomb, watch the movie.

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was shooting meaning

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