On whose Earth are you walking arrogantly?

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Allah has told us a reality in the Quran he said what? He said, Well, last time she fell out of the model he said, Don't walk on this earth as a as one who is displaying arrogance.

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Don't walk on this earth Allah saying this. The funny thing is, whose Earth is it?

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Whose Earth is it?

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congress who says,

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Allah says,

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Now imagine somebody comes to your house.

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You say to him, Look, come in my house, man. Yeah, man, you stay home and stay home and

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say, don't worry about and stay or stay.

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Yeah, you give him your food. He's telling you that your fridge is his fridge. You tell him he can eat wherever he wants. You tell him your bed or bedroom, you've given him his his bedroom, you make him part of your house. You tell him anytime he needs anything just to call you or call your you know, one of the people in the house. And basically it's his right, so he stays in your house. And you know he does.

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By staying in your house, this guy who's your friend came in your house, he's sleeping on your mattress that you provided, he's having a shower, and you know, with a bill that you're paying, you're paying the bills for this. And then he's eating in your house. He's walking on your ground. And then he basically walks on your ground in your house. And he says, Man, I could do what I want Hana. I could do what I want here. And he starts to treat your house like his house and he doesn't recognize you. As the as the one who owns this house. Imagine someone did that to you. What would you guys do? Tell me?

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Oh, do you guys do the guys basically running your house? Like Like, like, is you or do you do

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kick him out right? If you didn't get him out?

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Now, imagine you're just letting him roam around for a little while. Whose house it is? It's your house. If you want to kick him out. You can kick him out. The point my brother's is my sister's is whose Earth is it? The earth we all do law a law school does his Earth. Allah looking down on us? And some of us on this earth are like all eyes on me. You know, I'm living the big life. I'm living the life. We're trying to get this attention on ourselves and we forget that earth belongs to Allah. How dare I

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eat from a last Earth walk and allows Earth drink from Allah's earth and the rivers and waters and rainwater supplied? How arrogant Am I to do all of that? And to feel that I'm living the life when the place belongs to Allah and Allah stole is now put on. Don't do that. Don't walk on my ground, arrogant in front of me. And Aladdin ads This is in Surah number 17 and number 37 Allah says one last time she flew out of the Maha iNec Atlanta howdy pal.

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Allah said no matter how you know how some people do become arrogant and they stamp the feet and they walk, the stamping the ground, boom, boom, boom, boom. Similar, you know some of the swing their arms on a swing their arms, bang their feet on the ground, like they walk like you know, puffed up, they even puff their cheeks up. Allah said no lucara to side hudec linas Allah said don't puff your cheeks Allah.

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Allah Allah move the jaws apart to make them the mouth look a bit bigger.

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Yeah, yes or no guys, God. Yeah. The puffy cheeks are

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just Tessa, Allah talks about all of this neuron.

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But I have this arrogance and the lesson Abidjan, eBay, like he swings his arms while he walks. One is is walking on my ground. Second is that he's stomping the ground. Third is he's got his cheeks puffed up. And he's walking arrogantly. Why? Because he wants the attention of people.

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And Allah azza wa jal, you know, in front of Allah, he does all of this. Allah says to him, and this is the Quran in surah 17 and number 37 losses in neck Atlanta.

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Allah said, no matter how heartily you walk on my ground, you will not be able to rip the earth beneath your feet. Have you ever seen a man who walks

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Underground. And as he's walking on the ground, he's actually tearing the ground beneath him as he's walking. I've ever seen a guy who's doing that. I've seen the guy doing that. He doesn't do that. No. Allah says you won't be able to tear the ground beneath you. While and you think what you're big as in life, you know, you're trying to put your chest out, you're trying to look make yourself big and tall and mighty. Allah says, well, oh, look, I've created other things here. Allah says, Well, I'm Tablo gol de Bella coola. You will not be able to be as tall as the mountains that I've created. You will be tough. You have to look at the mountains afraid the tougher the new guy.

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There's a big message in here guys. Allah saying my mountain I created that just sitting there doing nothing. Yeah, that mountain is tougher than you. That mountain is taller than you don't think you're going to get as tough as the mountain that I've created. You think you're solid, you think you you think you're tough? or trying to move a mountain

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climbing a mountain, you can't move a mountain but you should know that that mountain is nothing to me. It's nothing to me.

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Allah will make imagine this. Allah will make the mountains when he orders his Rafi alayhis salam, and it tells him to blow into the hole. When he blows into the horn.

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Allah will make the mountains fly across the sky.

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Through that sound, you can imagine how how loud that sound is and how catastrophic it's going to be. And Allah telling me this man, you walk arrogant on my Earth, I don't think you're going to be as tall as the mountain. I don't think you're gonna rip the earth. Allah saying in Allah holla. You hibou Colombo Tallinn for whom Allah says, I don't like the one who expresses his arrogance through his actions. And I don't like the one who expresses his arrogance to through his tongue and tries to talk proudly of himself. You know why Allah doesn't like it? chalon so I'm gonna answer that and I'm gonna fake it. Can anyone tell me why Allah doesn't like any human being to express their arrogance

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through their body language? Or through the mouth? Can anyone tell me?

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Don't tell me.

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Anyone else? Anyone else? Okay, anyone else?

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Anyone else?

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Thank you, who gave you that body? Take his name one.

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Take his name validate. Who gave you the strength? I say loudly who gave the strength? Who gave you the beauty? Who gave you the intelligence? Who gave you the money? Who gave the education Who gave you the ability to be so agile? Who gave you the skills? Who gave you the tongue? So you use our last last given tongue. Allah has given body last given skills. Allah has given, you know, trends. You use all of that, to show that you're big when it's all Allah.

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Allah, it's like I gave it to you.

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I didn't have to give it to you.

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And you use by things to show that great you are

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allowed to have a journal, like I said to you says said in the Quran that he doesn't like people who through the body language and through the tongue start to become arrogant. Why not? Because these are his gifts that he's given to us. We're supposed to use his gifts to show him appreciation. So we're supposed to say instead of saying all eyes of me, we're supposed to say to Allah, all eyes on you.

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