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The transcript describes a series of conversations and examples on religion and culture, including "naught" and "naughty." The speakers discuss the meaning of "ham weren't" and "we'll be", as well as the proper pronunciation of words used in Arabic. They also touch on the hindiers of Islam, including false accusations and hesitation, and briefly mention a law and woman named Hope. The conversation ends with references to a law and a woman named Hope.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim rubbish. Rocklea Saudi were silly Emery, Washington rock data Melissa Annie of coho poli Allahumma Hadeel Kolbe was sadly Sani was lots of humor the Kolbe Amenia rabbil aalameen Lesson number 29. So little Bacara versus 215 to 220. Let's do the translation first. Yes, Ilona aka they ask you Mother, what is that Yun feel cone they should spend all you say man whatever and * don't you all spend men of hiring good fellow ally Dany then for the two parents well, a Caribbean and the closest relatives Walia tama and the orphans

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well Messiah keen and the persons in need webbing is Sybil and the traveler wama and whatever the for our Lu you all do men of hiding good for inner then indeed Allahu Allah be of it are Limon is ever knowing. Good diva it was decreed R la come upon you all l kita. Lu the fighting wha hoo well while it called Han is something hateful lecan to you all were Assa and it may be and that the CRO who you all hate che and a thing Wah hoo Wah while it Hi Ron is good luck home for you all what are sir and it may be on that to hit boo you are love che and a thing we're Hua while it Sharon is bad luck home for you all. Well Allah Who and Allah Ya Allah mo he knows what untung and you all learn

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not Darla moon you all know? Yes Aluna can they ask you on about Ushahidi the month and Haram the Sacred theta Lin fighting fee in it all you say theta loon fighting fee in it can be Iran is ever great or is an ever great sin was solid dune but hindrance on from severely way Allah He of Allah will call throne and disbelief be he in him while Masjid Al haram and from the sacred mosque or if Raju and expulsion Lee of its people men who from it Akbar who is greater are in the in the sight of Allah he of Allah. So in the in the sight of Allah He Allah will fitna to and the trial of religious persecution or caboodle is greater men then ultimately the killing wala and not yessuh Luna they

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will cease to yukata Luna come fight you all had that until you do come they turn you all around away from Dini comb your religion in if it's the thought who they were able woman and whoever Yota didn't he turns back men come among you all earn from Dini he his religion failure mode then he dies well who well while he carefully rune is one who disbelieves for hola Iike then those habitats are MaryLu home their deeds became worthless fee in a dunya the world will akhira and the hereafter what hola Erica and those of us who are companions a natty of the fire Holden de fie her in it Holly dune will be ones who remain eternally in the indeed a Lavina those who am a no they have believed well

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Latina and those who had Euro They emigrated what Jaha do and they strove fi in severely way Allah He of Allah. Allah Iike dos yo Juna they expect Rohit Mata mercy Allah He of Allah will Allah Who and Allah La food on is ever forgiving Rahim en Ever Merciful? Yes Ilona can they ask you about a hamari the wine will may say it and the gambling coil you say FEMA in them too is one is a sin Kabira don't ever great woman I fear will and benefits lunacy for the people what is more humor and sin in them to Akbar who is greater men than Neferet humor benefit in them to weigh us alone occur and they ask you mother what is that you and for your corner they should spend all you say allow for

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the surplus Gallica thus you may you know Allahu Allah makes clear locum for you all and I add the verses Lauren Macomb so that you all that the * karoun You all reflect fee in regard to a dunya the world will ask era and the hereafter why us alone occur and they ask you I'm a

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out Alia Tamar the orphans all you say is LA home reformation LA home for them clay urine is better we're in and if to Holly to whom you all mix with them for a while no calm then they are your brothers. Will Allah Who and Allah yar Allah mo he knows almost said the one who causes corruption. Men from a Muslim, the one who reforms wallow and if SHA Allahu Allah willed, let our Netta con surely he would have caused distress to you all in Allaha indeed Allah RZ zone is ever Almighty Hakeem one ever wise. All right, let's go over the word analysis. So inshallah now I'm going to do the word analysis slightly differently. I'm just going to give you the root letters, the singulars

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and very little explanation and then inshallah the rest of the explanation will come along with it of seed. All right, inshallah. So Bismillah R Rahman Rahim yes Aluna can they ask you this is from the root letters seen Hamza lamb from the word su l. So, L is to question to ask so yes Aluna they ask and Commons you so they ask you meaning the Companions as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man that man means what? And that means that okay, and you see that in their liquor as well hair there, right. So that means that so Mother What is that Yun Falcone? They should spend Yun Falcone This is from the root letters known for cough and in fact is to spend and you may have

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noticed that the word NIFA which is hypocrisy is also from the same root. So what's the connection? You see a monastic a hypocrite, what does he do he enters into the religion and then he exits. And if you remember, I mentioned to you that basically this word is from the word Neff o'clock which is used for a desert rodent, right? Which makes its burrow in such a way that it has multiple exits. So it appears to go in and you know hide in its burrow. So whatever animal is trying to catch it follows it from that hole, but then it has its emergency exits, right so it exits from there. So the concept of or the words that are related to this route, have this idea of exiting leaving, right so

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in fact when you spend what's the idea over here that the money you have is not sitting with you it's leaving it's going somewhere Alright, it's not meant to stay with you. So they ask you what is that which they should spend call you say this is from calf while lamb kala your Kulu to say so called you say meow whatever and * don't you all spend the same route as unicorn men Hayden off good now over here for hiding you can also add another meaning wealth okay, because the word height also means wealth and shallow we'll talk about that more intimacy. So, whatever you spend of good or whatever you spend of wealth, then you should spend it on who for a little while Hidemi first then

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Li Li means four right? So it should be four meaning you should give to Wiley Dane from the root letters well lamb than well other is to beget to have a child and well it is one who begins and the word validation is dual, it means to parents and the singular of this is where lid okay? So while it is one who begins now, technically the word while it is used for the father only right? And when you add a term or Buddha at the end, then it means mother. So while it and while either. So in Arabic, this is done typically that when a plural is made out of a singular, then only one word is chosen. All right, even though this is a combination of wireless and WELEDA. Okay, like for example, when

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you're talking about the sun and the moon, okay, the sun and the moon. So in Arabic, the sun is called shrimps. Right? And the moon is called karma. When you're referring to both of them, you say karma rain. Okay, karma rain in the two moons. While technically the sun is not the moon. Okay, but it just so happens that you choose one of the words and you make a duel or you make a plural out of it. And it applies to the pair. Okay, so here while today in the two parents that doesn't mean two fathers it means the mother and the father. All right. So spend on who on both parents will a Caribbean and the closest relatives. Now

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A Caribbean is the plural of the word of Korab okay and this is from the root letters of Ra Bal core means closeness all right and up Rob is the one who is closest to you. Okay, a crop is the one who is closest. So Accra bien plural of that, meaning those who are closest. Now, this is not people who are closest to you in terms of friendship or in terms of proximity, like your neighbors or your friends or your co workers, no, this is talking about the people who are closest to you in terms of relationship. So those relatives which are closest to you, all right, so beginning from the nuclear family and then extending on to the extended family. So a Colombian closest relatives spend on them.

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Willie uttama and the orphans plural of the word year team. All right. And well Messiah keen persons in need floral of the word Miskin he uttama is from year to meme and Moroccan is from seen calf noon, webinars Seville and the traveler. Now in Miss Seville even literally means son, okay, any child not su n but S O n, okay, even and a Seville means the road. So literally Ignace Seville means son of the road. Now what does it mean by that son of the road? How could someone be the child of the highway? Okay. In Arabic, this is a way of you know, referring to someone. Okay. So for example, when someone is on the road for a very long time, you would say they're the son of the road. Okay.

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Not because the road gave birth to them, but because they're on the road for a very long time. Okay, they're constantly attached to it, they're on the road. Okay, so you may have heard of the name a bull Arla, a bull Arla, you may have heard of this name, there is no discussion among the scholars whether such a name is permissible or not. But that's a different discussion here I'm talking about just the name of will Arla a will Arla literally means father of the highest one. Okay. Now stuff with Allah Yanni. When you look at it, literally the name is very wrong. Any How could someone be the father of Allah or xojo Stuff it Allah you need? This is shook. Right? But this name is not to

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be understood in its literal sense. All right, it's not to be understood in its literal sense. What is meant is someone who is very close to Allah, someone who is very devoted to Allah. Okay. And there are other expressions like that in the Arabic language as well, where someone is called the father of something or the mother of something. If you think about how in the Quran it has mentioned, for OMO who how are we then that person, his mother will be how we are and what is how we are how we are is Jahannam so how could Jahannam be the mother of someone while because they will be constantly in jahannam? All right, good example of whoo hoo, Raela. Good example. Herrera is what

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the cat the little kitten, now a boo Hooray Ronald de la Horne who was not literally the father of a kitten. Why was he called a boo boo Lyra because he had a kitten that was always with him. Okay, so here Ibnu Sabine, literally son of the road, it means the traveler Okay, so when you're translating this you're not gonna say son of the road you're gonna say and the traveler okay well not the far lumen Hayden warmer and whatever tough Are you you all do for Brian lamb Farrell to do whatever you do men of hiring good. Meaning any good deed you do for in the Lucha be here I leave that indeed Allah of it of what of the hate that you do. He is Arlene ever knowing meaning yes full knowledge

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about it. Alright lamb mean katiba It was decreed our lay come upon you what was decreed upon your LP Talu the fighting now katiba is from calf ta ba Kitab is book Kitab is writing so could you by literally means it was written. Now this doesn't mean that it was literally written on you on your body. No. what is meant is that Allah has decreed this on you. He has obligated this on you. He has commanded you to do this commanded you to do what Al Qaeda do the fighting, meaning to participate in war. Okay, so this is something that Allah has obligated on you. While while while it while what while fighting is

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Something that is called Hola calm it is something hateful to you. Okay kulula Calm it is something hateful to you meaning you don't like it. You hate it. Now the word Quran from calf ra ha okay care for her girl and Cora both are used for something that a person does not like to do, okay for something that a person is unhappy with for something that a person does not desire. So it is something hateful to you, you do not like it. We're Assa and it may be an Takara who that you all hate same route Kathrada che and a thing well who are while it Jairo. Lacan is good for you, meaning it's possible that you dislike something but in reality, it is good for you what I saw and it may be

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unto Hibou che and that you love something her bah bah who to love? Well, hello, I shall rule a comb while it is bad for you. So who knows what is really good for you? What is bad for you? Well, Allahu Yarlung and Allah knows what antem Latta Allah moon and you all do not know. Right? Lam me meaning Allah knows what is good for you. What is bad for you? Yes, Aluna can they ask you I'm about a Shudehill Haram the Sacred month, a shahada, the month al Haram the Sacred. Now generally when we hear the word haram we think haram Haram as in what is forbidden, right? What we are not allowed to do. Now, when something is haram, what does it mean you don't go close to it, you don't do it, you

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don't indulge in it. So the word haram in the Arabic language also applies to something sacred, meaning something that has to be respected, it should not be violated, meaning it sanctity should not be violated. So uh, shall haram, the sacred month is the month in which fighting is prohibited. So you're not allowed to fight in the sacred month, you're not allowed to engage in any kind of warfare in these months. Okay, so their sacred not forbidden but sacred. So they ask you about the sacred month what about the sacred month Peterlin fee fighting in it all you say little on fee fighting in it is Kabir. It is very big Cubby. It is from calf, that rock. So it is very great,

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great in terms of sin and great in terms of seriousness. So it's a serious violation. It's a serious offense in the sight of Allah, however, was Sugden what means and, but it gives meaning of but over here, so Sedona and Seville in LA, salud hindrance from the way of Allah. Another word salad is from the root letters sloughed that dal and sada is to hinder someone from going somewhere from doing something. How by putting obstacles for them by actively stopping them. And so it can be in different ways. It can be, you know, done actively, and also passively. So actively stopping someone like literally telling them don't do this, and passively, any indirect ways. You hinder them, okay?

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You know, for example, when your child comes to you, and says, May I please, you know, go here or watch this or do that, and you don't want them to do it? What do you tell them? Go ask your dad. Right? Go ask your mom. So you're indirectly saying no. Okay? So there are ways of stopping people from something directly and indirectly and Sud includes both. So we'll start to answer vilella hindrance from the way of Allah and the way of Allah means the religion of Allah. were cut from Biggie and disbelief in him. In who in Allah so He this pronoun is referring to Allah azza wa jal. So first of all, sudden hindering people. Secondly, Cofer any disbelieving in Allah, and then while

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Masjid Al haram, and the Sacred Mosque now I want you to notice something over here. What is when Masjid Al haram connected to is it connected to cover disbelieving in Allah and the Sacred Mosque? No, it's not connected to cover. How do we know that? We have to look at the Halacha at the end of the word. Okay, so here you have a customer comfort has Bama. All right, so go back subby Lilla Seville INLA okay. So it is connected to what Seville Illa meaning hindrance from the way of Allah and hindrance from Masjid Al haram.

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So, stopping people from the way of Allah and also stopping people from the Masjid Al haram. So, not letting them go to Masjid Al haram, not letting them worship Allah subhanaw taala over there. And then what is Raju, a holy human who? And expulsion of its people from it now again look at the word ikura ju dama. This is connected with what? Ko freuen? Okay, so, stopping people from the way of Allah disbelieving in Allah and expelling its people from it, expelling who's people from where he the pronoun here is referring to the Masjid Al haram, the Sacred Mosque, meaning expelling people from the vicinity of the sacred mosque and what is that area? It is Makkah. Right. So expelling

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people from Makkah. So what's happening over here? There's mainly three crimes that are mentioned over here. Okay, what are these three crimes? First of all, hindering people from what a the way of Allah B must do haram? This believing in Allah that's a second crime and the third crime expelling people from their home, okay, displacing people. So, these three crimes are what they are a co borrower in the law they are greater in the sight of Allah. So one is Cubby. It is great meaning fighting in the sacred month is a serious sin. But these sins these three sins that are mentioned here, they are a kebab grater, they are worse in the sight of Allah. When fitna tool and the trial

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of religious persecution and by the way, if Raj is from the letters Hall, Jean, so while fitna tufa to noon fitna is trial. And here what is meant is trial off religious persecution meaning putting people in hardship because of their religion, opposing them making their life difficult, torturing them, etc. Why because of their religion. So this kind of fitna is a caboodle mineral cuttle it is greater than killing okay, it is greater than killing because when there's betrayal when there is fighting in the sacred month, what does it mean someone was killed, okay. So that is wrong, but these crimes are greater than killing while ASR Luna and they will not cease to use Luna is from ze

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well learn. They as in the Mushrikeen they will not see stooping they will continue to you Katerina come fight you had that until you do can they turn you all on Dini come from your religion, you will do from raw dal dal Radha to turn back. So they will continue to fight you until they make you turn back from your religion meaning their goal is to fight you until you leave your religion in esta Faro if they were able, okay, meaning if they could do that, this is what they would do. And in his tutorial is from tall. Well, I mean, is the torah is to have the ability to do something, you can also write another meaning over here, not okay. Meaning they will continue to fight you until they

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will turn you back from your religion. But in his Citaro they were not able to do that. They will never be able to do that. Well, my Yota did and whoever turns back here did is from raw that that same route as Euro dokkan. So whoever turns back men come from you on Dini from his religion, fire mode, then he dies meme while ta mode will who are careful while he is a disbeliever. So he dies in a state of disbelief una Iike Have you thought about maloom that those are people whose deeds have become worthless, have you thought is from her thought and our man is the plural of the word Armen. Okay, so their deeds have become worthless and what is the meaning of habitat in travel we'll talk

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about that in seat so their deeds have become worthless fit dunya will occur in the world and the hereafter so in the world, their deeds are invalid and in the Hereafter, they will carry no reward. What law ICA endorsed us herbal na are Companions of the Fire Florida toward saw him homefree Holly dune they will abide there and they will remain there and eternally. Florida the word Khalid in the Latina ama no indeed those people who believe when Medina hydro and those people who emigrated had euro is from her Jeem raw hedgerows to leave Hedra to leave the place that a person is living in to go elsewhere. Or Jaha do and they strove to do

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Jeem have done Jihad from the same route. So this trophy Sabina Allah in the way of Allah, Allah Iike yo Juna Rahmatullah. Those are the ones who expect the Mercy of Allah your Juna is from raw Jeem while Allah Japp to expect to have hope in something so they're the ones who expect the Mercy of Allah Allahu Allah foldover Haman Allah is Forgiving and Merciful yes Aluna can they ask you I will humbly will mais it about the wine and gambling Hamid is from ha Meem wrong and Hamid is literally to cover something so common is wine because it covers the intellect while may sit and the gambling from user yeah seen raw user is is so Mason is money that you get through gambling because

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it's easy game called sci fi humor in them too. Meaning in both Homer and myself is two things. First is when cubby and ever great sin secondly woman fer alumnus and benefits for the people mafia is a plural of the word men Farah and men Farah is from Nefer known for rain Nefer is benefit. So my nephew benefits Linas for the people so common in mice that have both sin and benefits however what if Mohammed and sin in them to Houma This is dual in what two in hammer and Mason? The same is a kiboko Mina for EMA greater than their benefit. Where's Aluna camellia Yun feel cone and they ask you what is that which they should spend cool you say a lot of what the surplus are for is for

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marine for well okay and are for means that it extra what is more what is surplus? So spend that which is surplus meaning what you don't need for yourself Karateka does you buy in Allahu Allah makes clear bear Yeah, noon. Lacan for you I'll add the verses Why does he make them clear to you law Comdata for karoun So that you will reflect for Cao ra de facto to reflect what should you reflect on reflect fifth dunya will ask you in regard to the dunya and akhira, meaning reflect on the matters of your dunya and also reflect on the matters of the hereafter? Where's Aluna currently aterna And they ask you about the orphans floor love your team. All you say is La hula home played

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reformation for them is better Islam from solid lamb ha. And Islam is to set things right and also to improve them. So reformation for them for who for the orphans, meaning for the affairs of the orphans. That is later on that is better. We're in and if to Holly to whom you will mix with them to Holly Otto is from her lamb thought which is to mix all right. So if you mix your affairs with theirs, then for a while to come that is not wrong because they are your brothers when you come in one is the plural of the word

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is Brother one brothers. So it why not come your brothers meaning they are your brothers will not we are Nemo and Allah knows I'll move said the one who causes corruption for seen dal Meenal Muslim from the one who reforms solid lamp ha whoa sha Allah Who And if Allah will let our Netta calm surely he would have caused distress to You all our data is from the word that are not from mine known tab. If Allah wanted he would have caused distress to you all but he has not done so because he's merciful to you in the Lucha Aziz and Hakeem indeed Allah is Ever Almighty ever wise. I ins Isaiah is the root of our disease and her calf meme is the root of hacking. All right, let's listen

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to the recitation of these verses and then we will begin to proceed Bismillah yes

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