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Yasir Qadhi
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala he was like me he, as you marry in America today inshallah, we will finish the story of Abu Bakar also the flow the Allahu taala. And by the way, so we had the tragedy of this young boy, we had this tragedy as well, in our budget, somebody passed away. And today's lecture half of it deals with the death of a banker. So can you imagine like, you know, it was just not I was just not in the positive mood to Philly to my general job, but nonetheless, inshallah today we'll finish off with the stroke overcapacity. And we'll begin with a quick summary of the main battles, the main battles that laid

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the foundations for the conquest of Rome. now realize that the most important conquest of early Islam took place in the reign of

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these were the big battles that we're going to come to Sheldon a few weeks, but Abu Bakar so therefore the law, why do we laid the foundations and Allah xojo blessed him to begin the process? If he didn't begin the process? Roberto could not have gotten to the level that he did an abubaker study for the law one simultaneously aimed for both of the superpowers. I mean, frankly, it is so audacious, so brave, so courageous, some of the Sahaba even thought it was foolhardy. Remember when he was fighting the apostates right? Some of the Sahaba even said hold on, calm down. This is too much too fast. But Rebekah Sylvia's had that much tawakkol in Allah, that he took on both of the

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superpowers simultaneously, and the Muslim oma is brand new, they've just formed and he feels a low will help us against the both of them. So he launches a dual offensive, on the one hand against the sassanids, on the other hand, against the Byzantine Romans, right, a dual offensive simultaneously in the 12th year of the digital and he barely has 10 months left to live. And honestly if you sit back and think about it, it really is an act of tawakkol courage, an act of bravery that this newly formed literally baby oma, the oma is literally two years a year and a half old, and I will bucket acidic rhodiola one who has that audacity, I'm going to take on both of these superpowers. And so

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we'll begin with one of them and that is the assassin is the move away to the Romans and then talk about the death of a worker so do a lot a lot one, that after the Wars of ryda, after the Wars of the against Musa Al kozub, one of the tribal chieftains who lived in the area what is now behind? His name was Mr. sadhana. ignat Hadassah, and within Abdel hadiza, he had converted to Islam, and he launched an offensive into the sasanid. region. This was not commanded by Abu Bakar, Robbie alone. Rather, this was his own initiative, that he's going to launch an offensive into some of the sassanid towns and the sassanid towns are in what is now Iraq, because Iraq and Iran were basically

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one large sassanid Empire. And so he launched his offensive into Iraq, and he came back successful. And he made his way to Medina and he gave the percentage so the rules were that a certain percentage goes to the oma and the oma then this is the oma then uses it for what it needs to use it. This is one of the sources of income for the oma. And so he made his way to Medina, and he reported the success of what he had done promptly abubaker. So they made him in charge of that region, and said, Now you're gonna officially engage with the sassanid Empire. So he flipped it around immediately. And he said, From now on, you're gonna go in deeper and engage with this acid Empire, and he said, I

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will send hotheadedness in your direction as well with aid and with help, and Khalid was in Central. niched Khalid was in central Arabia or sorry, upper Arabia, battling with Salem was a number that comes out from your mama. And your mama is in basically what we now call nudge, which is like above the reality area. And so from reality to the beheading area is relatively closer, much closer half the distance is done. So, a worker said they sent a letter to harden into a lead and said, go immediately to and within a minute hadn't had joined forces with him and the both of you attack, the Persians attack the sassanid Empire, and he said, Do not take

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any of

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The apostates who reconverted back to Islam

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and emotet who may Toba? No, we can't trust these guys. Don't take a single one of them. And because realize they had all made Toba, obviously, they have no reason. They're new Muslims again. And Obama has said, No, we're not going to take any of them. And he also said, don't take anybody who doesn't want to go. This is a voluntary expedition. I'm not commanding every soldier to go. Whereas the masala al cadets expedition was mandatory, you had to go. Now this is a dangerous assignment. And you have to now go much more than you had initially enlisted. And so we're not going to say df made it a voluntary assignment. Nonetheless, the bulk of those who were there, they continued onwards,

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and therefore, in moharram, of the 12th year of the hedgerow Muharram of the 12th year of the hijra, Harley Davidson Waleed left yamamah with around 10,000 men, and he made his way to and within a parallel haritha. And then within that had cobbled together from the various tribes over there, another 678 1000. So at max 18,000, people decided to take on one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, one of the most powerful civilizations of the world, and that is the Persian sassanid Empire. 18,000 is what compared to hundreds of 1000s of troops compared to a civilization whose glory went back seven centuries. I mean, if you think again of the the the the the audacity if you

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think again of the the dynamics involved, while he is truly mind boggling, and it will walk us through the set to harder than Waleed that I want you to conquer the primary city in that region of what is now Iraq. It wasn't called iraq by then of now what is called Iraq. And the primary city of that region, which is the stepping stone into the assassin Empire was called a hero, and hero, now a hero, most of you here would not have heard of it. But all of you know, of the city that was built because of a hero. pause here, what am I talking about? Fast forward. So I'm a little caught up in his khilafah decided that we were not going to allow Muslims to settle in concrete cities, because

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they will then be corrupted by what

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money, they'll be corrupted by the wealth, they'll be corrupted by. So Muslims would camp outside the city, they're going to build mini encampments. And the Muslims will rule from outside the city, because the inhabitants will remain where they are. Now we're fast forwarding, this isn't what we're going to do. This is I'm going to call top. And one of the earliest cities that was built was built outside of a hero. Now what happened was, these small cities have Muslims who are controlling the city, what's going to happen, more and more people migrate to that city, and the city grows, grows, grows, until it envelopes the Old City until the New City eclipses. The Old City. And this happened

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across the Muslim world. I'll call him what is called Hera. There was the city of false thoughts. And they went and they made a little city of pothead outside of it, until finally alcohol becomes was another third largest city in the world or something like that. Right. So here are the city that they built was called or they called it Kufa.

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Kufa. So Kufa was the city that envelope a hero.

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But a hero was the civilization of the city before Kufa came onto the scene. So we will go to so the access to harden, really concentrate on a hero, and you're going to capture the hero. And so these 18,000 men, they ended up attacking the sassanid Empire, and a series of battles took place, we're not going to go into each one of them. This is where as I said, in my disclaimer a few weeks ago, we will not to go into the level of detail we did for the Sierra, this is a whole different class about every battle has a chart and whatnot. I mean, this is I think I would lose you and it wouldn't be that much interest, just overall. The main thing we should know is around four or five battles took

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place. Perhaps the most significant of them was called that to sell us in that to sell acid. And this is also the name of an expedition in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And when I said that when I said this should not be confused with the data selection of holidaylender will lead and now we get to this that to sell acid of holiday annuity that to sell us It means the Battle of the change. Why was it called the Battle of the chains because the Persians the sassanids. One of their tactics was that they'd have the soldiers linked by chains, their soldiers linked by chains, and imagine you have 50,000 soldiers linked by chains. You're talking about a formidable Arsenal

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with this sort of tactic or weaponry tactic that the Persians use was very successful.

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Because they had stronger equipment stronger, better train men, and now you have these solid chains. And initially, it seemed as if that would work against the Muslims. Long story short, basically, there was a change in weather. And Allah Subhana without, of course blessed, of course, from our perspective of karma took place, and the entire system of chains turned against the Persians. And that actually ended up acting like a barrier for them to flee and run. And so the Muslim has managed to inflict a massive blow on the Persians. And this caused the Persians to basically be slaughtered, or taken prisoner and mass as well, other mini battles took place, the Battle of Amazon, the Battle

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of Jolla, and others. And the main point is eventually hotly debated when he makes his way to the city of an era. And he surrounds them. And he gives them the three conditions that we are all familiar with the first condition except Islam, you'll be with us, we'll be with you, we become one, the second condition gives us jizya. And you'll be as you are, and we'll let you be, and we will basically protect you and rule over you. And the third condition, you don't agree with either of these two will go to war. And remember that you are fighting a group who loves death more than you love life. This is what he said to them. And the people have it here, readily agreed to pay the

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jizya and accepted the terms of jizya. Now, why would people readily agree to pay the jizya. So

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you have to realize that back in the day, this whole concept of loyalty to your your nation, or your civilization was not that big of a deal, people swapped all the time. And what they really wanted was security. And what they really wanted, which is what all human beings always want is low taxes, okay? So when the Persians were over taxing them, and not really giving them that much in return. So a lot of these cities were more than willing to go with the jizya, because the Jews, you're actually represented much less taxes, then the Persians had on them. And in return, they were promised, as you know, freedom of religion, they were promised military protection, and they were allowed to

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judge their own affairs. See, the Islamic system was very different and unique. You have your own judges don't get us involved. You have your disputes, you have your own laws that you have, we're allowing you your own laws. Now, eventually, as those civilizations converted to Islam, obviously, Islam became a part and parcel Islamic law. But right in the beginning, they were told your business, you take charge of your Municipal Affairs, and you give us the jizya. And even the Muslims weren't even allowed to live inside the city. So imagine the freedom that they had, that their conquerors are not even mixing with them. There you go ahead and your daily life and we have our

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cities outside. So in fact, the people have hailed enthusiastically accepted the jizya. And of course, as I mentioned, was a two weeks ago about some of the wisdoms of of jihad. Remember, one of the things we said was what? To spread Islam, and this is exactly what happened, that when Islamic civilization was shown to them when they interacted with the Muslims, slowly but surely, what happened to Kufa? It's an entirely Muslim city now, right? Where are the people who were the Zoroastrians? I don't think there any of the restaurants anymore left in Kufa, even though it was conquered. It was a city of Zoroastrians, a city of Jews, a city of Christians, they're all gone

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now, slowly, but surely, those conversions took place. So the result of all of these battles to be in a nutshell, before we move on to to Syria, the result of these battles in the reign of Abu Bakar, in the reign of Abu Bakar, a study called the law one, the entire lens of what is now basically called there at all, the entire lens of Iraq were conquered, but the big prize is not going to come now that's going to come in the time of or might have not caught up. And that is the capital of the sassanids. The capital of the sassanids. Of course, is

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is what? No, no, no, no, no, no.

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telefone Yes, muda in very good. The Arabs called it medallion in English was called test sifan. And medallion is basically outside of to Helen, modern Teheran, like an, I don't know, half an hour's drive or something like that. But the the city of medallion, or telefone, is the capital. And as I mentioned many times, it is one of the wonders of the world to this day, you have these massive beams that just seem to just come out of nowhere, and they go all the way up into the, and the structures of the palaces, they're still there to this day. Now that's going to come in the reign of remember, we'll hop, the conquering of actual kiesler and whatnot that will come in the reign of

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convertible hardtop, and that's going to come in a few years, but now the foundation is laid, and that is the conquering of Iraq. And by the way, and I've said this before, and I'll say it again, that to this day, the destruction of the sassanid Empire remains one of the most intriguing historical

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anomalies of that time.

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Historians, academics to this day are scratching their heads trying to figure out how could this have happened? How could a civilization that was, at that time more powerful than the Romans even because remember Alif Lam Meem holy battle room, the Romans have been defeated. And this was the same Emperor's that Allah is talking about heraclius on the one side, right? And kisser on the other the same Emperor's and Allah says holy battle room, the Romans have been defeated. And Allah says, Don't worry, tides are going to change. Not only did the tides change, this sassanid civilization cease to exist, something the Romans could not do for 300 years. For 300 years, the Romans and the

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Persians are at each other's throats. And these are both as we know, superpowers, empires, these are people that have at least a million soldiers on each side. These are civilizations that make their own weapons, the Arabs did not make their weapons, they imported them, they bought them, right. These civilizations had their own weapons, their own techniques of war, the Arabs didn't have any of that. How could a group of 12,000 poorly equipped under armed malnourished in some cases, right, without any training together, because even these are groups that don't have one training, different tactics of war. And to this day, as I said, and I was just reading up today on this as well, that

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there are so many theories how this could have happened. And the predominant theory is that there was a combination of factors that just coincidentally, all came together. Now some of those factors might be very true. So they talked about that there was internal problems within the royal family. So that's why there wasn't that much support when things were happening. They talked about a surgeon general who became who became power hungry, and he didn't want to help another general who needed the help, for example, but of course, from our perspective, this is what this is Allah subhanho wa Taala using the ASVAB was available as Bob, right. I mean, how else do you think a miracle is gonna

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happen? You're gonna find just like with the Oh 700 we talked about in the days of Medina where he said, Allah gifted the Prophet system with their civil war, or else they would never have called him from Mecca. Right? Remember, back in the day, we talked about these theories? Really, one wonders, I mean, what is more logical and reasonable that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted in his lifetime? That as he told my letter up a low will tear his kingdom up?

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He predicted in his lifetime, that this is kisser Ah, and there is no case right after him. He said in his own lifetime. There will not be another kisser after this one. What a prediction to make of a civilization that goes back 700 years. Amazing prediction. And that's exactly what happened. And as I said, this is one of the weirdest anomalies of medieval history that is impossible to rationally explain. And as I said, you can read this up yourself. And there are theories stilted as they're being propagated, and especially when you look at 12,000 people, that's it, coming out of Arabia, and they destroy within the span of four or five years. A civilization that goes back, as I said,

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indicates this was the first blow, and it was the most important one to open the door. Things are going to pause in sassanid empires until our mobile hotspot, but in our bunkers rain, what happened? What is now iraq comes under Islamic rule. Now, Khalid was gonna go on, he wanted to move on to testify intimidating, but he got a letter from a vocalist.

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And that was, oh, how did we need your help in Sham?

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We need your help in Syria. They're desperate for needs. And the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire has thrown all their forces against our army. And so as soon as you get this letter, you have hero hamdulillah put somebody in charge now go and help the Muslims in a sham and it is just amazing. How did it what he's like a yo yo, between the Romans and the Persians back and forth. Now the yo yo bulldozer or the yo yo bulldozer, right? One destruction there another destruction here, then he's gonna go back and destroy that again, just truly safer la hilma School literally as the process that I'm said the unsheathed sort of a law. And these are again, legacies in histories you just read

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about and it's difficult to believe it actually happened. But then as I said, these are well known histories. Even the non Muslims acknowledged that the Arabs had these amazing the Muslims had these amazing successes. So let's now go back a few months and talk about Syria. Okay, because we talked about it at all. Now, let's go back to again, well, how long have the 12th year these took three, four months in Syria. Now let's go back to the Mahabharat of the 12th year and talk about Syria, Syria. Of course beloved, the Sham had been under

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Roman rule for probably around six centuries by now, more than six centuries, okay, Syria had been under Roman rule for more than six centuries, the Persians had come in a few times, but overall, it was a bastion of Roman dominance. And again, beloved, the Sham Jerusalem. These all go back to again, think of Jesus Christ and under the Romans, so the Romans are literally This is their main one of their main territories. It's not their capital, but it was considered to be one of their economic capitals, in fact, the economic capital, because Syria basically falls under the trade road road. Okay, so it was one of their most important economic centers, and it was the first land that

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Abacus sent an army towards and when Santa was not planned. The first land that a worker sent an army towards was not Iraq that came after what the first was Syria.

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And why was it Syria? Why was his eyes on the prize?

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Because the prophet SAW Selim

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had sent Osama battle have to book because Jerusalem is better than most others because it is the third holy, because it is out there Lottie Baraka

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because he knew this is what the process of would want. So Syria was on his mind from day one, and literally at the death of Musa Anima. As soon as that issue is resolved, the next thing he does is he sends forth an army from Medina, up to Syria. So the army of Iraq was not sent from Medina. The army of Iraq was Khalid going up, and then within that, who lived in that region anyway, okay. The army of Syria was composed of most of the Sahaba from Medina. This was a Walker's main target to send up north to Syria. And he followed the exact same route to the book, deja vu there is a reason why to book took place. We talked about that when he said the book, and one of the main reasons was

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this, that the process is showing a bucket. So it was from a book that the armies were launched against Syria, it was from the very place that the process that had basically gone up till from the book, what that the armies against the Syrian, the Roman Empire were launched. And therefore avocados the set forth, if you like in motion, a series of events that would eventually and this is really I started with airlock because now we want to concentrate on Syria. Otherwise Koroma chronologically this comes first, this expedition that will walk us through the accent to the book marks the beginning of Islamic conquests. This one at the end of the 11th year, the beginning of the

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12th year, this expedition that he's sending a group of Sahaba

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is in this group. And he is in Abu sufian. Not us even Maui is even abusive and who's the uncle of using it? Right not the use either of the oma years. This is the xid who is the older brother of malware. Okay. He has EDB sofian Shura Media Center, and aborto VEDA Alameda Majora and many of the other Sahaba. They are the ones in this contingent and this unit. And

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this is considered to be the beginning of Islamic conquests.

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And this was the first domino of what was to eventually become the largest civilization in the history of humanity that was sustained and continued for a good period of time. Perhaps Alexander the Great conquered larger territories than his Muslims did. But how long did that last? As soon as he died? Colossus finished the largest

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contingent, contiguous land mass that was controlled by any one civilization was that of the early Islamic khilafah. The late oma Yes, and then especially in the time of the Ibis, it's literally from North Africa and under lucea, right, all the way up until parts of China. That's the spectrum of the Philippines. The first domino was this expedition. So it's very historic, that this is where it begins. And this is also in this jihad in this offensive jihad. And yes, as we said last time, this is clearly offensive. The Romans did not present a threat to Medina, the Romans were not attacking but the inner, they couldn't care less about Medina, but the Muslims definitely presented a threat

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to the Romans. And this was the famous expedition where Abu Bakar so they gave his beautiful hotel bar or summary which all of us have read, which we have, you know, seen quoted so many times. This was this is especially significant in light of the fact that

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That this is the first jihad. In fact, this is the first legitimate offensive jihad. And this is the advice of the first halifa to the first group of Mujahideen. Right and this is a famous holdover and it translates as,

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be gentle on yourself and on your army. Do not be harsh with your men or your officers and consult them in all of your affairs. So he's advising I forgot to mention who is the Amir aborto VEDA animatable Jarrah. The Amir is Abu Zubaydah and Abner gerat, one of the greatest of the Sahaba. And when we get to eventually the lives of the Sahaba he will have an entire halaqa dedicated to him. He is definitely one of the most famous of all obey the aventura is one of the most famous of the Sahaba known for his bravery, his courage. He's participated in so many of us awards, and he is put in charge of the Roman expedition. And he tells our boveda Amidon JIRA that be just avoid evil and

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tyranny and realize that no nation that is unjust ever prospers. And no group that does loom ever has victory over its enemies. This is very important in light of all of these jihadist movements and ISIS and whatnot. Every single line contradicts what these guys are doing. Literally every single line contradicts the methodology of this modern movement. What is a bunker say, don't do volume, because Allah will never cause the volume to win over the the enemy, when you meet the enemy, do not turn your back and flee for whoever does so earns the wrath of a law unless he is running to another strategic point. Okay, so this is organic ayah that don't turn your back and run away. That this is

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a part of the process of said when you meet the enemy, stand firm, where you are. And when you have one victory over your enemies, do not kill their women or their children

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do not kill their elderly, and do not slaughter even their animals. Unless you do so to eat them. It means us who you have to eat, then slaughter the animals, otherwise, their property, their lands, don't harm them for no reason. Don't do that for no reason. And never break any promises you have made with your concrete people, whatever you promise them, you have to live up to those conditions, right? Because once you promise then you become in power who's gonna, who's gonna judge against you? Or because the deal tells them any conditions you place you had better live up to those conditions. And he says to them, you will come across the people who are hermits in their monasteries, they

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worship Allah subhana wa Tada. They believe that they have given everything up for Allah, let them be and do not destroy their places of worship. Look at how contrast now what's happening right now as we speak, right? places of worship are being destroyed, ancient civilizational ruins are being for no reason, just being gotten rid of contrast this with obaku. Okay, do not destroy their temples and leave their holy people alone. We don't agree with their theology, but why are you going to destroy them that's between them and alone. Let them be. So Boca Siddiq says do not kill any of their hermits. And he says you will meet other people who are worshipers of the cross many of the

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Christians and they are going to fight you. So for them, fight them back with your swords. So don't treat warriors like you're gonna treat hermits. When you meet the enemy and they want to kill you for who you are, fight them until they submit to Islam, or pay the jizya that's where fighting becomes legitimate, legitimate warriors who are going to fight you go and fight them until they accept one of the two and I entrust you with the care of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is the advice of a bucket. It's a very, of course the English ruins the entire beauty if you read it in Arabic. It's a very eloquent hopa that he gave that he gave while he was walking with a boy by

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Domino, Dora Aveda was on the the the animal and abubaker so Derek was walking and giving him this advice and I worried I felt embarrassed but he insisted and he gave him this beautiful hotel. And so about Aveda made his way to two,

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the city of Dubuque as we said, and from taboo Well, it wasn't a city back then back then it was just

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a well and a small encampment. It was basically not even a village. Now of course the book is an entire massive city. He made his way through the book and then a worker Sudhir had told them a tactic that break up into four groups from a book and each one will go a different path. Each one will go a different path and then

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meet up at the city of Basra. Not Basra, Basra and basura was basically right outside of Damascus. It was the

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it was the city upon which the Silk Road ends. So the Silk Road you all know the Silk Road. No.

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Hmm. The Chinese silk of the Silk Road, right. So the endpoint of the Silk Road is basically Basra. Okay, and that's Basra is outside of Damascus by an hour's drive. So it's basically in the vicinity of Damascus. So he wanted them to again, eventually get to Damascus, and then eventually get to, of course, the big prize. Jerusalem. Okay. So city by city. So the initial city was Basra. And so he said from a book divided into four, each one goes a slightly different path. And this was all our workers to Dick's tactics. And so I'm going to ask was sent through what is now fall asleep. What is now that landed Philistine is either w soufiane was sent directly to the side of Damascus should I

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believe the Hasina went through what is now Jordan and the bulk of our radiometer, Majora, he made his way straight through the city of what is a Misa, one of the ancient Roman cities, the city of Mesa. And he was, of course, the overall image of the Battle of war VEDA yBnL Jarrah, now, the Roman Emperor at the time is still heraclius, the same guy from the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it is sad, but to understood that he is not going to accept this attack.

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Why is it sad, because he knew Islam was true. Remember, because he accepted that the Prophet system was a prophet, but he's a politician at the end of the day, and he has to do what politicians do. And therefore heraclius sent his own blood brother, Theodore, to be the leader of the army to attack the Muslims to be the leader of the army to attack the Muslims. And this is where a series of battles took place where of obey the realize that we are going to be defeated, we need help, we need serious help. So he immediately sends a letter to a casa de Albuquerque, sends a letter to hardeeville Walid and says, Go meet up with Aveda, have an image Ah, and then move on to

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Basra and then move on to Damascus. This is when haunted shifts gears from Persia to the Roman Empire. And, again, a number of battles take place. But one of them one of the tactics that Khalid did was that when he was marching back to help the Muslims in Syria, he decided that he would avoid the main highways.

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And he would take a treacherous, dangerous path through a desert area that had no water whatsoever, no oases whatsoever. And if he were to do this, this would place him in a surprise tactical advantage over the Romans. And so with 10,000 men, he marched through an area of the desert. I wish I could show you that on the map. But in essence, basically, just like in the stories, or like the fairy tales, or whatnot, he marched through with his men, in a place where no man's land, nobody ever went there, because there's no water. And it is said that for towards the end of that journey, the Sahaba ran out of water completely. And for two days, they did not have a single drop to drink.

00:33:33 --> 00:34:15

But they continued marching without water. This was at the very end of that journey. When they ran out of water for two days. They have nothing to do no no water, excuse me. And they marched through the blistering heat until finally they reached the oasis. And when they got there, he completely surprised the Roman flank. completely unexpected. How could 10,000 men come from that area, and it was there, along with the forces of aborto beta that in jumada oola of the 13th year of the hijra, the most important battle in the khilafah workers to do takes place. This battle is the most important battle. It is the Battle of agenda during the Battle of Arjuna. Dane and the Battle of

00:34:15 --> 00:34:44

edge Nadine is the largest battle that has ever taken place as of yet, between the Romans and the Muslims. Numbers are difficult to come by Muslims, the Muslim historians they have a tendency to obviously this is human nature, nothing wrong with that you always do that, to exaggerate the enemy side. And so we have in the Islamic books 80 90,000 people on the Roman side and maybe you know 10 15,000 at max on the Muslim side.

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

Most likely it was not at 90,000 people, most likely it was maybe 30,000 or something of this nature on the Roman side and on the Muslim side, maybe 10 maximum 13,000 from the Muslim side. But nonetheless, this battle is signal

00:35:00 --> 00:35:58

because it represents the first serious battle between the Romans and the Muslims. And it was a resounding success. Especially with the coming of Hadith and the reinforcements, it was a success of a astronomical level. And this success, it weakened the defense of the Romans, and also their morale. And it allowed the Muslims to then march on to Damascus demisch. And therefore, in jumada, of the 13th year of the higit, all the Muslims surrounded that fortress of Roman pride and prestige, a city that goes back 6000 years in human history. According to some people, Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited piece of land in the world today. According to some theories, it is one of

00:35:58 --> 00:36:43

the oldest civilizations that still people are living on that same place. And so he surrounded Damascus in jumada of the 13th year of the hedgerow and began a siege you couldn't fight Damascus Damascus had too big of a wall the fortress or the the the city's defense was simply too much you just had to siege you just had to cut off the supplies and wait. And that's what Paladin what he did. And again, for reasons that are difficult to understand why did the Romans send reinforcements Why didn't other things happen? These are questions that are very difficult to have solid answers to from our perspective. Obviously the answer is Allah zoid is helping them okay and especially realize

00:36:43 --> 00:37:24

the the Emperor's brother is in charge. Like it's not as if his blood brother is the one in charge Theodore, he's the one in Damascus surrounded by the the the Muslims for whatever reason, a lot of course Gianni has his wisdom and and that is the ultimate reason they were not able to the Romans were not able to break the siege. And so they decided they have no choice but to surrender. They have no choice but to surrender. And they asked for some conditions of them was that the soldiers be allowed to leave without being harmed and etc etc. and harder than Waleed gave them all of their conditions he all the conditions were basically given to them. And of course, that the the churches

00:37:24 --> 00:38:09

be left what obviously the standard conditions we would have given that anyway to them. So they demand that these things, and they got all of those conditions. The one sad fact was that Abu Bakar so do did not live to see this victory, because he passed away in the final days of the siege of Damascus. So bunkers to deal with did not hear the good news. He simply heard the news of Damascus being surrounded. But Allah will that and of course all of this is as well. Bashara is the type of like premonition of the good that's going to happen that in his lifetime, the most prestigious city of civilization at the time. Perhaps after Constantinople, maybe I should be honest, your constant

00:38:09 --> 00:38:39

trouble. Of course, Frank, Constantinople probably is the more prestigious but still after that Damascus definitely. So one of the most important bastions of civilization within a year and a half after the death of the Prophet so seldom the Muslims are surrounding it. And this bodes well for the future of Islam. It's an amazing display of strength of optimism. And so therefore, the loved one who passed away, and the news of his death reached the Sahaba when they conquered the city.

00:38:40 --> 00:39:08

So we woke up so they did not hear of that conquering, and, of course, the next the biggest battle of all would take place. Very soon after that is the Battle of Yarmouk the Battle of your MOOC, and of course, very shortly after the biggest victory of all, and that is Jerusalem, but that will happen in the hill of memorable hubbub. Not enough for us to do. Okay, so we're already getting to the issue of the death of a vocoder. So the

00:39:09 --> 00:39:58

in jumada era of 13 Ah, because your mother oola is when the siege began, it lasted for two that's how long it lasted. One month, it lasted for one month, the siege of Damascus lasted for a little bit more than a month. So from jumada oola, up until Juma destiny of the 13th year of the digital was the siege in jumada, a family of 13 Ah, a robot got us a deal fell sick. And the sickness only got worse and worse. And it was wintertime, and the fever made him even like burning hot and whatnot. And he became so sick he felt that this is now my death is close by. He felt that I'm going to die. Now he had never been the sick in his life. And he realized or he had this premonition that

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

this is my model.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

This is the sickness of my death. And he called a group of the Sahaba. And he said to them, that I feel I I think that I will be leaving you soon. And this illness will be my final illness. And so the covenant that you have over me, shall be returned back onto you, meaning this treaty of the hereafter that I have with you, though, that the treaty, but the burden that I have will be lifted back and thrown back at you, okay, we have this, this relationship, when I die, is going to be thrown back at you, and the pack that we have will be dissolved. And

00:40:39 --> 00:41:24

I think it is best if I choose somebody for you, so that you don't differ amongst yourselves. So abubaker sudip himself thought of the idea. You know what, rather than wondering who's going to take over? I think it's best. So who do you advise I should choose? And he invited a small group of Sahaba and they all said, we trust your judgment? Yeah. hollyford Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Of course, I had said his title was Khalifa todo su de la. He was not called ameerul momineen. Everybody should know this simple fact of history. When oma mahato became the halifa. They first said yeah, halifa to Holly Fatah. rasulillah that oh halifa of the halifa of the prophets of

00:41:24 --> 00:41:51

Assam. And Bob said, if we start this trend, then we're going to have a very long line halifa to hollyford Holly for the hora de la and so let's just change this and say the leader of the believers Amit on what meaning that shall be the way you address the ruler. So Baccarat is called Khalifa todo Sula. So they said, Yeah, halifa de rasulillah. Whoever you choose, we will be happy with we trust your judgment. And you decide. So he said that let me think and let me

00:41:53 --> 00:42:03

choose who is best for the religion and who is best for Allah subhana wa tada and his religion and his servants. And for the next few days, he was sick for more than two weeks.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:20

For the next few days, he began to invite individuals into his chamber of sicknesses, a bed chamber that he's about to pass away in. And he specifically asked each and every one of them about rumble hop. In other words, he's already made up his mind.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:39

He has nobody suggested to him or he already had a lot in mind. And he was the one asking, and he invited Adorama live now, one of the 10 I showed on mobile shuttle. And he asked him, What do you think of a mobile hotspot? Tell me and I've done a lot of now, demurred. He was shy, he said, You know better than I do over

00:42:40 --> 00:43:16

and over close the deal said, I insist you have to tell me your opinion, about omotola. hotdog. And he responded, I wouldn't want him to have responded. Well, la he I think that he is even better than what you think of him. I think he's even better than what you think of him. And so he then invited earthman had been a fan, the same hesitancy you know, best or Holly for the jugular? Why are you asking me he insists I need to know your opinion. And it's my job now fun said will lie he my knowledge of Him is that his private life is better than his public life.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:33

And that there is no one like him from amongst us. This is my opinion about him. That in private, he's better than he is in public. And there's no one like him amongst us. And I will book a sector of mine when I found your hammock Allah may Allah have mercy on you, Earth man.

00:43:34 --> 00:43:39

If I were to have skipped over him, I would not have gone beyond you.

00:43:41 --> 00:44:18

And this is already showing that earthman is already in the minds of the other sahab that, you know, if it weren't for Omar, you would be the person I would choose. And of course, that's exactly what happened as well. And he invited other Sahaba as well he invited who say they've never leave. And we say to her, they as well praised him and said I know nothing of him, except that he is the best of all law servants, and that you will not find anybody better than him to take over after you. And on and on and on. He invited sidedness as one of the 10 I should overshadow anybody who was alive from the 10 you will get invited all of the Sahaba that he trusted got invited, he invited the leaders of

00:44:18 --> 00:44:51

the unsought as well and got their opinion about hot tub. And all of them unanimously agreed, but one Sahabi expressed one reservation and that is Pearl Harbor obey the law, who is also one of the great Mahajan, one of the elite of the Sahaba front had been obey the law. He said that Yeah, halifa todo su de la. What will you say tomorrow in front of a law. If a law asks you why you placed the one who was so strict and harsh over the affairs of the Muslims.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

In other words, what he brought up was not a flaw of honesty, a flaw of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

It was basically a character issue that

00:45:03 --> 00:45:04

issue I should say. And that is

00:45:05 --> 00:45:52

Omar is very strict and harsh. So I will work with us to do he said to his servants and family, sit me up from the bed, sit me up, this is a big thing I need to respond. So they sat him up. And he said, to call her, that, do you bring me fear by asking me to think of a law in other words, and to homophony be law means you are bringing the name of a law and saying, I have to answer to a law on the Day of Judgment, then let me tell you what, I think that if a law were to ask me, then I shall respond or law, I place the best of them, over them in charge of them. In other words, he is saying my conscience is clear that I will respond in front of Allah subhana wa Taala, that, oh, Allah, I

00:45:52 --> 00:46:36

chose the best of them. And I could not think of anybody better than him to choose. And somehow what this shows us is that you're never going to have 100% agreement about any tactic. I mean, this is our bucket. This is not that Todd has objected to Omar as a person, but we all know, but how is correct and what he is saying that you know, what, there is an issue, you need to think about, that this particular person you're putting in charge has a reputation for being very harsh and strict. And I'm worried that he is basically saying that this is not going to be it might bring some issues. Okay. So you're never going to gain unanimous consensus, even when aboubaker suggests a role model,

00:46:36 --> 00:46:55

there's going to be a little bit of of whispering, nonetheless, you have to go with what is best and what not. And Todd have been obey the law. And by the way, oh, workers. So they also said to Tom, he said that his harshness is an overcompensation of my gentleness.

00:46:56 --> 00:46:57

Meaning what, who can explain this?

00:47:03 --> 00:47:35

While abubaker is califa, I am being so gentle. So he is counter balancing my softness, I'm too soft, and I know it. And so what you presume? No, this is amazing. He's defending Omar, basically, he's defending his absence. And he's saying, you know, he's not that harsh. He's overcompensating for my softness. That's what he's telling about how even obey the law. And so when I will work under the law one asked all of the,

00:47:36 --> 00:48:19

the the leaders of the Sahaba, and pretty much there's you're not even taught how we cannot say he disagreed. We simply say he's pointing out one issue, and he got his answer. Okay. So it is true to say that Rama block Bob was appointed without a vote of dissent, all positive, unanimous consensus that a worker so the choosing of Omar was unanimous amongst the Sahaba, the Mahajan, and the unsought and so when this consensus was reached, he then called Komodo to hop into his room, and he informed him because he didn't call him out until I mean, he's asked everybody else obviously is not going to ask for more, you know, until the decision has been made. Once the decision is made, he

00:48:19 --> 00:49:10

then tells me that I have chosen you to be my successor, and Omar Of course, objects. And he says, I cannot do this, choose somebody else. And I will back then basically, pressures him threatens him cajoles him until finally, our modem the hot dog is pressure to accept the data. And of course, this is exactly what we expect from a genuine leader. No leader embraces becoming a leader, every leader is has every genuine leader is hesitant, because a genuine leader recognizes how difficult it is to be a leader. And he has to be pressured and forced. And this is in accordance with our profit system. The Hadith is a Muslim, Elissa Budo Abba de la cubanelle, Mr. Abu Dhabi, do not seek to be

00:49:10 --> 00:49:34

the leader. Because if you seek to be the leader, then the people will leave you and alone will leave you rather let the people come to you and ask you to be their leader, then in that case, if you want except the leadership, okay. So the Islamic principle is that you do not show eagerness to be a leader, not even show you should not be eager to be a leader.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:59

It should not be something you desire. But if the people think you are the best, then praise taharah and then put your trust in Allah in one Hadith or process that said, if the people come to you, then Allah will be on your site. So when the people choose you, then that is a different thing. And this is what happened over and above that unanimously. He was chosen to be the halifa after Abu Bakar

00:50:00 --> 00:50:51

So do so now once this decision has been made, I will then dictated a document that was meant to be read to all of the people in all of the cities. And a portion of that document is that I have, and it begins with praising a law and remind them to fear law. Then he says, I have appointed Bob, after me as your leader. So you must hear and obey, and realize that I did not spare any efforts. Nor did I prefer myself or my interest in this decision, meaning, I thought long and hard about this decision. And I didn't choose my friends, and my sons and my interest, I thought of the decision of the oma. So if he rules justly, well, this is what I assume of him, this is my opinion of him. And

00:50:51 --> 00:51:37

if he does Other than that, then that is his sin, and his responsibility, and I couldn't know in my life. In other words, he is basically giving you a blank, if you like, check of if you like, I have nothing to do with sin. I know that him He is a good man. And if he is good to you, this was my presumption of him. Suppose he were to change. I can't predict the future. And Allah knows the future. And I couldn't have predicted this in my life. So again, to the very end, we see the we see the the the humility of avocados to do and the concern and care that he has. And it is also mentioned that during these last few days, he wanted to himself make this announcement. So he

00:51:37 --> 00:52:19

managed to come to the masjid in his illness, and address the people from the member and tell them of his decision. And He then asked the Sahaba, that, are you content? Are you happy with this decision? For Wallahi? I thought as much as I could. And I did not choose anybody who's near to me, no relative of mine. Now remember that obika are not related at all. They're like, seventh eighth cousins. But the totally different tribes. Okay, there's absolutely no direct, of course, they're both policy. But there's no I mean, oh, but God has sons, or worker has first cousins, or what God has plenty of people in his own sub tribe. But he is telling the people, I didn't choose somebody

00:52:19 --> 00:52:59

from my own tribe, I chose somebody whom I thought was the best. And they said, We hear and we obey, we agree to your decision. And we hear and we obey, and he placed with money, but I find as the coordinator as the one who will take charge and, and make sure that what I'm gonna have Bob basically has a smooth transition. And in this is a premonition that you're going to be next. Okay, so Earth might have an advantage as a supervisor, that you know, this transition is going to be smooth, you will make the announcements, you're going to make sure everybody gives the baotou aroma. And so in appointing or thumbin, one could say, there is an indirect suggestion, and of course, it

00:52:59 --> 00:53:18

will play a natural role. It's not that I would walk up with the idea. Everybody had this idea, that Earth man is fit for the hereafter. And that's exactly what happened after the time of Rome would have been a hot topic. And therefore, the people gave the oath of allegiance to Omar, while Abu Bakar was still alive.

00:53:20 --> 00:53:26

While Obama was still alive under the supervision of this man, and why did Obama do this? He Himself said so

00:53:28 --> 00:53:29

to avoid

00:53:30 --> 00:54:16

the llanos well gave the oath there was no there was no hesitancy there's nothing narrated in our books at all about under the law, one having any type of opposition. So why did he do this because we said because he didn't want any activity taking place. And it is also narrated in Abner Jones's books refer to software that avocadoes gives advice to bla bla bla bla, he gave some advice to Bob. And he said to me a little hottub that Omar, always fear Allah subhanho wa Taala always have the taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. And realize that Allah is old worship at night, that cannot be given during the day. And Allah is old worship a day that cannot be given during the night is a beautiful

00:54:16 --> 00:54:55

phrase, beautiful phrase. In other words, you have to do certain things at night that you cannot do during the day. And of course, the references 200 and you have to do things during the day that cannot be done during the night. And the reference here is to take care of the affairs of the oma. So don't procrastinate be busy. Be proactive, worship Allah, and do what you need to do as a servant of Allah. And remember that Allah will not accept a knuffel until the father would have been done. Meaning look at your priorities. Don't jump to something that's enough and until you do your priorities, and remember that when a law has mentioned the people of genda, he mentions their good

00:54:55 --> 00:54:59

deeds and overlooks their bad deeds. So when you read

00:55:00 --> 00:55:49

about them, when you read the people of genda, then have some hope that you will not be of those whose these have been overlooked. And when he mentioned the people of jahannam, Allah mentioned their bad deeds, and he rejected their good deeds. So when you read about them, then be scared just in case you might be amongst them. And always be between fear and hope. In other words, never think that you're a man of gender. And never think that you're safe from help. Always have that hope and that fear. Always balance those two emotions out. Be humble enough that you want Jenna, but you're scared you're not going to get there. And you're hopeful you're not going to go to jahannam. But

00:55:49 --> 00:56:31

you're scared you might go there. Right. So this is beautiful advice to Bob from Abu Bakr Siddiq. As we said, I worked at a studio, his fever lasted for two full weeks, or actually 15 days. And then the last of those days, he could not leave his house, and he was resigned to his bed and ergonomic hotdog took over the leading of the prayer. And it is narrated that especially with money, but are fun. So if man and Obama were very close friends, and of course their personalities are also very, you know, shy and whatnot. They were very close friends with my widow who visited him the most in his last days. And it is narrated that once earthman said that when his fever got very bad, he said,

00:56:31 --> 00:56:46

shouldn't I call the healer, the Toby for you, right? And our banker said, the one who heals already has seen my situation, meaning he's not talking about the doctor, right? The one who heals has already seen my situation has already given me the verdict.

00:56:48 --> 00:57:33

And it's already a done deal. And he has said that he does as he pleases EFI Luma. You read he quoted the Quran. Allah does. Of course, what he's saying is I don't need a doctor. It's too late. I know this is the end. Okay, so the one who heals has already seen me. And he's already decided he's going to take me away. There's no need to call the doctor. And during his last days, he said to Arusha. rhodiola, Juan hasty he said to her? Well, one of the things he said, he said, You are the most beloved of my family to me, you're the most beloved of my family to me. And also he said to her, that look at my wealth, calculate my wealth now and see, what do I have now that I didn't have

00:57:33 --> 00:57:37

when I became the halifa. And get rid of that.

00:57:38 --> 00:57:51

In other words, when I entered the office, what have I gained? I don't that's not something that is inheritable, it must be given away, and handed over to Omar the next Khalifa.

00:57:52 --> 00:58:37

So I should calculate it. And lo and behold, he had one more servant, and one more camel than when he entered office. Think about that. Like that's the extent of the, quote, unquote, wealth that he gained. One more Campbell, and one more servant. So he said, this should be sent to Roma, when I die, I should leave this dunya with the same amount that I came into this office, the office is not going to benefit to me. And when he passed away, the the Campbell and the servant was given to Omar with the message that our workers so they said, this is surplus that I didn't have it when I came in, so I don't deserve it does not my health is the health of the halifa. And you're the halifa. So

00:58:37 --> 00:58:47

you can take it. So when I went up, Bob was presented with this, he burst out into tears, and he began sobbing uncontrollably, and he said,

00:58:48 --> 00:58:49

Oh, Bukhara. So do.

00:58:50 --> 00:59:41

You have made it very difficult for anyone after you, you have made it very difficult for anyone after you, you have made it very difficult for anyone, meaning how can I live up to this? How can I live up to this simplicity, that he did not benefit at all, from the position of khilafah financially said anything extra, must just go to the just go to the the next halifa. And his illness lasted on until Monday, the 22nd of June model era, which is typically corresponded to 22nd August 634. c. So Monday, the 22nd of July the laughter and it was Monday afternoon. And he said to Asia, and he's in his fever in and out and he said to Asia, which day did Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

00:59:41 --> 00:59:57

die? So he said, Monday, so he said in sha Allah between now and Tonight, I'll be gone shala between now and tonight, just a little bit left. In other words, his hope is I'm going to follow the Sunnah

00:59:58 --> 00:59:59

even on my death

01:00:00 --> 01:00:14

I'm gonna die on a Monday as well. Okay, so his hope is from now until nightfall will be it. And then he asked Misha, what did you shroud him in? What was his coffin? And

01:00:15 --> 01:01:01

he says, and the famous Hades hydrogen body this is the famous heights of Asia. We shrouded him in three white Yemeni Swahili clots and Yemeni from Yemen. So Julio is a type of cloth that they had so basically three white Yemeni Swahili cloths there was no meals there was no police there was a simple cloth we all know the sun at least have the the burial is there simple white cloth, right. You don't wear a shirt. You don't wear a phobe you Well, you're allowed to if there's no other alternative, but otherwise the sun is what? You have a clean sheet and you just wrap yourself in it. So this is what our issues saying that we wrapped him in three Yemeni white Swahili clots. And there

01:01:01 --> 01:01:46

was no shirt and there was no turban on it. So ibaka Sudhir said, look at that cloth of mine. So he's thinking which cloth look at that cloth of mine. It has some stains, have saffron on it. It's an old cloth, wash it, find two other clots from that cabinet. and bury me in those three. He said, we have much better clothes, newer clothes to give you we can give you those. Why do you want those old ones and abubaker so they said the living are more in need of such clothes than the dead. I don't need these brand new clothes. Give me the old stuff. Okay, the living need them more than the dead. And he ordered that his wife a smart bent your mace wash his body and that he be buried in the

01:01:46 --> 01:02:34

house of his daughter Isha next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he passed away shortly after all of these will see us indeed on a Monday in the 20s on the 22nd of July that al Qaeda in the 13th year of the hedgerow and he was reciting the verse in the Quran. tawaf any Muslim and while happening beside their hain, tawaf any Muslim and what happened either sila hain caused me to die as a Muslim, and resurrect me with the righteous, this is pseudo use of verse 101. And the city was immersed in sadness, the likes of which they had not seen since the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was buried, as he requested right next to his companion in

01:02:34 --> 01:03:18

death, as he was always next to him in life. And it was none other than urban Omaha Paul, who prayed the janazah and aroma and earth man and follow her and his son, Abdul Rahman were the four who went into the grave and lowered him next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under the the shoulder of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So Abu Bakr Siddiq was not placed parallel to him, but rather he was lowered a little bit out of respect to the prophet SAW Selim, and so the head or the face of a worker so there was parallel to the shoulder of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and Subhanallah he followed his son in death, even as he followed in life because he passed

01:03:18 --> 01:03:57

away at the exact age that the profitsystem passed away and that is 63 years old. May Allah subhana wa tada Have mercy on obika so deep and May Allah azza wa jal reward him on behalf of the oma for all that he has done. And may Allah subhana wa tada gather us with him and with his companions on Judgement Day and in the hereafter. And with that we finished the story of Oba colossal deal and next week inshallah Allah will begin the story of Roma ebenen hot tub and all the Allahu taala and who any quick questions before we break for the sada Yes.

01:04:02 --> 01:04:07

His wife, a smart bincho mais his wife as map interface,

01:04:09 --> 01:04:24

it is allowed for it is allowed for spouses to give also to the spouse it is allowed. And workers felt more comfortable that his wife would do it rather than rather than other people. And it is Helen

01:04:27 --> 01:04:59

the the profitsystem himself was joking with our show once and he himself said, What in his deathbed, if you remember we talked about this that Ayesha had a migraine. And she said, Well, sir, wah, wah, and the prophet SAW Selim said, rather sad rather my head Oh my head, and then he said, what do you what do you lose if you were to die, even though we said he's gonna die, but he's like cracking jokes or whatever. And if you were to die, how fortunate would you be? I would do hosel over you.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:37

Pray over you and bury you. What more would you want? Right? And of course, she responded, I'm sure you're looking forward to that day, because then nobody's going to stop you from your other wives. Right? I'm the one preventing you from from going to other wives. But the point being we so we we said that even the jokes are the process of our true. And this is a joke that he said to Arusha, but it is true. And he said, what would you be harmed if you were to die? Now, I would do a hospital and pray and bury you in the in the cupboard. So the fact that he said I will do your hospital shows that it is helpful for spouses to do so. And this is what I will workers to do. I wanted that a

01:05:37 --> 01:05:51

smart been to mace Of course, this is a smart bit, Jeremy is the same as smart, who is who was the wife of Jafar, and then the wife of it, this is the same as mabin, tiramisu gave the, the hustle to workers, so there's really a lot of data, yes.

01:06:05 --> 01:06:38

I could not find him calling Ollie to the room. I could not find him specifically. But as simply says that after mentioning the names that I mentioned, and it simply says, and he called, you know, the rest of the Hollywood Act, which basically means the people in charge, and, and, and whatnot. And so we can either assume that it was amongst them, or we can assume that he did not see it fit at this stage to, to, to, there was no point to do that Allah knows best we don't know. You know?

01:06:39 --> 01:07:19

Yeah, but again, the age as well, we mentioned this multiple times that you need to take into account, the age of talhah. And the age of observation without from the age. And, and again, there's a psychological factor as well that, you know, avacado, the loved one has seen it as a child and grown up in front of him. You cannot compare up the romantic now for others, you know, to, to a little the loved one at the terms of just in terms of age wise. So, no doubt other groups might have their way they read it in and from our perspective, we trust our Booker's judgment, if he called it, that also makes sense. And if he decided not to, there seems to be some some reasons as well that he

01:07:19 --> 01:08:00

wouldn't do that, at this stage. And, again, here's the point throughout aboubaker and Roman an earth month khilafah. I know the last one who always played a major role. He was giving it to us, and he was a judge in the rain. You know, by Judge. I mean, obviously, there wasn't an official position of Judge at this early stage of Islam, but it was one of the few people who was acting as a judge or effect was were given, called law was done. So the fact that Obama could have said this is allowing him to be a judge, and he is doing so much in the time of law. Clearly, there's the types of tensions that other groups raise simply did not exist in their time. Okay, and shallow. With

01:08:00 --> 01:08:01

this, we will conclude for today

As we embark on an emotional ride with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi​ , we are enlightened on the details of the death of Abu Bakr RA and the appointment of ‘Umar b. al-Khattab RA as the next Khalifa.

This talk makes us aware of the two major battles fought against Syria ( As Sham) and Iraq which toppled entirely the oldest and magnanimous civilizations of the time – the Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empire. These are discussed to great lengths and many mind blowing facts come to light which further illustrates the greatness and military genius of Abu Bakr RA .

Shaykh Yasir also presents us with the opinions of the historians who find these conquests nothing short of major anomalies as these battles were fought by the almost new Muslim civilization against the those that had achieved mastery.

Their lack of getting around these conquests and the simultaneous success of the Muslims arises from a simple question – How could an army that was so new, under equipped, malnourished, under armed and complete lack of training topple the two great civilizations of all times? We are then made to realize the power of Allah Almighty into seeing these things happen which is beyond human comprehension.

Also, there is ample discussion on the great warrior of all time, Khalid Ibn Waleed RA , who was described by the Prophet ﷺ as the ‘ Unsheathed Sword of Allah’. His dominance in destroying the civilizations prevalent in Syria and Iraq , which were bastions of Roman and Persian dominance, is firmly etched in our minds via vivid details and imagery.

Finally, we are enlightened on the details of the death of Abu Bakr RA, his conditions and statements before his death and how he set an example and adhered to the Sunnah even in his last moments is worth a listen.

May Allah SWT gather us with the beloved Sahaba of Allah on the Judgement Day and the Hereafter.

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