Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 195D Tafsir Al-Naml 15-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
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what are called uncertainly attina. We gave there whoo that was Sulayman. That would, and Sulayman or llegan was salam, or Ilma knowledge Allah gave to both of these prophets father and son, knowledge. And it wasn't just knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala gave to both of them. Allah gave them kingship, Allah gave them wealth, power,

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certain skills, control over so much of the lands and not just land but also people and animals and birds and gin, as we will see, but out of all the blessings that they were given. Allah subhanaw taala says, that we gave to the wood and Sulaiman real knowledge, why knowledge is mentioned. Because knowledge is a blessing that has precedence over all other blessings. Allah says in surah Mujaddid i 11 Young ferry level ladina am an omen come when Medina autorola Ilma. The Raja, Allah raises the ranks of those people who believe and who were given knowledge. So those who believe and those who are given knowledge, their ranks are raised by Allah, Allah elevates them. So knowledge is

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one of the best blessings that a servant can be given. Now, Allah subhanaw taala gives knowledge because we're not going to attain now we gave Allah Gibbs, but how is it that something can be given? When is it that the process of giving can be complete? When the other receives it? Like we learned earlier that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were in Nikka, La Jolla called Quran, he was made to receive the Quran, the Prophet SAW Allah and received it Allah gave, and he received, you know, somebody gives you a gift and you receive. And sometimes in order to receive you also have to put in the effort, isn't it? Like for example, somebody can put food in your plate, but then you have to

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eat it. Somebody could be so nice that they even put the food in your mouth, but you have to chew it. Okay? They might even help you to it by moving your mouth. Okay? But you have to swallow, hey, others can help us they can give us but we cannot take until we also put in the effort. You know, sometimes we just keep making our Oh Allah you just make me a good person. You just make me a good person. They always make me you know, someone who preys on time and everything. You know, for example, Allah subhanaw taala wakes us up at whatever time for instance, our eyes actually woke up, we heard the alarm, we turned it off, we put it on snooze. We did it. Allah subhanaw taala did his

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part No, we have to do our part also. So knowledge also Allah Gibbs, but we have to receive it. And in order to receive knowledge, we have to do something, we have to seek knowledge. You understand? And seeking knowledge. This is a very, very virtuous deed. With it in the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whoever takes a path upon which he seeks knowledge than Allah makes a path to paradise easy for him. When a person is seeking knowledge, what is he seeking Jannah when a person is taking your enemies actually adopting a way to Paradise, and indeed the angels lower their wings in approval to the one seeking knowledge, lower their wings, you know, generally we understand

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it as the angels spread their wings out, like a red carpets that a person the seeker of knowledge can walk on it. But it also means that the angels lower their wings, meaning wherever they are, they come down, out of respect for the person who's seeking knowledge. So for example, if an angel is high up in the sky, for example, and he sees a person going out to seek knowledge, driving somewhere to seek knowledge, the angel will actually come down.

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This is what the angels do, meaning the angels show immense respect for those who are seeking knowledge. Why? Because otherwise someone was given knowledge. And Allah told the angels to prostrate to Adam, why because of their inner because of the Felina that Allah gave to Adam.

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I mean, this is the respect that angels show to those who have knowledge angels, what should we do then? What should we do then? Should we not show respect?

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So the angels lower their wings and approval to the one seeking knowledge and indeed forgiveness is sought for the knowledgeable one, by whomever is in the heavens and whomever is in the earth. Even the fish in the waters. Even the fish in the water, what do they do? They seek forgiveness.

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Are those who are seeking knowledge or those who have learned knowledge for those who are spreading knowledge and the superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like the superiority of the moon over the rest of the celestial bodies.

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So when you come here in sha Allah, to seek knowledge of the Quran, even if it's just a few I think about this, and then it will be easier to go through the traffic to drive to walk to take the bus, when you go to the mall who prays for you, seriously, who prays for you?

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I'm sure they're making the I hope you don't spend all the money or nobody's making the right that oh, by everything you want, you know, but when a person goes to collect alien than so many are showing respect to him and so many of Allah's creation are making their offer him so we should be greedy for what truly benefits us, you want to say something?

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Of course this type of knowledge, it refers to the knowledge that Allah has especially taught meaning. Of course, all knowledge comes from Allah, we cannot learn about anything even about, you know, food or nutrition or the world that we live in, unless Allah subhanaw taala facilitates that for us, right. So in definitely refers to their aim of Dean, but even their aim of duniya that is being sought for the right reason. And what is that right reason?

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You know, we just put this label for the sake of Allah, what does it mean for the sake of Allah that you lose your faith in the process, that you become arrogant in the process, that you start looking down on other people who don't have the same degree or were not seeking a similar degree?

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Okay, to benefit people, you know, we say we want to benefit people, but then we just want to benefit ourselves because we're looking for the best job and the definition of the best job is most money

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you know, we really need to be honest with ourselves. And thank you for asking that question. Because we say that seeking knowledge is such a good thing. And we are seeking knowledge at 100 level we're not really doing it with the right reason with the right intention in the right way in the right method.

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So, how is it that a person should seek knowledge even of the dunya?

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go ahead

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to understand the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala okay. Yes.

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Okay, when what should be that intention

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to gain the pleasure of Allah's panel data, okay, let me give you some homework. Okay, I want you to listen to something and that is I want you to go on the website, a little website, either a hold up vk.com Or for hashmi.com or you can access through Quran for all app and go into Buhari because he will have the explanation, key tabular in the book of knowledge and the first episode or class or whatever recording, okay, I want you to listen to that. This is your homework sr sadiya. Can you make note of that? And all the grouping charges also can you make note of that Inshallah, this is homework, you have to listen to it for tomorrow, okay.

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So that you know what it means to seek knowledge, what should our intention be? Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala gives knowledge and we have to receive it. So Allah subhanaw taala gave knowledge to the world and today man earning was salam.

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There are a lot of a hadith that showed the excellence the virtue of seeking knowledge, there's a lot of felida of so much was the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that, indeed the world is cursed. Lunia is maluna Mulrooney, there's no fade in it. Whatever you touch, I mean, you love it. But then what happens after a few minutes,

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you get bored, it gets old, it begins to collect dust, it loses its value. I mean, I want you to remember when you open that box of your brand new phone, brand new phone

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what happened you opened it and you're like, should I take the sticker off or you know the peel off and and then finally you do and then what happens? get scratched and then just let a few months go by and then you know that there is a better phone? There is a better phone, a newer phone, isn't it? This is the reality of this world. Everything gets aged, it loses its value. It's Morona. It is cursed. Everything. Even the best clothes that you can buy the best house that you can buy, you know a new piece of furniture you bring in your house, a new toy. I mean, you see children crying, I want that toy. I want that toy fighting over it.

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And then you buy it and then what happens you see it

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thrown on the washroom floor. Really, that's the value.

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I said, I really, I just wanted to share a recent example that Assad we have a culture of falling celebrities and following them on Twitter, Instagram everywhere. And I was watching this guy who was apparently a celebrity in one of the countries and he received a letter saying so and so loved you so much. She was a fan of you. And she did so much for you. And she recently passed away, so we just wanted to let you know. And he goes, Oh, I don't know what to say. May she rest in peace. And that was it. And that was such a huge reality check for me, that how easily we follow these things. And they these guys can do anything for us, especially in youth. It's a huge culture. So it's, this

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world is really temporary and nobody can benefit us. Yeah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Indeed, the world is cursed, what is in it is cursed, except for the remembrance of Allah.

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And what is conducive to that meaning anything that is related to Allah has decreed, so anything that will facilitate that for you, that will make it easier for you that will lead you to it. So for example, you sit in a car and you go to the masjid to pray. So, okay, that car is not Madrona

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All right, you wear those shoes, in order to walk to the masjid, okay, those shoes are not MeLuna but everything else, it's cursed, it's got no height in it, except for the remembrance of Allah, what is conducive to that the knowledgeable person and the seeker of knowledge. This is what is exempt.

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So, what is not curse than knowledgeable person meaning the person who has written and the person who is seeking more involved so

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this is what we need to seek.

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And the things of this dunya no matter how much you can get, it just never satisfies you. It never brings you happiness. I mean, we deceive ourselves thinking that if I buy that if I have this if I buy this furniture, and now you know this will match it and that will match it and all of this will go together really nicely. Get it all together. What will happen after a year you're bored of it, it's outdated. You have to change your artwork. Now you have to change this know that now this is the lawn of this dunya that it never lets you really be happy, you think you're happy, but you're not happy. Just let one second go by and see how you are the next moment. So seek what is truly

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beneficial and what is that are in the realm of the deen. So Allah gave into the world was Sulaiman Wirkkala. And both of them said, the father and the son both said and hamdulillah all praise all thanks, all gratitude, with love with respect is for who? And lovey the one who for Bala Anna, he preferred us Isla over cathedra in many millinery, birdie Hill mumineen. Amongst his believing servants, out of so many people who believe in Allah, Allah chose us, Allah gave us something that he didn't give to the rest of the believers. see over here, Marienbad the hidden Momineen it's not just creation, it's believers that even from amongst believers, he gave us something special he gave

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us what he did not give to others but banana, he preferred us. Now both of them said this, who were these prophets of Allah? Who was the old early sunnah. Remember, Ibrahim right is Samson is how are they Saddam Hussein was Dr. Cooper and his son um, who had 12 sons, one of whom was use of RSM and he ended up in Egypt and then the rest of the family also came to Egypt. And then eventually the bunnies slide were enslaved. And then Mossad is Saddam, he rescued them, they crossed the sea. They went on the other side, most artists and I'm said enter the city, and they refused. They said we're not fighting so they remained in the desert for about 40 years. And then Mossad is and I'm passed

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away hold on or listen and passed away after their death eventually, under the leadership of us sharp unknown, the Bani Israel entered their homeland. They were in their homeland. And then what happened after some years again, they were evicted from their they were evicted from their they were attacked, they were evicted. And then they requested their prophet that please appoint a king for us a leader for us and under his leadership, we will fight our enemy and the story is mentioned towards the end of the second juice all right.

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And then what happened a king was appointed who was he?

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You're not sure Luther Duluth one of those guys?

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By loot. Okay, pallets was chosen as king. Then what happened? ventually they left in order to find your loot. And many of the people who were under him they got left behind because remember the test that they had to go through the water. You can only take a

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handful, but many of them took more than a handful. So it is said that at the end, only 313 people were left in the army of Fallujah, and amongst them was also a soldier by the name of that wood. All right, and what did he do? He killed Giroud war Katella dawu jelutong dilute, the odor killed, dilute. And what happened because of this reason followed was very happy with that. All right, he made him marry his daughter. And then when Palu died, who became the king, that would became the king and Allah gave the world or a salon prophethood also.

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So the other is salon, King, prophet, and not just king and prophet, but he was also given a special skill in total MBR we have learned about how the older Assam he could mold iron into whatever shape and form he wanted. Alright, well alumna Allah Who Hadid we softened iron for him. And because of that he was the first one to make chainmail before people had plated armor. Now, they had different kinds of armor that was actually made of chainmail. So it could bend easily. All right, more flexible also. So this is the older listener. So a man or listener was his son. And remember that when the older son was King and Prophet saw a man or any scenario was given wisdom even at that

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time, because remember, we learned earlier about the case that was brought in the presence of the elder and his sunnah. And he made the judgment but today mannered s&m suggested something else which was much better. For for him now ha. Sulaiman. Right when the water is died, who became the king. So a man early salaam became the king. Why? Because this was some kind of dynasty like with the children were being preferred. Was that the reason? So a minor in Islam had the talent. It wasn't simply because he was the son of the wilderness and him that he was made the king he had the talent.

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And this is why Allah subhanaw taala also gave him prophet hood. Remember prophethood is not earned, it is not acquired, it is given. It is given. You could argue though, that has made his son the king okay. But could he transfer prophethood to him? No way. Who could give him prophethood only Allah subhanaw taala and we see in these ayat why Allah chose this father and the son. Why Allah chose though there is sunnah. And Sunday man, early sunnah. Look at their humility. First of all, their acknowledgement that Allah has given us all these blessings, look at their sugar, their gratitude, confession of Allah's blessings, and then accepting those blessings and then being grateful for

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those blessings. This is really, you know, a sign that they were people over in

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Alhamdulillah, he lady for banana, Allah cathedra men are about to hit meaning he chose us, he preferred us over so many believers, you know, their knowledge is being celebrated. Because heirloom is really a blessing that should be celebrated. Meaning a person should be happy about this blessing.

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And with this knowledge and glory that Allah gave them, you don't see pride over here, but you see humility, you see this, that Alhamdulillah Hound is praise, you praise someone, you praise someone for their qualities. But it's not just praising someone for their qualities. It's praising them with love.

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Unless and until these two things are combined praise and love, it is not hand. Hand is only when there's love and praise both. And why would you praise someone you love, you're thanking them. So this is why it also has an element of gratitude.

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Now, it seems as though, you know, if we were to talk about the blessings that Allah has given to us with others, that would be like, showing off.

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Like, for instance, if as a family you were sitting together and your mom says, you know, 100 Allah, we have a house and 100 Allah, we have a car and Hamdulillah we have this much money, this and this and this. All right. You might think like, why is my mom saying that? What's the reason? But why is it that a mother would talk about such things with her children to make them feel grateful to make them feel that you're not deprived? You have not been deprived? Allah has given us something so decent Nirma talking about blessings, it produces feelings of gratitude. It makes us feel positive. And this is something that we must include in our conversations. You know, if you talk about your

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pain in front of other people, what are you going to hear from them? Their pains?

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Doesn't it happen that you come back from a very long walk and you're like, Oh, my back is hurting? What is the other

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First I'm gonna say, my back is hurting too,

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right? I mean, so many times, elderly ladies, when they sit together, one says, oh my knees, I have this problem now. And the other will say, Oh, my back, I have this problem. Now, my doctor's appointment went like this, and the other will give a much worse story. You know, when you talk about problems, you generate a conversation that is all about problems and difficulties and trials and pain and hardship. But when you talk about good things, then the other person is also going to talk about good things. So these are the conversations that we need to start having with each other in our families and also amongst our friends. Now, one more thing we see over here is do special

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favors, that sort of amount or this and I was given first of all, language of the birds. And secondly, wealth. Earlier, we learned about him that he was given. So three things,

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language of the birds, and thirdly, wealth. And these three things, definitely, they are keys to success of a nation. Meaning as if as a community we want to prosper, then we need to gain knowledge, language, also different languages. Right? Why? Because the more languages you know, what's the benefit? The more people you can communicate with, the more cultures and histories and backgrounds you will come to know off. Right? Because, you know, for instance, if you know only English, then what's the advantage? You can read things in English, you can watch movies that are in English, for example, right? You can sit in classes that are being taught in English. But let's say

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you go to a class where the professor is teaching in French, or let's say there is a book which is in French, then what do you need to do?

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You need to know, French, you know, so many times people ask me, which books do you use to prepare your notes. And like I use books that are in Urdu, and in Arabic, and so many English, very few, maybe two or three. But there's a wealth of knowledge in Urdu. And in Arabic, Arabic Alhamdulillah, people are realizing that it's necessary to learn Arabic. But for so many people, for instance, Urdu is their mother tongue, but they don't know how to read and write or do. And if your mother speaks, although she can read or do, she can write an order and you can't please learn,

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if you can, those of you who are able to because, honestly, once you develop the skill, there's so much that you can learn so much. Whatever your mother tongue is, French, Urdu, Somali, Swahili, whatever it is, you have the advantage of learning that language in your very own house. And if you don't learn that language, you're depriving yourself we really are depriving ourselves.

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So what's the benefit of learning more languages?

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You learn different ways of understanding things like every culture has different ways of understanding like expressions and such and, like even symbolism, you look at it from different cultures, perspectives, and it comes out like, in different ways light could mean something in some culture and something else in another.

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So, so a man or a salon, he even knew the language of the birds. Now, this teaches us that birds communicate with each other. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that so many creatures Illa Oman, that they are Oman, just like you, meaning they are communities like you, in the sense that don't just look at them as Oh, it's just a spider. Oh, it's just a bird. No, birds also communicate birds also travel, birds also see and observe and feel and defend themselves. You know, if we study the creation of Allah subhanaw taala we only look at it from a very any physical perspective, how do they eat, how do they reproduce? And things like that? How do they defend themselves, there is more

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to their lives than just these, you know these chemical things. So in the heart of the whole AlphaGo movie in indeed this is surely an evident bounty and evident favor of Allah. Wa Hershey a lot and it was assembled it was gathered from harsher and harsher is to gather from all different places. This Sulaiman refers to a man or an SLM Jew who has soldiers a great kingdom means a great army.

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So his army his soldiers, they were gathered for him in one place. And these soldiers were from among who mineral Ginny will ins among gin and ins were which means that today man or s&m didn't just rule over people. He also ruled over Jin was paid and birds

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So his armies, not just people, in addition to people gin, as well as birds, for whom so they use their own, they were marching in roles or they were arranged. Now the word user own is from the EU letters well ze alright was there was it means cut for naps. And however, it is still restrain the NAPS from following its desire. This is the true meaning of was there to restrain the knifes from following its wishes. Now, what's the URL Jaysh was her often army means to set the army to arrange the army in roles, divide in groups, no one being allowed to go forward except with the permission of the leader. Understand this is where the meaning of restraining comes. Because if you have a

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group of people who are armed with weapons, what do you think they're going to want to do is run and fight. Right? But there has to be some order and some discipline. So in keeping the army organized in roles in groups, all right, under the command of a leader, this is called was Earl Jaysh. All right. So it's basically to restrain in order to keep order in order to keep arrangement. So this means that this entire army geonode oscillate man and his center where they are random crowd.

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No, how are they organized? disciplined, and you're talking about Jin and birds? Just imagine birds arranged in rows, gin arranged in rows. People also arranged in rows use their own. And this is another key reason for success. In addition to knowledge of languages, and money and all of that, there's one more reason we learn over here, organization and discipline.

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