Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 225D Tafsir Saba 10-12

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What are the attina? The whoo the Mean Formula. And certainly we gave that would from us. A bounty, a special favor, a great favor.

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The example of that will Ernie Sam is given and after him the example of Sulaiman, Ernie Saddam is given both of these were prophets of Allah. And as I mentioned earlier, the surah is a murky surah. And in murky surahs, the previous prophets, their stories are mentioned. Because the prophets of Allah, they are a perfect example for us to follow. The Mk II students they emphasize the hate and who are the ideal servants of Allah? It is the prophets of Allah. So how is it that we turn to Allah? How is it that we worship Allah alone? By recognizing His favours? And by seeing the example of the prophets? How did they connect with their Lord? How did they turn to their Lord? How did they

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worship Allah alone? What occurred? Tina, the whole demeanor formula and certainly we gave to the Buddha and his sunnah from us, meaning from Allah a follow what is fuggle favor bounty, right, an extra surplus favor, a unique favor. And over here, the word fogal is Nikita Nikita, meaning it ends with a 10 win, as you see over here FOB Len, and sometimes a noun is an Akira, to show the greatness of it. So we gave him a fuggle meaning a great phuddle And on top of that, it was midnight, it was from us from Allah, every favor, in reality is from Allah. But when it is mentioned somewhere, this is from Allah, it is to show its enormity, the enormity of that blessing. Like for example, in a

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DUA, we learn that Abu Bakr Al Ghul, Lauren who he asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam teach me a dua that I can make in my salah. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught him a DUA to say which to our was it?

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It's in the shahada before the salam

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good Allahumma inni vollum to Nuptse Volman Kathy Iran wala yo filled with the Nova illa Anta fellow fairly mouthfeel, rotten Minar in the

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Forgive me with the forgiveness from you. Now of course none forgive sins except for who? Allah subhanaw taala for why is it being said from you? Because what I need is great forgiveness, because my sins are many. They are indeed great, but your forgiveness is even greater. So foul, fiddly mo filata Minar in that meeting, great forgiveness. So over here. Well, Tina, the WHO THE Mina Fabula, meaning the older the Santa was given a horse, a very special, a great, extraordinary, unique blessing. And what was that unique blessing, extraordinary blessing. It was a blessing of Prophethood it was a blessing of Zaboo the scripture that Allah gave him, and more specifically,

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what is mentioned over here in particular, that ye jiba do all mountains that Allah instructed the mountains that all mountains, a Wiebe, repeat my home with him, what Pharaoh and the birds you also repeat with him meaning with the word. The word a Wiebe is from the letters Hamza well, but an old literally means return a web from the same route. A web is a name right in the hood, a web meaning one who repeatedly turns back he returns so a we B and the Yeah, at the end is a feminine All right. So a we be Mara, who meaning you repeat with the woods, early Sudan. Repeat what? That when that would praises Allah, He does this be the mountains and the birds were instructed that you also set

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the spear with him. So that we've what does that word mean? It means repetition to repeat. All right. And basically the word that we've it is used for traveling. All right, for traveling, meaning when a person travels the entire day, all day long. He's just traveling, walking, walking, walking, and then he stops and rests in the night, so constantly continuously. So a Wiebe Mara, who walked by it all

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mountains you and the birds constantly do this be with the woods. This was a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gave to the old early Salam. They were indeed many in total Bacara io 251 Allah mentions about the wilderness Ananda Tao hula hula Malka will heck matter where Allah who may Usher Allah gave him Kingdom wisdom, as well as knowledge into solid Ayah 20 Allah subhanaw taala says we shudder dinamika Who we strengthened his dominion his kingdom, what are they now will take more we gave him wisdom, while fossil hip hop and discernment in speech. Allah gave him many blessings. But in this is specifically what is mentioned this be

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that when the old early salaam would do this be who else would do this be with him constantly repeating after him, the mountains and the birds.

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You see, the ability to glorify and praise Allah, that itself is a blessing. When a person is given the trophy, to remember Allah to worship Allah in the morning, in the evening, while they are doing their work, taking time out for the worship of Allah, this in itself is a great blessing.

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And when that the speed when that worship is facilitated for a person, so much so that he is not alone in doing it, those around him are also doing it. And as a result, it's easier for him to do with this as an added blessing.

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Because you see, for example, for you to sit down, open up the Quran yourself and start reading might be a struggle. But if you happen to be in a place where there are five people around you write and you have been instructed to open up your most have and start reading. It's been the recitation of the Quran has been made easier for you. Because you've been given a chance, an opportunity to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Right, the circumstances have allowed you, they're only encouraging you, they're in your favor, this is an added blessing. So the water is Santa, he will do the sphere and the sphere means He will glorify and praise Allah. And the board the scripture that he was given

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was a book of you could say this we have of glorification, right of praises of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when he would do this beer, he wouldn't just do it alone when he was, you know, in the masjid or at home, he would also do it when he would be outside. And when he would be outside then literally the mountains would repeat that the sphere and literally the birds would repeat that the sphere now that the sphere of the mountains should not be understood as an echo. Alright, that they would just echo back his the sphere, or the birds would be just chirping and flying around him. No, literally they would do this via what kind of the sphere how exactly, Allah knows. But it's very

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clear in the Quran that the mountains and the birds would do the spear and the fact is that every creature is glorifying and praising Allah, it's just that we don't know how we cannot hear them. Right. And this is a fact that we cannot hear all sounds our hearing is limited. Right? There are many sounds that exist, but our ears are not designed to to hear those sounds. Right. So already Mao who was fine. So this was a huge favor that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon the world early Santa

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and secondly what is mentioned over here what alumna and we softened low for him Al Hadith the iron iron was made soft for him, Elena from the letters lamea known lean Lean is to be soft and flexible. All right, pliable. Ina from the same route Lena, a very common name, beautiful name. Lena is a branch of a date palm tree, because it's very soft in the sense that you can bend it easily. It's very flexible. All right, so Alanna, we soften for him iron, meaning iron was like dough for him literally like dough for him, that he could mold it with his hands and shape it in whatever way that he wanted. He didn't have to heat it up or strike it with anything in order to shape it.

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You know, for example, you take let's say a ball of played or something. Alright. And you shape it in whatever way that you want. You make a ball you you roll it out, you make anything. The water in Sudan could do that with what with iron.

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This is pretty amazing. Because iron in order to mold it. In order to shape it into something else. You need to heat it up.

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Right. And in order to heat it up, you have to expose it to fire or sometimes you have to hit it with a hammer constantly hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it, until it becomes literally read and then it's shaped it's molded. So the author is Salam was given this blessing that he could mold iron in his hands has an imbecile he said that the old artisan um did not need to heat iron in fire, nor beat it with a hammer, he could simply twist it in his hands like a thread.

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Like a thread,

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um, that Allah gave him this blessing. Why, on that airman you make airman Amman do as in craft you fashion you make you make savvy lot in full coats of male Sabbath is a plural of sebelah. All right. And cyber law is basically that which is complete and full. And over here Sabby lot means full meaning Duren savvy a lot.

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All right, courts of male which are full. Right. And you remember the word, a spell from su flockmen a spell? rla. Come neuroma who was all Hillington or Valtellina? What does a spell Amin a Tama acmella olsa. Right that he has completed, perfected, made plentiful, made vast. So Sabby lot are basically long and fully covering garments. So fully covering. And on top of that there's also a trail.

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And there's also a lot of extra material.

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So the other is that I was given this ability to mold iron into whatever shape that he wanted very easily. And what was he told that with this skill, you should craft, you should make full coats of male.

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All right, make complete suits of armor you see before. We have discussed this earlier, that people would have plated armor. All right, plated armor movement is very difficult in it. Right? If you ever go to the museum, you'll see it.

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It's very difficult to move around in it. So the other reason I was the one who was the first one to make chainmail chains, literally. And how is chainmail made with small links of iron? And that is not possible. Unless you have the technology you have the ability to mold iron into very small, thin threads literally and shape them into links and connect the links. You need the technology. You can't do that with a hammer, isn't it? So Allah subhanaw taala gave the skill to who? To the woods and his sunnah.

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Work on this, and Allah ordered him that but did calculate this from Duck deed of dal Ra, duck leaders to determine to assess, evaluate, assign balance are the different meanings of the word God did. So meaning precisely calculate what fish salt in making the sound. What is salt links? Sound is from the root letter seen the rod dial and sound is to link to coordinate with a thread to follow uninterruptedly. And this is how a chain is right, one link attached to the next link attached to the next link attached to the next next and so on and so forth.

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So this is the literal meaning of the word salt and it's used for a chain. All right, so I'm good for salt, meaning when you're making the chain, and you're making that with links, make the links properly

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calculate them precisely.

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Because if one is too big, and the other is too small, what kind of a chain would you have? Have you ever had a necklace where you know the links are not really smooth? And maybe one is too big and the other is too small? It can break easily. Right? So at the facade, this can be understood in different ways. One is that make them equal in size, make the links equal in size. Secondly, make sure that their hardness or their softness is similar is consistent. Yesterday I was putting my boots on. All right, and the zip, it literally broke off. And there was no way that I could open it or close it because the zip broke off. All right. And why did the zip break off because the link was

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weak. You understand? The link was weak. I pulled it and just snapped out. And it was so weak that I put it back and I twisted it with my hand and I attached it back again. Alright, it was weak. So ADIF is solved the links make sure

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They're hard enough so that the chain would not snap easily. And at the same time, you don't want it to be too hard that it doesn't move. Have you ever experienced that, that the chain is just too hard and difficult to move? It gets stuck every now and then.

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So called the facade. All right.

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And also make sure that the links are well spaced. Look at the detail that's been given over here, but did facade Allah subhanaw taala instructed the older SLM to do something with the skill that he was given.

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And to do it well,

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to be productive, to be useful, but also to make his product excellent at the level of excellence. Because otherwise, it could be a burden. It wouldn't be useful, it will be useless. So what did facade? And what's the lesson over here? That we also, when we do something, how should we do it? With moderation with balance? We should also think about the appearance and the looks, right? You know, there's this extreme that we've gone to, that we only think about usefulness, and we don't think about the appearance both matter. All right. And then we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala taught His prophets, worldly skills as well, if you think about it, other than his sunnah was

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given the knowledge of all names Idris Ali salaam was the first one to stitch clothes. All right, first one to use a needle, no harness and I'm constructed the ship. And the old artisan was the first one to ever make chain meal. Now religious knowledge, it has its own merits, right? It has its place and the prophets were given religious knowledge also. But at the same time, worldly knowledge worldly skills are also essential.

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We should never feel guilty. If we're learning for example, how to how to what use an app right? How to function a computer, any skill stitching, or maybe you know even driving or what other skills can you think of?

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Okay, cooking, that's a skill, it really is a skill any other skill

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programming on the computer, what did you say? Knitting Okay, any other skill?

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Okay, writing.

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What other skills?

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Okay, graphic design. These are all essential skills.

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Okay, skills and hobbies are aren't necessarily useful, you see, any skill could become useless, if we are not doing almost salehoo is it? Because look at this is a difficiles, warumungu, salejaw, and do that which is righteous, meaning do good, make something good with the skill that Allah subhanaw taala has given you.

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So do it at the level of excellence. And then secondly, do something useful with it?

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Reading? Yeah, that's also a skill. Now see, reading is a skill. But is it possible that we waste our time by reading useless things? Is it graphic design is a skill? But is it possible that we waste our time by designing things which are useless?

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You tell me, if you're knitting a scarf, for your let's say, for your Father, right, or your mother, you're knitting it yourself with your hands. Is that useful?

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I think it's very useful

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as long as you're doing it, such that you're always able to pay on time. And you're also able do your work your assignments, right? It doesn't become an obsession. The output should be what something useful.

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You know, some people didn't love cooking. Like many women, they just love cooking. They complain a lot about it, but they actually love it. Which is why they prepare one thing after the other and the whole family is like what did you make here but she just wanted to try it. This is why she made it. Nobody wants to eat it, but she wants to cook it right. So why are we cooking cooking for the sake of cooking? Just because we want to try one recipe after another. Any skill if it's not put to the right use, it would be a burden. It would be a source of wasting our time. So why am I Lu saleha

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be productive be excellent in what you do? Be beneficial. And remember in ni indeed I be mad Tama Luna with whatever that you're doing Bill Slayton seeing remember that I am watching

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Whatever that you do,

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Isn't this enough to make us do what we're doing firstly, properly with excellence. And secondly, not do is throw off in what we're doing

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by remembering that Allah is watching. That means that okay, if I've spent two hours on the computer, reading one thing after another, or programming something or designing something, I need to stop now and pray, because most of it began 20 minutes ago.

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Right? Because it may be math, I'm Aluna buslee Whatever that you're doing, Allah is watching.

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And this is this awareness is what brings excellence in our actions. And this awareness is what also makes us useful in our activities. When he Sulaymaniyah and for Sulaiman early his Salam meaning and We subjected for Sulaiman on his Salam, a rehab, the wind, meaning the wind was subjected for Sulaiman early salaam, in what way it speed, as well as its direction, so he could control the speed of the wind, and he could also control the direction of the wind.

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Imagine the power that Allah subhanaw taala had given him.

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Is this helpful? If the speed of the wind is in your favor? Or if the direction is in your favor? Is it helpful when you're traveling?

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Is it how

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Okay, Has it ever happened that you're in the plane? And you're told that the flight will be let's say, four hours, but then you get to your destination in three and a half hours? What happened? You're told that because the when the pressure everything was in our favor, so we made it in less time, and sometimes we make it in more time because the wind the speed, everything was not in our favor. So when he saw a man earlier, for slay Monterey, Santa wind was subjected, so much so that who do her it's morning, meaning it's morning journey, was how much Sharon a month.

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In one morning, how much distance could be traveled?

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How much distance a month distance in one morning, who who do who do is morning time? What a wha hoo ha and it's afternoon, meaning it's afternoon journey was How long shall hold on again a month.

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Meaning in one afternoon, how much distance could be covered? A month distance would be covered. The Word of Allah is from the root letters law. Wow, ha ha ha ha ha is literally that he came or went after the declining of the sun from the meridian. So love our time. All right afternoon. This is what Rwanda is.

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Now, if you think about it, if you're walking on foot, okay, let me just give you an example. If you're walking somewhere, it would take about 30 days a month to cover a distance of 2000 miles, approximately.

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Okay, to journey and by foot. In one month, you would get from Toronto to Texas.

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Get it? I googled it last night on Google Maps. Okay, to see how far you could go on foot by in one month. So you could get from Toronto to Texas easily. I hope you don't have to. But you could if you wanted to. long as you have your passport, and you've got your money. This distance could be traveled within one morning by Solomon Ernestina and one afternoon, so literally, you could go and he could be back. Now today this is possible how through air travel, so Allahu Arnhem, this may be referring to some form of air travel that they had. All right, because otherwise controlling the wind would be useless on land. It's only useful at sea. Isn't it? On land, it's only possible if you

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can actually travel

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in air. Go ahead.

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Yeah, I mean by plane it's a little over four hours from here to Texas. But going to the airport and then going through security and everything. What's one morning time, right one afternoon gone. So something similar so when you say mana rehab, we do have Sharon, what Allahu wa Sharon. So they had some form of air travel or this means that he could control the wind and so adjust the speed and direction when his armies would be at sea. All right. Well, I selling that and another favor was that a Selena? We cause to flow low for him. I know. A spring of copper, a Salah from the ruler Senia

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On sale and sale is to flow stream the word sale is also used for flood. So sale is used for flood. All right, a sell Nyla who we cause to flow for him, I know what design mean spring, it's also use for eye because what happens to the eye Do you cry? What happens to the tears they come out from somewhere and they just start flowing out. So likewise an eye in a spring is like a hole in the ground between the rocks and found their water is just pouring out. But for us today memory synonym

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there was a spring not a water but of what is metal, copper.

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The old reason was given iron. So a man or design was given copper, a fountain of molten copper. So he could make whatever he wanted with that copper. Again, he didn't have to heat it. He didn't have to do anything like that to it. It was so easy for him. One more thing, Allah subhanaw taala give him Wamena genie and among the jinn, Allah also subjected the gin to his service. And these gin, they were under his control. So the gin they have to be put to some work. Because they have a lot of ability. So they need to do something. And understand. Like for example, if there's a person who can do a lot of work, they can't just sit like a guest in your house, can they?

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Has it ever happened that somebody comes over to your house as a guest but they don't sit like a guest that is going the kitchen and the start cleaning everything wrapping up the whole dinner party, alright, because they're not going to stay put. They're not going to sit in one place. Right and keep chatting. They have to do something. So likewise the gym they were under his control, but they had to be put to work. So what would they do my Yamalube those who would make beignet a day he right before him under his watch under the watch of who saw a man and his sunnah be in the lobby by the permission of his Lord meaning so they might not have said I'm had them under his control, by

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whose permission by Allah's permission. And remember, this was a favor given to such a man or in a salon only. So it is not possible for any other person to control the gin.

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You understand? Those who claim that they control the gin, there's something fishy over there.

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Seriously, there's something wrong over there.

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Because gin cannot be controlled

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by men, you understand cannot be controlled.

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And if a gene is working for a person, then they are benefiting each other. Because a gene will not do something unless he gets something in return.

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All right. So Wamena jindee Miyama lubaina de EB Igneel b He will Mejias ZIL and whoever would deviate Minh home from them meaning from the jinn and Andrina from our command, which command of Allah Allah had commanded the jinn to be at service to who said a man or a sunnah. So anyone who would deviate from that meaning who would try to run away from today man or listener who try to escape get away not listen to today man or listener? What would happen mythical, we would make him taste mean either adversary from the punishment of the Blaze in dunya, meaning that Jin would be instantly caught and punished by Allah subhanho wa taala. Or, or the adversary. This is referring to

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the punishment of the Hereafter because those Jinn were commanded to obey Suleiman or his son and when they didn't, they were disobeying Allah. All right. Recitation will order

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them in.

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A way being

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bullied. What Alan Hardy did an Mensa belong to you did

00:29:16 --> 00:29:21

kneel down and Hoonah don't sleep. What is

00:29:22 --> 00:29:26

it? How would you move? Move?

00:29:28 --> 00:29:28


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Wamena gene

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min aubaine ADB is near me. One I mean who not in a marina or moving nada

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