Muhammad Alshareef – Myth Debunked! Business isn’t for Women #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 describes a woman who owned a shopping center and hired General Manifolders and prophets from Islam's alpha guard to win the province of Aladdin. She spent her money to take care of the shopping center and went on to win the province of Aladdin, where she held a title as a boss.
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Of course, you know, the Prophet said a lot. He said I'm married Khadija who had her own shopping caravan, and she owned the whole shopping store. And she hired general managers for her shopping center. And she hired the prophets of Allah Islam from the Sierra, and she spent her money to win the province of Aladdin cinema would go up into the mountain and hit up she would spend her money to take care of the provinces because she was a boss like

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