Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 243D Tafsir Al-Zumar 42-46

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of death is discussed in various ways, including the use of words like "has" and "will" to describe the process of death. The importance of sleep and being present during waking up to live a fresh life is also emphasized. The use of the word "the" in various context, including religious beliefs and the importance of mentioning idols, is also discussed. The importance of unity and the need for people to be aware of their differences in love is also emphasized.
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Allahu Allah yet our file anfis

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He takes the souls yet our FDA welfare yeah the Wi Fi is

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to take something to take something in full receive it in full and the word is also used for death. So Allah takes Uncas unforced florid of the word knifes. Allah takes the souls Sheena motiva at the time of their death. Meaning when people die, their souls are taken by who? Allah subhanaw taala years old, don't wander around, know the soul is taken by Allah. One Leti and the one who willing the soul the person which longterm words does not die, meaning the person who has not died yet.

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Then their soul is taken when female anatomy her in its sleep, when am noon while meme gnome is sleep Manam is also another word that's used for sleep, it's a Muslim, state of sleeping.

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So those who sold her not taken any who have not died yet, still, Allah subhanaw taala takes their souls at the time when they go to sleep. So the person was alive. He's still living, when he goes to sleep, his soul is taken, taken away by Allah.

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So the courts in sleep, and this is why sleep is called the sister of death. Because just like when a person is dead, he's laying down.

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When a person is sleeping, without laying down.

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Even if a person is sleeping on the couch, sitting

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somehow is in a you know, back is reclining head to somewhere head is falling. Isn't what happens when you're really sleepy. In class, sitting in your head drops and you pick it up. It's like your head last life so it drops. You understand, just like a dead person, a person who's just died, what happens lifeless fall when steep overcomes a person he also falls he's just laying there. When a person is dead, he doesn't talk he doesn't eat he doesn't walk around or things like that. And likewise when a person is sleeping is the same.

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So when Lottie lung cannot FIM and Neha their souls are taken in their sleep, for whom SQL then he keeps meaning he retains, he does not release, he does not send back who allottee the one who cover he has decreed I lay her on it and know that the depth

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those asleep their souls are taken, right? And then what happens when a person wakes up? How does he wake up the soul is returned to the body.

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Understand this always return to the body, but those for whom death is decreed what happens. Yom siko, Allah keeps the soul meaning he doesn't send it back to the body. So a person doesn't wake up, he dies in his sleep.

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While you're silho and he sends an aura, the others being there are others who wake up after

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they have slept. Why? Because your souls are returned. But Until when will they stay awake until when will they stay alive? Isla until a jelly Musa are a fixed term. They're not going to stay alive forever. Their time will also expire someday. In Aveda, Lika indeed, and that, that I actually signs live call me at a karoun for people who reflect

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what is this is teaching us. Sleep is like death.

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And sleep must remind us off death. And just as a person has no control over his life. You know, death comes when it comes life is taken away when Allah decides. And this is something that we can understand by how we fall asleep.

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Do you ever sit there watching the clock saying I'm gonna fall asleep at 931

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and you're staring at a 930 when you close your eyes and you're sleeping? No. You try your best but maybe you'll fall asleep before that or after that you don't have control over your sleep. It comes sometimes without most of the time without even your control. Yes, you have that intention you're trying.

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But it comes and it goes without your control. And this is how life is who has real control over us. Allah Subhan Allah

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and this is something that we are reminded of every day when we fall asleep and when we wake up

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and sleep is like that.

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And sleep should remind us of death. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that when any one of you go to bed you should take out his basically dusk his bed with the part of his clothes, right at that time people would wear loose sheets around their bodies. So he said a part of the waste sheet. He should take that and just that with it. Why? Because he doesn't know what has come into it after him eating when you left it in the morning you don't know what has come inside it while you've been away. And we might think well we live in Canada windows are closed. Spiders in your house, don't you?

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The other day some lady was in my room. Where did this come from? Firstly, it's cold, still cold. And secondly, how did it get inside? Alright, so this is part of the Sunnah and something that the Prophet saw a lot of them talk is that when you go to bed make sure that you hear to check you know does the bed does the blanket that's the pillow this should be a part of habit. bedtime routine. And he said that then he should say this sneaker be regard to Jim the word because

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in an SEC the NFC for him her. We're in our Santa

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fina, fall will be very bad across Florida. This is also one of the daughters of the prophets on Madison Park. And what does it mean? This may not be in your name, my Lord well God to Giambi, I place my site will be called Pharaoh who and with your name I will rise again in am sucked enough. See, if you keep my soul in you don't let me wake up, if that has decreed for me in the sleep for him her that have mercy on my soul. We're in our cell data and if you send it back, meaning you allow me to wake up and live another day, follow her then guard it protect me be mad, I will be here that the kosali Hain with that which you protect your righteous servants with. So this is the art of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say he taught us a dog and we can say before sleeping. Another thing we see in this ayah is that each time we wake up from sleep, it's as if we have been given a new life. It's as if we have been given another chance. And really, if you reflect on this,

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you go to sleep you're tired, exhausted in your body. Right? You wake up refreshed, like a fresh start. Your brain is tired at night, it's difficult to even carry a conversation, which is why many times we fall asleep midway through a sentence.

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And what happens when you wake up, mind is fresh, alert. Right? Body is refreshed, mind is refreshed. You got a fresh start. Each time we wake up it's as if we've been given another chance. So each day should be received with gratitude. And it should be used in the best way also. This is why upon waking up the Prophet saw a lot of seven Papas that we should say something and what is that hamdulillah hymnody Jana Barden and Atlanta or LA initio another dua is handled in LA Hila Dr. Fanny fee just said, Oh praise to Allah who has granted me well being in my body what Dahlia Wushi and returned my soul to me what additionally victory and allowed me to remember him

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allowed me to remember him.

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From where you can get these doors, you have Android or Apple phone, you can get all the apps. So there is an app dedicated for this doors for sleeping and waking up. Right. That's one of the best ways there's so many more doors also, if you're having difficulty falling asleep to start seeing the glass, you will fall asleep in no time. And in the morning also, the waking up laws also are there. Somebody gave this gift to me. It's a cube right. And

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it used to have

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laws for sleeping.

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So on this cube on one side, there was sort of NASS certain follow up. So the flats and another dua along with the Supermoto here, I wanted to take it a step further. So I printed out some laws, which are these ones and more, and I stuck them on the sides. So the sooner before sleeping boss before sleeping, and then two hours before sleeping are here. And the block of waking up is here.

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So on your night table if you have something like this, firstly, it's a good reminder. Secondly, it looks nice. And thirdly, the thing is that on your phone, no matter how many laws you have, when you turn your phone on in the morning, what are you going to see the app that you're supposed to open are the 100 and something messages that you're supposed to read

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You're gonna get distracted, isn't it. So I always encourage, to ask on a separate thing other than your phone.

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You know, if you do something like this, I remember my mom, she had a card in which she had handwritten the doors that she would say before sleeping, right. And that card was on her night table. Also, when you see it on your night table, it becomes part of your routine, you don't leave it there, you're not going to remember to go to your study. And you know, open up your bag, and you know, from some book or some shelf, you get that card and you read those laws, and you go back to that will keep it where you have to read it. Right. So maybe you could open up that app, write down those laws, by hand, on a piece of paper, on a card, be creative, I would give you this, but then I

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wouldn't have anything. But I brought this to show you be creative. And a little girl made this for me, actually. So I really loved it. And I love the idea. But I wanted this to benefit me more so I could continue to use it and learn from it. And that's why I put different laws on it now, so that I can also develop that habit. So be creative. We have such things laying around our houses, we don't know what to do with them. You know, even when it comes to art or decoration, it should be useful.

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Right? It should be something that that we are benefiting from.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say this dua in the morning on waking up. And this is what this is teaching us that at night when we're going to sleep it as if we are dying along with this mica a mood to write. And then in the morning when we wake up, it's as if we have been given another chance. Instead of 60 Allah's Pentagon says, Well, we're lucky, you have to AFAC On Belay. lelee, where your alarm will merge to dinner, how is the one who takes you by night and he knows what you do by day.

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And, of course, this is a big reminder of the fact that life is limited. We don't know when will be our last that time routine. And when is the last time that we're going to wake up and of course, this is also proof of resurrection. That if every day we fall asleep and we wake up again, when a person has died Allah subhanaw taala can definitely bring them back to life again, whenever he wants. Um Or it Doha do they have taken Linoone Allah He besides Allah chufa intercessors, Shiva or Allah Shafia

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This is a must power each and every person. Allah takes their soul, Allah sends it back, or if he wants, he doesn't send it back.

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But what have people done, they have taken others as Schufa as intercessors.

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To fear who is intercessor someone who was adopted as a middleman, right as as a middle person, someone to intercede for you make a request for you because you're not able to yourself because of your low status, your low position.

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So you have somebody else make a request for you. I mean, the other woman doula issue VA, it's a question a rhetorical question. And in this is reproach have they taken Schufa besides Allah, why? Why have they done this? What proof do they have?

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Oh, say I will know what an F meaning even you will adopt them as Schufa even if can who they were meaning these shofar are such that now young Licona Cheyenne, they do not overthink one hierarchy alone and they do not reason you will still have the Mustafa you will still go and pray to them so that they can take your requests forward. When the fact is that these people, these beings, these creatures, they don't own anything. They have no power, no authority and layer alone. They do not even reason meaning they don't have reason they're inanimate objects. They don't even understand that you are begging them. They don't even understand what you're saying to them what your requests

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All c'est la vie for Allah is a chef ah to the intercession, Jamia an entirely all intercession belongs to him. What does this mean?

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Allah intercedes No way.

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What this means is that all intercession is under Allah's control.

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It's under Allah's authority.

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an intercessor can never supersede

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Allah azza wa jal.

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You understand you

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You know, in some cultures where there is this belief that you have a problem, you may go to the Prophet sallallahu. Or you may go to some saint or something like that.

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There is so much of Hulu, so much exaggeration. It's sad that eventually we'll begin to believe that the province on Watson has more power than UCLA.

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Yes, I've heard this myself. In poetry, which is sung in the praise of the prophets of Allah.

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If Allah catches somebody, hold somebody accountable. Muhammad salallahu Salam, and release him, meaning he can have him set free, one that cup Accra. And if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam hold somebody accountable, no one can release them.

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You understand?

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You understand what's happening when we're

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more control and authority is being given to Schufa Allah says LilLah his shefa to Jamia all shefa is under Allah's control. No one can intercede without his permission. The right to allow intercession is with who Allah. No one can intercede without his permission. So I get stuck in the intercessors and forget Allah. And what's the purpose of Shiva anyway? You reach Allah so reach him directly. Now Homolka Sunnah wa T will help to Him belongs dominion of the heavens and the earth. Psalm la he told your own unto Him you shall be returned. This is how much control Allah has over you, you belong to Him, and to Him you shall return. Now, intercession is a reality.

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It is a reality. There are many a hadith and verses of the Quran that show that yes, intercession shall take place in the day of judgment, but there are some conditions. And the first and foremost condition is that no one can intercede unless and until Allah will allow the man the leather Yes, Pharaoh in the hall in the evening in sortal mbi a 28. Also Allah says Well, I ash Corona in Lima near tabla, another condition is mentioned that they cannot intercede for anyone except for whom that Allah approves off. So, first the intercessor must have permission. And secondly, the one that he is interceding for must also have permission he must also be eligible for that CIF Ah

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right. So judgment is the right of Allah, He will judge between people and the intercessors they cannot be relied upon

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what either and when the look here Allahu Allah is mentioned What the Who him alone, on only Allah is mentioned somewhere in the sense that idols are not mentioned over there are their saints and their righteous and their only are not mentioned over there. What happens

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is schema as

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some people they get upset, they say Why is only Allah mentioned you should also mention our idols, you should also mention others.

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And we get so upset that Ishmael Ishmael as achine memes a chance for chumps. She means a

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chance is when the soul shrinks with a version or dislike

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if you find yourself caving in and you know shrinking, almost drinking, with so much disgust and dislike, you don't want to be there. You don't want to hear it bothers you so much. feel tight inside.

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And the Shamas or watch who is when someone's face changes out of anger.

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They're so upset inside that out of anger their face, it's changing the color, the expression, whatever it's changing, and Isha Aza over here Ishmael Kulu The hearts are filled with disgust,

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filled with dislike and hate,

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does if the anger and the dislike and the aversion is visible on the faces of who and leadin Allah you may know nothing. Those who do not believe in the hereafter. What either and when leukemia is mentioned who and Medina mon Dooney, those besides him, either whom your steps you don't like once they rejoice, they become so happy.

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What do we see over here are some people who get upset when only Allah is mentioned. And if idols I mentioned, like a very happy

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so in other words, they're not happy, the dimension of the heap and they're so unhappy that they cannot contend to hit within it just comes out

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What does this prove?

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What do they really love?

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What do they really love? Is it Allah or somebody else, somebody else, they love their idols so much there they have such extreme level of love and respect and adoration for them. That as long as they're mentioned, they're happy.

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When so hate as mentioned, they become upset.

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So soft fat 35 you learn in the home? Can we eat Akela HomeNet Illa Illa Allah, yes, duck, behold, when they were told La ilaha illallah they were arrogant.

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Right, it will become upset because they have more love for their idols, and they feel that their idols their gods are not mentioned and they're being disrespected.

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Same thing.

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The belief started as Shifra right? So much exaggeration that the level became greater than Allah and now that is being practically demonstrated that if Allah alone has mentioned they get upset why because they feel that their Shiva are not being respected enough if they're not mentioned. So the must be mentioned everywhere.

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So they get upset.

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And sort of sad we learn one Thala con man or woman whom an issue they got so angry, they said get up and let's go. And let's leave. We don't like this though. He thought he'd only law a law in the law.

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Isn't a chocolate. It's something that's very real. It happens. It's amazing how many different things of this world can be mentioned people are happy. Oh, Quran as mentioned, Allah isn't mentioned.

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He talked with something else now.

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Tell me something else. So what's up? What else is going on? It's as if, when Allah is mentioned, it's not satisfying, you know.

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And sadly, it's such that the mention of God literally angers some people

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and the mention of one God angers them even more.

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We need to think about ourselves.

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When am I happy? When am I sad? rather upset, when am I happy when Allah is mentioned?

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Or when something else must be mentioned? That is what will please me? Because this is a criteria of Eman Alladhina ly, you may know Nabil Akka. Those who don't believe in the hereafter they get upset. So those who believe in the hereafter when Allah is mentioned, they rejoice.

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Let's end with the following I hold say Allah Houma. Oh Allah, foul to a summer work you will, originator Creator of the heavens and the earth Alima LaVey was shahada Knower of the unseen and the witnessed and Kuhmo you shall judge binary Baddeck between your servants, Fi man concerning that which can who they used to feel the energy of telephones they used to defer.

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Well, Allah, creator of the heavens and the earth, one who knows the hidden and the visible, hidden and visible by for example, the love or the hatred that a person has in his heart is that hidden or visible, it's hidden, right? And what is visible, sometimes that hate is so much that it becomes visible on the face, each man has the right person is gonna contain the hatred, it just becomes visible. So I'll leave you a Shahada. Allah knows the hidden and the visible, and como binary Baddeck, you will judge between your servants concerning that which they use to differ. You see the differences in love, any one person loves. One being another person loves another, it is something

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that creates disunity. But at the center of love is one that there will be unity. Check. Different masters different gods what does that lead to this unity? And Phil hate? What does that lead to? Unity.

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And when it comes to matters of religion, you see that in general, people are very divided. Even within the same religion, the same must have what happens people are divided. In fact, opinions vary from person to person. And at times you find yourself agreeing and other times you find yourself disagreeing and other times you find yourself in total confusion. What to do say this

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antithetical more binary Vladika female can or fee here 34 And we see that the Prophet salallahu Salam used to say this in his law in the hajj it also when he would stand up in prayer at night, he would start his Tahajjud prayer with this. Allahu Akbar God that will mica either way, so if you thought that was Sinhala, you will have it will leave your shahada and that that Cobain or that because Hema McConnell. He asked anything and he would continue he would say Benny Lima to leave a female happy ethnic guide me concerning which people differ

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The truth meeting guide me to the truth in NACA demon to show

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you guidance you have a you will to design and the store is available on a cart. Dubois cart in the bookstore presentation of these is

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a long way Adela

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SQL COBOL remoto you will see an order on

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Hakuna che

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top Joung

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were either to kill

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them or

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were either Nokia

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do knee

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last summer Do you want to Leon Iman will you be with that

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