Master Khushu in 90 Seconds – 13 When Hearts Unite

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In this series I share with you 30 tips to revamp your Prayer and Master the state of Khushu’. It requires you to invest in each one and try to implement it from your heart. The more you practice it, the more the pay off.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to master horseshoe in 90 seconds. Again when you start your Salah before you start your Salah you obviously have to face the public. And when you face the tumbler we said previously, that this is such a powerful exercise and it connects you to a loss of 100 items if there is something special about the table and about the cabinet and about that spot, but I want you to focus on something that will help you inshallah enhance your for sure. Remember that every Muslim throughout history and to date. And in the future, we'll be facing the same problem to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the hearts are all good and all directed in that

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direction. It gives us so much power. And it also gives it the importance of uniting the Muslims. Imagine the Muslims are praying in unison. As you are engaged in the salaah you'll find someone in the other side of the world who actually facing the same idea, and your hearts somehow meet them. So this should remind you of the unity of the Muslims, that we Muslims, we who believe in the last panel to add this belief in a lot. His love of a lot brings us together not only in our heart, but even in our physical direction. So as you are praying, feel the unity among the Muslims feel the harmony among the Muslims feel the love that Allah blowed amongst those true believers. And it will

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help you see that you're doing something great and then not alone. So