Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 124A Translation Yusuf 36-57

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys cowboys. The group talks about a woman named Malika, a teacher, a doctor, and a woman named Leah, all of whom are considered cowboys cowboys cowboys. The transcript also describes a group of characters discussing their plans and potential failures, including a woman named Kneeland and a woman named Joe.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah hillberg.

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Salyer louder SUTA you Kadeem, Amma Bartha Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Beshara Ashley's solidity were Sidley Emery, wash lunar oculata Melissa any of you who have been given our

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lesson number 124 sudo apt use of iron number 36 to 57 translation where the hauler and he entered Mara who with him a cijena the prison for Diane do young men. Allah He said I heard the rumor one of them too. In the indeed I Alani I saw myself or acetal I am pressing camera wine. What color and he said her the other in me indeed I Ronnie I saw myself ash Milou I carry FOCA above see my head Hubsan bread, that Gulu it eats a playroom, the birds Minho from it.

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Now Bitna inform us beta Weili with its interpretation, in NA indeed we Naraka we see you men from a mercy Nene those who do utmost good.

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Allah He said love not yet de coma. It will come to you both Tharam food tours a colony you both will be provided with it

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INLA except number two Kuma I informed you to be that Willie he with its interpretation of Allah before on that yet de Gama it comes to you to valley coma that or you do Mima from what I know money he taught me for a beam I wrote a knee indeed I thought I have to I have left militant create calm of people laugh not you me No, no they believe Billahi with Allah. We're home and they will ask you with the hereafter whom they are carefully rune ones who disbelieve

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what the bar two and I have followed Minetta creed religion

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II of my father's Ibrahima Ibrahim at his salon, what is health and is halfway our group and your group really he was sooner. Man not Ghana, it was Lana for us. And that no Shreeka we associate partners Billa he was ALLAH men from che in anything there Lika that men from fuddle bounty favor Allah He of Allah Elena upon us what are Allah and upon a nurse the people well I can no but actor almost a nurse of the people learn not yesh Quran they give thanks

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yeah oh saw she be my two companions a surgeon of the prison are a baboon Lords gods with the family Hakuna different ones separate ones, Clayton better,

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or Allah Allah and worship the one alcohol the prevailing

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mass not Darboux Duna you all worship men from Dooney other than Him Illa except a smart names. So meet him or her you all have named it and don't you all whatever will come and your forefathers man not unzila He sent down Allahu Allah be here for it. Men from Sivan in any authority in not a show that decision in law except for Allah for Allah Amara he commanded Allah that not Darboux do you all worship Allah except a year who only him

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then he cadet? A Dean the religion I'll call him the one street the right when our kin but XL almost a nurse of the people learn not the earlier moon they know

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yeah oh sloshy be my two companions a surgeon of the prison. A man as for a her do Kuma one of you do? Firstly, so he will give to drink robber who his master camera wine what armor and as for the other for use level? So He will be crucified for that Kulu so it will eat a plane the birds men from what see his head will be it was decreed the matter under the which fee in it the stuff the end. You do we're seeking verdict?

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The stuff do you do? We're seeking verdict.

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Well, what color and he said Lilla the to the one who won he thought unknown that indeed he Najin want to be saved when Huma from

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them to both Guney you mentioned me in the near but a big your master for uncertainty so he made him forget a shade on the shape on the call mentioning or be to his master or of his master fella better. So he remained fee in a surgeon the prison biller some 70 years

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we'll call it and he said Al Malik the king in the indeed Ara I saw Saba seven but Kurata cows see man fat ones yet coluna it eats them stubborn seven are cheerful and thin ones lean ones were stubborn and seven some bulletin spikes called the Green were ochre and other Yeah besides dry ones Yeah, uh You heard or you elmen At the chiefs of Toony you all explained to me

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fee concerning throat yeah my vision in if quantum you all laser ear for the visions that are rune you all interpret

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or no they said of loss confused confused ones or of loss mixture

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slamming of false dreams warmer and not national week with the wheel with interpretation aflam of the dreams barely mean at all ones who knew

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what color and he said a lady who Naja he was saved or he was freed men Houma from them to what end it Dakota he remembered Baroda after boom within a time

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and I own a beat. I will inform you be that Willie he of its interpretation for OC loony so you all send me

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useful or useful Are you hurt? Oh Asli be the truthful one. Astina explained to us fee concerning Sebert seven Bacara it goes see man fat ones yet coluna it eats them Severn seven or Jeff Dean ones one and subvert seven some bullet spikes for the green one and Oh her other Yeah besides dry ones. Now i Li so i May or June I return ena to a nurse the people law in the home so that they we are the moon they know

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he said Tesla owner you all will plant you all will cultivate Sabra seven, see Nina years that urban consecutively farmer so what has led to you all harvested you all reaped further room. So you will leave it fee in somebody he it spike in law except for Leland few Mima from what that coluna you all eat

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so much then yet? It will come men from Bard after Zelicah that stubborn seven she hadn't severe ones yet goodness. They will consume man what

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but them to you all sent ahead Laguna for them in there except for Kneeland few member from what dersley known you all will store

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so much then, yet D it will come men from BB Aster vaniqa that are among a year fee in it you also he will be rained or he will be relieved.

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You also he will be rained or he will be relieved. A nurse the people will and fee in it. Er soon they will press

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Wirkkala and he said I'll Maliko the king it Tony you all come to me be with him for a Mercer when Joe he came to him or were Sulu the messenger. Allah He said if you return Isla to robic your master bus, so ask him ma what value is the case? And Nisswa of the women allottee those who are tarna Descartes idea Hoonah their hands in the indeed there have been Mayra Milord BKD hinda with their plot Earlywood one who knows?

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Tala he said mouawad Heartbroken your condition in when rahua tune you all tried to seduce use of ICT use of iron from Nipsey Hussle. Bulls they said Hashem Allah, Allah forbid

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Allah preservice math not our aluminum. We knew our la he upon him or about him. Men from Sue in any evil garlotte She said in my wife, fellas ease of their Aziz al earner now has household it became evident and help the truth and I look forward to

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Fire tried to seduce him on from Nazi he herself were in a who and indeed he lemon surely from a Saudi lien those who are truthful

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that Nikka that Leah lemon so he knows a need that indeed I love not a Han who I betray him believe in the unseen or in the absence

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believe in the unseen or in the absence were unknown and that indeed Allah Allah learn not yet he guides guide a plot Aloha any of those who the tree

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just 13 will allow and not Uber do I acquit myself I absolve myself Netsy myself in indeed and NAFSA the nuts the soul a model surely a persistent enjoying her net amount of shame surely a persistent in joiner surely one who persists in in joining

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Bisou with the evil

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Illa except ma what Russia he was merciful or be Myra in the indeed rugby Myra law foreign most forgiving Bahamian post merciful

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Bacala and he said, as many to the king, Tony you all come to me be here with him as Douglas who I will appoint him exclusively as Douglas who I will appoint him exclusively, lean up, see for myself, follow muscle when Kalama who he spoke to him, Allah He said in Nikka indeed you and the OMA today let Dana near us Makino one who is established

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Amin on one who is trusted

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Allah He said a journey you appoint me or Allah upon Hawza treasures or treasuries

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a lot of the land in me indeed I have feelin a guardian or the moon one who knows

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what can Alika and likewise McDonough we established firmly Lucifer for use of early Salam fee in the earth yet a bow he settles main her from it hey the wherever your shirt he wills loosely boo we reach the Rama Tina with our mercy man whoever the shot we will wanna and not newbie or we waste a digital reward and mercy any of those who do utmost good

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work and love surely a reward an asset of of the hereafter. Hiring is better Lavina for those who are new they believed what can I do and they were yet to cone they adopt Aqua or they fear Allah

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Why the Falana has seen as

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me he said it'll come a little walk on in me he asked me to see who doesn't go to toilet woman not

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only in Iraq I mean see me on

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tours up on he

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to whom we are

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format that is

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to be a

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two letter

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Hiratsuka if you don't what to me Let

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hold Monica and Elena

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Sherry there he can totally hear

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ya saw he says you need

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to look on

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dawn he

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made more.

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Sun made

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two more

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Hola. Hola.

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Zulu, born in usual como

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the De Luca II

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saw he based Eugenia

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you're on your

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bully lady he has

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a boy baller you

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mean who made the company

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bigger than shade lawn or the crop bee bee that is CG Nydia Barzini walk on

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see Manny

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national betta we

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mean up all the Larina German Houma we're

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gonna be

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waiting here soon Oh don't you also for a vehicle F Tina these are the only about all the money

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all letters around as other Icynene

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rubies Body Body

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Body matter Guru

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said she died we call

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though team you got either any guy movie you often

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work on Tony B but I'm

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one pseudo all of

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is worth it to add

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in B we can add in early on

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either our tune superfan see a hash every

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Oh, on

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a house house I'll help for an hour to one. Let's see we're in. I mean I saw the the reading Kelly Alana Nealon.

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Last week he didn't fall in one.

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Rudy su Elana Rahim be in Vela, who watched him walk on the Maribo Tony AB stuffiness, holiness Nuptse

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a woman Idina keen on me all

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of the heavy lifting work out early you can make

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use of the

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new Cebu match in

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Sydney, Wallah agile

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