Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 091B Tafsir Al-Araf 54-58

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Lesson number 91 sort of paragraph I remember 54 to 72.

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In our book on indeed your Lord, Allah Who is Allah, Allah, the the one who Caulerpa, he created a summer worth the skies while Earth and the Earth in how long? Fie in citta, six, a Yemen days, Allah subhanaw taala is addressing all of mankind over here, all of us that know your Lord, know the one, whom you should remember now, and whom you have to meet tomorrow.

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Who is he, the One who created the heavens and the earth, the skies and the land, all that you see around yourself, what you see above yourself, what you see beneath your feet, everything around you about you, He created all of that, in how long sit at the am just six days a year and floral of young, six days, what does that show that he created all of this gradually, in stages with planning for Allah, it is not difficult to create something within a second, he is able to do that very much able to do that. He just has to say can and everything will happen it will come into existence, it will come into being but the fact that he took time, six days were dedicated to the creation of the

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heavens and the earth. What does that show that Allah subhanaw taala paid special attention to the creation of the heavens and the earth, he gave this importance. And by giving the heavens and the earth importance, who is he giving importance to the one who has to live in the earth beneath the skies, meaning the human beings, Allah paid so much attention to us and our needs. He created everything. Within six days, in a hadith, what isn't so Hey, Muslim, we learn that Allah subhanaw taala created dust torba dust on Saturday. And he created the mountains on Sunday. And he created the trees on Monday. And he created the things that require a lot of hardship. Or you can say the

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tough, solid, very, very strong things, the very powerful things. He created them on Tuesday, and he created the light on Wednesday, and he spread the creatures throughout it on Thursday. So in six days, the creation of the earth and the sky was complete. And then on Friday, Allah subhanaw taala created the murti Silla.

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So six days we're dedicated to the creation of the heavens and the earth, you might say how, how was it the mountains and then the creatures and we don't know. We can't understand this 100% But we believe in whatever has been taught to us, that Allah subhanho wa Taala created the skies in the earth in six days paying special attention to our needs. Allah subhanaw taala took care of us even before He created us. Sama then is the word he rose from seen well yet is the word is to rise and to settle, to rise and to settle this is the literal meaning of the word. So he rose, Isla upon a lush the throne, meaning the Throne of Allah, that He rose on it, meaning he settled on it, how? We don't

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know. Where was he before that? Don't know? Is there any benefit in asking such questions? No. Because no matter how many questions you ask, and no matter how many ways you try to answer these questions, will you ever know the reality? Can we ever know the reality? No. So then when we read such verses, but how is it that Allah rolls over the throne established himself over the throne? And where was he before? And is he always there? Is he always situated? I mean, what we know is that Allah rose over the Throne. So that's where we believe he is because that's what he has informed us. Other questions. We don't ask them because they're not of benefit. When Allah subhanaw taala is

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telling us this that semester, well,

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then what does it teach us? It teaches us that he is attending to our needs, he is taking care of us because he's rapolano mean

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what Allah Hill methanol Allah for Allah is the Exalted the Most High example the Most High description laser chemically shake, there's nothing like him. But just to give you an example, that when there is a king, who establishes himself in his office, when he takes office then what happens that he has started his work. All right, meaning he is full

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During his responsibilities as a king, as a leader, as whatever, alright, so over here, we don't go into the details of how this happened, and why and in what manner because there are people who delve into such questions and why these questions they try to question the existence of Allah subhanaw taala the power of Allah, the ability of Allah, the strength of Allah. But there is no point in reflecting on this, we should reflect on matters which deal with our actions, which improve our Eman. The Sahaba also read this I heard this ayah but they never asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, how did Allah rise over the throne? So we just accept it as is Mr. Malik. Once he was asked that how

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is this is? How did Allah subhanaw taala rise over the throne? What happened? Where was he before? And is he still there? So Imam Malik, he responded an STR Marilou we know that it happened while cave module, how it happened. We don't know. And we will forever not know unless Allah subhanaw taala informs us when you meet Allah then you can ask him. But for that you have to please him was to Allah and obey Daraa and questioning is, is an innovation because of companions never asked about these things. While Eman will be wider. And believing in it is mandatory. Because it's a part of the Quran.

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And then he said,

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take this guy out. Because of my Malik, he wouldn't tolerate people asking such questions in his class, he would have the strong, you know, tall men, his students, which were like, exceptionally tall built, and you would have them as guards. So if anyone would ask such a problematic question, you would say, Uh huh, did you take him out? So those big men would come and just take that guy out? Because he wouldn't tolerate any such mischief. So, what we learn over here is that anything that we come across in the Quran in the Sunnah, that we cannot fully comprehend that how did Allah create the earth and the sky? How is it that the mountains were created first, and then light was created

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later? And then creatures were created afterwards? How did this happen? We don't know. We don't know. And there is no point in asking such questions. We just say, okay, Allah said it, I believe in it. What am I supposed to do? Whatever Allah asks me, that's what my focus should be on. So Phil must allow allow she rose over the Throne. Yoshi Leila, he causes the night to cover from Lion sheen. Yeah, Allah Shia to cover. So he causes the night to cover what a Nohara the day, he causes the night to cover the day, cover the day, meaning take over the light of the day. And vice versa. Yellow boo, it seeks it, it chases it, how her Theertha quickly, hadith is from the root letters has

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ESSA, and has is to urge someone to do something. And when you urge encourage someone to do something, then what happens they move quickly. Like for example, if you tell someone to come here, let me show you something. And they were just sitting there not moving. But when you say Come here, let me show you something instantly, they will get up and come towards you. I tried that with my son last night, he wasn't coming upstairs to bed. I said come here, let me show you something, you ran up the stairs. So this is healthy. When you encourage someone to something and they they move quickly. So the night what happens, it chases that meaning when it's time comes in, then rapidly

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quickly it takes over the day. Sometimes Within moments, you see that all of a sudden it's dark outside, all of a sudden it's dark outside. And it's amazing how it's so bright and within 20 minutes within 10 minutes, sometimes, sometimes more, sometimes less, the entire sky becomes black, dark. So your global will have etha what do we see over here, that the night and the day, they follow each other? They follow each other meaning without any intermission day followed by night which is followed by day and this happens how constantly and rapidly constantly and rapidly. So what is it true that the night meaning when the sunsets and when the sunrises all of this is obedient to

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Allah subhanaw taala because who is encouraging them who is telling them who is ordering them to move in this manner, one after the other? Allah subhanaw taala was shumsa and the sun will come over and the moon one new Juma and the stars Lord of najem. All of them was a ha

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lotta ones subjected seen call all the sleep Musa Herat por la casa Hora and Musa Hora is that which has been subjected, meaning that which has been compelled to do some work in other words they don't have a choice they are kept in obedience. So all of them are Musa Herat subjected be Omri he by His Command, meaning all of them are subjected to his command, whatever he commands them, they do it. Allah subhanaw taala has fixed a schedule for all of the celestial bodies, the sun, the moon, the stars, and with them the night and the day, all of them they move according to a set routine, they move at the order of Allah subhanaw taala into the escenario 40 We learn what could loan fee fella

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kin? Yes, but when each is floating in its own orbit, meaning it's going at its own pathway, whatever path Allah subhanaw taala has decided for it. It's moving on it constantly without a break. So what does it show to us that everything in this world is constantly moving from one stage to the other, nothing remains still and stagnant. The day does not stay forever, the night doesn't stay forever. What happens? When it's time is over? It moves on. All right, when it's time is over, it moves on, which is why we see that with the rotation of the earth what happens? The night is constantly shifting, the day is constantly shifting. If you ever see one of those videos, you see

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that how the night is coming and going, coming and going. Clouds constantly moving and shifting. All right. What does it show that when everything is moving, moving, moving, moving, growing, going on its schedule on its routine at the command of Allah, whatever Allah has decided for it that at this time this has to happen, then what should we do? What should we do? Just sit on the couch with the phone in front of us.

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With the computer in front of us with the television on in front of us and let the day pass? Let the night boss let the week pass? Let the month pass let the year pass and have nothing accomplished? Yeah. Is that what we should do? Is this the lesson that the universe gives to us? Is this what the universe teaches us? No more. Nothing stops, everything is moving. The sun so obedient, the earth, so obedient to Allah fixed on a schedule on a routine. But what do we do many times, we just sit and waste our lives, our days, our hours, our moments. And at the end, we've got nothing accomplished. Ask yourself every day, every week, what did I accomplish this week? What do I have today? What did

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I earn? What did I acquire in this week? What did I achieve?

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Every weekend that you come here? Ask yourself in this past week, what is it that I have done this worth something? Or is it that a whole week has gone in just doing the same daily things? Eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up going to school? And that's it? Or is there something that we are achieving something that we are producing with our efforts with the time that Allah subhanaw taala has given us because every day we need to progress, like for example, your body every day, it grows until a certain stage of your life, it's growing stronger and stronger, and then it becomes weaker and weaker. But it doesn't stop. It doesn't freeze in time. Does it doesn't it keeps changing, keeps

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evolving. And just like that our actions should also increase and improve. What we have at the end should be something that we didn't have before. Because this is what Allah's creation teaches us that we're cool and FIFA kin. Yes, but Hoon, each is moving in its orbit. And those people who just sit and do nothing, then they cannot survive longer. They cannot survive for very long. Sooner or later. Their time will be up by for example, if there is a person who's going to work and they're supposed to be doing something, but they just sit there clock in and clock out and they hardly get anything done. Then what will happen? Will they be kept in that job?

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Or will the boss say one day that thank you very much for whatever you've done so far. And now we let you go?

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Well that DICOM Yes. Yes. Because every person given the time and the resources that Allah subhanaw taala has made available to them. You

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You know, there's certain things that are expected of them. And if we don't produce something beneficial for ourselves for others, then we're wasting ourselves. We're proving that we are useless, we are unnecessary. Allah says, Allah, unquestionably, the whole Hongkou To Him belongs the Hulk, meaning the entire creation is whose? Whose is it? Allah subhanaw taala. The Creator is the owner and everything that has been created, it has been created by who Allah, while Omro and the command meaning the command also belongs exclusively to him. So he decides for every creation, what has to happen in its life, for instance, the sun, what a huge, massive thing it is. But Allah

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subhanaw taala owns it, and he has decided for it, what has to happen, right? And likewise, our lives are also governed by who Allah, he decides how much we eat, he decides how much we live, he decides how much we enjoy. He decides everything to Baroque, Allah who blesses Allah, Rob Bula, Al Amin, the Lord of the Worlds, the baraka de Vaca, means he is rich with hide with good traits, meaning he has many good attributes. He has a lot of good, all the good that you see that you feel, who's the source of it, Allah subhanaw taala. To bedrock Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah means the Lord, of the worlds. We see in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is at which I add gonee I add? And what's

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the lesson in them for us that when the entire creation is under allah, obedient to Him, producing something beneficial, then what are we supposed to do as human beings the same?

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If we want to be useful, then we have to do what the rest of the creation is doing? Making use of the time the ability that Allah has given and benefiting others? Think about it, the sun, the moon, the stars the day, the night? Are they just, you know, going on the schedule benefiting? No one? Nothing? No, our livelihood depends on what the sun, the health of our bodies, it depends on what the sun, we benefit so much from them. So just like that our lives should also be beneficial for others, not that we are existing only for ourselves only for our enjoyment and relaxation. Allah says older who call upon Rob welcome your Lord. This is your Lord, the Creator, the owner, the

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master. So he, the one who causes the sun, the moon, the night the day to move about, he is the one who has created them, you call upon Him, because everything in his control, everything is within his hands, Call upon your Lord, and how should you call upon him? How the loved one will Whovian in humility, and privately, the love war is from Bob raw line. And the dollar is humility, such humility in which a person expresses his neediness before the other, the I desperately need you. And he shows his weakness before the other, that I am so weak, I am incapable of helping myself this is why I need your help. I need you to give me those of you who are not writing right now the meaning

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of the word. What are you going to do on the test?

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Where are you looking at? Please focus, right? Because it's very important if Allah is telling us something here, that call upon Allah to go one. So what is the dollar to express humility? What kind of humility?

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What kind of humility is the borrower

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in which a person shows their neediness? All right, in which a person shows their weakness that he or Allah, I need your help. I can't do this myself. I'm too weak. I don't have the strength.

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Sometimes what happens is that we even lack the willpower to do something. Has it ever happened with you? That you know it's time to pray? But it's like, you just don't feel like it that inner motivation is missing. It's like you know, you should recite the Quran, but you don't feel like it. So at that time also call upon Allah. Yeah, like you give me the ability to pray to you. The prophets of Allah said and after every Salah what would he ask for that rugby or any isla? The clicker was shook Rica, we're Hursley. arriba the ticker that Oh my Lord you

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Help me to remember you to thank you and to worship you in the best way. Because if you don't help me, I can't do it. If you don't give me the ability to strength, I can't do it on my own. So Call upon your Lord to Gohan show that you're nothing before Allah, begging him. Express your neediness, expressed that you need Allah, acknowledge your weakness, your imperfection, you're in significance. And keep in mind, the correctness of Allah. Keep in mind, the power and ability of Allah that He can give you everything. We can understand the libre, from the life of the prophets of Allah for Neo sunnah. At the Battle of better. Do you remember how many Muslims were there? At the Battle of

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butter? How many 1000? Or 2000?

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How many? 500? Yes. 330. So around 300 Muslims were there, how many machine were there? 155,000. How many 1000 wishes the king? So basically, the Muslims were what?

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Outnumbered quite badly. Every Muslim had to deal with three mistaking 3.33 All right. So imagine this is how badly the Muslims were outnumbered. How many horses and and swords and camels the Muslims have? Very, very few. You know why? Because when they left Medina, they didn't leave with the intention to fight.

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You know that they left with the intention to catch catch up with the caravan. All right. So they didn't go with, you know, all those arms and everything. No, they just went with whatever little they needed. And even if they mustered up everything that they have, they couldn't produce much because they had very, very little resources back home in Medina. So at that time before the battle, the Prophet salallahu Salam did he make Dora? Did he make dua he did? And how did he make for so long, for so long? That Abu Bakar a widow and who he said, will profit that's enough. That's enough. And he said, Oh Allah, if you don't help us today, then your name will not be mentioned anymore.

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Meaning if these group of Muslims are finished today, and the last messenger that you've sent, he is unable to accomplish his mission, then your religion will end. He's showing his weakness that we cannot defend ourselves with the power that we have, we need you and he kept making dua kept making or with his arms raised to the point that his shawl even fell off. His shawl fell off,

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kept making dua to Allah Ron, crying before Allah, expressing his need of Allah. And when a person calls upon Allah like that, yeah, Allah, I need you. I need you. I can't do it myself. Then what happens? This invites Allah's mercy. It's like, if someone tells you that I can do this myself, I need your help. I really need your help. Because I know that you can do it, and I can't do it. Then what happens? You as a person are motivated to help them given the limited power and ability that you have, you get puffed up that yeah, I can help them. Right? Allah subhanaw taala when a servant calls upon him that Allah does not like to return him unanswered. And imagine if the servant is

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expressing his humility before Allah, that Allah will respond to his dua. Why are our prayers not answered? Because we don't even show humility?

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We just sit there with a blank face, with our eyes shut thinking about something else apparently making Dora and then we wonder, yeah, made the door. How come? It's not answered yet?

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It's because we didn't even cry a little bit. We didn't show to Allah that we needed his help. We think that we are self sufficient. We think we can help ourselves. But the fact is that we need Allah's help. And the more you ask Allah for help, the more he will help you, the more successful you will be, or the Robocop Tamron will have healthier than what is her fear me secretly, privately. Because many times it happens that if you are in front of people, then you're not able to express yourself, you're not able to pour out your feelings. You're conscious of the people who are around you. You can't cry easily, right? You can't talk easily. But when you are alone, then you can cry

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all you want, you can say all you want, you can literally fall your head

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Alright before Allah, and it's necessary to verbalize your dura. Because when you say, then you're thinking about it. And then you actually mean it. So don't run a whole theater and hope you're also means privately meaning in your heart, softly with humility in your speech now that you're yelling at Allah, hope you're done. Because when you do who phiaton, then it also saves you from showing off. It also saves you from showing off, then you can make as long dua as you want or as short door as you want. It's up to you. But whatever you will ask you will ask with all your heart. So the bottom line will Whovian Allah says in a hula, you have been martyred in indeed he does not like

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those who crossed limits the transgressors. Who are the transgressors doesn't mean those who make too much Daraa Allah doesn't like them, the whole transgression over here is not in the frequency of making dua, but in the manner of making the wrong. So what is Erica Endura? It is like for example, making dua for something that is not your right. So many times that happens that a person makes it's not answered why? Because he shouldn't be asking that anyway. He should not be asking for that. Like for example, if a person says, oh, Allah sent inaudible to me, please. And illegible should tell me everything that I need to know. Or a person says yeah, Allah, I have my exam. Please, please somehow

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show me the exam paper before the test. Please. Yeah, Allah, please, please, please. The Lauren Hovi attorneys making the store the time I'll let me see the exam paper before the exam. Send some good gentlemen who can tell me the answers. Hi, you shouldn't be making such grace. If a person says, you know, yeah, Allah give me Muhammad, Muhammad. Macao Muhammad is only for the prophets of Allah, nobody else but him. So those who do air today and making dua, Allah doesn't like them. Because many times it happens. People try to test the existence of Allah, the ability of Allah by making such doors.

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Like, for instance, a friend of mine, one of our close relatives, they became an atheist. And they were very like, strong about it. And they would try to convince other people as well, that God doesn't exist. So one day, they're like, they went to their younger sister that you believe there's Allah, you actually think that Allah is there? And she's like, Yeah, and they're like, Okay, let's see. Allah turn lights off. Allah turn the air conditioning on. See? No answer. There is no God. This is erotica. Who do you think you are that you're ordering Allah like that?

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Allah the Holic of the chumps, the comma, the new Jew, Allah, your Creator. Why are you ordering him like that? And why are you making such requests anyway? Hasn't ALLAH given you the ability to get up yourself and switch on the light or switch it off? Hasn't he already fulfill this need of yours before even you asked him to? Hasn't he given you the brains with which you've invented remote control? So literally, for some people, they just have to press a button and everything that they want happens? Allah has already fulfilled this request of yours before even you asked him and here you are, ordering Allah, this has erected a fedora, this is transgression in calling upon Allah and

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such people. Allah does not like that. He does not like them. Here Tada. And Dora is also asking Allah rudely. When a person makes the right he should show that you Allah, I need you. Not that he's ordering Allah. Think about it. If you're younger sister or if your child says, Give it to me. Bring that to me. People like not if you talk to me like that. Many parents, what do they do? They refuse to respond to their children. Unless there is a please at the beginning or at the end or somewhere in the middle?

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Isn't it? There has to be that please, that please has to be there. If that pleases missing. We're not entertaining your requests at all. These are people who are just older than us an age who just have a higher rank than us. That's it. What do we learn here that when we're making dua, ask with humility, the dawn Ron will who feel better because he does not like those people who do irritate who transgress transgression and dua is also calling upon Allah very loudly, very loudly. Once some people they were calling upon Allah really loudly as they were going up and down. They're saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, like really, really loudly, making dua loudly. So the prophets of Allah

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them he said, oh people take it easy on yourselves. Verily you're not calling on one who is deaf or absent. Allah is not deaf, he is not absent. Rather the one you are calling to is a Sameer the all here he is Karim, he is near. So be careful in the manner that you call upon Allah. told everyone will hopefully attend, because in the who lay your head will Martha Diem? When we don't like more today? How can we expect that Allah who like Martha Dean well out of sea do and do not cause corruption fill out in the earth Varda after its law here, it's reformation. Meaning once Allah has put things right in the earth, don't disturb them, don't destroy them, don't ruin them. Because

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Allah subhanaw taala he created this earth, not just for you. But there's also many other creatures living in this earth. Yes, you have a greater, right, but it doesn't mean that other creatures don't have a right to live. So don't disturb this Earth so much that it becomes corrupted, that just because you want, you know, certain products that you become so used to, then because of that, you create so much garbage, and you caused so much pollution in air on land in the sea, know what to do fill up the bar, that is law, He, Allah subhanaw taala made such beautiful, pure oceans and seas, and rivers, and this earth and the creatures and everything so perfectly so beautifully. And what

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are we doing? What are we doing, because of our selfish desires, we are disturbing and destroying the entire Earth, aren't we?

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We are.

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I just wanted to share that my parents, they live in front of this ravine, right. And in the summer, my dad would sit out and watch like, the beautiful greenery and the birds. And so recently, they started doing construction. And of course, it's a necessity to build new homes, but it's just so sad to see this beautiful ravine which you still, you know, bees habitat for all these creatures and living you know, creatures all destroyed, you know, and now you just see like these empty hills with construction trucks. And it just so sad to see, you know, where all these animals now live.

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And even though it's the need, that's understandable, but the places that are the places on the earth where we don't have any particular need. Why are they turning into dumps? Right? Like, for example, why is the waste chemicals and stuff? Why are they thrown into the sea water?

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Why? Because they don't know how to get rid of it. Because there's so much demand. The other day I went to this particular store, and I have never in my entire life seen so many toys.

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So many toys, I was shocked that in one place, there could be so many toys. Like, okay, there's certain stores, which are meant to have toys like Toys R Us or something that's understandable. But in another store, it doesn't make so many toys. And then I realized oh yeah, it's Christmas. Right? It's the time when people will shop and shop and shop and buy and buy and give gifts to others. And sometimes they're not even meant to be gifts are actually meant to be the stuff for themselves or their own children. That I was amazed that throughout the year there are toys over here. But right now even more, is it that the people who are living in the city don't have toys, they have more than

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they can manage more than the children can play with more than they can desire even so many things children even possess. And the stores are full. I mean, how much are we going to consume? How much are we going to use, but just fulfill our desires. Now, there's, let's say a play kitchen that a girl has, but now there's a pink one. And then there's a purple one. And then there's a new kind of a doll. And there's new kind of blocks and new kinds of this new kind of that everything new new and better and better. Whereas if you think about it, it's very similar. Children more than the like toys they like to play with what actual real stuff. Right? The other day, there was a box, a parcel

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that came in, you know those things that they put in in order to fill parcels. What do you call it?

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The styrofoam like pieces? Not bubble wrap. Peanuts, right? That's called peanuts, something like that. Something like that. Anyway, you know what I'm talking about, right like pieces of Styrofoam. And there was a huge box full of that. So my son was so

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or interested in that he brought a steel bowl from the kitchen, brought a huge spatula, and then started pouring from the box into the wall.

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Oh my god, this is recycling. He's playing with recycling.

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Recycling material. He and he played with it for like a good half an hour. And he played with it many, many times. And you know, bubble wrap, right? It's supposed to fulfill its purpose. But children, they love it. I mean, my daughter, she is entertained by bubble wrap for hours, I just covered a table with bubble wrap. And she just stands with it. Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. 1520 minutes, she won't stand in front of a play kitchen. That long, ever. She won't play with the doll for that long. She won't play with, you know, kids dishes and cups for that long. They love to spend time doing what, you know, real stuff. Right? But we think that if something is pink and orange and

00:35:58 --> 00:36:34

purple, and red and blue, then the kids will love it. Whereas in reality, who is fulfilling desires? It's the parents, right? Many times these products that are made, children don't have any interest in them, but whose hearts are caught over there. It's the parents, like for example, a perfect nursery. All right. Who wants it? It's the mother. It's the Father. Because by the time the child is three years old, four years old, five years old. They won't even remember what bedcovers what sheets you put in their crib,

00:36:35 --> 00:36:52

they won't remember, you'll get rid of it, and the child won't even remember. So who's fulfilling their desires over here? It's the parents with the excuse of you, my only child, my first son, my first daughter, my fifth child, right?

00:36:53 --> 00:37:09

How can I not do this for my son? How can I not do this for my second daughter? It's basically people fulfilling their desires with different excuses my daughter, my son, my this my that? So what does Allah say well as to have sudo fill up the bar that is law he

00:37:11 --> 00:37:55

don't cause corruption in the earth after Allah subhanaw taala has said it right after Allah has created it so beautifully, so perfectly. In sudo Rahman is seven to 10 we learn a letter tau filmi Zan will appear in will was Nobel Peace pistola doxylamine Zan will have no other Halol nm fi have he had on one na flew that will Aquaman the heaven the sky he raised and he imposed the balance everything in order that you not transgress within the balance don't transgress your limits, and establish wait injustice and do not make deficient the balance and the earth he laid out for the creatures. This earth theist created for all the creatures not just you?

00:37:56 --> 00:38:42

What the rules and call upon Him how often in fear what on earth and in hope there should be a balance. Be afraid when you're calling upon Allah because of wish there should be humility, but also be hopeful Pomeranian? Because what does Allah say I am as my servant thinks I am. So if you're hopeful of Allah's mercy, then Allah will respond to you. In Naramata Allah He indeed the Mercy of Allah, it has already been near min and mercy Nene to those who do good. Those who do good the Mercy of Allah is very near to them meaning very soon Allah who will respond to their call, like the prophets have a lot of interviews making door to door Warren Coffea Tom, Colvin, Furman. And what

00:38:42 --> 00:39:27

happened before even the battle was completely over the Allah subhanaw taala granted him victory, Allah granted him victory. So Allah's Mercy is very close to those people who do good. So what do we learn over here? What are the etiquettes of making dua? How can we make sure that inshallah Our doors are accepted that first of all, call upon Allah, the love will run? Secondly, who fear then, thirdly, KOFUN, fourth, the thumb on And fifth, do airson do good? Do the good that Allah has asked of you. Because what does Allah say? That fully is the G Bo Li. While you may know B, they should respond to me meaning when Allah has ordered us to do something, we should also do that, when we

00:39:27 --> 00:39:59

will do it, that Allah will also respond to our prayers. Well who are lovey and he is the one who use Hulu he sends a RIA the winds, Allah is the one who sends the winds when the winds blow, they blow it whose command and whose command, Allah's command, Allah orders them to blow, that is when they blow, if it's very fast, or if it's not there at all. Should we object? Should we complain? No. Why? Because they are blowing

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

If not, by their own will, but at the command of Allah will who led your solo Ria. And he sends the winds as bush run, bearers of good news plural of Bashira. But Sheila is one who brings good news. So the winds, they bring good news bein a day before Rama de His mercy, before his actual Mercy comes upon you. What does Allah to he sends good news to you that Allah's Mercy is coming. So before Allah actually sends rain, what happens he sends the winds, so that with the winds, you know, that okay, the rain is going to come, you look forward to it. And many blessings of Allah come in this way. They don't just pop up in front of you. They don't just pop up in front of you. Allah subhanaw

00:40:50 --> 00:41:45

taala gives you the good news first. Like, for example, a woman doesn't just have a child all of a sudden, randomly one day, no, she's made to look forward to that blessing for nine months. Right. So as soon as a person sees the signs of a blessing coming, what are those signs in reality? Good news. beignet. rahmati? Had the until either when a collapse it carried, so haven't clouds fill Colin heavy? Meaning the winds? What do they do? They pick up they carry heavy rain clouds. This is very interesting. The word color this from? What's the root of lamb lamb? What word comes to your mind? Khalil killer? What does that mean? Shortage when something is less? All right. And when something

00:41:45 --> 00:42:29

is less when there's very few things, then if you have to carry them? Is it easy? Come on. If there is only two bags, like Yeah, only two bags, there's only one bag like yeah, only one bag. But if there's 20 bags, like for example, what is it? You just stopped by cookie at the grocery store and you buy this bread and butter and maybe eggs or something like that? You have only one bag to take inside? Is that easy to carry? Yes. But if you went to Costco, and you did your month's shopping, and your pickup man is just full of stuff, then would it be easy for you to carry that? No, because you know that you have to take multiple rounds in and out to take everything inside. And each thing

00:42:29 --> 00:42:49

is heavy, because it's oversized, or the quantity is a lot, right. So a Colette is to find something to consider something light to consider something light. And because of that you carry it easily.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:20

Even though it could be very heavy. And it could be difficult for you to carry, but you consider it to be very light. All right. And because of that you just carry it easily. Like for example, one is that you have a baby in your arm, and then you have groceries to take inside. One bag even will seem very heavy and difficult for you to carry is it.

00:43:21 --> 00:44:04

And then there comes this big macho man trying to help you. And he comes in carries two bags each and one hand, something on his head. Right? And he takes everything inside. And just one or two rounds. If you had to do it, it would be so difficult. And here comes your brother. I'll do it. I'll do it. Maybe the very few times that he will say that to you. But when he does, he's like leave it to me. I'll do it. And when he does it, He does it so quickly. And if it was left to you, it would be very, very difficult for you to do it. So why is it that he was able to do it? Because he found it? He akala T founded light akala right. Why? Because he's strong.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:56

His hands are empty. And he doesn't think it's a big deal. You think it's a big deal, but he doesn't think it's a big deal. So the winds what do they do they carry so haven't seen Colin? So all chlorella Sakina Sakina has very heavy, heavy clouds. But what happens, these winds, they just carry them forwards so fast as if they are nothing. And it's amazing because when we look at the clouds, they seem to be very light, fluffy, and soft and light. But in reality, they're carrying so much water, so much snow that when a little bit of it falls in your driveway and you have to shovel it. Your back is almost broken by the time you're done.

00:44:57 --> 00:45:00

And this is just a little bit of snow that has

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

fallen from that cloud, the rest of it on the streets in other people's driveways, on their roofs in their backyards. Imagine what percentage of Snow did your driveway get very little.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:17

But your back breaks because of shoveling all of that it's so heavy.

00:45:21 --> 00:45:51

Exactly that when your clothes are wet, and you're wearing them, they're a lot harder to carry on your body, it's difficult for you to move, right. And if you have dirty laundry, you're stuffing it in the washing machine, it's light but when you're lifting it out and putting it in the dryer because they're wet. They're much heavier, water has wet right? So the clouds which are carrying all this water so heavy, the winds just cause them to move as if they're nothing

00:45:53 --> 00:46:44

as if they're so light had either a colored sahab and say call and then what happens Sukkot now who we drive it to canal one from SR have to drive so they're driven these clouds are driven li Ballard into a land my hit dead or dead land a deadline meaning barren land nothing growing on it for unzila so we sent down be with it Alma the water, meaning we cause the water to come down from those heavy clouds on that dead land. And then for a halogen then we take out b because of it meaning because of that water that has fallen on that that land men call litho Murat from every kind of Tamela somewhere or plural of some raw fruit, different kinds of fruits, different kinds of produce, I

00:46:44 --> 00:47:37

mean, think about it, tomatoes, even different sizes, different taste, cucumbers, different sizes, different tastes. So all of these varieties of produce different color, size, days, texture, fragrance, all of this comes from one earth one land that has taken in one water once light, but so much variety, cuz they're Lika just like that nobody do we will bring out and moda the dead ones Florida of My Youth Law I look into the Quran so that you take lesson you remember that just as from deadline Allah subhanaw taala causes, so much produce to come forth on the Day of Judgment, all the dead which are buried in the earth will grow out of the earth into the new hire 17 to 18 Allah says,

00:47:37 --> 00:48:21

well Allah Who am better communal or cleaner better, suddenly you are either comfy, how were your Digicam is larger, that Allah caused you to grow from the earth a progressive growth because your nutrition comes from the earth, then he will return you into it and extract you another extraction, meaning he will take you out of the earth another time. This is why from various narrations, we learn that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will send down rain from the sky and the rain will pour on the earth for 40 days, and then the dead will come out of the earth. Because their bodies will come to life. Just like plants, they grow out from what seeds. So our DNA is even though the bodies may

00:48:21 --> 00:49:11

be completely decomposed, but DNA would be some way or the other. Even if a person is burned by fire or consumed by an animal. Whatever happens they're dead body, some way or the other. The traces are there. So Allah subhanaw taala will cause the bodies to grow out of the earth. Allah says Gallica just like that. No Who did you will know that we will bring out the dead ones. It's not difficult for Allah. But a lesson that Allah teaches us here is what that well Bella took by him and the land which is good. The good land. What is good land, fertile land which is clean, which is not polluted. So that land when rain waterfalls on it, yeah, who it produces no bow to who its vegetation. Be

00:49:11 --> 00:50:00

Edney, by permission or be of its Lord. The good land, fertile land what happens? It produces vegetation by the permission of Allah and what kind of vegetation is it? Beautiful, amazing. You know, beautiful in its smell and its texture. And if it's any food in its taste, one lovely hubba and that which is bad, meaning the land which is bad, how is it bad? It's either dirty, polluted or it is not fertile. Then what happens the same rain water falls on it. But Allah says lay a hood you it does not produce it does not grow Illa except necky the very little sparsely Nucky this from the root letters known calf doll and neck it is a Lilo Nefer that witches

00:50:00 --> 00:50:48

is very little in its benefit, meaning it doesn't produce much benefit at all, it doesn't give much benefit at all. So a lot of rain water has fallen on to it. However, what doesn't grow hardly anything. Hardly anything. It's like, imagine you have a flowerpot and you hardly take care of it, you pour a little bit of water, put it by the window, and what happens, it's just growing and flourishing. It's like, as if it's on steroids, why? Because the soil is very fertile, you put high quality fertilizer in it, right. But at the same time, if you just take any random soil from your let's say backyard, and in that you put a seed and you water it and you take care of it, what does

00:50:48 --> 00:50:55

it grow hardly a thing. Hardly a thing why, because the soil is bad,

00:50:56 --> 00:51:41

right? One soil, good, other soil bad, same thing is poured on it water, but the result is different. One is producing so much, and the other is producing nothing but nukkad meaning hardly a thing, hardly producing anything, Kedah Lika, just like that, no soulful if we diversify diversity, the signs you come in for people. Yeah, Sharon, they're grateful. Notice grateful. Because grateful people, even if they get very little, they're very thankful. And they use whatever little Allah has given them very effectively. And as a result, they accomplish much more than what other people have.

00:51:42 --> 00:52:09

Because it's the difference of the heart. If a person has this realization, that Allah has given me this, and they're grateful, they will use everything to the best that they can. And the people who are not grateful, even have to have everything, they will say, Oh, I can't do this, because I don't have this. And I can't do that, because I don't have that. But people who are grateful, they produce more, they do more, they accomplish more.

00:52:10 --> 00:52:12

It's the difference of the heart,

00:52:13 --> 00:53:01

the profits or loss and give the example of the knowledge that Allah spent Allah sent him with how that it's like rain, that falls in different kinds of land. One land is fertile. So what happens it absorbs the water and produces a lot. Another type of land is hard. So what happens, it doesn't absorb the water, it just contains the water so that it cannot benefit from it, or it benefits from it just a little bit, but others benefit from it. And the third type of land is that which is so tough and hard that the waterfalls on it, and it just flows off. It doesn't absorb it doesn't hold it. She think about it rain water is the same. Why is the result different? Because the land is

00:53:01 --> 00:53:19

different. Just like that, the Quran is the same. Same Quran people listen to one person hears it reads it studies, their Salah changes, their language changes, their thinking changes. Why? Because they you part.

00:53:20 --> 00:54:07

Another type of person, they study they read, they revise, they memorize, they take the tests, they ace the tests really good. But the actions don't change or very, very little. Why? Because the problem is in the heart, the heart is not willing to accept. So we have to see that with the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala is giving to us. Are we grateful for them? Are we using them in the best way that we can? Or are we just complaining? This is not ideal. And this is not perfect. And I still don't have this and I still don't have that those who are grateful, they will produce a lot of head, they will produce a lot of good deeds, with whatever Allah subhanaw taala has given

00:54:07 --> 00:54:58

them to if we want to accomplish high levels in the Hereafter, then it doesn't matter how much dunya we get even a little bit will suffice. Were the Companions millionaires. Did the Companions live in luxury houses? No. But what did they have grateful hearts, they valued the blessing of the dean. They value the blessing of the Quran of the Prophet salallahu Salam. So this is why even with little resources, they were able to accomplish much more than we accomplish with the millions of things that Allah has given us. So let's be grateful. And when a person is grateful that he will remember others, that he will not selfishly consume everything himself. He will care about others as well.

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