Ali Albarghouthi – How Sin Affects the Individual & Society

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative impact of sin on people, including the loss of life and peace, and the negative impact of sin on individuals, including the loss of belief and joy, and the negative impact on society. The importance of practice and bringing out the light in one's life is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be aware of the consequences of their actions. The history of Islam and upcoming events are also discussed.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay you know who and it's still futile when I owe the villa Himanshu Rowley and fusina was a yachtie Marlena mija the healer who Fela model Allah wa my ukulele for the ha de la wash had La ilaha illallah wa Haddow la sharika

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Marshadow no Muhammad and the Hora su sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam the the Kitab Allah heeta Allah will hear Allah had you had you Mohammed and sal Allahu Allah He was said sallam, or Sharon Ohmori Mahathir to her Wakulla Mahadeva tiene vida, que la vie the atom Allah Allah who could not Allah Allah infinity.

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we know very well that

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there will be the ends of Allah azza wa jal is the cause of all happiness in the next life.

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And conversely, the disobedience of Allah is the cause of old sadness and wretchedness in the old in the next life. So those who will be Allah subhana who were to Allah will find complete happiness and contentment when they meet him. And those who disobey Allah azza wa jal and insist upon that his disobedience will be disappointed will be on they will arrive on the Day of Judgment, when they will find punishment awaiting them unless ALLAH forgives them.

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What do we miss is that the same conclusion applies to this life. That the source of all happiness and contentment is in Allah's obedience. And the opposite lies in Allah's disobedience.

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And that sin is the cause of so much misery and conflict and friction in this world, personally, privately, and communally.

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And we want to understand that whenever we commit something to upset Allah subhanahu wa to Allah, whatever the justification is, whatever the goal of the thing is, there's always a price to be paid not only in the Hereafter,

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but also in this dunya

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and the first immediate effect

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of sin whenever sin is committed is that it leaves a mark in the heart and it starts changing it

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the Hadith a uma Abdeen Edna by them by Nikita vehicle be looked at on soda. Whenever a person commits a sin A left in his heart.

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And then as you continue to accumulate sin, the black dots continue to accumulate until they cover the entire heart. And that is what Allah azza wa jal says Kelebihan adda Kuru be him Can we see Boone? Indeed what ever they are doing of sin has overwhelmed their heart can they know him are robbing him young man a dilemma hijo boon. Indeed they are that day, a day of judgment. They'll be separated from Allah azza wa jal. He doesn't look at them and they do not see him.

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So the heart changes. The minute that you commit a sin.

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The shaytaan leaves a mark in sight.

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And if you ask Allah for forgiveness, that Mark goes away, but if you don't, you're witnessing the transformation of your heart.

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Starts diminishing until it goes away.

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And if a person asks himself, how was it that only few years ago, I was obedient, I was coming to the masjid I had this hijab on, I would stay away from sin. I would read Quran and this and this and that, but today I can't do any of these things. I left many of these things behind. We say no to how you were with Allah azza wa jal and how you may have squandered the gift of iman by disobedience, because every sin that you're committing

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is a forfeiting of the prophets of iman.

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reading the Quran is a gift.

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If you can't if somebody tells you read and you cannot something is stopping you. As it was sent to Al Hassan Al Basri he said to someone he said I cannot somebody told him I said I cannot pray at night

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for clear and call a cup Bella Terra Cotta Yak. He says Your sins have changed you. They are weighing you down. That's why you cannot pray at night and similarly any other good deed that you say to yourself, I used to but I can't. There is a sin that is weighing us down

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So a person who sins has to pay a price which is that you're least motivated to pray or to fast or read the Quran or to give zakat on sadaqa. And the disaster is that when somebody reminds you, you're not affected and moved by that reminder.

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When you see people dying, bright and lift around you, it doesn't move you.

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When Allah tests you to remind you,

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it doesn't move you Well, I can curse it

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was a yellowhammer. shaytaan OMA canto. Yeah.

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That is one of the reminders of Allah azza wa jal, they come to you become sick.

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You lose something dear to you.

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You're afraid that you can lose your job, whatever

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lack of certainty and peace you have in your life is a message from Allah azza wa jal to return to Him. These things happen but they do not remind us to go back to Allah azza wa jal. They just simply make us sad and depressed, we think is simply a worldly occurrence that only deserves your worldly remedy. We don't remember that Allah azza wa jal is asking us to change and that is his message. But because what we'll call the toughness, the hardness of the heart doesn't even move us. How many times do we read the Quran? And how many horses do we listen to? And how many lectures do we attend? And how many of these things actually change us?

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Whereas they could listen to Muhammad Sall Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam does deliver a sermon and the kid can give all of the money that they have. They can listen to the encouragement of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, and they can give their lives for Allah azza wa jal. We listen and we listen and we listen, but the heart is responsive. And it's not responsive because we continue to disobey and upset Allah azza wa jal, and we think nothing matters. Nothing is going to change. I will still have my Eman. If you want to understand part of the reason why there is increased lack of belief, whether in Allah azza wa jal or in Islam, when people don't believe in God anymore, it's because

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the, the, the whole world sins, the entire world is drowning in sin. And when you sin, you're not interested in the hereafter. You're not interested in piety, you begin to question the basics and the foundations of iman, is there a god? Is there a prophet? Is this right? Is this wrong? Because the heart itself is not the same heart.

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What you used to see as righteousness now is a burden is backwardness our restraints, what you used to see as lewd obscenity now is freedom. There are people who will defend lewdness and obscenity in the name of freedom. And you wonder how could this

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be accepted? How could a mind a sound mind and heart Accept that lewd, obscene vulgar behavior done in public and admitted to in public? How could this happen? How could I accept sin?

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The more that you practice it, the more that you will like it, and the more distant that you will be from Allah azza wa jal

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so sinned.

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is lack of Eman is the loss of Eman is the loss of belief. And add to that also is the loss of serenity and peace? woman out of the ambiguity for in Allahumma Asia on Blanca, the one who turns away from the remembrance of Allah as Allah says in the Quran, he'll have a hard life.

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You asked yourself why is it that people pursue and the run after the dunya we do that because mistakenly, we believe that that is happiness.

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We believe that if we become rich like they do, we party like they do. We travel like everybody else. If I have this big house, if I have this fast car, if I have the trappings of this world, that is the thing that is gonna make me happy, and of course comes with that is a host of other sins that need to be practiced to justify that. So if I drink like they do if I become high like they do, if I have women like they do that is happiness, because that is what's briefly present them they advertise and they do you go and you practice, and you drink and you become high and you collect money, and you stray far away from Allah azza wa jal and you think, is this bringing me happiness?

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No, it isn't. Because I still have this nagging feeling on the inside that this is not enough that I'm going to lose all of this. So if you drink you're going to drink more if you take drugs you will take even more if you ascend, you will immerse yourself even in more sense until you become addicted.

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to them until you ran away from being a slave to Allah, he became a slave to a sin. You can't let go of it.

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You can let go of it because you think your happiness is in it. And even who knew and Allah go, that sin brings you back to it, because he had become what?

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You be Halochem, a prisoner of the shaytaan.

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And we know that the road back begins with asking Allah for forgiveness, but because we have strayed so far.

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We don't even ask for it.

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We go to doctors and shrinks and psychologists, we tell them that we're depressed and we're anxious, give us medicine and they give us medicine that makes us even sicker.

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And we don't think that we should go back to Allah azza wa jal.

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And you see the effect of that as well in your own family because when you sin Allah takes the baraka away.

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When you sin, Allah takes the baraka away. So you bring money,

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but the money goes away evaporates and you don't know where it went.

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You have time.

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But the time evaporates, and you don't know where the day went. I couldn't do much today or tomorrow or that he after all this week, where is the baraka in time, in fact, where he is the baraka in the family itself.

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Husbands fighting with their wives, wives, with their husbands, parents with their kids, kids hating their parents. And you see, if we are obedient to Allah azza wa jal, if we do what pleases Allah, there should be baraka and serenity, we should be supportive of each other, what is it that we are doing or not doing? Because there is no so much contention in our families?

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That there is no peace in it? Are you in fact staying away from the Haram or do you bring it home? Are you reading the Quran inside your house? Are you praying together? Do you give sadaqa Do you pray? Do you ask Allah azza wa jal? Or are you only focused on the dunya and what the dunya is offering you? And then you turn back and you say where is the Monica?

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When you become at a sin, it leads to so many other sins and there is no end in sight.

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Allah azza wa jal says we're Latina caribou. sejati Giselle will say yeah timidly her. What's her home villa? Mella hoomin Allah him and ask him getting them oh shit would you whom Quito Amina lady Moodle Nima.

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It says those who commit a sin the consequence of that sin is another sin

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and they will be overwhelmed by humiliation. Subhan Allah rasool Allah He said Allahu Allah, you will sit let me said what you're either Gulu or Sahara Allah man Khalifa Emery.

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It says humiliation is attached and be upon the one who disobeyed me

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Subhan Allah hum and Kana you're either Raisa

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if you want honor, on this earth, honor and your family, honor in your neighborhood, honor in front of your kids.

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It is with listening to Allah azza wa jal and with listening to Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam that gives you honor and respect.

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So Allah Allah azza wa jal says in the Iota Hacohen Ville, they are immersed in humiliation. And when your companion is the shaytaan and you listen to him, when you practice things that upset Allah azza wa jal, it demotes you it demotes you first in front of your own eyes, and nothing because I'm constantly being defeated by the shaytaan.

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You lose that honor also in the eyes of people around

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kendama OCEA to whom Qatar Amina Leila Lima Allah says as if their faces have been covered with dark pieces of the night and that is the darkness of sin. It's in the hereafter for sure, but it's in the dunya as well that is when you bring light to your life. While Allah's obedience, there's light on your face,

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and light in your heart and light in front of you and to the back and to the right and to the left. And when you need them something Allah answers your call. And when you bring darkness to your life, it will be darkness on your face.

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You may not see it, but others see it. There'll be darkness on your face, darkness in your life darkness in your heart darkness in your family, is because you chase the angels of Allah and you brought in the enemy of Allah into your life and into your heart.

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Sin has a price and we ask Allah azza wa jal to let us know what the price is and to help us avoid it a whole holy her that was tough it Allah do you we're not convinced of it.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra and even Oba confy he also Leivo Sallim ala Rasool e Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a my bad the sins that we commit to effect even our provision our risk or salaries, what we can bring in

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Allah azza wa jal says, Spanner with the Allah, tequila Hijjah Allah Who Maharajah or your zoom in high school to see

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the one who has Tarkoff Allah azza wa jal

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Allah who will give him an exit, meaning from any difficulty that they face and will provide to them from where they do not expect. And the opposite of that is true that if there is no taqwa in our lives,

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then there will be no exit, there will be difficulty but no exit no way out of it. And the will not be provided for

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the risk itself diminishes. So if you want to increase your risk, you obey Allah azza wa jal. You want it to be blessed you obey Allah azza wa jal, but when you disobey.

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That is the provision diminishes, it goes away. Allah doesn't give you as much and what you get has no Baraka in it. So the 1000 will be not 1000 anymore. You will spend it but you don't know where it went.

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And that is not only true about the individual.

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That is true about all of this earth.

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Whenever we see things wrong on this earth,

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conflict, drought, tension, the potential of disaster, the potential of real destruction, is not only geopolitical quarrels, it's not only that, there's a reason why people are fighting, there's a reason why there is tension. And that reason is that these people and all of us are disobeying Allah azza wa jal, and this is really the consequence of that disobedience, manifesting in two countries wanting to bomb each other. Two countries wanting to destroy each other and the world embroiled in trouble. This is no coincidence. Allah azza wa jal says the horrible facade of Hillary will Buhari be Marchesa, but agenus

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Allah as it says, that corruption had become widespread

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on Earth, because of what people are doing.

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Corruption with means what any type of corruption any type of wrong, that you see is a consequence of what we are doing, which are hidden from the target in Rahim Allah, He said, the animals when there's a drought, the curse the sinners of the children of Adam, because they say this is because of you. It's not because of the animals that we see droughts

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and lack of rain and death and devastation, the animals die but when they die, they say you sent and you continue to sin and this is a reminder but you don't look at it as a reminder, you're killing us or you're killing the planet and killing yourselves as he said the curse

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the sinning humans because of what they've done.

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And when you see people fighting as well, whether they are we are Muslims or not. How is it that we can get along as human beings or we cannot even get along as Muslims?

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It is because of that.

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Cool who will cardio Allah Yeah, Bertha Alikum Adam Infocom Oh mean Tatiana, Judy, come out, we will be second Shia, our you the Sabbath. Allah says Allah subhanho wa taala. He's the one who's able to send upon your punishment from above, or punishment from beneath, or turn you into fractions and sects, into people divided so that you would hurt each other.

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That fighting

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is also a cause of sin. And that is a reminder from Allah subhanho wa Taala that Oh, humans, listen, the path that you are on is wrong. And if you do not change, you will harm each other. And you would deserve that harm. Because you did not listen to Allah. And he did not follow his book, and he did not do what is best for you.

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Even within a family, that's true.

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If you want to have a better relationship with your spouse, and with your kids, yes, there are issues that need to be resolved. Yes, that is true. But the very first step that you need to take before you blame another all you ask them to change is say to yourself, Am I being an obedient servant of Allah or not before anything else? Am I praying? Am I staying away from

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I'm haram am i doing extra good deeds, extra Salah at night extra sadaqa extra, an extra an extra until Allah forgives me because if Allah forgives you, he'll give you by the will of Allah the keys to fix your relationships. But if you're managing or you want to try to fix relationships before you are well, you will not be able to find the proper solution.

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So as Allah Allah Allah, Allah mean or hamara Jaime to cleanses of sin, and to make us of those who run away from it, we ask you herbal Alameen do not make us of those who are addicted to sin to make it make it of those who are used to it. Make what displeases you displeasing to us and what is pleasing you pleasing esto ser hamara Jaime whereas your bill Allah mean purify our hearts, purify them and cleanse them as you cleanse a white cloth from dirt whilst you are about Allah mean to fill our hearts with iman, with your love and love all your prophets, Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and fill it with the love of Eman, the love of the righteous and the love of obedience. Well

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as you will allow me to give us bodies that trust your obedience to the hearts that rush to your obedience and bodies and hearts that run away from your disobedience whereas you will allow me to forgive us all of our sins. Grant us a sincere repentance from all Sydney and accepted from us here are hamara Haneen whereas he Allah forgive us all of our sins here Allah forgive us all of our sins. Yeah, Allah forgive us all of our sins, the minor ones and the major ones the private ones and the public ones make us era Bill Allah mean of the people of Jana Nora with the inhabitants of the people of hellfire. Allahumma attina for dunya Hassan our Phil axiata Hasina Joaquina either

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Banagher Allahumma Yamaoka liberal aloo visa bit Kulu BANA Allah de Nick Allahumma Yama certainly Felco will be some of the alumina Allah I take Allahumma in Isla de carica or Shu critica office near Ebert attic. Aloha Minister Luca Jen Natoma carova ed Herman Colleen wireman when the becoming a Nereo Makarova, la Herman Colleen yml when I look I'm in Haiti masala Abdullah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when an older becoming Sheree Mr. kamin who Abdullah Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wasallam when it's time to call Allahu Malhotra Kula who idealer who de la Houma allemande I mean who am alumna alum Winter Olympic Allahumma Muna Cherie Cooley here IgD, he Julie Hema I didn't know

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I mean who am Allah Allah? Allah Allah Tada Alana them Bonilla, Africa, wala him and for Raja What do you do on the show for a while ah ha Justin here like I read on one NFE house Allah Hoon Illa kadai to her while you're served to Harlan or Bill alanine. Yeah, how you you're a human will be automatic and steady. Elena shenana kula wala tequila Illa and fusina Chlorophyta I welcome you soon

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