Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 200E Tafsir Al-Qasas 36-43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the success of Islam's teachings in shaping culture and the loss of culture. They also touch on the fear of being treated like if they were born in a different state and the struggles with Islam. The importance of explaining the truth and finding one's validation before being liked is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and not compromise on others, as well as following the rules and not compromising on one's faith. The conversation ends with a discussion about the book of Islam and its guidance.
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For the manager of the home then when he came to them who Busan is Salam Biya Tina with our I had and these I adore by unit clear evidences follow the people of around they said Maha iLASIK. Ron This is not except magic that is Muthana that is fabricated. One so I'm here now, and we have not heard behind the of this fee I bet in a welline in our forefathers the first ones. So basically they said that these miracles are showing they're just some new form of magic and this religion that you're professing off we've never heard about it before. This is all something new. What color Musa and Musa Salam said, Rob br ALLAH my lord knows be Man of the one who Jabil Houda he has brought the

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guidance Minar in the from him. My lord knows who has brought guidance, isn't we who have brought guidance or is it you who have guidance? And by Lord knows woman Taku Allah who and who is it that it will be for him? I'll give it to Tao. The succession in the home October two and result a good outcome in a doubt in the home. Meaning he knows who will have a good result in this world and in the hereafter. Basically, Allah knows who will be successful. But the fact is that in the hula, you flip a volume on Indeed the wrongdoers they never succeed. Meaning if I am lying if I'm fabricating all of this I shall never be successful. So you should see what are you doing? We'll call a frown

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and frown said yeah you have Mala or cheeps ma LM Tula calm I don't know for you mean Eli Henry have any god other than me? He's reinforcing his beliefs on his people for oted So ignite okay from work harder to ignite some fuel so ignite leave for me yeah hi man. Oh, hi man. Remember how man was France was here on a teeny upon the clay meaning lights and fire and bake breaks of clay? Why? Why would you do that? To make a structure fragile so make li for me, Farhan a palace. So we did this word earlier in the story of Superman and he said I'm sorry is basically a tall strong lofty palace. So he said built for me a tower that is made of bricks of baked clay lightly so that I may AppFolio

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I may see I may look at from a Tala Tala moraine and his philosophy is to ascend, right like bluer is the rising of the sun. So I may ascend and look into look at I can take a good look at Illa Allah He Musa at the God of Musa why in Nila oven Mohammed Al Qaeda Sabine and indeed I surely think him to be of the liars. A stop it Allah. This was ferons pathetic attempt to ridicule mozarella sunnah, that he said Ohama and build a structure for us. I'll go up on the structure and I'll go look at the sky in the sky and see what God Musa is talking about. And I don't think there is any God up there it's just Musa is inventing all of this. This was his arrogance. Allah says was stuck Bara he was

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arrogant who are here what do you know do who and his soldiers fill out the in the land belated help without any right? Well, one no one they thought unknown indeed de Elaina to US law your own they shall never be returned. This was their problem. They thought they were never returning to Allah. You understand? This is man's biggest mistake when he thinks he's not returning to Allah than he does. And he says whatever he pleases. So what happened then? His arrogance for the husband now who Allah says We seized him fit on what you know the who and the soldiers found about the noun phillium and we threw them we tossed them into the waters never than ever that is to throw something away.

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thinking it to be insignificant, worthless. It's like you take a piece of garbage like a piece of paper you crumple it up and you're like toss it no value no worth from thought so highly of himself so arrogant. He was look at what became of him now by the now and Phil young fund or so look, Kay if I can arqiva to volley mean, how was the end of the wrong doers? What was their end? Allah says that they were thrown into the water and found that water taken were taken where into * withdrawal now whom Emerton? We made them leaders Yeah, the owner Elon now calling to the fire. This is what they were in this life that whoever follows the path of ground and in reality he is going to * way

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Elmo pa Mattila Yoon saloon and on the Day of Judgment, they shall not be helped. No matter how much they scream no matter how much they apologize, they shall never be helped

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What Varna homefree heavy hit dunya Alana and in this world, we made a curse follow them. What does it mean by this? They were distanced from Allah's mercy. And this curse is prevalent. I mean think about it. The remnants are there for us to see. Right the pyramids are there, the wild is there the jewelry is there so much is there, but the technology, the language, the arts, the culture, the religion is all lost. It's a dead civilization. Way LML pa Murthy and on the Day of Judgment, one minute mark boo hain, they will be of the despised mockable Hain from Tibet cough the HA. Is something so ugly, that you can't even look at it. disgusting, disgusting, despicable, ugly,

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disgusting, hideous. So on the Day of Judgment, they will be hideous in this world, very prosperous, but in the hereafter hideous.

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So what benefit what good was all the money and all the luxury and all the freedom that they enjoyed over here when they rejected the truth? If the final outcome is not good, then what's the point of enjoying the life of 3040 50 years, it's useless. So what we should be concerned about is the fact that we will be returned to our Lord. And that end is what matters, not our present state, because our present state will be over. It is temporary. Our final outcome is what matters because it is eternal. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all success and make us of those who will not be mocked on the day of judgment, but rather people whose faces will be brightened, illuminated on the Day of

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recitation, Berlin

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Goro, all.

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I remember 36, we learned that Musa alayhis salam when he was given prophethood and Allah subhanaw taala, equipped him with the miracles and also gave him the confidence to go and face frown and deliver the message to him. When Musa alayhis salam came to fit our own, what was the response that he received, that fit our own and his people they said that this is nothing except serum of Tara. This is nothing except some new form of magic, some invented form of magic. And we have never heard of this. In our forefathers. Basically, they said that the message that Musa you are giving us what you are calling us to worshiping Allah, only one God, this is something very strange. And we see

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that every nation said something like this to the prophet who was sent to them. That what you're telling us Oh, Prophet is something very strange, very unique. We've never heard about this. It doesn't make any sense to us. Like the Mushrikeen of Makkah. They also said to the Prophet salallahu Salam, they said about him a Jarrell earlier than 11 Wahida. That Has he made all our different gods into one God, that we should leave all our gods and worship only one God, what is he talking about? So likewise, for our own and his people, they said something similar. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that better al Islam who heard even that Islam began as something strange meeting from the very

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beginning, Islam has always been treated as if it was something strange. And it will was a Euro do come, I better hurry been. And it will revert to becoming strange meaning that just because there is a time when Islam has spread, and people have accepted Islam, it doesn't mean that this will remain status quo forever, things will change. Again, Islam will be treated as if it's something very, very strange. And we see that every now and then, you know, there are issues which are highlighted, which are raised about Islam or against Islam against Muslims. And basically, it's all fear mongering. Right. I mean, just think about the niqab issue. All right, which is such a big issue these days. I

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mean, you could literally count the number of people who actually wearing niqab in certain provinces in our country, literally. And look at the hype that has been created the fear that has been created, whereas this issue affects only less than maybe 1% of the population.

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Really, and it's as if Islam is being picked on Muslims are being picked on and portrayed as something very strange. This is all fear mongering. All right. And we see that this is not something new. The reason why I'm mentioning this example is that every now

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And then when we hear such issues about Islam, we should not feel afraid, because this is not something new. This happened at the time of Musa al Islam. This happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Every Prophet faced such opposition from his nation from his people, that Islam was treated as something very strange, something very frightening, something barbaric or whatever, you know, names and titles were given. But the fact is that we have to understand that this religion is from Allah azza wa jal, who was the creator of this universe, and he would not legislate anything that is unfair upon his creation. And this is the truth. So what happened Musa Arneson, and what was

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his response to this criticism, we'll call him Musa, Rob be parliamo, Musa said, My Lord knows best about the one who has come with the truth, and for who there will be a good outcome, meaning, ultimately, Allah knows who is upon the truth and who is upon falsehood. And this is something that we should also remember that we shouldn't always be trying to justify ourselves before people, all right, proving ourselves to be true, and coming up with a list of reasons and justifications and benefits, and they're good, but pleasing people should not be our ultimate goal.

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especially when it comes to like, the issue of inequality, especially recently, a lot of people will come and they'll say, Well, we just want to know why, like someone wears it or something. And I remember once I did a project on this topic, but I never I started at the very introduction, this is not a why like, a publication. It's not going to say why I do this. Because when you say why about like when you're explaining why to somebody, it's you're doing it in order to validate your actions, like our actions don't need validation by other people. Exactly. They can understand what it feels like to wear it, what other people's interactions are about, I'm not going to explain why to you,

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because even if I do, that's not the route I don't have to and that's not even the root of your questions like where it's coming from. So we don't need other people to validate our actions, our beliefs. Ultimately, if Allah subhanaw taala has informed us about something if he has instructed us about something, then that is all which matters, pleasing people seeking their validation seeking their approval is not a Muslims goal. This doesn't mean that we don't explain things to them. We do explain but at the end of the day of the disagree, fine, no problem.

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In the hula, you have little volley moon and ultimately the wrongdoers they never succeed. Then what happened fit our own. He spoke to his people because he felt threatened by the Dawa of Musa and etc. So he's reinforcing his beliefs upon his people that he said Mara Lim to Lachman, Illa Henry I don't know of any God for you except for myself. I don't know what God Musa is talking about. The only God I know is myself. This is what for our own set to his people. And then he mocked at mozarella Sena when he ordered him on that build a structure for me so that I can go up on it a tall tower, I would like to go up on it and find out where exactly is this God of Musa and he said that I think that he

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is lying in fact, in me, let alone know who this doesn't mean. I think it means I know for sure. Okay. Because one yes, it means supposition, but when it comes with words, such as Unoh All right, lamb over here, surely, then it means I definitely believe so. If Iran is saying is accusing Musar listen, I'm off lying over here. And all of this was his pride and arrogance. And Allah says that this was all belated help. This was all without any right. No one has the right to be arrogant. No one has the right to mock at you know the prophets of Allah. Allah Allah azza wa jal will learn no unknown Elayna Allah your Jerome but what is it that gives confidence to people to mock it Allah

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even it's this thinking that we're not going back to Allah that we are free. So what happened for a while now who would you know the who Allah sees him and his armies notice over here fit our own, and his people both were punished for all was the leader and his Junoon who were they there were blind followers. But the followers were also punished because they follow their leader blindly find a birth now whom fairly young and we threw them in the waters fun lo que fucka anarchy but a wildly mean look at how was the end of the wrongdoing people. We learned earlier that in the hula, you flew volley Moon wrongdoers, they're never successful, they can never succeed. And we see over here what

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was the outcome of such lull in people that they were finished, they were destroyed. And then this is the idea that I wanted to discuss today what you're allowed

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Homer imitatia de Runa Ilana that we made them leaders or ima plural of the word, amen. Yeah the owner Elon, now they call to the fire, meaning fit our own have on what were they in reality leaders that were calling others to the fire. Look at how often our own called his people he said, the only god I know for you is myself. This is what he said to his people. So basically he was inviting his people to worship him and not listen to Mozart in his center. And this is basically a call to the fire way oh Malkia Mattila Yun saloon and on the Day of Resurrection, they will not be helped until today is 9899 Allah subhanaw taala says you have to do more coma who yomo PMT for or other hormone

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now wibit cell will do my route. That frown he will precede His people on the Day of Resurrection and lead them into the fire for their own lead them over here. And on the Day of Judgment, he's going to lead them into hellfire. What does this show to us that whoever a person follows today,

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whoever a person follows today, then a person shall follow him on the Day of Judgment also, meaning wherever that leader will end up that is exactly where the follower will end up. On the one hand, we have fit our own. Whoever follows the example of fit our own, then he will be led by fit our own into hellfire. And on the other hand, we have the prophets of Allah, whoever follows the prophets of Allah, then that person will be with the prophets of Allah. in Jannah. Like we learn in a hadith which is recorded in a sensitive to Sahiba that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Whoever says in the morning, that will lead to be lahir Akbar will Islam Medina will be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam and via the prophets of Allah Salam said I shall take him with his hand to Jana.

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I shall take him with his hand to Jana. This is no ordinary victory, to say, leave to be a hero, but I am happy I am pleased I am content with Allah as my Lord. I am happy content with Islam as my religion no matter how much people make fun of it, and no matter how much people ridicule it, still I am confident with my Islam. And I am confident with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as my leader no matter how much people criticize him, still, I believe in him, I love him, I follow him. Then such a person, the follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where shall he be? Where Muhammad salallahu Salam shall go. So here we really need to think about who it is that we follow and

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following is not just in okay, if somebody is calling us to a particular place we go there following is also with our heart, who is it that we agree with? Who is it that we get impressed by? Who is it that we love? Who is it that we get affected by right who is it that we are very passionate about what is it

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because whatever is a person's goal, whatever a person takes as an example, whatever it is, that a person is trying to achieve, that becomes his leader. So what are Nahum imitated? Runa Ilana, it's very important to think about, who we are agreeing with who we are supporting, this is a matter of faith. This is something that we will be held responsible for on the Day of Judgment, this will directly affect us. In Hadees, we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he wants mentioned that there will be some people who will lead others according to principles other than my tradition. Okay? Meaning they will lead others according to a way that I have not thought this is not Islam

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something else. And he said you will see their actions and disapprove of them. So they funneled the low on who he said that I asked, Will there be any evil after that good. So basically, the prophets of Allah Santa was mentioning evil times and bad times. So are they have been your manual, the lower and we kept asking questions, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was describing the good time as well as the bad time. And one of the things of the prophets are the laws that are mentioned in this hadith was that there will be some people who will invite others to the doors of *, and Whoever accepts their invitation to it will be thrown in it. So far, they've got a loved one who he said

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describe these people to us that who are these people who will call others to help. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said they will belong to us and speak our language. So don't just think that a bad leader has to be you know, someone likes around someone who claims to be God, someone who's clearly upon shake. No, it could be someone in the guise of Islam also. So could they follow the law I knew he said he had a sort of luck.

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What do you order me to do if such a thing should take place in my life? The prophets of Allah is that I'm set adhere to the group of Muslims meaning adhere to the Muslims. So are they follow? I know, he said what if there is no group of Muslims? Alright, so the prophets of Allah said I'm said, Keep away from all those different groups. Even if you had to bite the root of a tree till you meet Allah while you are still in that state. What this hadith means is that if you don't find a good example, to follow a good leader to follow, and everywhere you look, you see bad examples, then it doesn't mean that you have to choose a bad example.

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If you must, then go into the mountains go into the desert, but do not follow a person who is calling you to help. This is the message of this hadith that do not compromise on Deen ever, ever. Even if you had to survive chewing the roots of a tree, then go ahead and do that. But do not compromise on your faith and do not follow do not support others blindly. Do not support others blindly. The next idea, Allah says we'll do better now whom he had the dunya Alana, such people people are fit our own. They were pursued with Lana in this dunya they were removed from Allah's mercy and on the Day of Judgment, they will be min and Macbrayne they will be of those who are

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hideous from the root letters off about her. So in this dunya followed by Lana on the Day of Judgment,

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on the Day of Judgment, extremely ugly in this dunya they were very prosperous. But what happened when they turned away from Allah and His Messenger, nothing that they had remained with them, and on the Day of Judgment, they will be in an even more disgraceful state. Then Allah subhanaw taala says when attain our Musa al Kitab and certainly we gave to Musa the book, which book is this? Which scripture is this? The total because if people were in ignorance, so Allah took them out of ignorance by giving them the Kitab mimbar the after mad that Lucknow we destroyed a Coronel Ola. I'll rule the generations plural of the word cotton and cotton is used for generation people over

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time. And owner, the first ones

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former generations, meaning before Musar de Sena, there were so many people that came right people or people of the mall and all of these nations what do we learn about them one after the other they were destroyed. All right.

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And then what happened? Allah subhanaw taala gave a scripture to Musa and his sunnah.

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buzzsaw eerily nurse Basa, it plural of the word buslee Euro, and what is Borsalino that which gives vision that which is a source of enlightenment. So this Kitab This book contains eye openers, this kita the Scripture contained clear evidences, clear guidance enlightenment Lin NASCI. For people, well who then and a guidance what method and immersi La La homea to the karoun so that they would be reminded. So what does this teach us then? That Allah subhanaw taala has revealed scripture and after the Torah after the Injeel Allah has also revealed the Quran and even if we don't find a good leader to follow a good example to follow there is always the book of Allah to clink to the book of

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Allah. This is the i This is the miracle that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given Masada, Sana was granted victory through the act that he was given. And our success also can only come as long as we adhere to the book of Allah. Because this book is bizarre it it is guidance and it is also Rama, mercy for who for those who believe in it and take it as an example, recitation. Well Paula Musso me

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the woman the Akula.

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it's kind of a long behind a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta, a stuffy recover to

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