Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 096E Tafsir Al-Araf 181-187

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the truth in order to achieve peace is emphasized, with guidance and miscalculance being gradually achieved until the point of being friends and partners. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of words and avoid misunderstandings, as it is difficult to overcome pressure and miscalculance. The importance of avoiding accidentally happening in relationships and being on the guard to protect oneself is also emphasized. The Day of Judgment is discussed, emphasizing the importance of researching and learning about the event and preparing for it.
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insha Allah will begin from is number 181

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women and from who have lacuna we created all Mattoon a nation a community, your donor they guide Bill happy with the truth. What Biggie and with it meaning by it by the same truth. What do they do? Yarra de Lune. De establish justice, meaning all people are not the same. In the previous verses we learned about how the Bani Israel over the generations the state of their Eman deteriorated, how they became non serious with the book of Allah, that they would change the laws of Allah subhanaw taala, just for the sake of worldly reasons. Then we also learned about the example of the One to whom Allah gave his verses. But what did he do, he shed them off, like a snake sheds off its skin.

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And his example is like that of a dog because no advice has an effect on him. If you advise him, he doesn't listen, if you leave him. Again, he doesn't change because he's only greedy for what worldly benefits. He's only seeking the enjoyment the pleasures of this world, which is why he will give up the benefits of the Akira. But Allah says over here, that all of mankind is not the same throughout the ages, throughout the time until the Day of Judgment, there will always be an OMA from whom we have created, there will always be an OMA, a group of people who will guide by the truth, who will guide who themselves and also others and what is the truth, the truth which Allah has revealed,

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whether it was the Torah at the time of Musa alayhis salam and after him, or it is the Quran, which was given to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whatever the truth, Allah subhanaw taala has given to mankind to follow, there will always be some people who will guide by it, and according to that truth, they will establish justice, meaning they will not change that truth, because of some bribe, because of some material benefits. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, there will always be a group of my ummah, who are upon the truth, who will remain upon the truth, and they will not be affected by those who oppose them, until the last hour comes. So until the Day of Judgment, there will always

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remain some people, even if they may be very few, who will remain firm upon the truth. You know, Mr. Malik, he was so firm upon the truth, that if the Halifa or someone from the government would offer him something, ask him to come, he would not even pay any attention to those requests. Why? Because he didn't want to go near those people. He was afraid that I might be impressed by them, or I might seek what they have and as a result of that, change the truth, which is why we learn that once a llama Shafi when he was very young, he was sent to Mr. Malik by his mother to learn from my Malik, but she was afraid that you know, Mr. Malik might not accept him as a student. So she sent a

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reference letter with him, and she also sent with a mama Scheffer. He requested one of the governors to accompany mama Shafi to Imam Malik. When they got there, both that governor and Imam Shafi to my Malik store, they knocked and a maid came and responded. And she said basically, that Imam Malik is busy, if you wish to study from him, if you wish to learn from him, then meet him at the masjid at this time. And if you have, you know, some worldly benefit or something, then he has no interest or something like that, she said, basically, but repeatedly, they requested eventually my Malik came. But from this story, we see that Emma Malik was so firm about that he wouldn't even go near the

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dunya, near the worldly benefits. Imam, I'm not even humble. He was persecuted and tortured to the point that he was jailed. And he was physically abused, publicly humiliated, but he did not change his opinion. Why? Because he knew that if you would change it, he would be tampering the truth he would be playing with the book of Allah. Because basically, the government at that time, the people they were of the opinion that Quran is something that is created. So they wanted him I'm not even humbled to say the same thing. Say that the Quran is created. Because if it's created, then what does it mean? It can finish it will finish it can be changed, but if I hadn't been humble, he was

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firm upon that, and he faced so much opposition, he was persecuted so badly, but we see that he remained firm upon the truth. So Allah subhanaw taala praises such people, even if they may be very few, even if they may be

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One or two very few, even if they have to face a lot of persecution, Allah says woman Hala Cana Amma Don't ya doing a bill happy will be here the loon one Lavina and those people who can't there will be IR Tina who deny Our Ayat Center study regional home whom we will progressively lead them. Men hate Allah, Allah Moon from where they do not even know. We will progressively lead them towards what? Towards misguidance so that they will have no way out of it. Now this word send us that the region is dead wrong, Raj. This is a term that you must become familiar with istead Raj, is that Raj is from the root letters dal ra Jeem. What's the word? De Raja? What does the raja mean? Rank. So

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istead Raj is to take someone step by step gradually, one step after the other towards a particular destination. Because when you're taking them gradually, one step after the other, progressively, then what happens is that they don't even realize they're being taken towards that destination.

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Like, for example, children, if they are taught to read how that you put big words in front of them, big words, five letters, six letter words in front of them, and you said read this word, what will happen to the child, he will get afraid, and he will be disappointed, he will refuse to read, he will refuse to learn even. But if you take the child, step by step, that first of all, you make them familiar with all the letters, and then you make them familiar with all the sounds, and then join two letters and then join three letters, then what happens eventually, the child is able to read so easily that he doesn't even realize it's a step by step gradual progression. All right, so So nested

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read your home, we will gradually lead them towards what two words they're misguidance two words hellfire, in a way that these people will not even realize, what is the show that when a person denies the Ayat of Allah, then the doors of guidance become closed upon him. Instead, the doors of misguidance are open, and he is led towards misguidance. So what happens is that he goes deeper and deeper into misguidance, he goes farther into misguidance, to the point that he is so deep into it, that there's no way he's gonna come out of it. Now, does this mean that Allah is to blame? No, Allah is not to blame, because Allah subhanaw taala facilitates only that bath only that way for a person,

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which the person desires, which the person wants. If a person wants guidance, he adopts the means of obtaining guidance, then what happens? Allah will facilitate those means for him, but if a person desires only miss guidance, which is why he rejects the verses of Allah the basic belief that he should have he doesn't have that then what will happen sunnah study read your home mean, hey, through layer, Allah moon. And this is something very scary. This is something that's very frightening. Because a man, a man is a treasure. And a person could lose it very easily. If he doesn't value it, if he doesn't protect it. Like we learned earlier, that the person who left the

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book of Allah who left the app, then who became his friend Shavon. And when she upon followed him, that what happened for Kana min Allah we. And remember, this doesn't happen in one day. But one day a person is reciting the book of Allah. And the other day, he is completely on the other path. No, it doesn't happen like this a switch. It happens how gradually, gradually, gradually, like for example, there's a person who's performing his prayers regularly. And then you find out that they're not praying their prayers at all, that this happened in one day.

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One day, no, it's not a one day switch. What happens is that one day, a person delays their prayer, another day, a person, you know, he rushes through their prayer. Another day, a person misses one prayer. Then the next day a person misses another prayer. And then what happens gradually, gradually, he loses the habit of praying completely, completely. Likewise, if there is a woman, she was wearing hijab, and one day she's not wearing it doesn't happen all of a sudden, no, what happens is that a woman is wearing hijab and what happens to your lawn says, you know, it wouldn't be nice if it's a little short. It would be nicer if it's, you know, worn in this stylish way. It would be

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nicer if if you know if your earrings would show it.

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would be nicer if your necklace would show. And what's the big deal? If I'm not wearing a long blouse, it's okay, I'll just wear a short shirt, no big deal. And then gradually, gradually what happens, she loses her hair completely. And the day comes when she's not even covering her head. So this is what happens. So nested redo home, when high school layout, a person doesn't even realize this is happening with him. He doesn't even realize just like a person is gradually led towards guidance. He is also gradually taken towards misguidance we're only law home and I will give them time I will give them respite only from him, let me him lamb well Malou is to walk briskly and INLA

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is to let someone walk. So Allah says, I will let them walk, I will let them go. I will let them do what they want to for some time, and then what will happen? Eventually they will be caught. Like for example, the first time a person delays their prayer. What happens then gets burnt, they get into an accident. No, they delay their prayer and nothing happens. And they're like, You know what, it's not a big deal. At least I prayed. The next day what happens? They skip their prayers completely. And they say okay, hola hola hola Rahim, no problem. Insha Allah, Allah will forgive me at least I performed my other four prayers. So what happens is that while a person is sinning, Allah gives him

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respite. He does not catch him instantly. He does not punish him instantly. So what happened? Some people, they learn from their mistakes, they do Toba immediately. They do not misuse Allah's gentleness with them. They do not misuse Allah's generosity with them. What do they do? They realize what they have done immediately the beg Allah's forgiveness, and they change their ways. But others what they do is they do something wrong, nothing happened. Like See, I should be doing this more often. And then they try it again. They try it again, until they're deep into that sin. So what only LA home, I will give them time I will give them respite. It's like, you know, sometimes what happens

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is that people get into wrong relationships. All right? And how does it start with a text message with a smile with a casual conversation with a chat, and then that chat turns into a meeting. And that meeting turns into let's go and do this together. And let's go here. And let's meet again, and let's meet again, and then eventually, they get deeper and deeper into that relationship until they commit one of the greatest sin, right? So it doesn't happen that instantly a person is committing Zina, no, che lon leads a person gradually, gradually. So what is necessary, as soon as we find ourselves nearing the sin, this is why Allah says Allah takanobu zina don't even go near Zina. The

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moment you see that someone is being too friendly with you, than what's necessary, you become more like firm and you know, professional in your manner. Because this is how chiffon comes in. When a man and woman non Muslim, they're alone, who's the third shape on? So the moment and could be for a reason? Like you're talking to somebody on the phone for some work purposes. But the moment you see that the other person is giggling, and the other person is, you know, cracking jokes than what is necessary that you become more serious. You deliberately avoid those situations, deliberately avoid them. All right. Why? Because if you don't deliberately avoid them, you don't do something to

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protect yourself. What will happen the next time, you will slip even more. It's like if you're walking on ice, and you feel that your foot is slipping, what do you do? You start running?

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You start running on ice, what do you do? You start walking even more carefully. Somebody was telling me recently this, you know, it's been so icy, that they park their car somewhere. They got off the car to walk towards the building. And they said it was a skating rink. Literally, they saw it was ice everywhere. And they felt that if they continue to walk, they would slip and it was a slope. So you know what they did? They sat down.

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They sat down and they crawled to the car.

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Yes, because they were afraid if they stood even for a second board with all that wind and rain and ice all around them what would happen? They would slip. So just like that if you find yourself slipping.

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If you find yourself slipping, whether it is in the matter of prayers, or it isn't a matter of interacting with other people, what should you do?

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Be on your guard become even more alert and make the art to Allah. Allah who my phony man benei the woman Kulfi or Enya meanie Why did she merely Oh Allah, you protect me. You protect me from slipping from getting hurt from in front of me from behind me from my right from my left, make dar to Allah and Allah will protect you. So we're only home in a KD Mateen indeed my plot is Mateen Mateen very firm, very strong, meaning no one can escape this plan of Allah. Because if Allah starts to plan against a servant, than where and how and when will that person will that servant be saved? It's not possible. It's not possible.

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This is why we make dua Allahumma the O Allah on ko li that plot for me while I lay not against me, plan for me and not against me. So we're only the home in the KD Mateen Martinez from the route letters meantime noon. And Medina is basically from mutton and mutton is when something is solid and firm. It's used for the right and left side of the backbone. So my plot is very strong, very firm. No one can get out of it. I will Amiata for Kuru do not reflect Mabus la could be him man not Bissau heavy him with their companion, Min Jinnah any madness, these people who reject Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam who reject the truth that they have brought. Do they not reflect that with their companion?

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Who's their companion? Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam their companion he's got no Jana, Jana from the roulette regime no known gender means to cover the verb Jana Jeem known with a shutdown a photonic Jana means to cover and Gina is used for insanity madness, because in that state, it's as though a person's intellect is covered. So Allah says do not reflect there is no insanity. There is no madness with their companion. He's lived amongst them for 40 plus years, until today, nobody accused him of insanity. Why is it that when he's presenting the verses of Allah, people say that he's gone mad, mad this law could be him and Jenna, and if a person is suffering from insanity than that

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insanity is revealed, not just in his words, but also in his behavior. Right? In his relationships, it's reflected in every way. So in every other way, he's perfectly fine. But when he's reciting the Quran, you say that he's gone mad. Use your mind, I will let me get the fuck Kuru murders are heavy him and Jenna in Hawaii, Elana, the little movie, he has only a clear warner, meaning he's only warning the people. And many times it happens that people who warn others people start calling them crazy. She's gone mad. She's gone crazy. She's telling me not to take this loan. Can you imagine how was it possible to survive in this day and age without such and such loan? Without such and such?

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Everybody does this? She's telling me that I should not be seeing this guy. Well, how am I supposed to get married? Is she crazy?

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Right? So this is what happens with the people who warn others they're called crazy. But if somebody ever called you crazy, because you're taking your prayer seriously, because you're taking your hijab seriously because you're taking the study of Quran seriously, then be happy. Because even the prophets of Allah Addison was called crazy. Then you're on the path of the prophets of Allah. Allah mianzhu. Have they not looked at young guru from Nevada? Do they not look at Do they not reflect over what fee in Maluku the realm? Remember the word Maluku is used for the Empire, the kingdom of Allah subhanaw taala, and Mullah Kuta wealth, happiness from Ebola, which was at every single thing

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that exists is Mallacoota Whoo, Allah subhanaw taala. So have the not reflected Do they not look into the realm of a summer where it will have the heavens and the earth? Look at these vast, vast creations above you below you around you? That you keep looking and there is no end? There is no end to the skies, there is no end to this earth all about you are Willemijn little female accouter somehow it will all who owns this who made this? Someone made it someone owns this woman Hala Paula who and that which Allah has created when che in off things meaning different things that Allah has created, do not reflect on them. Meaning, if they reflected on these creations of Allah, then they

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would certainly realize the greatness of Allah, they would certainly realize the existence of Allah Subhana Allah

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or they would certainly realize that Allah is the One who created would not leave his creation misguided, he would certainly guide them. And this is a reason why he has sent his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But what happens is that the important things in life, we realize them, but yet we procrastinate, we delay so Allah warns, or and that meaning do not reflect that Arsa perhaps in your corner that it is God certainly it could tadoba approached near meaning, don't they realize that perhaps it has approached very near what has approached very near a journal home their time, meaning their time of expiry might be very near. You never know your death might be

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written for today. It might be written for tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Why are you delaying for be a you Hadith and then with which speech bar the who after it meaning after this Quran, you mean own, they will believe

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Allah invites all people who have eyes, ears, to look, to reflect, to learn, to learn from all these things that surround us and realize that our time here is not forever, our end may be very near. And we should focus on what is more important because what happens is that we get distracted, we get distracted by the things of this world and we forget what is more important. My yield lil whoever he sends a straight Allahu Allah, meaning whichever person Allah sends a stray fella, so not had any guide low for him. Any person who Allah sends astray and who is it that Allah sends history, the one who doesn't want guidance, the one who doesn't use his eyes, his ears, his heart, he doesn't look at

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all these things. He doesn't take a lesson from the people who are dying in front of him that my time might be very near also

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a person who does not want to be guided, then Allah sends him astray. And when Allah sent someone astray when he allows them to go astray, follow her the Allah, then there is no one who can guide him. No one who can lead him to the right path where the room and he leaves them, meaning Allah abandoned such people, just as they don't care about Allah. They don't think about Allah. They don't remember Allah. They don't seek forgiveness from him. So likewise, he abandons them were feel Giuliani him in their transgression, because such a person then begins to live a life of transgression. Because what is he doing? At least five times a day he is transgressing how five

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times a day, the caller calls him come and pray. Hi, yah, yah salah. But what does he do? He doesn't respond to that call. So he is transgressing. Allah leaves them in their transgression. Yama Hoon. They wander blindly. They see all the signs, yet they don't see them. They hear all the evidences, yet they don't hear them. Yama home, they wander blindly. They don't take a lesson from anything. Because you see if a person who wishes to take a lesson, he can take a lesson from anything, even his own body. You don't like when you see your own body deteriorating. Like for example, you look at your nails, and you think about how your nails used to be just a couple of years ago. And now

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because of all the housework that you have to do, you see that your hands are not the same anymore. I mean, that shows you if you reflect on your hands only that you're not here forever. Everything is slowly slowly slipping out of your hands slipping out of your control, and eventually your life will also slip away. So I'm not here forever. But the person who doesn't reflect, then he doesn't take lesson from anything. So Allah also leaves such people he abandons them, he doesn't care about them, because they don't care about themselves. They don't care about Allah. Yes. Aluna can they ask you about a Sarah the hour that people ask you a prophet saw a lot of sentiment about the hour? Because

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when people are told that, eventually when everyone will die, there will be a day of judgment that will happen when each person will be recompensed for what he has done. Some people in Jannah some people in hellfire, what's one of the first questions that people ask. So when will that be? When will that be? Yes, Aluna aka Anissa and also the machine of maca, when they would have nothing left to say to the Prophet salallahu salam to refute him that what would they say? They would say? Okay, fine, tell us when will the day of judgment be?

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So the prophets Allah Allah doesn't what would he say? I don't know. Only Allah knows. They would say see, you don't know

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You don't know what you're talking about, we're not going to believe in you. So this was a question that they would ask, in order to make the believers speechless. Like if somebody asks you a question, and there is no answer for that. It's not a correct question. There is no answer for that. What are you meant to say? What are you meant to say nothing. And then they think that just because you're quiet just because you're not talking, see you're wrong? Or has that's not the case? That's not the case. Like, for example, some people, if use, they say they ask questions, like, okay, so you believe in God, and you say that God is all powerful. So tell me, Can God make something so big

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that even he cannot pick up?

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So if you think that God is all powerful, why can't he create something like this? And if He is all powerful, then why would he not be able to pick it up himself? I mean, this question in itself is senseless? It's a circular question. There's no answer to that. There is no answer to that. It's an incorrect question. What is necessary is that when we learned that Allah, God is all powerful, when we fear Him, and we trust on him, we rely upon him and not others. Likewise, when we are told that a day of judgment is going to come than what is necessary, we prepare for it, instead of trying to find out when that day will be. So Allah says yes, Aluna Khurana Sir, they ask you about the hour a

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year Anamosa a Yana when Musa its Anchorage, its arrival, the word Musa is from the root letters Rasim well, also the word of Alessi mountains is also from the same root, what does it also mean to be firmly rooted? To be pegged? Mosa is basically when a ship it arrives at the dock. And what is thrown? What is put in the water, the anchor, why is the anchor But

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why so that the ship doesn't float away?

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In imagine such a heavy ship even can float away. If it doesn't have that anchor, you know what I'm talking about right? Okay. So, when a ship arrives, the anchor is put in, then what does it mean? That the ship has come? Now the people will come off those who have to go on will go whatever goods the ship has brought, they will be taken off. So basically it is going to be established. So a Yana Musa, meaning when will the Day of Judgment come and when will it be established? To say Allah says to the prophets, Allah Allah said I'm tell these people who are constantly asking about when the day of judgment will come. And they're only concerned about when that last day will happen, because we

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see that many people are curious about this, right? Which is why they predict and which is why they try to find out what others have said about when the Day of Judgment will happen. Allah says call in nama elucha are in the rugby Say, Indeed, it's knowledge is only with my Lord. It is only with who Allah's Pang, no philosopher, no scientist, no person who claims to know the knowledge of the Unseen no person who claims to know the future can tell you when the day of judgment is going to come. If anyone says the Day of Judgment is 50 years from now, 100 years from now, two years from now, and apparently was supposed to come a couple of years ago to or a year or two ago, something like that.

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Last year, right. So anyone who says that remember, they are lying.

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They are lying. Why? Because what does Allah say in nama animal her in?

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Indeed, it's knowledge is only with my Lord. The prophets on Allahu alayhi wa sallam who was told about so many matters of the unseen even, he was not informed about when the day of judgment is going to come. Allah says Learn not usually, he will reveal it. He will expose it from the root letters Jim lamb Well, Jen to shed light. Remember for Lamotrigine Allah when Allah subhanaw taala shed some of his light on the mountain because most artists I'm requested to see Allah Alright, so layer usually her he will not reveal it. None will reveal it. Lee worked here for its time in Lucha except he, meaning none will reveal its time except him.

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In other words, only Allah knows when the day of judgment is going to come. And he's not going to tell anyone about it. Only he is going

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To reveal when the day of judgement is going to happen.

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It's like, you know if there's a company and they've made a new product, right? And what happens is that they decide to launch it on a particular date, then what happens? People try to find out what the product is before that date. Right? So then what happens, people who are working on that project, they bribe them or something, and then they leak some pictures, they leak some information. And then what happens before even the product comes out. So much news, whether right or wrong has been spread, that it's not really a great surprise anymore.

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It's not really a great surprise anymore. But the thing is that the day of judgment, nobody can ever find out. Nobody, nobody can announce when the day of judgment is going to come. Only Allah subhanaw taala is going to reveal it. There are signs of the Day of Judgment, which show that the deodorant is near.

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And people have been saying that the signs, you know, they're happening now. And they happen years ago. And the jail is not a person, but it's a system and they're like the system has been in place for so many years. But really, the Day of Judgment is not far. There are some people who are obsessed with what the signs of the Day of Judgment, right? They're obsessed with the Day of Judgment, meaning when it will happen. But when it comes to their actual deeds, when it comes to preparing for that day, they're not concerned about that. What does Allah subhanaw taala want that we should focus on preparing for that day, not when the Day of Judgment will happen? Sacco let it is

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heavy sack of lambs appealed to be heavy, it is heavy, for some it will all on the heavens and the earth, meaning not knowing about when the day of judgment is going to happen, is something that's very heavy on the creation of the heavens and the earth. Because if you know about something about when someone is coming, then what happens, you're relaxed. But if you don't know when something is going to happen, when someone is going to arrive, then that waiting period is very heavy on you.

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Have you experienced this, that you're waiting for something? You're waiting for something like for example, some people are waiting and waiting for years for their citizenship for their immigration, they don't know when it's going to come when their papers are going to come? So that whole waiting period is what extremely heavy upon them. And the more serious a matter is, the more heavy it is on you. The Day of Judgment is a very serious matter. And this is a reason why it is very heavy upon the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he went on Mirage, he saw one of the angels if I'm not mistaken, was Angel Mica. And he asked Gibreel that what is the matter? I don't see him laughing. I've never seen him laughing smiling. What's the matter? He said he has not laughed since the Hellfire was created. He has not left since the Hellfire was made Munzo holy cotton now.

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The angel

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that is supposed to blow the trumpet. How is he waiting to be ordered, waiting to be told. And then he will blow the trumpet. It is heavy upon the creation of the heavens and the earth. Allah says letter decom it will not come to you in LA Bata except suddenly, without warning it will come how the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the our will all of a sudden comments while two men have spread a garment between them and they will neither have time to conclude the transaction. Nor to fold the garment one is buying the other is selling the garment. So they've spread it out. And the Day of Judgment the Trumpet will be blown, they will have no time to complete the transaction, they will

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have no time to fold the garment and put it away. The hour will commence after a man milked his animal but he will not have time to drink it. The hour will start when a man is making his watering hole for his animals, but will not have time to make use of the pool. and the Hour will commence while a man has raised his hand with a bite to his mouth, but will not be able to eat it. So he Behati This is how suddenly the day of judgment will come. He is alone. They ask you the people keep asking you about the Day of Judgment when it's going to happen to anecca as if you are Prophet sallallahu wasallam happy or unhappy. You are very well informed of it. The word has a unit from

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got letters have, yeah. Or have? Well, it's also said distribute letters Helfer. haffi is basically someone who is well informed of something. It's basically from halfaya HuFa, which is to surround something from both sides. So when you've surrounded something from both sides from the right, and from the left, let's all within your control and power. So basically, her fee is someone who knows about it fully, who knows about something fully, he knows it inside out, right, left, he knows about it. So they ask you as if you know about it. But the fact is that you don't know about it. Who should you ask someone who knows? It's like, people keep asking you certain questions. And you're

00:35:41 --> 00:35:47

like, I don't know. I don't know. And they ask you again and again. And you're like, I don't know.

00:35:48 --> 00:36:15

I don't know. So why are they asking you? Because they believe that you know it, you know the answer? Yes or no naka Annika, her Fiona and her. Her fee is also from the word Hefa, which is to be persistent, and to go to great lengths, out of curiosity, to go to great lengths in order to find out about something. Like when someone is obsessed with finding out about something, they're very, very curious, then what do they do?

00:36:17 --> 00:37:00

What do they do? They just ask someone and that's sufficient, no, they will ask they will Google they will find out from different people, they will go to the library open up the book, they will go to great lengths in order to find out about that particular matter. So they ask you as if you are huffing Yun about the Day of Judgment, meaning as if you are extremely curious, you are obsessed with inquiring about it. You have nothing to do except find out when the day of judgment will come. Is that really what the concern of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was? No. What was his concern to warn people, but they asked him about when the day of judgment will come as if his only concern in

00:37:00 --> 00:37:48

life was to find out about when the day of judgment is going to come? Yes. Aluna caca. Anika huffy Yun on her goal, say in the Merrell Maha are in the law, say it's knowledge is only with Allah, what are kin axon Nursey layer Allah moon, but most of the people they do not know. And because of this, they keep guessing. They keep predicting, they keep inquiring, and they keep wasting their time. What is necessary, that we focus on preparing for the Day of Judgment, not that we waste our lives trying to find out about a matter that we can never find out about. There's some things that you can learn about, you can find out about and it's good that you research about them, but there are other

00:37:48 --> 00:38:17

matters about which you can never have an answer. So, there is no point in dwelling on those matters, Move on, move on to what is relevant to you to what will have an effect on your life. Focus on what is important, because this is chiffons tactic. He distracts us by what is unimportant so that we are obsessed with it and we forget about the matters which are more urgent recitation will

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call up on

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twee Dorner being healthy will be no one levena can be

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steady regional

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mean Hi

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we're only

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in Cady Mateen our let me go Ma'am, you saw him

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in Hawaii in the

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movie our whole female cool this summer. Do you want

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to follow a common wall whom you share you NASA was a NASA

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going up on the

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Furby he had it

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bound down whoo you mean oh me leaning lungs

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feeble yeah anemia

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Yes, Ilona counties

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be live

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usually only one party

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the pool at three sama

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tea come in.

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Yes. Luna kaka

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mega haffi eunan all in

00:40:24 --> 00:40:26

the law you wanna

00:40:30 --> 00:40:30

see Allah

00:40:34 --> 00:40:42

Subhana Allah who will be handling the shadow Allah Illa illa Anta the stock Furukawa to relate Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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