Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 091A Translation Al-Araf 54-72

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of unrelated and unrelated statements and conversations, making it difficult to summarize a coherent conversation or topic. It also discusses various couples and their behavior during a night outing, including a man from a soccer team who wants to "bounce" and a woman from a basketball team who wants to "bounce" a man from a basketball team. The segment also touches on popular movies and their successes, including Lavina, a woman from the Middle East, and a woman from the UK who is a doctor.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Naghmeh who want to slowly RL SUTA Hill Kadeem Amma beret for Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Bish roughly Saturday we're Sidley Emery.

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Letter melissani of Kahuku. The urbanism dinner in lesson number 91. Suitable are Roth IRA number 54 to 72.

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indeed, rub the comb your rub, Allah Who is Allah

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and the V who Kanaka he created a summer worth the heavens, the skies well over and the earth fee in sit 36 A Yemen this

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summer, then is the were heroes. He established.

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Isla upon a lush the throne.

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You'll see he covers he wraps, a Laila the night and the hara the day your political it seeks it has isa rapidly swiftly

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was shumsa and the sun will come out and the moon when the Juma and the stars were Sahara in one subservient, when subjected. Be angry he by His Command, Allah unquestionably they were law who for him and Hulk the creation when and the commandment, the baraka he was blessed Allahu Allah for a book club, a alarm Amin of the world

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where do you all call from Macomb Europe? Double run as humbly beseech friendly, well and healthier than secretly

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in the hood? Indeed he left not your Shibu he loves a mortar then those who transgress

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Walla and do not do FSI do you all spread mischief. Fie in a way the earth BARDA after Islam he had it setting in order or it's reformation is law he heard it's reformation

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weather woohoo and you all call him how often with fear waterman and hope in indeed Rajmata mercy Allah He of Allah, but even close near men from L Mursaleen. Those who do utmost good

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or who were and he led the one who used to lose the sense of Rhea had the winds Bushra as good news Boehner between here day two hands Rama D of His mercy had that until either when a car left it raised so Harbin clouds see coilin heavy once Sakineh who we drove it liberated into a land may eat in one dead for an Zelner Then We sent down here with it Alma the water for our hygena then we brought out be here with it men from Quigley every SMRs the fruits

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Gallica thus likewise nuclear you we will bring out a remota the dead ones La La calm so that you that garoun You all remember you all take heed

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while Bella do and the land up a yep the pure the good. Yeah, who do it comes out nearby to who its vegetation be it need with permission or be of its rub. Wallasey and that which Hubble's It was bad. It was in pure love not Yahoo it comes out in LA except necky the little

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Gallica likewise Lusardi fu we explained diversely if the versus the signs we call men for a people Yes karoun They give thanks

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lockout certainly. Oh Selena we sent no honey no honey Salam Illa to only his people for color so he said yeah, oh call me my people, my nation. Where do you all worship Allah Allah must not look on for you men from Allah him any god? Are you Who other than Him?

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In Me indeed I a harmful I fear I may come upon you. Either punishment Yeoman of a day, or Lehman, most great.

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Honor, he said al-mulla, the chiefs, men from Covey

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His people

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in honor indeed we leather rocker surely we see you fee in Berlin misguidance strange mo been one clear

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Allah He said yeah oh CALL ME MY PEOPLE Larissa it is not be with me the learner don't any misguidance any strange when I kidney but I Rasul a messenger men from rugby Rob Alana mean of the world. Oba Leah whom I convey to you all rissalah Deep messages or be of Myra will answer who and I sincerely advise Lacan to you all will earn Mo and I know main from Allah He Allah ma what landlord Darla Woon, you all know

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do work and our job to you all sound strange. You all wondered and that Jaya ACOEM it came to you the crone a reminder men from or become Europe. Allah upon Raj Julian a man men come from you Leon zero calm so that he warns you when he did taco and so that you will adopt taco you are fear Allah while I look at them and so that you could hormone you all be restored with Mercy

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The woohoo then They belied him for MJ now who so he saved him when Lavina and those who Mar who with him see in and folk the ship we're a rock now and we drowned and Lavina those who got the Boo they belie PIR Tina with our verses

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in the home indeed they can do their work how many people are mean once blind

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what inner and two words are didn't add a home their brother Hood Hood?

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Carla he said yeah, oh call me my people. Will do you all worship Allah Allah man not lecan For you men from Allah him and he got played who other than him as an ad do they're not that the cone you all fear Allah.

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Allah He said el mundo the chiefs and Medina those who go through the disbelieved men from call me he his people inner indeed Rila Naraka surely we see you fee insofar hatin foolishness stupidity were inner and indeed we then a one Luca surely we think you mean from Al Kennedy being those who are liars

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Carla he said yeah call me oh my people. Lisa it is not be with me suffer her any foolishness. Any stupidity when I Kinney but I was soon a messenger men from rugby rub Allah al Amin of the world's

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Oberliga comb I convey to you recyle athey messages groby of Myra were Anna and I come for you now session a sincere advisor a mean one trustworthy

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do what and are gypped on you all wondered and that Jericho it came to you the grown reminder men from Rob become your Rob either upon or Julian a man men come from you. Leon zero calm so that he warns you with Kuru and you will remember it when John ACOEM he made you full of fat successors. Men from body after Comey people new head of new Harley Sena

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well and Zed ACOEM he increased you fee in a Hulk the creation based upon in abundance Sadhguru so you all remember and blessings bounties Allah He of Allah Lai la comme so that you took the Schroon you all are successful.

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Although they said they did deny you came to us linner Buddha so that we worship Allah Allah wash the whole Him alone

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and never we left. We leave never we leave mouth what? Ghana? He was Yabu he worships Abba una our forefathers

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13 dinner so you come to us BMO with what do you do the you threaten us? Or you promise us

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if Gunther you were made from a Saudi team those who are truthful

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Allah He said God in fact Walker it happened on a come upon you men from Rob become Europe. Richardson sales punishment were horrible and anger

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all due to Jedi Looney you all dispute with me. Fee concerning a summer in names, some made him or her you all named it until you all were about to come and your forefathers mad not Nasrallah He sent down Allah who are

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Love The * with it men from so fun in any authority or any evidence center will so you all wait in the indeed I mark home with you men from a moment of leading those who wait

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for injury now who solely saved him when Lavina and those who Mahou with him the Ross Martin with Mercy Mina from us work Alterna and we got there Bureau route and Medina of those who get the booty belied Biya Tina with our versus our signs Wilma and not ganool they were meaning believers

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that listen to the recitation of these verses

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lady called up a siRNA was one of lovies that he

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Yoshi Leyland

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was shumsa

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Noodle Mimosa

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be Emery Anna

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Martin the water to see to fill up the

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room will

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not allow your body

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seeing well one lady cielo via

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Simona who

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made sapona hoodie that night

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Gaddi can free to

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play pleased

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to be in Europe all

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gathered you can also

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follow me on

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foamy he felt bored I

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in me

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They owe me normally

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moving on i Alko NiNis me

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I mean overly want

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to be

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on lrgb

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Levine beautiful.

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Lady and I can be I

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mean why ILA at

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look I mean I look at all I owe me they said he's

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me mean, overly local Marisa to be one.

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I mean lrgb

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was go it

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was feel the quality best spots when Guru

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to clean your whole God

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Tina Bhima

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Tomino saw the ball up on the wall bought a new one beautiful Marie meridians Oh Baba Tujuh de lune nev

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is made

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Allah long behind

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delivering the Agena one lady I

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mean now I thought

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the movie Dino America meaning

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