Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 243E Tafsir Al-Zumar 47-52

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the punishment of a person who refuses to give up on their promises to free themselves from the Day of Judgment. The punishment is not complete freedom, but it is a price that can be paid. The importance of remembering past actions and events to avoid future similar mistakes is emphasized. blessings are seen as a form of control and a natural quality for success, with the ultimate goal of being proud of one's behavior. The conversation also touches on the negative consequences of actions and deeds, including negative health, family, and money, and the importance of giving something and knowing the consequences of doing things like drinking.
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Well, no and if Anna indeed Lavina, for those who watch them all they have done wrong.

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If for those people who have done wrong, if Murphy Irby, if they had whatever is in the earth, Gem eon altogether, meaning entirely everything that is within the earth, all of its treasures, everything will Mithila who, and along with it Mithila, who it's equivalent, it's like my home with it. So in other words, if they had the world, and everything within it, and in addition to that,

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in addition to that, the world and everything in it to the world and everything in it, double twice. If they had so much on the Day of Judgment, what would they do? Love the dough, surely they would run some be with it. From what men from Sue in either evil punishment. When yo Malkia AMA on the Day of Judgment, they would offer all of these treasures, in order to ransom themselves from the evil punishment on the Day of Judgment. The word left though, is from the word Vidya fat Dahlia. And Vidya is to offer something in order to ransom oneself to give something in order to free oneself. Okay. Like, for example, a person is arrested for some crime, alright, and they're released on bail.

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Okay, what is that bill? Under $1,000, maybe $50,000. Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more. But that is also not complete freedom. You understand it's not complete freedom, there just lead out of the prison with a lot of restrictions. But they have to offer a hefty price, isn't it? And yet, the freedom is not guaranteed. We see that on the Day of Judgment, a person would be willing to offer 200% of the world and all of its treasures, not just 100% but 200%, because it's twice

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what is this show? Firstly, it shows how terrible the punishment is that a person would offer anything and everything to free himself, so much more than we learned a person would be willing to offer his own family, even his own children, even his own parents, even in this life, what happens? A person risks their own life, their own money, their own well being for the safety of their family, but on the day of judgment, each person will become selfish. Why? Because the punishment is real. The punishment is terrible. Laughter Don't be he mean, Sue in either be human piano. But will this be accepted? No, it won't be accepted. So much so that we learn that even if a person were to offer

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the Earths fill in gold, it will not be accepted. So imagine if everything we know we see is gold, and that is what a person offers to free himself from the day of judgment, will it free him? No, it will not free him. Because the currency of the Hereafter is not this dunya it's not the things of this world. It's not gold and silver. It's not dollars and bounds. It's not the things of this world the currency of the Hereafter of the Day of Judgment is Iman and Ahmed salah. It is the correct faith and correct deeds. If a person does not bring that currency on the Day of Judgment, that no matter what he offers, it will not be accepted from him. In surah, earlier Milan i a 91. Allah

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Subhana Allah says in AlLadhina cafardo will matter to will Hong Kong fountain FileIO cobalamin AHA de Mille early the harbor, those who deny and they die in that state of denial, then even the Earth's fill in gold will not be accepted from them. When a with the derby even if a person were to offer all of this to ransom himself, whether than a home whether that and it will become apparent that that while blue, it's basically used for the idea is desert. Why because everything is open and visible in the desert you can't hide anywhere. Even if a person is miles and miles away. They can be seen from from a huge distance right? Likewise if there's a tree and Oasis, anything within the

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desert, it's visible there's no place to hide. So by that, it will become apparent manifest it will no longer remain hidden the home for them mean Allah from Allah. What will become apparent to them what will come right in their face so such that it's unavoidable, man that which lum you're cool no

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They never used to your to see boom, they expect

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something will come to them from Allah what they never ever expected the word yet does he boon from hacienda. If the sap is to anticipate to expect to imagine to take something into consideration, when is it that you expect something? You take it into consideration? When you have some idea that maybe you know it might happen? You have some faith, some knowledge, that yes, this may happen, but my lamb yaku Yatta seabone they never expected that this is what they would receive from Allah in the hereafter. Now what is it, which will appear to them on that day, which they never expected? It's not mentioned over here, but it's obvious it's referring to the punishment. It's referring to

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the punishment, such punishment, such judgment, such disgrace, such severe reckoning that they never imagined. They never expected. Why did they never expect because they didn't believe in the hereafter. They didn't really think it was a reality. They didn't really believe in the reality of the consequences of their deeds. They thought it was just stories, just some ideas, they denied it. And so on the Day of Judgment, all of this will come to them as a surprise my lemmya Kunal Yatta, see Boon whether there are home whether the and it will become apparent the home for them, what will appear to them, say he had two evils say he add plan of the word say yeah. And remember that the

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word say he refers to sin as well as the consequence of sin, because both are evil. disobedience to Allah, no matter what shape or form it is in it is evil.

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And its consequences are also evil. So whoever Darla whom say ye are to, the evils will appear to them, which evils Makka Sabu, which they had earned,

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meaning their sins, their deeds, will appear right before them. So they will not be able to deny what happens in this life. We do certain actions and we forget about them completely.

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You know, we speak to someone in a certain way, or we behave in a certain way. And then five years later, we meet somebody and they're like you remember, remember what happened that day? Remember what happened in school? Remember how we did this. And we did that? And you're like, Yeah, I had completely forgotten about it. This is our reality. We commit sins and we forget them. whatever actions we do, we forget them. But just because we have forgotten them doesn't mean that they're not there anymore. This is why it's so important that we ask Allah to forgive us for sins, that we know often also the sins that we don't know off, since that we have committed, and we remember them and

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also sins that we have committed, and we have forgotten them, since that we committed deliberately and sins that we committed by accident, because otherwise, everything is becoming apparent to about $1, whom say, he added to my Casa boo, they earned them and those sins will appear before them. And this refers to every small and big sin will be displayed in front of them, and the evil consequences of their deeds will also come right before them. Well, how can I be him? And it will surround them Mercan will be he Yes. Does he own that which they used to ridicule? And what is it that they would really kill the punishment the hereafter the Day of Judgment, the reckoning paradise, * set off

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all of the matters related to the hereafter. There are many people who, out of denial or out of doubt they market them. And the same thing that they used to mock it is going to come in front of them, it's going to surround them half out what does happen, I mean health is to surround and descend close in him in so that there is no escape for a person. So Well, how could be him? Can we yesterday own. Earlier in the Surah we learned about going to sleep and then waking up. Right? And the fact that when a person goes to sleep, then their soul is taken. And when a person wakes up, it's because Allah subhanaw taala returned that soul to them. So today while we're alive, we're

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awake we have that freedom, and on waking up from sleep. Sometimes we do whatever we please. And we misuse the freedom that allows punctata has given us but on the day of judgment when people will wake up from their final sleep there is no freedom then how can we him the reality of our deeds will come before us. Today we don't see the result of our deeds but tomorrow we will see it. The veil will be removed. Just as we learned that the reward is such that no person knows about it. Fella talamona Have some Melfi Allah home in karate, are you in through the surgery we learned that the reward in general is such that they

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Emerson knows about it, because it's hidden from our eyes, it's hidden from our ears. It's hidden, we cannot perceive it, we cannot reach it. It's a surprise. Likewise, the punishment is also such intellectual piano is 13. Allah subhanaw taala says you never will insane who you might even be my dharma. Well, that day a person will be informed about that which he sent ahead, and that which he delayed for either. So when must sell in Santa, it touches man, what touches men will run some harm, some poverty, some illness, some worry, what does he do? The honor, he calls upon us, he calls us for relief for help. Sama then either when her well now who we bestow on him, and remember the word

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how well now who, what kind of favor is this, what kind of a blessing is this, it is to give something and also give control over it. Remember, I gave you the example of there are things that we use up and then there's things that we use, right? So how well now who, meaning we give him authority over the things over that gift also, right? And how wanna is also to give something completely as favor, not because the other was deserving of it. But out of complete favor upon them, it is given. Like, for example, if a person has a child, what did they do to deserve that child?

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if a person gets a family, who was very loving, who was very wealthy, every need is met every, you know, feeling is addressed, then what has the child done to receive that blessing. When it comes to health, when it comes to our body, our height,

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the condition that our body is in the good condition that it is in, like, for example, if a person has a food allergy, that's difficult, but if a person has no allergies whatsoever, what have they done to accomplish that? You understand what I mean? I mean, people try to take credit, they're like, You know what, we're very careful about what we eat. You know, only this and this, and never this and this. Yeah. And there are people who perhaps take more care of their bodies than you but still there are afflicted with certain trials. And there are other people who don't take care of their body and they have no problems whatsoever, isn't it? This doesn't mean that we don't use the

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means that Allah has given us of course we do, to improve our condition to take care of ourselves. But we must also realize that we have, on our part, that nothing to say that we deserve the blessings that Allah has given us, especially after some difficulty.

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Because for either muscle inside of the room, when he's afflicted with some harm, Donna, he calls upon us some might either her will now who we get him completely out of favor, near mutton, a blessing Mina from ourselves.

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Allah he says, so the blessing was given to him out of pure kindness from Allah subhanaw taala. But what is the reaction of this person? God Allah, He says, In NAMA, indeed only ot to who I was given it, Allah Illman upon knowledge, I was given this due to knowledge, whose knowledge, my knowledge, I knew it. I knew it. I knew that I was deserving of it. Of course, I should have received it. This should have happened. This should have come my way. It was about time anyway. In nama odd who Allah, Elman, or my knowledge as in my skill, my ability, my work my efforts, I was given this because of me. This is what he says, I am deserving of it. I worked hard for it. So in other words, he's taking

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credit for it. He's not really thanking Allah. Allah says bail rather here it is fitting out on a test. Well, I can throw home layer on the moon, but most of them meaning most of mankind do not know. What do they not know the reality of blessings? What does Allah subhanaw taala call a blessing over here, Bill here.

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Bill here. Fitna tone.

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So in reality, every blessing is a

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what is it? It's a fitna. It's a test what fitna a screw up for? Am I going to be grateful? Or am I going to be ungrateful?

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It's amazing how when we receive some blessing, we get so deceived by it. So deceived by that. At the beginning, we're so happy and excited. But within a few moments, or within a few days, we start complaining about it. Right? Firstly, we think we're the best because we have this. I have something you don't have. Right? We start to boast about it within ourselves. And then after some time, we start complaining about it and we wish we had something else or

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something better. This is all forms of ingratitude. I mean, this is how this world is no matter what you have, there's always a possibility of having something better, isn't it?

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So we have to realize that the blessing that we have is not, you know, the end of everything? No, it's a test. It's something that we have temporarily. And what is being examined is our behavior, because that blessing is it going to expire after some time or not? It's going to expire. Either it's going to finish or it's going to be out of date, or there's going to be a newer version, newer model, whatever it is, or our likes and dislikes will change. Our preferences will change, our needs will change, our desires will change. So blessings in this world are not eternal.

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You understand? They're not everlasting. So it's not the thing which matters. What matters is our behavior. Bell here fitna tune and Allah says well I kin ACARA home layer or moon, most of them do not know. Hug. Certainly, Allah He said it said what the statement that in nama ot to Allah in that I was given this blessing due to knowledge. The same statement Allah says somebody else said it before. Who Alladhina man probably him those before them. Who said it? Do you remember anybody? In the Quran we learned about a particular man who was given a whole lot of money. He was very wealthy. And when his people said don't show off?

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What did he say that I was given this because of me? Who was that? karoun we learned in two classes at the end of pseudo classes. So the same statement alidium and copy him. They also said it and what happened when they took credit for their blessings. When they became arrogant when they didn't thank Allah, they failed that fitna. They forgot the giver

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from us or not, oh, now it availed on home from them. Matt, can we xe boon that which they used to earn, meaning what they had earned? What is it that they had earned?

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Their actions? Right, their arrogance, they're showing off their pride. They're saying, Oh, I got this myself. It's my effort. I deserve this. None of these things help them did their knowledge protect.

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Our own for example, he said I got this because of my own knowledge. Right. So then did his knowledge protect him from sinking into the earth? No, it didn't protect him. Was he able to preserve His blessings know he lost them into the office is 78 willerton karoun. He said the exact same thing called in nama ot to Allah Illman are in the sort of castles is 78 But Allah says, For now now I'm Houma. Can we actually bone, their money, their knowledge, nothing helped them for Assad at home, then it reached them what reach them say he add two evils Makka, Cebu, which they had earned, meaning, so he asked refers to over here the evil consequences of their actions, the

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punishment in other words, it sees them, it reached them. And this is notice the plural over here. So it's not just our own, who is being spoken of because Arun was not the only man who said such a statement. There are many people in the past and and today who say similar statements. So for Osama Ahimsa he added to my Casa boo, what happened to karoun he was swallowed by the Earth, while Levine of Walla mu and those who have done loom minha hula Ephraim these people who were the first people who were addressed in the Quran, it's the people of Makkah. So those who have done loan amongst them meaning the college the people of Makkah, say you Cebu home, it will also reach them what will also

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reach them say to my Casa boo the evils of what they have acquired, meaning the evil consequences of their sins will also reach them on our home be more cheesin and they cannot at all cause failure. Why am I not home there be at all merges in ones who cause failure, want to out run? So they cannot cause failure to Allah's plan at all? And to us was at one we learn about Qarun what happened to him for herself now be will be daddy Allah, from a cannula whom and fear Tinian Soluna home in dunya Allah wa Academy No, Montes leading the earth swallowed him, and it also swallowed his doubt his home

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and no group could help him and he could not help himself either.

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So an example of history is given. And then Warren

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is given, that if you receive blessings from Allah and you forget him, you show arrogance towards him. What do you think is going to happen to you?

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What do you think is going to happen? You know, it's as if a threat is being given. When Lavina Wallah moment how Allah II say you see boom, say to Monica Cebu welcome be more chizine What's the lesson in all of these verses? That the end of arrogance is horrible? It just doesn't benefit people. It just does not benefit us to feel proud to behave perfectly. Neither with people and especially not with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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welcome ya allah mu, I will let them do that not your normal day. No.

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And Allah that indeed Allah Yep, SUTA Visca he extends the provision. Li Mejia Shah for whomsoever He wills way up with it. And he also restricts, don't they know that if they get a lot of provision in this world, or if they get limited amounts of it? This is because of who this is whose decision it allows decision.

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Because it's amazing. You know, no matter how much we know about this fact, what happens to us if somebody has less than what we have, we start thinking they must have done something wrong. We have more we start thinking I must be doing a lot of good things. It's amazing. We get so deceived by these things. And Allah says Don't they know that it's Allah Who extends provision and he restricts it for whomsoever He wills in the field VALIC Allah yet Lee call me You mean on Indeed in that assuredly signs for people who believe so real power rests with Allah not with our knowledge with our abilities. If we have wealth if we have certain blessings today, it is Allah who gave it to us

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so we should know our place blessings are a test they're not for enjoyment as blessings increase the test also increases we think it is in arm but Allah tells us it is empty hand so we must view blessings in the same way also not deceived by them. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses well

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whole after there will be there will be

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a lot of MLM Yeppoon

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we're happy to

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be here

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or do you

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believe it's natural working

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on ay the otter

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the Elsa the homeroom say guess what

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Polly me

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me you know

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Hello and evil

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it's pentacle lobby handmake Illa illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to booty

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