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The speakers discuss the importance of following one's beliefs and not criticizing their actions. They stress the need for people to use their minds to find out what they want to see and protect their own lives. The title of the Quran is important for protecting individuals' lives and advises them to hold onto the book to improve their chances of becoming a successful person. The importance of documenting and protecting one's actions is also emphasized.

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What is a whether and when he took meaning remember recall the time when or other mentioned the time when your Lord took a huddle, Rob Buka your Lord took min Bani Adam from the Children of Adam minzu at him from their loins, the reata home their children were ushered home and he made them justify Allah upon and forcing him themselves. What else do Am I not be Rob become? Definitely your Lord. Although they said, Bella, of course, why not? Yes, Shahidullah we testify, we bear witness that you are definitely our Lord. In this ayah basically what has been mentioned is there are off Aleste what is the eldest Allah's panel data told us over here, that from the Children of Adam from their loins,

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Lord is the plural of lucha back, loin, so from their loins, Allah subhanaw taala to cool out the Reatta home their children. So basically, when Adam Allison was created, Allah subhanaw taala had all of the children of Adam present in front of him.

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Do you remember that? Were you there?

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Yes, you were there. And you were there. And every single one of us was there. But do we remember it? No, just like you don't remember the first time that your mother kissed you, right? The first time that your mother hugged you, you don't remember anything. But that happened. Right? So if your mother tells you the first time I held you, I felt like this. And I put this on you I put that on you we believe our mothers. Right? Likewise, when Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this is something that happened, even though we don't have any memory of it. But still, what do we do? We believe in it. So Allah subhanaw taala produced all of the children of Adam, all of them in front of

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him, every single human being man, or woman, someone who became righteous or someone who became very sinful, someone who's going to end up in gender or someone who's going to end up in hellfire, even for their own, even Ebola hurt every single human being someone who died in their infancy or someone who develop some kind of mental issues, whatever disabled, whatever every single human being was produced and brought over there. And what happened? Allah subhanaw taala made them justify every single person he made him testify to what to the Oneness of Allah, how that Allah subhanaw taala asked, LS do

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is a question Am I less do I am not meaning Am I not Bureau become definitely your Lord? Am I not your Lord? Who is your Lord? So all the people that responded Shaheed Anna Bella Shahidan? Of course you Allah are our Lord, if you are not our Lord, then who is our Lord? No one is You are our Lord, Bella Shahidullah. Now, why did this happen? Why did Allah subhanaw taala make every single human being testify to this oneness testify to this fact that Allah is his Lord, unto Kulu? Lest you say yomo Qiyamah on the Day of Judgment, that in Kaduna, indeed we were on Harada from this law feeling ones unaware. From what? That on the Day of Judgment, you don't present this excuse that, oh, Allah,

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I never knew that you existed. I never knew that You are our Lord. I never knew about this. So nobody basically can say on the Day of Judgment, oh, Allah, I didn't believe in you because I never knew you. Why, because of this incident. You see, there are certain incidents that have happened in our past, perhaps in our childhood. We don't remember those incidents vividly. Clearly. In fact, we cannot recall them at all. But they are somewhere there in our subconscious. And they have an effect on us on how we think, how we deal with others how we speak. Isn't that so? Which is why many times when people have certain issues, let's say for example, a psychological issue, or they have some

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kind of phobia. Then in their therapy, they're made to recall what happened. What happened, dig into the past, dig in dig. Their family is asked what happened exactly. And then eventually they find out that when they were little, somebody used to win

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Make fun of them, which is why they have slurred speech now, for example, or when they were little when they were one year old, somebody touched them in an improper way. And as a result, they have this fear today, or they're not confident when it comes to trusting people. Right? Now that incident which happened because you know, little children also as young as two years old, as young as three years old, can get depressed, they can have psychological issues, little children, do they remember what somebody said to them when they were one year old? They don't. But whatever we have experienced in our past, it remains in our subconscious and it has an effect on us. And this incident that

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happened of Arthur Ernest, this is a reality it happened. And although we don't recall it, we don't have any memory of it, but because we experienced it, it is somewhere there in our subconscious. And this is why human beings have this god searching nature, meaning their human being, by nature seeks God or seeks someone whom they can rely on, they can live for, they seek for a purpose, every human being seeks for some purpose, some reason, so, why is the human being like this curious by nature, about these big questions of life, why because of this experience that happened, this is a reason why people search for God. And this is you can say it is called the fitrah. Because of this

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incident, what happened? Human beings are born upon the fitrah what is the fitrah? The natural, innate predisposition, okay, of what submission to one God, submission to one supreme being and desire for what is good or preference for what is good, so people, they want good, they want to submit to someone who is greater. So the human being, we have this God seeking nature. And this is a result of what this incident that happened, this incident of our Aleste, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that Allah subhanaw taala says, I created my servants who nofap meaning monotheists, but the shayateen came to them, and deviated them from their religion. This is why we believe that

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if a person were to grow up in an absolutely pure environment, that nobody tells him anything evil, anything wrong any element of Shik than they would grow up to be, who more are the people who believe in Allah subhanaw taala? Alone. But the fact is, that every human being who is after him, who is after him, the shaytaan, right, so shaytaan doesn't leave anyone alone, which is why we see that even little children, they ask questions like, where's Allah? And how come? I can't see him? And who made Allah? And where did Allah come from? So shaitan he puts these thoughts in even children's heads, right? So shaytaan doesn't leave any person, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he

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said that every child is born upon the fitrah it is his parents would turn him into a Jew into a Christian or a fire worshiper. Just as animals are born having full bodies, do you see any of them having a cut off nose? With the machine, this is what they would do, they would slit the ears, and the noses of their animals that we studied earlier, and so little and around, right? So the animals are born in their complete and whole form. But what happens who distorts their form? It's the people. So likewise, every single person is born upon the withdrawal on the belief and though hate why, because of this Aleste but what happens shaytaan doesn't leave that person. And after shaitan

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it's the society it's the people that the person interacts with, that have an effect on him. So Allah subhanaw taala took this up. Why? So that on the Day of Judgment, nobody can say, oh, Allah, I never knew, I never knew that you existed. And even if this lust did not take place, we see that in this earth in this world, there are so many signs that Allah subhanaw taala has placed, it's not possible that a person reflects on them, and he doesn't learn. He doesn't learn from it, that there's someone behind all of this. So on the Day of Judgment, basically, no person will have any excuse before Allah, O de Kulu. Or you say, meaning we took this governance so that on the Day of

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Judgment, you cannot say that in nama indeed, not but a Shaka Alba owner, our forefathers did. She

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to our ancestors, they invented polytheism min cabello. From before meaning long time before we were born, well, Kona, and we were the reactant children mimbar the him after them, meaning we were their children, we were their progeny, we were their descendants. So we followed our ancestors. If we did shake, it's because our parents used to do it. It's because the entire society used to do it. So Oh Allah, please don't punish us. No, this excuse will not work. Because even if the whole world is committing shake, every person has taken this covenant with Allah. Every person has within him this innate realization that my Lord is one I have a lord. There is someone who made me there is someone

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who looks after me, there is someone whom I came from, and I am going back to him. So no person can offer this excuse on the day of gentleman that our parents were Mushnik This is why we are not at fault of adult Licona would you then destroy us Vemma because of what Fila he did, and morbidly known, the falsifies mobile to Elune followers of battle, those people who are on battling meaning on falsehood, meaning, nobody can say on the Day of Judgment that Oh Allah, why would you punish us for the falsehood that the people before us invented, we never invented it, they invented it, we are their children, and naturally, we follow them.

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Now, over here, we need to reflect many times we're doing things just because we have seen other people doing them. We believe in certain things, because that's what everybody believes in. We follow others we imitate others without using our minds. What does this teach us? Don't follow people blindly. Don't follow others blindly. Even if something began, years and years ago, hundreds of years ago before you. It doesn't mean that it's definitely write only what is from Allah is the HAC. And what is besides that? Don't accept it just because everybody does it, challenge it, review it, think about it, is it worth doing? Because we learn in Sahih Muslim in a hadith, the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam said, the inmates of hell are five meaning there are five kinds of people who will go to hellfire. One of them, he described that person as the weak, the weak one who does not have any power to avoid evil, meaning, who just accepts anything that others tell him to do? Even though he sees it as wrong, he recognizes that wrong. What does he say? Oh, nevermind, I'll just do it. And unfortunately, this is the attitude of many people when it comes to the matters of religion. We know that something is wrong. But what do we say? All but my husband is telling me but my parents are telling me you know, my parents are telling me to take this all SAP What can I do? It's Okay,

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nevermind, Allah will forgive Allah, the lazerbrite Allah Who so weak, that he doesn't have any, any power to resist wrong. When it comes to clothing, when it comes to eating? Are we able to force our ways? Are we able to force our ways, of course, we make sure that we get exactly what we want. You know, sometimes it's amazing how children, they will beg and beg and beg their parents not leave them until they get their way.

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Have you ever done that, that you wanted to do something? And your mom initially says no, but you go ask her again. And you ask her again? And then you make her agree with you? And if she doesn't agree with you, what do you do? You still manage to do it? Without letting her know. You know what I'm talking about? Everybody does that. All kids do that, right? So when it comes to the matters of this world, something that we want to do, we have all the determination and courage but when it comes to the matters of religion, that we become so weak.

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The Prophet saw a lot of times that the inmates of Allah five, the weak who lacked power to avoid evil, the carefree who pursue everything, irrespective of the fact that it is good or evil. So what do they do? They just follow anything. Anything? They don't see, is it right? Is a grant. Did the prophets of autism say this? Is it approved by the Quran and Sunnah? Is it acceptable? Islamically? No, they don't analyze it at all. So until said this word, I'm going to say to so and so war this I'm going to wear to so until dressed up like this, I'm going to do the same thing. No. Use your mind. Use the religion, the knowledge of the religion, the prophets of Allah Himself continuing that

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who do not have any care for

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or their family or their wealth, meaning completely irresponsible people. So a person who lives his life like this in a blind way, following others, then such a person will end up in the fire of hell. Because Allah subhanaw taala gave us this mind and these windows to the heart, the eyes, the ears. Why? So that we think we think about what we're seeing in what we're doing. To on the Day of Judgment, if a person presents this excuse, all our parents did this we never knew. So why would you punish us not acceptable, because each person has been given an ACO of his own worker their Lika and thus new firstly, Lu, we explain in detail I'll add the vs will allow him and perhaps they yield

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your own they will return. So all of this Allah is explained in detail why so that we return to Allah seeking His forgiveness, turning back to him in obedience.

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recitation, what you've heard out of the book,

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awarding me more as

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well as

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forcing us to become all Bella Shahidan.

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in Coeur

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d'Alene, I will tell you, Oh

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Probably one

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bounding alpha to Licona.

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Walker, then he can fall asleep.

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anything you'd like to share with the whole class? Yes. So recently, I just studied stages of personality development. And this surprised me a lot within the first year, if a child cries, but it's not picked up, he can develop trust issues, and this is within the first year of a kid's life. And then within the next three or four years, if certain like steps aren't like, certain requirements aren't met, you know, the child has inferiority issues and complexes. And you know, so many problems arise within the first few years. First few years imagine, and if you were to ask the child, why do you feel like this? Why can't you trust others? If you try to find out, he cannot

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pinpoint to the exact incident. But the fact is that it happened. And then it's the parents who say that yes, we used to make this mistake. Yes, we did leave the child with such and such person who perhaps, you know, did this to the child. So the parents are the ones who will explain what happened. Right? So likewise, we don't remember this incident, but who is telling us Allah subhanaw taala woman must document hola he paella who is more truthful than Allah in speech? What's new and recite or lay him upon them? Number news, Allah, the of the one who have the person who are they know who we gave him, I attina, Our Ayat, tell the people about the person whom We gave our eye at

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meaning, whether it was the Torah, or the Injeel, or the Quran, a person whom Allah subhanaw taala gave his act to. So he learned the verses, he knew them, he understood them, he recited them.

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But what happened? Fun Salah ha. But he detached himself, he came out minha from it. In seller hub, is from the root letters seen lamb calm and in seller hub is basically when a snake sheds off its skin

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when a snake sheds off its skin and what happens. Have you ever seen a snake coming out of its skin? As Chad said with a lot of difficulty, it takes a long time. Eventually he comes out of that skin so he's come out and what is left behind him is the skin.

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So in Salah caminha, he stripped himself he cast off he abandoned, he removed from himself, the covering, which covering which Libous the

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The best that Allah has is give him the labasa taco, the labasa Iman. He left it, he took it off. He got rid of it. And he moved on with his life. Allah gave him my app. Those I had gave him a certain Sybilla a certain coloring. He was living in a particular way, a certain lifestyle. And then what happened? He said, I've had enough of it. So he leaves them, and he moves on. He abandons the Quran, and he goes away. But when he goes away, he's not going to be alone. Because now he doesn't have his protection. Before what was protecting him? The Quran, the Ayat of Allah, we're protecting him. Now that he's left that protection, who's going to come along with him? For at Berra, who shaped one so

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Shelton followed him and when shall plan is with a person and there is nothing to protect the person from that shape line, then what is going to be the fate of this individual for Canada so he was Mina law queen of those who are a stray law queen, Florida Mojave lane. Well, yeah bahawa Lee misguidance deviants. So he became of those who are deviated,

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who is this person, his name has not been mentioned. And like many other people in the Quran, whose names are not mentioned, this person also His name is not mentioned why, so that we can relate ourselves with this description.

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Because if a name is given, then what happens we only think about that individual. But when no name is given, the character, the personality is described, the traits are described and what happened. We try to relate ourselves with them. And that's exactly what is intended over here that think about it. Think about yourself, think about this person whom Allah gave the ayat, Allah subhanaw, Taala gave him the book, he possessed knowledge of the Book of Allah. He wasn't a rollin she learned. But then what happened, he left the book, he left it, he closed it, and put it away. And he didn't open it again. After that. He learned, but he didn't implement. He said, I've had my you know, taste of

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the Quran. And now I have to do something else. So goodbye, I'm going to start something different now. He left the Quran. And when he left it, that Quran was replaced by what in his life shaitan because remember, that the verses of Allah the Quran, this is something that will protect you.

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It will not just teach you but what you have to do. The Quran will remind you will show you your mistakes and will help you become a better person. You will constantly grow with the Quran improve with the Quran. But along with all of these benefits, one of the greatest advantages of holding on to the Quran is that the Quran will protect you, protect you from what from going astray, protect you from what from Shaytaan overcoming you, from shaitan harming you from Shavon leading you astray. Because remember that when Shavon sworn oath, he said by Allah I will lead every single human being a straight. What did Allah subhanaw taala say that in everybody lay Salah Carla himself on my

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servants, you have no authority over them, and who are the servants of Allah, who have a connection with Allah Who shows servitude to Allah, how, by looking at what he has said, reflecting on that, applying that taking his guidance, taking his instructions, and also seeking His help. So the Quran in our lives is what a protection for us protection against the shaytaan. And when a person will leave this Quran than che upon will befriend him, and when she upon will befriend him than she upon will lead him and when he will lead him, then this person is definitely, definitely going astray. Previously, what did we learn? Well, Medina, you must see Kona Bill kita. One is that you hold on to

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the book and you know what, life is always changing. There's always ups and downs in your life, a phase of your life, everything is easy and other phase very difficult and then you're suffering then you're sick and then you're tired, constantly, things are changing in your life. But what is necessary that we hold on to the book of

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We never, ever leave it, because the moment you leave it, who's going to become very active Shavonne he's already active. But what is protecting you right now from shaitan is the Quran.

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It is the Quran. And if you leave it, the children will be successful in misleading you, you will be victorious in harming you.

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So what isn't necessary that through ups and downs of life, we are always holding on to the Quran.

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It's like, if you are sick,

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do you forget to eat?

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Do you know? If you're sick, and you're hungry, you ask for food. Recently, my son was sick, and he was sleeping throughout the day. And every time he'd wake up, he'd ask for a snack. We don't forget things which are important to us, even in the most difficult situations of our lives. If a woman is getting married, if a girl is getting married, that she forgot to eat that day, know when she has a child that she forgot to eat. No, she remembers to eat. Right? But why is it that we forget the Quran? We leave it because that's exactly what children wants. He wants us to leave the Quran. gradually, gradually, he says it's okay. If you don't recite today, no problem, recite two pages

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tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, we don't recite that. He says it's okay. You're going to class today after tomorrow Inshallah, you will spend two hours there with the Quran. So it's okay five days you don't read the Quran. don't recite it. Don't listen to it, no big deal. Two days are coming. And then you'll spend time with the Quran. And then what happens eventually, one Saturday morning Shaitan says, You know what, you're too tired, take a break, you deserve it.

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And then what happens? We skip class. And then the next weekend, we're lost. And then the weekend after that, again, we're lost. And then when the test comes, we're like, I don't know how to take this test. You know what, I'm just gonna drop it, I'm gonna become a listener. And then when we become a listener, then what happens? gradually, gradually, everything goes.

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So remember that the greatest treasure that you have in your life creators treasure is the book of Allah. As long as you hold on to it, you are successful in sha Allah, and when you leave it and that's exactly what Champon wants you to do. Leave the book if you leave it then shaytaan will be replaced by the book. May Allah protect us. So fun Santa caminha for at bearable shape on for Kena metal Hawi he became of those were a stray

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a lovely day.

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Salah harming

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Salah forming, balance Shane bond or FATCA and Amina Longley.