Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-026G Tafsir Al-Baqarah 196 part 2

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The roadblock for completing the Hajj roadblock is related to health issues, vaccine records, and restrictions on clothing. The sacrificial animal that goes into the home during a war or illness is essential for individuals to comply with Iran's hedging laws. hedging is necessary to obtain a hedge, but not a complete solution. The importance of staying fast during Iran and not criticizing people for their behavior is emphasized.
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You know what a team will have Joel, I'm gonna tell you Allah complete the major pilgrimage and the minor pilgrimage for the sake of Allah. Okay, you started and now you're going to complete it, you're going to go all the way till the end, however for in or slid to, but if you are prevented, you are prevented from what? from completing the roadblock or completing the Hajj. When were you prevented after you entered the State of Iran? Okay, so this could be for example, you landed all right in Jeddah, for example, and you've already entered the State of Iran, okay. You haven't even done your tawaf. You haven't even done nothing. But you were prevented from continuing, how were you

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prevented? Whatever reason, it could be because of a health issue. For example, a person lands in Jeddah there in the state of your home, they get a heart attack, may Allah protect but it can happen, right? That a hard time they get rushed to the hospital, they need immediate surgery, and they are in the hospital for the next two, three weeks. You know, it takes long to recover. So basically, they were not able to do the Hajj. Okay, there was an emergency situation, or they land in Jeddah and there's something wrong with their vaccine record or their paperwork and you know, they get sent back, they don't get entry, okay? Or May Allah protect there is an accident. So for in

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our Slatington if you are prevented, now remember the prophets of Allah who already in Salam when he went for Umrah with the companions in the 60 or after the Hijrah the wish the king did not let them enter Makkah. Okay. So basically, you are prevented from completing your own route from completing your hedge. What does that mean? That means you need to exit the state of your home, you need to cancel that hedge that roadblock, alright, and you need to exit that state of Iran. How do you do that? You do that by offering a sacrifice from a stay Surah Meenal. Hedy, then offer what can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals, meaning you have to offer a sacrificial animal, and

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remember that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and the Companions, they offered the sacrifice while they were at her Davia and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, told the people that they should trim their hair, cut their hair, etc. And they were so sad that they didn't do it. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was really upset that they weren't listening. And I'm Salah model de la Mourinho, she suggested to him that why don't you do it and then they will follow you and that's exactly what happened the Prophet salallahu where it isn't and went before everyone, you went outside and he offered a sacrifice exited the state of your home by trimming his hair

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shaving his head, and what happened, everybody followed right. So from a stay subtle menial heavy. Now, the question is what kind of sacrificial animal is this, this sacrificial animal can be whatever a person is able to afford whatever is easily available at the time, it could be a sheep could be a goat, it could be a cow, it could be a camel, whatever valid forms of sacrificial animals are there, whatever is available for a person, they can do that. However, while at the helico second hat diabolical huduma hayleigh do not shave your heads until the sacrificial animal has reached its place or time of slaughter. What does that mean? That means you have to wait until the sacrifice is

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offered. All right. So it could take three days, it could take three hours, however long it takes once you know for sure that the animal has been slaughtered, then you trim your hair and that means then you exit the state of your home and the sacrifice will be offered where there is a particular place for it my handler, right? And that is the home, okay, it has to be sent to the huddle, you could be outside of the area of home. All right. However, the sacrificial animal has to be sent to the Harlem and it has to be slaughtered over there. All right. Now, another issue. What about the restrictions of Iran? Okay, this is another scenario from en Khanna Minh come Maria urban, and

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whoever among you is ill, I'll be here at the middle C heat or has an ailment of the head. So for example, completing the Hajj and Umrah means you have to perform everything as it is supposed to be done. Right. You have to follow all the rules. And all of the rules are the rules of Ahab now during a haram Okay. Remember I mentioned to you that Iran is not just about intention. The haram also includes clothing, and Iran also includes certain restrictions that you have to observe

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Write of them is for instance, a man cannot wear form fitting clothes or tailored to fit garments, right? So, for example, a man cannot wear even shoes, right? They have to wear sandals. Okay? Now, what if a man was walking and had a fracture? Right? They fractured their foot, and now they have to wear a boot. Okay, like a cast like a boot, they have to wear that now wearing clothes chooses not allowed for men. Okay, so he is sick, there is an ailment All right, there is some kind of illness, which means that the person has to violate the restrictions of ihraam Oh, other middle See, he or there's some Another example is given there is an ailment of the head. Okay, like for example, a

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person fell down and there was a huge cut on their head. And that means that they need stitches, and in order to put the stitches they have to shave some of the hair. Okay, so shaving the hair is not allowed during a harm, right? So in such cases, what should be done? Do you just quit your camera and your HUD just because you cannot observe some of the rules of Iran? No, no, no, you don't cancel your HUD Euro. You don't just leave it altogether. Because it's not a serious illness. Right it is illness but you're not going to die you will have a cut on the head. Okay, you just need some stitches inshallah you will heal with time, right? You wear your boots on your foot and inshallah

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with time you'll be okay. You can still complete your own you can still complete your hajj, there are just some things you cannot do. So then how are you supposed to continue while you continue doing your own while you continue doing your hedge however, because you are violating the rules of Iran out of necessity, you have to offer a compensatory sacrifice. So that is mentioned over here for Vidya to min cm and then you must offer a ransom. What is that ransom min cm in Oh sadaqa tin Allah soak three options. You can fast or you can give charity or you can offer sacrifice. So this video is called Vidya to other this video is called Vidya to other and there is a choice between

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three things. If a person finds it easy to fast, they can fast for three days, if a person is not able to fast, okay, they feel like they barely able to make up the fast of Ramadan. How can they do extra fasts? Then they offer charity? How much charity they have to feed six people in need six Misaki Okay, now they say that even that is a bit difficult. How do I find someone? Well, you can offer a sacrifice? No. So you can offer a sacrifice and that sacrifice, it's our sheep. And all three options are there. It's not like one is better than the other in the sense that you only do one if you can't do the other. No, you have the three options and you can choose whichever one is

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most convenient for you. Okay, and for majority of people, the sacrifice is most convenient when they can afford to do that. But of course everyone is not able to afford to do that. So then you can just fast three days Okay, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told carb even rigida to do that, right he said, because remember his head was infested with lice. So, the Prophet sallallahu every incident told him that shave your head and fast three days or feed six people or offer a sheep okay in sacrifice. Now, this is in the case where a person is violating the restrictions of haram out of necessity, okay and knowingly and deliberately, what if a person violates and restriction of your

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home out of forgetfulness? Like for example, some people have a habit of you know, plucking their hair and many women do this sometimes even in front of others that they will constantly you know, rub their hand on their cheek or something and if they find a hair, they will just pluck it out. Okay? Or they have a habit of chewing their nails. And so they chew them off, bite them off and they spit them out. People have all sorts of habits people are you know, people human right and we forget wearing perfume is not allowed during Hutch. But what if you don't realize you're doing your morning routine you get up and you're in Mina, for example. You go You wash up and then you open up your

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toiletry bag and you know you put your cream on and brush your hair and you

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also spray some perfume out of habit and then you realize, oh, this is not allowed. So remember that if a person violates any of the restrictions of Iran out of forgetfulness, okay, out of forgetfulness, then that is pardoned. Okay then they don't have to offer a sacrifice. They don't have to offer the video to other okay? No for either a mentum fermentum Tarbela roomlala T il * from a stay salamin al Hadi and when you are secure okay you are secure. What does that mean? Nothing is preventing you things are normal. You are doing your hedge? No. Okay, this is specifically talking about hedge. So far what we read was applicable for both hajj and umrah now

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this is just about hedge you are secure. Whoever is performing Umrah during the Hajj months followed by hedge then they have to offer a sacrifice and what sacrifice the sacrifice that is easily available. So this is talking about hedge Dumbledore. Now remember, hedge door is easier. All right, compared to hedge get on because you get to take a break from your home. And in a way it's also more rewardable How is it more rewardable You get to do Allah and you get to do Hajj. All right, and you offer a sacrifice. And because you're there for longer, you end up performing more worship within the huddle. So if you are doing hedge Dumbledore then you have to offer a sacrifice, okay, this is

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an obligation. But what if a person is not able to offer a sacrifice, for example, they cannot afford to offer a sacrifice they don't have that much money or they can find let's say there is a shortage of animals, they cannot find one they cannot find one to buy, then they should not feel bad. They should not feel discouraged from performing Hajj, Dumbledore they can simply fast. Okay, so it is said for MALAMI budget for cmo thila 30, a Yeoman Ville * whoever does not find meaning a sacrificial animal then they have to fast three days during Hajj Phil Hodge was subharti in Edo Giotto and seven more fasts when you have returned, meaning when you go back home till Carshalton

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Camela those are 10 Complete days. So basically, in hedge to mature, you have to offer sacrifice, but if you realize that you cannot offer sacrifice and what do you do? You have to keep 10 fasts? How do you keep those 10 fasts, you will keep three fasts during Hajj. Okay. And you will keep seven fasts when you return from HUD at home. Okay, so now, in hedge limiter, it's very clear that you have to fast right if you cannot offer a sacrifice, and if you cannot offer a sacrifice, you don't have to take a loan. Okay, you don't have to go in debt. You don't have to cancel your Hajj. Okay, there is another option available, you can fast and these fasts, these three fast and then

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settlement fast, do not have to be consecutive. Okay. Now, there is a question, the seven fasts when you return home, that's easy. That's understood, you can do them. When do you keep these three fasts during Hajj? You can keep these three fasts anytime after you put on the Iran for umbra. Okay, until the last day of a year with the sheikh. Okay, so because remember, this is how much theater, you are spending more time. So let's say you get to Makkah, you reach Makkah, in Iran on the first date of the ledger, let's say you can even get there on the 25th of the Ricardo. Okay, you get there on the first of the ledger, you do umbra, okay, and then you realize that you have lost your wallet, and

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your wallet had all the cash. And with that cash you had intended to pay for a sacrifice. And now you're wondering, how on earth are you going to pay for the sacrifice? It's not like you have a whole lot of money in your bank account. You don't have that much. You don't ever take a loan. What do you do? You did your camera on the first of the hija. So now on the second, on the third, on the fourth, you can fast or you can fast on the third. You can fast on the fifth. You can fast on the seventh, whatever is easy, three days doesn't have to be consecutive, but within the days of Hajj, okay, from the time that you put on your Iran formula, until the 13th of the hijab basically, you

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can keep these two

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refer? Yes. All right, but you cannot keep these three fasts before entering the Iran formula. Okay? So for example, you are leaving for Hajj in two days, you are at home and you realize that somebody tells you that you know, the sacrifices like $500 And you're like, Man, that's going to be hard. It's been financially difficult to put together money for hudge How am I going to pay for sacrifice? So what do you do you say, Okay, I'll keep a fast today. And tomorrow, I'll get these two fasts in. And then once I reach my Kalki, the third fast you can't do that. You can't do that. You can only begin the fasting once you have entered the state of ihraam. Meaning once you have begun your

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formula, then it is said, Valley Kelly Melania con Lu Halbertal. Masjid Al haram. This is for those whose family is not in the area of a Masjid Al haram. What does that mean? Meaning Hajj to mutter is only for non residents of Morocco. The residents of Mecca do not do Hajj the matter what kind of Hajj do the residents of Morocco make? They do Hajj? If rod All right, what the Kola who are Alonso and Allah Shahidullah Cobb and fear Allah and you should know that Allah is Severe in penalty. So be careful. Don't take this matter lightly. Allah subhanaw taala knows what you're doing, what you're capable of. So have Taqwa of Allah in regard to all the rules of haram and all the rituals of Hajj.

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Okay, sometimes we only do things to look good in the eyes of people that people should not have a reason to criticize us that they should know that we're doing things right. And if people don't find out then you know, we think we're okay. No, you're not doing this for people anyway. You're doing this for Allah a team will huddle or monetary law so be conscious of Allah and do things properly

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BarakAllahu li calm Subhanak Allah humo be Hamlet I shall do Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Furukawa tuberculate A Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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