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In 100, Isla Hina meadow and is de novo and

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when we learn Himanshu Dorian fusina will see Dr. Marina de la Vela moving the woman usually try to her do

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what she can do Allah hi Lola hola Sheree Kayla.

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Mohammed and Abdo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam,

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a MOBA in

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law he died. Well, hey Ron had he had you Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Chateau

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de la vida Timberland.

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All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah, the Most High, the Most Merciful, the most forgiving. We thank him and we seek His help and assistance and forgiveness and protection from the evil of ourselves in the sense that we do, indeed who serve Allah guides, no one can lead us astray and who serve Allah leads astray no one can guide I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone and that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger. The best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is that of Mohammed Salah Lavalle he was seldom and the worst of religious matters are those that are inundated and every religious

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innovation is a bitter and every bidder is misguidance. And every misguidance will be in Hellfire, a MOBA

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Allah zodion says Sadie Oh pierotti mirabai como Jenna, rush towards the forgiveness from Allah from your Lord from your Creator, and paradise.

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Allah makes forgiveness a destination.

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And he's asking us to pan over to Allah not to delay not to postpone but to rush towards his forgiveness as a destination and as a path towards his fire and reaches paradise in the next life. So it becomes an obligation on every single Muslim to rush towards the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal because it contains in it

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the happiness of the next live and in this life, the relief of next life and this life.

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Allah azza wa jal says

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well Athena

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fusa, homewrecker lava, newbie mama Yoruba Illallah it says those who when they commit a sin a big sin

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or they commit an injustice again them seconds themselves. They remember a lot right after meaning they do not indulge

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in the commitments of this sin. They do not say to themselves, it does not matter we will be forgiven.

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That type of attitude Allah describes about some of the People of the Book who had given the book for Halloween.

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una una

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moto Mizzou. Allah describes and this is a pattern now simply about a nation that had passed. Not about a nation that still exists, but it's not us. But a pattern that we also follow. Allah says after that first generation, the primary generation that received the revelation from Allah azza wa jal.

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The generation followed them. We're not as good we're not as pious we're not as committed. What if they just inherited the book?

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But what do they do with it? They take bribes, they compromise it, they obscured the change. Knowing that all of this is haram and what they say so you foreigner, we will be forgiven.

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No matter what we do, whatever problems we have, we will never be forgiven as if Allah has given them or us a blank check. Do whatever you want, and we will be forgiven a lot condemns that type of thinking and that type of attitude. No, Allah says that when you commit a sin when you commit a mistake, you remember Allah

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and you ask Allah for forgiveness. That's how it goes away.

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And Allah lot then says something beautiful, who forgives sins, but a loss

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on the one hand,

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you're not

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Gonna find anyone as generous as me.

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Think of any human that you have around you, some of us you commit a small mistake, and they'll never forgive you for the rest of their lives or a big mistake.

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And they could be cordial with you, but they'll never forget that you made that mistake. And at one time, they'll remind you that you made it but with a law zildjian It does not matter how big or small that mistake is. He can forgive all of it.

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As long as you're alive and breathing, even if you disbelieve in him soprano or Tyler, even if you say what do you want to say about him? But you repent from it and ask Allah to forgive you Allah forgives it, and that is why Allah zodat is the most forgiving. No other human being can reach that level, except him Suppan, who was

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and think about it in another way. If we carry this sin with us that we have committed, if Allah or not to forgive it, who could forgive it on this earth? Who could restitute our peace of mind? Our sense of humanity, our

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righteousness, if Allah were not to forgive that sin, where would we go with it? How would we fix our life? He may say, why do we need forgiveness?

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We need it for the hereafter. But we also need it for this dooney as well.

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This sin that we commit that disobedience this Masia hangs over our heads, stops us from receiving Allah's provisions, sends trouble to our lives. Substance shorter fruit from realizing our potential. from having peace of mind from having mercy from having harmony in our dunya before we even reach the ACA in our dunya.

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In popular culture, non Muslims would call it bad karma.

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Meaning that when you do something bad, you pay for it in this life, you see it? We call it a disobedience of Allah azza wa jal, that is not going to go away. And it keeps hanging over your head complicating your life. How do you change that away for love? We're not gonna forgive it. How do you go back to feeling joy and happiness? How do you restore relations, good relations with other people. As long as you're having this sin or you want to call it bad karma? As long as you have that in your life? How are you going to raise it? It's not without Allah subhanho wa Taala and part of the mercy of Allah, that you don't need every time to commit a sin. You don't need to go sacrifice

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an animal. You don't need to go and publicly confess your sins to people and ask for forgiveness. You don't need to go to a scholar to check on him and say you forgive me. You don't need to do this but in the privacy of your own home, you say Allah forgiven.

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Allah I repent.

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And if you do that you find Allah subhana wa Taala, forgiving and highlighting this Rasulullah sallallahu you send them says in the Hadith, that Allah has the origin says, All child of Adam, if your sins were to reach

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the clouds of the sky, and you come asking me for forgiveness, I will forgive all of that and I do not care about it all.

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That is it does not matter how bad you are. It does not matter how that sin was. It does not matter how old you are, because we could say it is too late. In Allah zildjian says that it does not matter how big these sins are the door of repentance is always open and the path of return is always possible. You ask me for forgiveness and all of these things will be forgiven. And in the same Hadith Allah azza wa jal says that if you were to come to me with a tiny bit the Robbie had a lot of the cup if you felt this growth when sense. Yet you come to me that you should be shy, not associating partners with me. Your heart is clean, you have to heat on the inside. You want to

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But you and I are weak but every time you commit a sin you ask Allah for repentance, you ask Allah for forgiveness, you strive you try is Allah says if you hold this earth with sin, but you come to me with the head with no shirt.

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I'll come to you with this earth filled with forgiveness

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who forgives sin

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But Allah has written

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in the air here

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to Berlin and the peaceful he said, he said foreign cathedra good news and happiness for the one who will find in their book a lot of is

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because you're going to be opening your book and you're going to be reading your entire life in it. The day on Friday you did this and this and that. Next day, tomorrow, Saturday, you did this and this and this. And some things that you will read just like in our life, if you go back and use Can you please previous days, some days will make you happy. Some days will make you sad and regretful, some days will motivate you and some days will bring you down when you're going to be reading that book. Some days will make you happy, and some things will make you happy and some things will bring bring along to you. What will happen to me, as I'm gonna face a lot as though we're dealing with

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these offenses. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, do you want to be happy when you want to open this book

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is too far. You're gonna find on Friday, you did a lot of stuff.

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On Saturday, you did a lot of stuff. As you head towards your job, your work. As you are cooking as you're taking care of your children. You found yourself free and you did a lot of stuff. And you're a person of as far as being with your tongue and asking with your heart.

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And if you had violated the rights of others, you restitute those rights and you ask them to forgive you. And if it's between you and Allah azza wa jal you ask Allah to forgive you. He says if you do that, you'll be happy when you meet Allah azza wa jal,

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and in this life

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There is a saying it's a weak Hadees but it is actually very right the meaning of it is actually very accurate. It is said men lazy ministry far the one who adheres to sticks to his

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job Allahu Allahu

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Allah will give him out of every anxiety

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Woman coolie in Maharajah and from every distress away out what are the common high today

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and will allow you to provide for them from where they do not anticipate. And that is confirmed repeatedly in the

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UI. You will see this summer on a camera Why is it

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as who is telling his people and they were mighty strong people he's saying if you're just to believe, if you will just ask Allah to forgive you. Allah will send the sky pouring upon you rain raining down upon you these are blessings from above and will give you strength in addition to the strength that you have.

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Palazzo just says the same thing and another area where new highly he said me speaking to his people you see this Mr. Mitra He will send rain upon you. He will give you gardens flowing in them are rivers he will give you children He will bless you. So there are blessings in this dunya and blessing the Sierra. So if you

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throughout your day, encounter a small problem or a big problem you're having an argument with someone a dispute with someone things are not going right you're late you're agitated, you're angry,

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you're afraid.

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One of the things that we forget to do is to give this to a lawsuit.

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A small problem, small complication, a small misunderstanding or a big one or simple unhappiness.

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And if you start staying stuck or lost a little lost law, or the longer versions of it allow you to never see woman Catherine when

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Abubakar comes to

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tell me something I can say in my salon. It says say alone in New Zealand tune up Siegelman kathiria Allah, I run myself abundantly and no one forgive sins, but you definitely my favorite among our homies is you Allah forgive me, forgiveness from you and have mercy upon you. You're the one who forgives and you're the one who has mercy. He tells this to who to obey the law I know. And you're in my profits of the law I let you argue with wa sallam and he is the one who is in terms of piety and taqwa and avoidance of sin. He says when I sit before I leave, I say is to foster

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70 times to 100 times. So what does it do? It's the thought brings life to your in my heart and rooms,

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removes that attachment to this dunya that enslavement to the dunya.

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It removes the layers of heedlessness unawareness and brings you back to Allah azza wa jal takes away sin and sin is the cause of our misery takes that away. So what you're left with is comfort. What you're left with, is the home of Allah azza wa jal, who probably had the worst

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hamdu Lillah

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wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was an email that tells the following story and that story happened to him and I want to share that with you and it happened in a Muslim country. He says he has just recently been appointed an Imam in the masjid. And he got to know that there was a woman that repeatedly come every Friday to beg for money every Friday and she's insistent and adamant that people give her money. So one of those days one of the first Dumas's where he met her and he left, she called him and he say, Please donate. And she was very insistent, you have to give me money. He says why she says, I am a widow. And I have a lot of

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children and no one can put no one provides for them. I'm the only one who can support them and I don't have a job. So the only income that I have is when I come to this message, and people give me money and then they head back to my home. And that's the only income I have I spend on them from that from those donations till the next week, and so on and so on. So I need money desperately. So he said my sister, rather than asking people every single Friday, whether they give you or deny you didn't you ask Allah azza wa jal?

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She said, I pray and I fast. He says, I'm not talking about these things. These are essentials. But I'm talking about

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really giving your need to Allah azza wa jal before you give it to people. So I'm going to give you a recipe a prescription, go and ask Allah repeatedly with the poorest stuff to last for you and your kids. But don't make it

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merely a tongue is too far, but it's too far with your heart as well. And reform your life inward and outward so that you have dukla in your home and outside and keep the to keep doing this bill, you will find a relief from Allah azza wa jal because that's his promise, but do it from your heart.

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He says the next week she did not show up.

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She had a long

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habit of showing up every single Friday. So the next week she did not show up that week after she did not show up. He says I was very curious. I wanted to know what happened to her. I traced her Where does she live? They said she moved. They said, How could she move? She's four. She got married.

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I said I wanted to know the details. I traced her husband. I found out that her husband was a relative of hers who's very rich, but he was not taken care of. We're all aware of her before that. He married her.

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I went to ask him, why did you marry her? He says, Are You the man who told her to make it that far? and this and that? He said yes. He said, I'll tell you her story. And my story. He said she followed your prescription to the letter. Every single day and night, whatever she was doing, she learned that she was just doing is too far she and her kids. It says within that week, of course, he did not know about what she was doing before. Within that week, I was asleep one of those nights.

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Someone came to me in the dream woke me up from the agreement. He said, You know, so and so your relative, go take care of her spend on her from what Allah had given you. He was very rich. So So I woke up, took my mother, we took some food, we took some money, and we went and visited that, that lady. And when we left, we were into the car.

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My mother told me he said my son,

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don't you want to lose pleasure and reward from him? Why don't you marry her and take care of her children alone reward you for that. And plus, she's beautiful. It says go and asked her if he wants to get married, and she was engaged and she got married.

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Now maybe some of us if we do this, we're not going to see that particular relief in that particular way. Maybe it's not going to take few days or a week. Maybe what distinguished her is that she really had a pure heart and was desperate. And she gave all of that to Allah as the origin and the more that you need him subhanho wa Taala the sooner that he comes to your aid, the more sincere you are, the sooner that Allah will come to your aid

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But it tells you that Allah still shows us today is fulfillment of his promises. tapana What? If you actually ask Allah and you ask him with sincerity, Allah does forgive a lot does give a lot does bring relief. So whatever you have going on, ask Allah for forgiveness. Even if your life is beautiful, it's still ask Allah for forgiveness because Allah will keep giving you more and more so as to make us of those who remember him and never forget him to make us of those who whenever they commit a mistake, they go back to Allah with repentance and forgiveness. We ask Allah mean to bless us when we ask him for forgiveness, to accept our repentance and the repentance and forgiveness of

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the oma Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean, give us security when we ask you for your forgiveness, and protect us from fitna and protect us from punishment and protect us from any punishment or er but I mean, we ask you that you forgive all of our sins, those that are public and those that are private, those that we know about, and those that we forgot about. Were the major ones and the smaller ones. And through that blesses, bless our spouses, bless our children, bless our family, bless our community and gusto Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam along Medina, Jr, Sanofi de hacer

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la Maya

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una de la Miami, boo boo, boo boo,

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Natoma horrible, cold environment when becoming a nerdy robotic, I mean whole environment. When I say Lucas

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genome I mean who am I

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becoming a Sherry Cooley? I

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mean who am I? Yeah, you know you can study Lena Shannon akula Hola, tequila Isla and fusina

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