How to be Patience during calamities

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We need to be patient when it comes to the hardships how do we exercise patience when it comes to the calamities? Firstly, we practice patience upon calamities by not complaining, this is something important you and I must understand, if we do not complain concerning the calamities and hardships that allowed social has decreed for us, if we do not complain, and do not speak negative words, complaining against a law, or seeing words that contradict our faith and contradict the other, for example, saying, why me law, why did he give me the sickness? Why did they take my child away? All these words negate patience, you are not patient, when you see words like this. So how do you remain

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patient in the face of calamities, by refraining from seeing or doing anything that allows so shall has fajitas from the and then seeing in Lila, what in LA here or your own luck? Well, this is the word to be said. When you are facing any calamity, any hardship, any difficulty in life, loss aversion, he mentions a list of calamities that can happen to a person after this list of calamities, he said and give good news to the patient ones, how are we going to be patient? Well, he said, whenever a hardship strikes them, what affects them, all they say, in daily life or in La Jolla is your own. ask Allah see a banner. This is a poetic drive, as I told you, or banner after

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Ali now sabalan Allah drenches and pour upon his patients. Look how beautiful this word is afraid Allina sabalan a thrill. It's like you have a bottle in your hand and you're pouring you're emptying and you're seeing Allah shower me with patients pour upon me patients drench me with patients. I want to have patients in my eyes, in my ears, in my tongue on my hand, my body everywhere. I want to have patience. You want patients in your eyes so that you don't look at the how long you want patients in your ears so that you don't hear what's how long. It is only one life you're going to live one law one life and you're going to live in that now you'll lose your home, they will never

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ever come back to it. You will never ever come back to this over the life. It is one chance Yeah, one and only chance do what is pleasing to Allah. And then there is your knifes and there is the evil whispering of the shape on there is what you're supposed to fight, fight that evil whispering of a ship on the best words that would get rid of the evil whispering of a shaper is out to be legging in a shape on your regime. That that's the best word to keep up a fight with the shaper and Vicar Allah subhanho wa Taala it would keep the shape on is pressure upon you alone. And as a result your nerves can rise. And you can experience patients upon worship patients concerning the sins

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whenever you're tempted by a sin to just give in easily to all yourself back. If after a long fight, you fall in the sin. immediately get up turn to Allah make it over and move on. Make it over to a hustler and move on. So you can replace that sin with a good deed. Don't sit back worried and all depressed and cannot move on in life. Don't do that. And then whenever whenever you are struck by a calamity relax Allah reward me si se llama Jordan if you will see that. Allah reward me for this patient for this calamity I'm going through Allah home there. Jordan the female sweetie walk lovely higher. Amina and Allah replace this calamity with something better. This is patients in the face of

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