Joe Rogan calls Ayaan Hirsi Ali on his show to try and smash Islam

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Joe Rogan, but recently he actually it seems like he started up again. So I want to get your guys's comments on that he had a guest on and we we've been kind of protesting like, Hey Joe, we're out here. Why don't you have Muslim on he I one point he has for us to be on here and had a great discussion towards the end.

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But recently he had I end the liar.

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And I think she changed her name. It is a great documentary. It's called Ayan Hirsi Ali exposed where they actually these are these are non Muslims, I believe in another lens who actually did a documentary and they went to verify the statements that she was. She was saying and they expose her for being a liar. So he's bringing a liar on her on his show. And he's talking, they're talking about Islam. You guys know about this? And what are your comments?

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Well, you know I am because it's been around for a long time. It's been around since a long time, bottom line where you want to make money, you just leave Islam and start writing a book and start talking smack about Islam, you get tons of people supporting you. And it's been happening. It's been happening with so many people. Of course, they have the leeway to say, Well, I was a Muslim. I mean, I'm from their culture, I've gone through this, it's always the damsel in distress type of you know, you know, arguments, and people are willing to put their money on that they love that type of trauma, you know, that without my child, princesses of Saudi Arabia, all these, you go through

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airports, and you see these books and these, you know, these book shops right there and the first first display right to it, like these Nickleby women running away from their oppressive husbands, leaving Islam, blah, blah, blah. I mean, look, man, this is nothing new the the enemies of Islam have been using these kind of tactics for the longest time. Sadly, obviously, these people give platforms to to these because it brings a lot of ignorant people, the majority of the world, I would say, till today still, and that's why we're doing what we're doing. We're trying to bring the real issues to the tables, because majority of the world is still ignorant of Islam, they're still

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following only media, Islam drive by Islamic drive through Islam. That's all they get from the news here and there. And it's very easy with labels extremists misogynist, to just dismiss anyone, right? So the world is upset with religion, this is the truth. And they will project those.

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Those feelings on to stand the Christian world, for example, a lot of the Western countries now, especially in Europe, they don't identify us as believers anymore, right? They've had it with with religion, with the church with priests with all these things. But when they hear about it's now problem is they oversimplify and say was the same thing with Islam. It's just another religion, organized religion. We don't need this. We want to free ourselves from the shackles of Islam. So that's why it makes our work very difficult to reach these people. Because they already have these preconceived ideas, and they dismiss you without even listening to you. Right, you're not important.

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So it's just that that's what we're doing what we're doing. We're trying to reach out to Ali, this isn't a real this is what disturbs me is that you have someone like Joe, they've also banned had jobs on the beach, too, right? Haven't they done that? And just to keep it fair, and balanced to bring on an academic someone a Muslim to talk but imagine because you guys obviously have heard of Joe Rogan, one of the top podcasts out in the world could be breaking into people's homes, mosques, associations, whatever looking for

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Islamic materials of dour, thou means the proselytizing and and they will try and put a stop to that they'll try and police literally what goes into people's minds and comes out of their mouth. Wow. That seems very dangerous to me. And COVID made it possible. But he's into martial arts. So imagine you're have a person you're bringing on who's built their whole career on martial arts, right? But this person is a fake a fake black belt, for example. So now this this woman the eye in her see, the liar Ali, I think she even changed her name is even they expose her name was she changed? It was a lie. But the thing is here, he's bringing on someone whose whole career is based on a lie. Yeah.

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Could you find that out? Well, the thing is, you see sometimes people are closet islamophobes. So when you're taught slama phobia, you know when you come out, it's going to you're going to get a bit of a backlash. So you're like, you know what I'll do is I'll be I'll be honest, I'll be very strong.

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Jordan Peterson as well. I have the great privilege today of talking with ion Hirsi Ali.

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She's one of my heroes. I guess that's the case ever since I read her book.

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Recently Mohammed Egypt on a video by and Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson, he does, like we'll be honest, will be given the benefit of doubt. But he's starting to sound like a closet islamophobe I'm so sorry. And then people that follow the more radical version of religion that wants to convert people, to discuss it, to acknowledge it, and to automatically classify any discussion, as Islamophobic. And then I've seen this labeled, this, this label put on you

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that you are Islamophobic he's made certain statements about Islam, which he has no knowledge about. And then Joe Rogan invites this woman, the assertion that Islam is a religion of peace, if they want to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Let's, let's say Salaam, let's come, let's do it along with them. It's as if he's saying, you know, what, why don't you say the things I can't invite you. That's what it is the only I can't see. But I'm here my guests, you know, no one can say nothing. You know, I invited a guest. You know, I didn't say that, you know, come on, let's not let's not fool around here. It's very simple what you're doing. You can invite anyone Mohammed hijab, Hamza

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sources, there's so many people that you can invite that could come and talk about Islam, but that's not going to be good for you. You don't like that. So the thing is to invite people like her who's an outright lie, she's alive, she's alive, she lied about her whole life, her whole story, you know, and she's, they're coming and she's lying and saying, you know, that's talking about forced Islam that we're allowed to, you know, she's talking about Dawa, and, you know, we can force people to accept, they have to accept Islam by the sword. This is the biggest myth ever, you know, the specific verses in the Quran in surah baqarah verse 256, you know, very clearly, Islam Islam, you

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cannot force anyone to there is your religion is simple. The expansion of the Islamic empire does not mean there was forced conversions yet, is the Empire expanding doesn't mean you know, people being forced to accept Islam, you know, so people have this, thinking that Oh, yeah, the samurai Empire expanded and they're converting people by the swords. It's not like that. It's as simple as that you your religion to me, mine, I can convey but I can't force. And we have many examples. We have many examples in history where individuals could have forced that Almighty macatawa slave where he, he, he said, Look, if only you accepted Islam, you know, etc. So you have many examples where

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people were given the chance to accept Islam, but yeah, this is an outright lie. And yeah, and inshallah hopefully, she'll debate Mohammed hijab one day. She touched upon it, Gabrielle, I don't know if you want to touch upon it. So Alice, she's in her talk with Joe Rogan, she touched upon and we cover this all. I mean, we've covered this so many times. But she mentioned I believe, the forced marriage, honor killings. You as a young woman, we're going to be forced into an arranged marriage. And this is what made you flee and and head to Europe and wind up in Holland, correct? That's correct. Had he been with us earlier, he might have taken this initiative to force me into marriage

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at the age of 15 1617.

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You guys, you get kind of like, this is like an old wreck old old record, you know, that just keeps playing and you get, you know, tired of hearing this, these, that it goes from someone being ignorant, who just searly sincerely doesn't know. But then somebody who obviously knows the truth, and then even her community, they're called her out on that, you know, so what do you say for the for the person who sincerely maybe just bid on this? And, well, how would you respond for this honor killing forced marriages? Right, right. I think I think sincerity is the key here. And you can differ and you can have issues, whatever, whatever it is, even when Jordan Peterson I was reading

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this book is smart guy, man, you know. But he really disappointing because he should know better. On the academic approach of verifying information, he's an academician. Right. So he's being academically dishonest in the statements that he's making you talk about Jordan Peterson, Jordan Peterson. Yeah. Yeah. And Tom will join me. So I wanted to make that point, right? Because he's very smart guys. And very smart man here, you understand that it's not enough to just be smart. You have to be also honest. Okay. And you have to, if you're doing so much research, we know how much academic integrity is important and checking and verifying information. That is the whole, you know,

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foundation of Islam was heavy, the science of verifying it and knowledge information is based on reliability on, you know, academic

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checking of who says, what, who is this person? Are they qualified to actually relate this information? It's a huge, huge science that what's the objective to just make sure that honesty is there when you're passing on information? Right, well, I saw that, obviously not going to misguide people with the wrong things with this woman. May Allah guide her obviously the end

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It means that the staff have been using this type of tactics from the time of the boss or seller. So Pamela, I mean, I was today I was I was teaching a class on the fifth of Syrah. And we were mentioning the incident of the person who came and asked the prophet SAW said about about this statement in the four year

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old system error, right, referring to my family center, right. And till today, that also isn't explained very much. Like we say, babies are being a rahima. This is how the new they used to refer to humble people, pious people, ask for their ancestors and so on, you know, we are being used to it, but we're not directing the sons of me Sorry, Benny, and bass, it will be fine and so on. Till today, bro, you'll find this argument on the answering his website, that whole process and didn't know that, you know, whose two sisters Aaron's married? Or, you know, I mean, it's just ridiculous. So these all these forced marriages for conversions by the sword, and so on the key, it's been

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refuted, it's been academically approached john and so on. And I'm not denying that there was in the history of Islam. In some cases, no doubt, certain rulers and leaders who did force Converse, there are some, okay, there's no doubt about it. It's not that that's not the question. The question is, does Islam preach that is that the theory of Islam, this is what's the way as to what some person did. And this century that century, I mean, that you can point to every single nation or religion, there's always gonna be certain bad apples that interpreted things and did things their whole way. Now you have, for example, the Russia shoe, you know, the word where the word of assassin comes

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from, right? And how and 17 was directed his attack stories, they're actually you know, but these were claiming to be Muslims who were doing all kinds of evil things. People will do a lot of things. Okay. Bottom line is, what does Islam preach? What does an preach What does the sermon not preach? This is what we asked the world to look at. All right, this is what we asked the world to look at.

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Yeah, no, nothing. I can really add on that. But it's just like, you know, they just have to repeat the same cycle. You know, we have a lot of people who we deal with that Mohammed hijab who intubated the guy called rotten wood, and it is the NHS destroyed them, you know, and the thing is, with these people, you need to understand they're there. They're like a police the police disobeyed Allah. And after disobeyed Allah, he was doomed to hellfire. Now, when he was doing to Hellfire, he asked even though how rebellious he was and how he shows. It shows how rebellious he pleases in this instance. And it shows hammers for allies. He asked Allah who makes it worth Allah to allow him to their

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judgment, to show like, it is very bizarre actually, at least once they prove Allah. He said, Allah give me time. So I can prove you wrong by showing that you're these people that Adam that you want me to bow down to, but these people are not going to obey you. And it's very strange, you know, when you when you when you go through that, you know, mentality. So what it just shows you is that in places and going to the Hellfire, and his main objective is to take as many people there with him. Yeah, as many people there with a Mr. Simple as that. And these people adopt the same method as please. You know, Christianity in the West is diminishing. And literally, by the millions by the

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millions, people are waking up like the Trinity doesn't make sense. There was a Christian Unitarian. In his truck, I remember his name. He said, How much longer is the mohammedans going to laugh as with this concept of the Trinity and the murkiness, and we need to get rid of it, he understood the problem. But the Christians, what's happening is that because they've seen a lot of people in the West, leaving Christianity, what people like this rotten wood guy and his likes, what they do is if you realize even when we go to speaker's corner, the Christian missionaries there are not talking about the Bible anymore. They have left, it's like, when we go there, all they're doing is there's a

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specific woman there who screams for eight hours straight. When the speaker's corner, insulting the Prophet, eight hour straight, and I'm thinking, there must be some kind of a genie inside you to have the power to do that. And I remember my mother going off to see witch doctors. So she's continuing to do it. And then we go to other missionaries. all they're doing is talking about Islam. They study this verse, I don't think and why do you not talk about the good news that you know that the Gospel, Jesus loves everybody, they have totally abandoned their mission. Their objective is to cause people to leave Islam, that's their main objective is as good as saying we're going to the

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fire. We want to take as many people as we can. And this shows you the intellectual power of Islam, that intellectually we have shown people the concept of the Trinity doesn't make sense. The Bible is not reliable. Matthew, Luke, john and Paul, we don't know who they are. You know, like you said, we have science of a deal. We know a lot about a lot of things.

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Hi, this is Mark Murphy you can draw if you took the Bible and these people through the science of Hadeeth. You won't even have fabric if it had even been worse than that. So the thing is, what's happening now is these people sadly have turned towards hate. And people like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. They don't realize that their actions by inviting a lie like that to their podcast, is gonna cause many more people who are going to carry out attacks that happened in New Zealand, because people get scared. This is why Islam is what a violent religion we need to put a stop to this. This is the reason why I confronted Britain first, Tommy Robinson jayda Fransen, I went after

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them one by one because I knew the actions of causing people to die just as much when I went off to the AMA hadron, and some of them I went after them, and to tell them to, you know, what you guys upon is madness, because it's the same thing with them. They go and preach innocent silly people who want to belong in join them carrier attacks in London Bridge, we get the results of that we get the backlash. So the thing is, this is what they're doing. And their main objective is that, you know,

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this is interesting because in their discussion, she talks about the meccan period and Medina and period when she's talking to Joe Rogan, okay, I'm sorry, the, the peaceful Muhammad is not the peaceful Muhammad is Mecca, Mecca. So Mecca is where he first came out. And so if he says, if a Muslim today says, unto you, your religion unto me mine, I'm tolerant, all of that you're invoking Mecca. And it's interesting, I think, Gabrielle you quoted an ayah I don't know if there's this this was the one that and then you have the whole you know, persecution, you know, you guys many people don't know that, that the Muslims were and still are the most persecuted people you know, on the

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planet and you had at that time, they were persecuted, tortured. And then when Prophet Mohammed when he had peace be upon him the opportunity when they conquered when they came back to Mecca where they were expelled. I mean, people don't i don't know if Joe Rogan knows this, the scenario if he can paint it imagine like what they watch all these people out there who come back after they've been oppressed and they just butcher everybody and people were like rooting him on because there was an injustice that had been done to them by all this you could just name all the from the boycotting the torture, etc, etc. A list just goes miles long of all the impression and torture and everything that

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happened to the Muslims when Prophet Muhammad came back and conquered Mecca with an army of 10,000 strong I mean, what happened from there you guys fill in the blank I mean, what did he what would what would a normal Commander General, you know do to the people but what actually happened? And then he came back to Mecca.

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Right? I mean, yeah, we have to also did he did he did did did he? Did he like slaughter? 90% of the people? What did he do? What were the famous words? What were the famous words, brothers? What was the famous words when he came back into Mecca after all these years? for Joe Rogan says he doesn't know this.

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He said, basically, I tell you what, use of Prophet Joseph said to his family to his brothers go for your free you know, so he freed the people. Is it is Is it true? He says spread the food spread the peace?

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This game This was when he entered Medina. Yes. That's

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what he came to from India. He said spread peace and spread said arms and you're not definitely I'm in the midst of cross selling. Okay, as advanced message. Yes, there are six people there are blacklisted. When you enter Mecca, they're supposed to be executed because they're criminals. Maybe sometimes again, the Muslims take a very, we don't want to appear weak either. Okay. We're not like just pacifists. Right. Nor should shouldn't misunderstand and take it for granted that not the Muslims have a very strong background, very strong history of warriors. And you know, because we sometimes appear to pacifistic but I think what he's talking about here is talking about crazy

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people just taking things in their own manners and throwing hands and just doing a targeting innocent people and whatnot, right? Because they don't understand stuff. But the process of them are the most balanced person, the most balanced, generally the Most Merciful, yet at the same time, when he had to put his foot down, he knew how to put his foot down. And the laws of Islam are no joke, you know, no doubt about it. But we need to understand context we need to understand application, we need to understand how and what it's so strange and so hypocritical that the world recognizes the contribution of Alexander the Great or of Napoleon or any of the great generals, Roman generals, you

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name them or Caesar and so on. It's studied in universities as civilization yet when you talk about Prophet Mohammed sauce, lm, people are the biggest liars and the biggest then you use the word bigots, okay? Because they love to use this words. And the biggest, you know, academically dishonest people look at the his life is he is number one. I mean, there's no doubt about it. And not just because, you know, he was was ranked as number one in the most influential, but when you look at the description, too, why is because

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He was so comprehensive in his application of law of, of virtues of morality, of bravery of a manhood of mercy. Right? He basically the process of knowing you exactly which skill to use, in which situation. And I think this is where most people don't know today, you know, they want to do this at this time and I want to do something else at the wrong time. And this is not wisdom pick wise to put the right thing in the right place at the right time. At the same time. We're not apologetic, we're not, you know, dumbing down Islam. We're not to use Ali's words. No sugarcoating things. You know, we're academically presenting Islam to the world. We're saying Islam is a

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solution. It's not as a solution for criminals, Islam as a solution for lawfulness, Islam as a solution for all the ills of society, that human

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you know, society right now is sinking so deep into Right. I mean, the world is being led by so many different systems and philosophies that have nothing to do with Islam, yet they have not solved the problems of

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poverty, they have not solved the problems of, you know, crime, they have not solved the problems that economics and people are dying all over those starving dollar cares, right. All they're representing or reporting is all kinds of other things. There are huge problems people are depression, people are not doing well. Okay, resources are being consumed by a very small percentage, okay, look it up. Look at the research, look at you want to look at World Health Organization, look at other stuff, not only what they see on the news, look at everything, okay? And that I'm asking, okay, well, the solution, you guys are leading the world with democracy and all

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your Western philosophy. Okay, fine. I mean, people are saying, don't talk about this. Yeah, but why not? Why not? If you look at even within their political systems, and within within their problems, there's huge differences, the left the right, and all the political parties within, it has always been a push and shove, okay, so why not everyone has the right to speak and to at least ask for Where is where the solutions? Where are the solutions? Holly, before I ask you this next question just for the audience. I mean, they that documentary for the woman that Joe Rogan brought on I and a liar

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who see the kind of the few things just for people to know is she had in fact been living in Kent, this is one of the lies that she was called out for it was she had, in fact been living in Kenya for over 10 years, and has never been experienced a war in her entire life. Okay, so this is one of them to was to the contrary, her brother, aunt and former husband all testify that she was indeed present at her wedding, but she she lied that she wasn't

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another third. In fact, she talks about not having established you know, because this is what her books everything's written on. But in fact, she had maintained close contact with her family after asylum and also later even met with her former husband which is she was saying she was petrified, scared of running from and the list goes on of lies but how do you because Ali probably obviously you have a lot of experience but when you hear it when you quote this verse from verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah the Quran living miracle for everybody Joe Rogan Jordan Peter just read the book and it's just it's amazing like people can it's like someone who's good at calculus and all the

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sciences, but then they can't add up one plus one is two, you'd be like what's wrong with these people? You know what I mean? So it's Same thing with Jordan piers is good You brought him up Gabrielle but another person and then you made a great example these are like closet Islam haters, you know, hey, and they bring on people and let them speak for themselves doing being bold, you know, instead of doing it for themselves, but there's this ayah verse in the Quran Chapter 60 verse eight where it says God Almighty Allah does not forbids you from being kind and just towards those who do not fight you because of your your deed your religion or expel you from your homes.

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Allah loves those who do justice when you share this what kind of response Do you get Ali? Thank is these people that we can find like me, like, you know, the Britain first be Lauren, Lauren, Southern Actually, she did a U turn, she left the whole thing, you know, and when me and my manager went to the free

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the freedom of speech talk for them, Tommy Robinson, and it was quite bizarre. To me. I see it as a social experiment. When I went there because we went there. It was a freedom of speech for everybody for Okay, if it's a freedom of speech for everyone, I'm sure they won't mind me as a Muslim murlidhar coming and when we went there, if he let me speak, it would have he would have he would have made a good point for his agenda. He didn't because we were surrounded by thugs and he was about to be killed. So this shows you this freedom of speech is absolute nonsense. And he didn't let me speak I went I said Look, I want to let you know what they said to him. If he goes we'll kill him

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if it goes on stage will kill him and I was like, well, okay weapon, the freedom of speech that so you can see the absolute hypocrites

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And so coming back to the question whenever I approach them when we talk about

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Montana verse eight you know Allah does not forbid you from being just a Justin kind to those who did not fight you based on your faith or kick you out of your houses. Allah only forbids you based on basically those who are fighting you or they say this is abrogated, I'm okay with abrogated, where was abrogated. The thing is they haven't thinking process. And they know they're doing it for other than the truth. It's not the truth. They're doing it for gains, it's mainly financial. So anything that you bring, that's going to dismantle that is a direct threat to their purpose. So what they do is they go denial, they don't know they show, they do all kinds of stuff to get out of it.

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So it's very clear, the Quran is very clear. That's why when I went to Tommy Robinson, I asked him a very direct question, can you please show me a single verse in the Quran that had the Islamic literature in history that tells us that we can go out and kill innocent people, because the disbelievers the US this because they have this flavors, we can kill them, nothing. Zilch. The guy asked him 20 times in that one and a half hour and that was my main purpose of going to him, because he had nothing he knows that Islam does not teach this. But if he acknowledges that and he knows, and this is what

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this this belief is that you hide the truth. And it does exactly what they do. They know it's a lie. They know it's a lie. They know the truth is, they cover it. And that is the reason why the punishment is so severe the Hellfire and the hereafter because you know, it's the truth. You know, you're lying, you know, your actions and your words that you're saying are gonna cause a ripple effect like New Zealand. attacks happened in Christchurch, but you would rather do that because you're benefiting. And recently, one of his

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friends, Tom Robinson's. They came out that they were having cocaine parties with these money that we're raising funds for. They were having cocaine parties, you know, and these men, let me just tell you one thing as well, Tommy Robinson, and there's one guy this is a fact way who was having Coke, they were drunk. That's that white powder you put in your nose. Who isn't who is doing, who was doing that as verified? He's got a friend called Vanna White often it's called White yet, Dana. Dana White from the UFC.

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No, no, no, no.

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Danny, no, no.

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No, Danny, his name is Daniel. Daniel. Something that okay, I don't know why, but something along those lines. Yeah.

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This is one of the number one Islam hater as you're talking about in the world right now. Yeah, one of his right hand, right hand men, you can say is that he was having an affair with another woman. And they were saying basically, we're having a cocaine parties. And one of the people that were working with Tommy Robinson, his name was Keenan Robertson. I had an interview with him. He stopped working with Tommy Robinson after me and he just got attacked because he said, Look, that they realize that this is this is hypocrisy. Tommy Roberts is not about freedom of speech. He just doesn't like Islam. I had an interview with him. He was telling me this, he goes, look at the money.

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That was the reason they were having, like cocaine pot, cocaine parties, and all this kind of stuff with the money. Where's Tommy Robinson getting all these funds from? I don't understand this guy owns a million pound house where he's getting recently just filed bankruptcy. Yeah, because there's a law lawsuit because he slandered this Syrian refugee. So the thing is, most of these people that absolute hypocrites they come Tommy Robinson, that even this this friend that Danny Daniel was called trader Franzen, Paul golden IV many these people you know, they would always come to me and talk about a woman being abused in Islam. Do you know of Yemeni in Australia? This is like a proper

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Zionist. Yeah, he threw a you know, cutting chopping board. Yeah, he flew that his wife Tommy Robinson once was caught on the in the public by an undercover officer abusing his wife. The poor golden poor golden you know, poor golden Britain first poor golden j the funds and that one more the redhead?

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You know, there was a documentary Paul Golding that is that is that is that one of the women that was trying to shake your hand and then is that the one? Yes. You know, that one she keeps talking about woman's right. Yeah. You know, Paul Golding, that guy he she was with, he would lock her up in a room and beat her up. Did you know that? No, no, he would look her up in a room and beer up and she had the audacity to come to me and say to me, shake my hand. And I said, with respect, I don't.

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Let me tell you, if you think that because we're Christians, and I'm holding this cross, that you can come here. You can lie in our faces, or you can attack our people.

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But her boyfriend was putting his hands on her in an illegal way. But she was too busy. She was making a big deal because I didn't shake her hand. In a way of respect. I didn't want to touch her. And she had a big fuss about it. But behind closed doors, her boyfriend Paul Gordon was beaten her up, physically putting her hands on her. Yeah, literally beating her up and locking her in rooms. This is the hypocrisy. All of them are wifebeaters Wow. Okay. Well before we

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

Before we go on and move on we spent a lot on this so just because we know that Islam this the same way of life that Jesus lived Moses lived the last photo Mr. Prophet Mohammed that call for the human being to acknowledge that there's one and only one Creator of the heavens and earth and he sent messengers and that simple message is to worship the creator the one and only and to be morally upright is a simple message. So if Jordan Peterson if Joe Rogan, I and hers I in the lie or Hirsi Ali, any of them if they turn their life around and they wanted to, you know, rectify their affairs and you know, they had an you know, they had a moment that they realize that okay, what's the true

00:30:38--> 00:31:02

purpose of life you know, and they look at the evidence if they just look at the evidence of provided preservation of the crown and they look at the signs that are in there the prophecies the miracles, if they look at the life of Prophet Muhammad, sincerely, you know, from the proper lenses and they've like most people, you know, when they do they accepted this is the truth. You know, what, what would you guys say to them now, like if you had a chance to sit with them, just quickly, what would you say to these three individuals?

00:31:04--> 00:31:12

Well, I would say obviously, they, they, they read the Quran, they just open their eyes

00:31:14--> 00:31:43

now give them three Yeah, that mean that's the best thing for them you know, and then Allah once they are embraces that pass on in most these are gone, their brothers sisters and edema, what translation because, you know, they're orientalist if they pick up you know, there's been deliberate attempt by some orientalist to go ahead and translate the crowd so they get a hold of one of these which which clear Quran so he international what what, what, I think, you know, the International poverty Koran project, you know that org.

00:31:45--> 00:32:21

So pick up the Quran, read it. Alright, so to talking about it, read the book, I want to say read, Ali, what would you say to them to Joe Rogan, our friend Joe Rogan, who's? Who's actually Yeah, same, you know, same thing, you know? Yeah. Like, you know, and then they look, if you want to judge a book, you know, or just need one, you know, imagine, imagine you're learning about someone imagine me learning about Joe Rogan, or Jordan Peterson. I don't I don't want you to have the videos. I don't want his podcast. I just go and learn about him from someone that doesn't like him. Imagine I invite him and as you know, tell me about Joe Rogan, or Joe Rogan's a woman of us. Oh, where was

00:32:21--> 00:32:52

your one evil guy, you know? And then is that would that be fair? How would Joe Rogan feel and Jordan Jordan Peterson, they'll feel like, they'll be so angry. They'll be like, Ali, you could have come to me and speak to me. And you're here inviting people that dislike me and you're learning? You getting to know me via someone that doesn't like me. How's that fair? What I'm asking you the same question. Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan. How is that fair that you're getting to know the Quran via people that don't like it? And then you are and you're, and you have these emotional feelings and be like, Oh, this is this can be from God. Well, how can I blame you in the context when I can blame

00:32:52--> 00:33:00

you? Because you're getting to know a scripture, not for yourself, but via the enemies. You wouldn't like it for yourself. So don't do it to us. Beautiful.