Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 198C Tafsir Al-Naml 64-85

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of evidence to support their claims about the existence of God is emphasized, along with the need for rain, light, air, and humans to produce life and a God to provide relief. The lack of visibility and the lack of understanding of the hidden things within the universe is also discussed. The importance of belief in God and not denying one's actions is emphasized, as well as the use of language in communication and guidance in various HEs' practices. The use of guidance is not just a general rule, but a practice that is specific to individual HEs.
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A man or who is it that you ever that will Hanukkah that originates the creation Yabba Oh, he initiates, you have the Oh from Baghdad Hamza and bed can be understood in two ways. One is to make something for the very first time, meaning it's example the likes of it never existed before. So this creation that exists, who made it, who started all of this? Allah azza wa jal can also be understood as begin the process of creation of a particular creature, like, for example, a plant, who starts the creation, who's the Creator of life,

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you know, for example, in a seed, who created that life, so that it will sprout, they will actually grow. You know, for instance, you put five or six seeds in the ground, but how many actually grow? Not all of them. So, a man that will Hulka who is it that begins the creation? Who begins this life, some Mejuri do who, and then he repeats it, either you read it to repeat, he repeats this process of creation before you over and over and over again, how many plants have we seen growing? How many children have we seen being born? Right, you are either who he repeats it in front of you, life continues before you went after you. And of course, you are either well meaning on the day of

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judgment, He is going to recreate you, he is going to resurrect you. Well, my yield is a poem. And who is it that provides you mean a summer you will out from the sky and the earth?

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Right now, since it's almost time for fall, it's when we realized that how many leaves were actually on the trees. And like when they're up there, we don't see how many there are how many Alaska has created. And like, especially when you go into a forest in the fall time, it just leaves all over the ground. Like you can't see the ground with how many leaves there are. It just makes you realize how much he's actually created. And we have no idea about it. I think especially you feel that when you have to rake your lawn. Right? I mean, it's amazing how you could have just one tree in your front yard and how many leaves it will shed? How many leaves that when you have to collect them all?

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You wonder, is it necessary to have a tree here? Right? It means these thoughts do cross your mind. So how many leaves were up there in the tree that just one tree. So over and over again? Allah subhanaw taala shows this to us. He begins the creation. And then he repeats it before us will may have Zuko, Kameena summer you will all and who provides you from the heaven on the earth from the sky and the earth, meaning the sky and the earth what is coming down from the sky. And what is happening in the earth. When both these forces come together then you have sustenance, then you have food to eat, isn't it when the sunlight comes down when there's air, oxygen, you know, water rain,

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and then the earth alter the way it is when it will do its job then you'll have produce then you have trees then you have plants then you have food to eat. Otherwise, you wouldn't have sustenance and individually also from the sky Allah gives us risk. Right the water itself we also benefit from it it sustenance for us not just for the plants that we eat, the animals that we consume, but directly we benefit from the rain. And not just the water that comes down from the sky. Even sunlight. I mean how important vitamin D is for us, isn't it?

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I mean this risk. It's amazing. This food vitamin D is being absorbed into our body. We're not putting it into our mouths. We don't do that. It's taken in by the skin. Amazing. Yasuko come in a summer sama and he provides you from the earth also. Isla humara Allah is there, then a god with Allah. Why do you forget him? Why do you forget His favours? Why? Why do we become ungrateful? All have to burn accom say how to produce bring forward Bucha Hana comb your proof in quantum Saudi teen if you should be truthful, this word had to have to is a combination of her and add to her four exclamation, exclamation and add to meaning you all come with bring it. So how to it's a more

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forceful way of saying bring it how to bring it forward. If you have something show it will hanekom your proof meaning your definitive argument. If in quantum solder clean if you should be truthful in your claim that there are other deities with Allah or that there is no God at all. Either bring proof against what is mentioned here, or surrender to Allah the one and

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only mean all of these ayat, What are they telling us? That there is a Creator, there is a maker, your very existence, it proves that there is a God your very life, it proves that there is a God.

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And also, these I add, what are the reinforcing though hate this belief in the Oneness of Allah He alone is the Creator, He alone is the provider of sustenance, He alone is the Giver and taker of blessings. He alone is the one who guides who removes difficulty and trouble from His servants He alone is the one who creates ease, who provides relief him alone? So when that is the case, then why do you associate partners with him? When you worship? Why is it that you forget him and give importance to others? Besides him? Why is it that you neglect his right? And remember the rights of everybody else? Including yourself?

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And all of these, I mean, they're showing how life it's a miracle. Really, it's a miracle and who is the one who has created this miracle? It's ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada because it for the maintenance of life so much is needed. Right just for people to remain alive on earth. We need rain we need light we need the Sun we need air we need plants, we need food, all of this, who's providing this Allah is a for the maintenance of life. You need a God. Then what do you think about the cause of life? It happened to haphazardly by itself as an accident. No way. Ilan Omar Allah is there a god with Allah, use your mind. So anyone who does not believe in God, or who has doubt in the existence of God, or

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who associates partners with God, then these ayat are meant for them. And they're also meant for us to strengthen our faith, our conviction in Allah subhanho wa taala. Then Allah says called c'est la, ya la mu, he does not know man, for some our word, whoever that is in the skies, while Earth and the Earth, meaning anybody in the sky, anybody in the earth, they do not know a laborer, the unseen, no one knows the Unseen, what is labor? Labor is that which is hidden from us.

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Right? So anyone that is in the sky, or that is in the earth, any creature, anybody at all, they do not know, what is hidden from them.

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So as human beings, do we have access to the unseen, no way. Can we see it? No, can we hear it? No. And this is a fact that there are many, many matters which are hidden from us, but they exist.

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Right? They exist. Recently, I saw in a documentary that birds parrots, different species of parrots. I mean, if you look at the male and the female, forget male and female, if you have 20 of them, they will look identical. I mean, you can't tell apart. You can't tell between them. Right, who's the male and who's the female. And but it's amazing how these birds when they come together, meaning when a couple comes together, they stay together for life. They stay together for life, meaning they don't do that one here, the focus is just on producing the young ones. And as soon as that is done, then migrate to another place and then forget who your partner was. No, they stayed

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together for life. And where they live some of these birds, it's amazing. 1000s of them are living in one place. 1000s of them, but how is it that they recognize each other? How do they find their very spouse? I mean, seriously, even penguins are the same. You know that

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penguins are the same. If you see five penguins in one place. How do you tell them apart? You there's no way that we can do it. So birds, they can see more colors that we can meaning their vision is sharper, much better than ours. We just see them as red blue, green, yellow. Oh, this one is yellow. This one is blue. This one is this and this one is that right blue II and greeny and whatever this is how we named them. But birds the color spectrum it's more you can say advanced.

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Just like certain animals, they can hear sounds that we cannot hear. Have you ever noticed that before? A storm actually comes? You see birds going like crazy. Right? How do they know? They sense it? How do they know? When they migrate from one place to the other? How does it happen? Right so this is a fact that there are things within this universe even which are hidden for

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from us, but they're there. They are there germs? Do we see them with our eyes? No way. But aren't they there? They are there. Likewise, all of these rays and everything, they're there, we don't see the lumber, the example I gave you earlier, you don't see the text message, you know, the letters flying out of your phone and entering the phone of your friend, you don't see that? How does the transferring? There's something over there?

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Right? We don't see it. We can't hear it. We can't touch it. We can't smell it. But it's there. Right? Do we believe in it? Yes, we do. Now, in addition to the sounds, and these colors, and these rays, there are also many other things which are beyond our perception, and what are their Glebe, who knows them? No one knows them. Illa Allah except Allah, Allah has kept that knowledge only with himself, he has not disclosed it to us. And in that is good for us. Because imagine if we could hear the sound of every creature, or everything that's, that's there, if we could see sound waves.

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If we could see sound waves, imagine how difficult life would be.

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Did you wanna say something, as in regard to the waves that you're talking about? The visible light that we actually see is an incredibly small part of a much longer spectrum. It's very specific wavelengths that we can see. There's like, I remember the chart, it's like a centimeter here we can see. And then there's like, another 10 centimeters on either side of things, just we just cannot see at all, but they all exist, and we use them in all of our technologies. And we believe in them, even though we can't see them. But people can't seem to believe that, you know, there's a God even though we can't see him, then this is just what we know off that's out there. Because we can use it. Right?

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And there's much more within this universe within the very earth that we live in. That's there, but we don't see it. We can hear we can't even use it. We don't have any access to it. So layer Allah moment for summer worth you will or the labor Illa. Allah, you see, the thing is that mean all of these if they prove the existence of a creator, right, but when you talk about the existence of God with people, what's one of the main things they say? How can you believe in a God that you can't see? Right? How can we, we can't hear him we can't see him. The fact is that believe in God is founded upon belief in the unseen belief in Allah is founded upon what believe in the unseen, you

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have to believe in the unseen, to have any kind of faith. All right. And over here, the proof is being given for belief in the unseen, that knows that except Allah and if you just keep waiting for seeing God before you actually believe in him. It's impossible.

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Salaam Alaikum, I remember one saw a picture and the picture stated that, you know, we believe that there's air and we breathe it in, we can see it but there are signs that air exists and we're alive. We're breathing it in, just like that with God with Allah subhanaw taala. We can see him but there are signs that he exists. So just like there's air that we can see, and we believe that air is there, just like that Allah is there, but we can see him but there are signs that prove that he exists. Exactly. So layer in a moment for summer what you will or the labor in Allah. No one knows it. No one has access to it. No one can see it. No one can hear it. No one can reach it. Except to

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Allah, il Allah wema yesh, Aruna, and they do not perceive a urine a YouTuber or soon when they will be resurrected a yen, a yen is from a you a you meaning which and I won, I won meaning time. Alright, so are you awareness, a yen, meaning which when which time meaning when. So they don't even have any clue as to when they're going to be resurrected? Who?

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Firstly the idols that they worship. They have no clue or the dead rather that people invoke. You know, somebody died 1000 years ago until today, people go to their grave and they worship them and so on and so forth. They say that someone was crucified or someone died for us. They don't even know when they will be resurrected.

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Right? They don't even know a person who doesn't have life. And then an idle, it doesn't even know when it's going to be picked up and forget the idols those beings that people worship ourselves, do we know when we're going to be resurrected? When we're going to wake up from our sleep? When you go to sleep at night? What do you say I hope I hope I hope Inshallah, I will wake up at such and such and such time, right? Somebody asks you, when do you think you'll be up? Well, I'll be up by seven for sure. And what happens at 730 You're still sleeping. For instance.

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Right, because you don't know. You really don't know. This is how limited we are. This is how weak we are. This is how any limited our knowledge is that even about ourselves, we don't know what we're going to do in the future. No one knows the Unseen, except for who? Allah subhanaw taala. So those who you think are creators or providers, they themselves are lifeless, then how can they be the maintainers of life? Those who are sleeping? How can they take care of those who are awake? When we are so limited in our abilities? In our knowledge, then how can we figure all of this out ourselves? If we cannot figure out when we're going to wake up? How can we figure out the big questions of

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life? We cannot rely on our own intellect. We don't have control over our sleep. We don't have control over the next 510 minutes of our lives. How can we figure out the big questions of life? Just by relying on our limited minds, small small minds, limited intellects? If we cannot even see all the colors if we don't even hear all the sounds? How can we then figure out these big questions of life? And this is also teaches us that no one knows the labor except for who? Allah? Does the Prophet sallallahu Sallam know the unseen did he know the unseen? No, he didn't. A person who was laying in his grave does he know the unseen No way. A person who says oh, they can look at your hand

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and tell you about your future.

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Do they know the unseen know anyone who claims to know the unseen is a liar? Lie your li AR and anyone who says that someone else knows the Unseen even they are liars. Because Allah says lie ya allah mu min for sama what you will or the labor illa Allah. Only Allah who has knowledge of the Unseen belly the rocker Bal rather it the rocker it has been arrested, it has been exhausted it has reached the max or even more home their knowledge Phil Aqua concerning the hereafter it Dhaka from their letters that are aka Andraka. What does Andraka mean? It rock to perceive, right to know, when you can reach something with your vision, you reach something with your vision, you perceive it? All

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right, you get to know it. It Tao vaca et de Rocher is to reach the limit, to be exhausted to reach the max. Meaning when you've exerted every effort to find out about something but you cannot you can't reach there. You know, for example, you look up to the sky, right? You try to see something in the sky, you're like, I'm going to see the max height of the sky, can you where you can't, you cannot with your eyes, it's impossible. You could be an open place and you'd like I'm going to try to see as far as possible.

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You know, for example, five kilometers away from my house, I'm going to try to see it, you cannot see it with your eyes, it's impossible because your eyes have it darker, they have reached their maximum capacity and still they have not reached the object that you want to see. All right. Why is it that you cannot see your house from five kilometers away? Why because your vision, your eyes do not have that capacity. All right. Now, our hearing does that have a capacity a max capacity? Right? We cannot hear beyond a certain wavelength, right? Likewise, we cannot see our vision has a limited capacity. Our hearing has a limited capacity. brains do they have a limited capacity? Now sometimes

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when you're sitting in class, you're like to stop my brain is fried. I cannot understand anymore. I need a break. Right? Our brains have limited capacity our hearts do they have a limited capacity? Right? Emotionally? Don't you feel like exhausted sometimes. Right? So likewise, our in our knowledge, our ability to learn has a capacity, a limited capacity, we can only learn up to a certain extent beyond that we cannot learn.

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It's not possible.

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So Allah says, belly down rocker ill phylloxera concerning the hereafter. Their knowledge is arrested, meaning no matter how much they try to research and try to get into the future, or try to do

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Find out, they cannot reach that, you know, there's many things in the universe that you can discover, can you discover in the universe you can discover many things. I mean, so many discoveries, right? based on studies based on research based on observation, you can come to many conclusions. Correct. But the matter of the Hereafter is something that is beyond our ability, meaning just by using scientific evidence and just observation, just by observation, you cannot scientifically prove, okay, for the sake of argument, that okay, there's got to be a hereafter. So, what is being sad is what is being stated is that again, you have to believe in the unseen, to

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believe in God and to believe in the hereafter. Because these are matters that you cannot reach just by your own brains. But it datalocker Ilma home filled.

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Okay, it Dhamaka To summarize, summarize fruit, right? So it does look at the summer, meaning when the fruit is ripe, ready to be picked, it's reached its maximum state of ripeness, meaning if you don't pick it, now, it's gonna go bad.

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Okay? It's the maximum that it's going to change. All right, meaning its sweetness, its ripeness, its color, its flavor. That's it. That's the max capacity. So our enum is also limited.

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By Bell home Fisher came in her bell rather home, they are fee Schottky minha in doubt about it. So there are people who will this always remained in doubt about the hereafter bond rather whom they are minhang concerning it, or moon ones who are blind, I'm on floral off, I'm in I'm in one who was blind, I'm on ones who are blind, meaning they just close their eyes. They choose not to think about it not to reflect over it, they choose not to believe in it. So they don't look towards it. They don't prepare for it. You see, each and every person in this world has, you know, these two questions. Once upon a time, he must have asked these questions. Firstly, where did I come from?

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Where was I before I came here? Alright. And secondly, after I die, what's going to happen? Am I just going to turn into dust? And that's it? What's going to happen? These two questions about our origin and about our about our ending, Destiny, destination, whatever you want to call it. These two things people do wonder about. And these are two matters that we cannot discover with our eyes. Can we go back in time? Can we somehow find out where we were? Before we were created in the wombs of our mothers? Do we have that ability? No way?

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Can we get there somehow? No, we can't. Likewise, can we die and then come back to life and then tell everybody how it is to be dead? And what happens when you die? You can't do that. So these two matters, about our origin and about our destiny destination. These two matters are beyond our physical ability. What do you need, then? an outside source to tell you, you understand? You need an outside source to tell you where you were before you came here where you're going after you go from here. And who is that? Allah subhanaw taala. We came from him in that Lillahi wa inna la he Raju there is a Creator and then there is an afterlife. All right. So when you open the Quran Alladhina

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you mean ona believe, imagine life is mentioned first, and then we will ask you what you can own?

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Salam Alaikum. You know, when you read about children who were adopted, they always no matter if they haven't been told, they may be in the happiest of situation, well to do everything provided for but they always have this yearning to know where they came from and who the original parents were. Yeah. And they always go searching for them. And they're so restless until they actually find who where they came from. Yeah. Even, you know, like, if there's a child that was born of, you know, for example, a donor egg or donor sperm, all right, IVF treatment or anything like that, because of a need or sometimes people choose to do it. Like for example, in a gay couple, I mean, they need a

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donor, right? They need a donor. So when they have children like that, even the donor they have contact with him. Right in certain places. It's legally bound that you have to so that if the child ever wants to know who, whose child I am, whose egg was it, whose sperm was it? You don't know.

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CES within human nature, you want to know where you came from. And these two questions where I came from, where I'm going, these two questions cannot be solved by ourselves on our own. Because we can't go in the past, we can't win the future, we can guess we can predict we can observe, and we could be in total error. We could be. So we need to believe in Allah subhanaw taala. We need to believe in the hereafter. You see what's mentioned over here, but when fish shack came in here, because majority of the people who do believe what are they in shock?

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That sometimes even Muslims, you know, maybe maybe maybe there's maybe there's a law, maybe there's, you know, when you say it's safer to believe. That means you have shocked

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if a person says Oh, It's just safer to believe that's why I believe that's shuck. Yaqeen is that I certainly certainly believe this is your pain. And this Yaqeen has to be there because if a person lives with sharp doubt, then their Eman is not accepted. And I had these we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that when a man dies he's made to sit up in his grave. And specifically, when he was describing a person who's lived a life of evil and evil man, he's made to sit up in his grave, he's afraid, he's panicking. And it has said to him, what religion did you follow? And he says, I don't know. I do not know. It is said to him, who is that man meaning Mohamed salah, and who

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is he? And he says, I heard the people saying something, and I said it too. So this person who's claiming to be a Muslim, I heard the people saying something, and I said it to, there was no European. He just said what people said.

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Then a window to Paradise has opened for him. And he looks at its beauty and what is in it, and it has said to him, Look at what Allah has diverted away from you.

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This is what you will be deprived off, then a window to * is open for him and he sees it. Parts of hellfire destroying other parts eating up other parts. And it has said to him, this is your place. You were doubtful. In the state you died, and in this state, you will be resurrected. You live in doubt. You died with doubt in your heart. And that is how you shall come on the Day of Judgment. So this year teen this conviction is important.

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We'll call Alladhina Cafaro. And those who disbelieve say, either oh, what either when Kunta we have become to Robin dust. What about ONA? And also our forefathers people who came before us who died before us? And they're even more dust than us that in Allah Maha Joon. Oh, what inner? Indeed we Lamora Jun surely wants to be brought out.

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So over here, their objections are being mentioned that how they deny the resurrection after life saying that life after death is impossible. Why? Because they say that, once we have turned into dust, how can we be brought back to life?

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Haven't you ever seen a plant that is dead? And then somebody looks after it and takes care of it? And it turns green again, and it starts growing again? Doesn't it happen? It does?

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In the spring it happened right? We'll see the plants dying again. And then we'll see them coming back to life again. We see people who are literally, you know, their health is deteriorating. Why? Because they're being neglected. They're not being looked after. And then one week of good care and attention and a good diet and a stress free environment, how they come back to life doesn't happen. Animals even so this happens in our life that something is dead, nearly dead finished. But Allah subhanaw taala revives it. And when Allah create something and then repeats the creation over and over again, then yes, he can bring the dead back to life, even if their bodies have been finished,

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devoured by a whale, an animal finished completely nothing of it remains even then Allah will bring the dead out. They say the gods certainly worried now we were promised. They say this promise was made to us which promise the promise of resurrection had this meaning this promise. No, we, we were made this promise, meaning this promise was made with us. What about Juana and also our forefathers meaning that people who came before us 1000s of years before us? Even they were told that there is going to be an afterlife. There's

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Waiting to be resurrection but it still hasn't happened. Men couple before in Heather Illa, herself little Awali they say this is nothing except the stories of the former people. Basically, when a person doesn't want to accept the truth, then he comes up with such explanations just satisfy himself all say, See you fill out of travel in the earth from the word side Senora going the earth travel, look around fun little than look cave, I can argue but almajiri mean, how was the end result of the criminals? If you don't understand, by these evidences that are given to you over here, then you know what, go and look at what the people of the past have left behind. Where are they? Are they

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here today? They're gone. Where did they go? They're dead. Who finished them, Allah finished them and take warning from it. The entire cities can stand but the people are gone. The entire civilization is wiped out the buildings they made. They're still there. The houses they lived in, they're still there, but the people are gone. So look at that and take a lesson that there is someone who's more powerful than you, above you watching you. And if you deny him, you can do no harm to him while at the zoo, and I lay him. Now the Prophet saw a lot of sentiments being comforted that do not grieve over them over who over these people who deny so arrogantly they're denying the

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existence of a creator. You see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was NASA, right. He was well wishing for the people. He wanted the best for them. He was saving them from hellfire. And even, you know any person I mean, you come across them and you find out that they're not a Muslim. They're not almost if they don't believe in God, or the fact that they're not a Muslim anymore. It hurts. It hurts to know that if a person is rejecting a law, the afterlife because of their ignorance, because of their foolishness. It's very disturbing. So the prophets of Allah Islam is comforted. Do not grieve over these people. Walter Cohn and you should not be feeling your pain in any distress, like

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body or cough. It's basically constriction and discomfort, unease of the heart, do not feel uneasy, ma'am karoun Because of what they may occur because of what they conspire, meaning whatever they're plotting against you. Don't be worried because of that. Don't be in distress, because you have done your part in conveying the message. Now, whatever they do, don't worry about it. Because you see a person who's a stray, he doesn't just remain a stray right? He also leads others astray.

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Isn't it? So don't worry about the muck of that they're doing their plotting, Allah will take care of that. While coluna and they say Mata Hodel word. When will this promise be meeting the promise of the hereafter? When will it come true in quantum sada clean if you're truthful? This is their greatest argument that they can come up with that okay, when is the Day of Judgment going to be the prophets Allah Lawson would say I don't know. The see you don't know that it's not coming. It's not happening. And this is just like people say so arrogantly so where is God show me God? No like we can't see him see can't see you. How can you believe in it?

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Really this is the only argument that you can come up with mother had Anwar do in quantum Saudi clean pilot say to them as perhaps and you're gonna let it is Allah de fella come right behind you. Ready for ratifies a verb right from the room that was robbed Alpha. Just like hacienda. He thought some era he heard or defer? It is behind. Okay. Radhika is basically when something is right behind, closely behind immediately after, immediately after. Right? Rod if is one who sits behind someone.

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Okay, like for example, on a horse or a camel that is allowed? If so, tell them that perhaps it is right behind you. Meaning it's right behind you. It's coming. It's not too far. The next major event that's going to happen in your life is what bearable lady the star June some of that which you hastened for which you are impatient about, meaning punishment. Death could be right behind you. You walk so arrogantly on Allah's Earth. How do you know? Maybe right behind you is a punishment from Allah, waiting to catch up with you, waiting to destroy you verbally discharged on some of that which you are rushing for hastening for what a not a burqa, and indeed your Lord lead who surely he

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is possessor of fugly.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:49

of bounty, meaning he shows much favors Allah nurse to people. Your Lord chose so many favors to people, how he doesn't punish them instantly. People who deny the very existence of God and so arrogantly they go on lecturing and writing and blogging and talking and you know, video making and whatnot, writing books and making fun and whatever they're doing but still Allah let them breathe air. Allah lets them eat food. Allah lets them travel Allah lets them enjoy family life. He is the LA Zoo for Dublin, Ireland. He still provides them while I can. kuthodaw home life guru, but most of them do not show gratitude. Meaning if nothing else, just show gratitude to the one who made you the

00:35:49 --> 00:36:30

one who's providing you for the life that he's given you and everything that you enjoy, because we didn't make ourselves right. Somebody made us so that somebody who made you thank him at least don't be so arrogant towards him. What I cannot Thoreau lash guru, most of them are not grateful. You know, there's a story that is reported about Ibrahim Rene Sinha, right. But everyone here on a sinner. He wouldn't eat unless and until he would have somebody to eat with him. Right? It is said, I don't know about the authenticity of this particular narration. But I just heard it recently in Elektra. That's why I'm sharing it with you. And from a reliable source. So they said that era he

00:36:30 --> 00:36:48

ran his home, he wouldn't eat anything unless there was somebody to share his food. So one day he found somebody it was an old man. And when he sat with Ibrahim on his sunnah, that man, he didn't say Bismillah All right. Ibrahim Osama asked him that Why didn't you and he said, Well, I don't believe in Allah.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:00

Right? So Abraham, listen, I'm set go, I'm not going to share my food with you. I'm not going to give you my food. So Allah subhanaw taala said that I've been feeding this man for the past 70 years.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:07

I've been feeding this man for the past 70 years. And look at what you've done. You can't give him one meal.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:23

Allah, people deny him. I mean, look at the kinds of things people say about God. I mean, just God in general. And especially when they talk about the concept of God and Islam or Islam. I mean, look at how they say Why are you even Muslim?

00:37:24 --> 00:38:08

Right? They say things like that. Why are you even Muslim? How come you're still Muslim? They say things like that. But still Allah subhanaw taala provides them and he gives them and he gives them what in the logbook a little help Lin Allah nurse because he's learning what a not a burqa, and indeed your Lord lair Allah will shortly he knows mad that which took in sudo, Rohan to Kinu it conceals from a command calf no known to conceal to hide something contained within. So so don't ruin their trusts, meaning whatever doubts and bad things they think about Allah, they keep in their hearts. Allah knows them. Well now you only know that and that which they declare, meaning that

00:38:08 --> 00:38:55

which they show. Don't think Allah is unaware of what they're doing. Allah knows what they're thinking. Allah knows what they're hiding. And Allah knows what they're writing what they're sharing what they're lecturing about. And so far they attend Allah says SOA Oh men common assemble Coloman Jarabe it is the same thing whether someone keeps a call a statement secret or he discloses it. Why am I not midlaw Ebert in for summer? You will Oh, there is no Eva in the sky or the earth. What is law? Eva? What's the route Lane Yabba Labour's hidden law EBA is that which is hidden, but you see that that at the time of Buddha at the end? This is for the purpose of really emphasizing no matter

00:38:55 --> 00:39:02

how hidden it is. Right? It's for MOBA. You know, for example, I love

00:39:03 --> 00:39:05

I love does it have a thought at the end?

00:39:07 --> 00:39:15

Does it have a thought at the end? Allama? Who is alarma? Scholar? Justice scholar, that's our limb. Who's alarma

00:39:16 --> 00:39:59

like, greats got her grades called being someone who knows a lot. All right. So likewise, law EBA that which is hidden, completely hidden, there is no sign of it. You can't even see it, you can't even reach it. There is nothing that is deeply hidden in the sky or the earth in Luffy Kitabi Mubin except that it isn't a clear record in a clear register. What is that clear register? The law Hallmark fools, meaning nothing is hidden from Allah. He knows about everything. Even if someone very secretly thinks of something in his heart doesn't even utter with his mouth. Allah knows nothing is hidden from him. In the hair there indeed this

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

Al Quran the Quran indeed this Quran, your cusu it narrates it relates from the letters of assaults on it relates Allah Bani Israel Eid over the children of Israel II act thorough majority most of Allah de which home they fit in the after the phone they differ, meaning they disagree with the Bani Israel who are the Bani Israel? They are who? What book were they given the torah? Right? Musar Islam was a prophet, right? He taught them. And then after Mossad, Assam, Allah subhanaw, Taala and so many prophets to this nation in order to teach them keep guiding them, showing them the way. So they became the people of knowledge, the People of the Scripture, correct. But what happened despite

00:40:46 --> 00:41:33

having so much knowledge? Did they differ amongst themselves? Did they? Big time? Right, so much so that when it comes to food, there's major differences within them. When it comes to marriage, major differences? Right, some things have been lost, and other things. There's major differences. They don't know what the truth is. Even about Allah subhanaw taala they don't know what the truth is. They describe Allah has jealous God, not only Billa Alright, they describe Allah with very negative, very negative attributes. So when it comes to their beliefs, when it comes to our Kedah, they have differences, why they are confused. Why? Because of losing that elder Allah gave them the hate part

00:41:33 --> 00:41:37

of it, the last part of it, and overtime they lost it.

00:41:38 --> 00:42:22

Then when it comes to a brother, how to worship Allah again, they're in confusion when it comes to the Oneness of Allah. utter confusion when it comes to the angel that any confusion when it comes to the prophets again, confusion, it's a mess. So where do you get clarity from? Where do you get clarity from how the Quran Allah says this Quran relates to the children of Israel in a quality home fee of 30 for majority of the matters, which the differ in where do you get clarity from the Quran? So the Quran is how it clarifies matter over which people have been in confusion, whether it is about Allah, about the hereafter, or into who and indeed it meaning the Quran is law who then

00:42:22 --> 00:43:06

shortly it is a guide a guidance. What armato Nana mercy then what we need for the believers, it's a guide and mercy only for who? The believers because the Quran answers their questions, it satisfies their their curiosities. It brings them peace, and ultimately becomes a source of mercy for them in our Bucha indeed, your Lord Jakob Lee Boehner, whom He will judge between them between who people that differ people that are in confusion, they hooked me with his wise judgment, his hokum and what is her commits this Quran? And if Still, despite this clear, how can people don't get the truth, they still choose to reject it. On the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to make it clear to them well

00:43:06 --> 00:43:52

who will RZ zoulah Eileen, and He is the Exalted in Might, he is the knowing, meeting his Hurco shall prevail. Remember, this is a monkey sutra. So much opposition there was of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that no you'd wonder if the revelation of the Quran would even be completed. So much hostility. So many people tried to kill him. So many people tried to stop him. But Allah's Hurco prevailed while disease because he's disease the prevailing one he's only knowing one. So his judgment, the knowledge that he gives us based on fact, fact our Quran Allah so when that is the case, then rely upon Allah in Mecca Indeed you are the movie, you are upon the clear truth. You

00:43:52 --> 00:44:08

know, when you hear all these crazy things about religion, and if this confuses you, right, when you're studying science or history or anything and religion is being blamed right left and center for every nonsense in the world. You wonder, Am I upon the truth

00:44:09 --> 00:44:57

you know, these thoughts check on puts them people try to create these confusions in your mind you sit in a classroom and you will be looked down upon because you are visibly a Muslim. Right? So fatawa color Allah Allah in NACA Allah Allahu Akbar Al movie in this Quran it is Huck, it is not just help, the manifest help the manifest truth meaning it is the truth that will be manifested, did it not become manifest in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. When people saw the prophets of Allah as him they laughed. When the Prophet SAW Allah and recited the Quran, people made noise when someone dared to press on that they were physically assaulted. This was a situation, but did

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

the truth not prevail? It prevailed

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

So whether it is atheism on the rise or whatever on the rise, this is just another shade of falsehood, and the truth shall prevail in the cardinal health and well being therefore cling to it, hold on to it, like the Prophet sallallahu sallam said hold on to the truth with your molars with your molars What are your molars the teeth at the back of your mouth? You know when you literally clutching onto something Do not let go even if somebody's pulling it away from you trying to take your faith away from you do not let go in NACA I'll bail movie

00:45:39 --> 00:46:21

but then when you look how is it that these people cannot believe? The fact is that in Africa indeed you led to smear on Malta? You cannot make the dead here Malta is Florida yet. When a person is dead in his grave, can you talk to them? Can you make them here? You cannot do likewise when someone's heart is dead. Even if they hear the Quran you cannot make them hear you cannot make them accept it will lead to smear oh some nor can you make the deaf hear. Who has some someone who's unable to hear you talk to them say beautiful words to them most convincing arguments to the get it? No they cannot. A dua the call meeting the invitation when you invite them they cannot hear either,

00:46:21 --> 00:47:02

especially when one low mood marine they have turned away showing their backs will debate is one who shows us back meaning he's turned away from you. Because the person who's not able to hear how can you still communicate with them? Your signs. But if they've turned your back on you they can't even see you making all those signs. Can you explain something to them? Can you communicate with them? You cannot. So this is a state of people who do not believe that they have chosen to be deaf they have chosen to not hear. Even though the arguments are manifest. They choose not to listen, they choose not to understand, so don't worry them. You've done your part.

00:47:04 --> 00:47:43

We learn a little hamdulillah was phenomenal. Ala Abadi, Alladhina Stouffer and how the dialogue on the methods Allah use with the Prophet sallallaahu salam to comfort him. Allah didn't say I did this I did this, Allah use the intellect to make us reflect the brain that he gave us to have a conversation and communication with us. Who's the one who created the heavens in the earth? And who is the one who did this? Who was the one and then Allah use a method of personal Who's the one who took you out of this pain and the suffering that you and so if we're not using our brain, then we have emotions and Allah has blessed us with and then Allah continues to come for the prophesized

00:47:44 --> 00:48:04

that don't let the stress of what's happening, that it's not only you that it's all Allah, that it's the one that they're rejecting, and how Allah is comforting the prophesies and understand the methods Allah use Subhanallah it's like, we should be so blessed that every weekend we're here to learn the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala

00:48:06 --> 00:48:36

so in Nicola to smear all Mota wala to smear us so Madura either will loan would redeem the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is comforted, it's not your fault. If these people do not believe you're doing your best woman and the behandelt omiana Allah Allah to him WOMMA Anta and you are not behind the at all, one who guides allow me the blind ones on Bala team from their error, meaning if a person does not even see his error, if a person does not even see his error, then how can you guide him? How can you make him leave it?

00:48:37 --> 00:49:26

You understand? So likewise, if a person does not even see the error, which is in his faith in his belief, how can you guide him into smooth in not too smooth you make to hear it except meaning the only person whom you can convey this message to who will actually hear you is who may or may not be a Athena underlying this may or may not be a Tina, the one who believes in our irons in the signs that Allah has created in the verses that Allah has revealed fall mostly moon, so therefore they surrender to Him. They're Muslim. So who is it that can benefit from the Quran? The one who believes this summarizes the discussion that we had earlier that you have to have belief in the unseen.

00:49:27 --> 00:50:00

Right. Once a person has believed then he benefits from the Quran and when he benefits from the Quran he surrenders to Allah. So guidance is not in the hands of people. It is in the hands of Allah and Eman is founded upon belief in the unseen and unseen is something that is beyond us. What either what Carl Cole or lay him what either and when work, I'll call the call the word aid worker. It defaults I lay him on them. What does it mean by what car what car literally

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

means to happen when something occurs, right? And when something occurs, I mean it's occurred there's no denying it. So walk are is also used for something being mandatory, necessary incumbent. Undeniable why'd you so why they'll walk I'll call do I lay him when the word shall befall them which word is this the word of the hour meaning the Day of Judgment, that now definitely the day of judgment shall happen

00:50:30 --> 00:50:56

basically what this means is when the End of Time is nearer, when the day of judgment is very close, then what will happen 100 Janella home we will bring out for people the button a creature mineral arc from the earth this is that but that by is a creature like that by is used for horse that by is not a robot it's not like a machine or mobile phone and things like that, you know people they come up with these things old signs of the Day of Judgment are coming true.

00:50:57 --> 00:51:48

That button Meenal out is an actual living creature. Where does it come out from from the earth to Colombo home, it will speak to the people why? Because Anessa that indeed the people can will there will be i attina laochra known they do not have certainty in our vs. Just as a camel was brought out from a mountain. Remember, remember Saleh listen and we learned about the people of the mood right? So a camel was brought out of a mountain. Likewise near the end of time Allah will bring out a creature from the earth that will warn people and this will happen after the jail after he started I sent him after you do remote jooge when the Quran will be taken away, when people will be in pure

00:51:48 --> 00:51:52

total ignorance, even the carbon will be destroyed. You know the

00:51:53 --> 00:52:41

the sun will rise from the west. And as a last offer of guidance to people, Allah will bring out the Middle Earth. So they will have no argument on the Day of Judgment against Allah. Allah will send us data. Why? Because people will have lost all faith by that there will be no trace of iman anywhere on the planet. So a living beast will come out of the earth, proving to them resurrection, proving to people resurrection that look life, living creatures coming out of the earth. So no trace of fit anywhere on the planet. And Allah will show this and this dabba will speak to people communicate with them. The prophets of Allah said, I'm said that when the creature of the earth will emerge, it

00:52:41 --> 00:52:58

will put a mark on the noses of people. Okay, it will put a mark on the noses of people. And these people will remain among the rest until if a man will buy something. And you will be asked Where do you get it from, you will tell the person with the mark on the nose.

00:52:59 --> 00:53:37

This is a Hadith in a sinful atossa. Here, it's authentic hadith. All right. Now, there are many other Hadees that are reported about this, but they're not necessarily authentic. We don't know much about that little old really we don't. But what we do know is that it will come towards what either what are called orally, when the word will come into effect in a hadith and because it tells us that the dark by Middle Earth and the rising of the sun from the West, this will happen one after the other, meaning either the DA will come out and immediately the next day the sun will rise from the West, or vice versa. The other way that the sun will rise from the west and then the domino effect

00:53:37 --> 00:54:22

will come out. So right next to each other one will happen right before the other. And what do we know about the sun rising from the West that after that, no Toba will be accepted. And why would people even repent? When in Hadith we learned that the day of judgment will come when Allah Allah who will not be sad. People will not even know Allah. The word Allah is smudger Allah, so much ignorance. But what does this show? What does this show the sign of the Day of Judgment? What does it show? Allah has offered guidance to people, and he has not left anything in order to guide people. Even in such a state he will send this duck by minilogue. The lesson we learned over here is

00:54:22 --> 00:55:00

Allah is not unfair. He has offered guidance and if a person does not have guidance in his life, it's his fault entirely. It's his fault because Allah has offered guidance. And also we learn over here that if we don't do our job of taking this guidance to others, Allah doesn't need us he can even use a dab by middle of Wyoming mushroom in Cali. Oh Matt info John and the day we will gather from every nation accompany me maybe you can't they will be i Artina of those who deny our signs for whom user own and they will be driven in roles. Every nation how many people are those

00:55:00 --> 00:55:43

Believe in Allah, and how many more are those who don't? Huge number right? All will be brought together kept in their places and led away to their final abode had either until when they arrive were at the place of judgment. Call Allah Allah will ask them a cadet to be a T Did you deny my art while I'm here to be her Ilma and you did not encompass it in knowledge? How could you deny? The fact is that you did not encompass in knowledge, my art meaning you didn't even know them fully. You didn't even understand them fully. You know how confidently people say, Oh, I'm not Muslim anymore. Really? Did you even study the Quran? Did you even read the Quran every day? Did you actually

00:55:43 --> 00:56:00

understand the meaning of the Quran? I'm not talking about translation of the Quran study the Quran. The fact is that anyone who rejects Islam will reject the Quran the fact is that he's doing it based on what ignorance because well I'm thrilled to be here ilna A mother quantum Dharma on or what is it that you were doing?

00:56:02 --> 00:56:08

What is it that you were doing? Did you have actual sound knowledge? No, you didn't?

00:56:09 --> 00:56:23

Well, what Carl Cole or lay him be mailed Allah mu and the Decree of Punishment will befall them. Why be mal Rolla mo because of their own wrong foam layer on their own? So they will not speak they will not be able to speak

00:56:25 --> 00:56:46

presently what do people do they talk and talk and talk against Allah against his revelation against his commands, they talk much they write much they lecture much proof after proof justification after justification, but before Allah they will be speech less no argument will work over there

00:56:47 --> 00:57:03

May Allah protect us from this May Allah give us guidance and keep us firm on guidance made this truth really appear to be the most manifest truth to us so that we live with conviction in it and die with conviction in it

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