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Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of morality and the need for responsibility for young children, as well as the negative effects of people of color on society. They stress the importance of addressing the issue of morality and acknowledging the need for responsibility. The speakers also address the issue of reducing one's own physical appearance and caution against being too afraid of others. They encourage people to pray and donate generously to help suffering in Syria, as well as fundraising campaigns and giving money to those who need help. The speakers stress the importance of securing and maintaining professionality and reaching out to others.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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she had one today

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she had one

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I shared one

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as head one will have

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Alhamdulillah he will cover was so the water why he was said animal who iodine it'd be good and Mustafa why shadow en la ilaha illa Allah Who are the who last should he Hello Who what I shall do no Mohammed and I do who rasuluh who Salawat Allah He was said Ambu Allah He am about

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today, we are now

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a week ahead of the incident that everyone knows about, with what happened last week to the point where I don't even have to specify it. And everybody knows what I'm talking about where a young kid in America was afforded the opportunity in that society and that system to go and legally purchase a firearm not just a regular firearm but an assault rifle, although he's a child. And he took that gun and he killed 18 innocent, unsuspecting children in the school.

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I want to raise your awareness as it relates to a few issues in this regard as a community as individuals, families, parents, I think that these issues should be considered in light of all of the political things that are going on around us on a daily basis. So just want to make four points in Sharla. And then conclude with the last point. First point that I want to make from this incident is that it goes to show clearly that the moral Halla of the Chabad the when people are teenagers

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when they're young, from the age of 13, to 19. And even beyond 1920 2123 This is a very serious Mohalla or stage four child. And that's why in our religion, the Quran and the Sunnah deals in very fine detail about addressing the issues. So if you're a parent of a teenager, as I N, mother, father of a teenager, you're responsible for messaging, and their teenagers, then our religion, places a lot of responsibility on our shoulders to deal with it. As it relates to America, I want to make it

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clear that many times here in the West, in America, the government's put a lot of pressure on us, the Muslims to get our Shabaab in check. Because many times they become radicalized many times they become extreme. And that's our responsibility, as we said so many times. So we have a religious responsibility to address the needs of our Shabbat tomorrow, inshallah. There's going to be a program here called my future, my education, in which we're encouraging the youngsters to make

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something out of their lives. And that's one of the many initiatives and programs that are being done by green lane and other masajid where we're trying to be responsible for our Shabaab. But we want to say to the west and we want to say to America good

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Get a grip on your Shabad

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our youngsters are not the only ones who are at this critical stage in their lives where they make mistakes. You get a grip on your Chabad before you start putting pressure on us, those with the West needs to do and that's what America needs to do. And when I say the Western America, then by default, I'm talking about everybody here because we're in the West, we're from America, and we're not going anywhere. Inshallah. I just think that it is sick is not fair. It's hypocritical, that so

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much pressure is put on our community as it relates to doing our job and our responsibility. And we acknowledge that embrace it and accept that we have a responsibility, but don't be a hypocrite.

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Get a grip on your Shaban.

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We're killing innocent people the way they're killing them. What's the difference between what ISIS does and what that kid did? So a one fathers mothers, we got to be on top of our kids, things are going on in their heads in their hearts, boys and girls, that the child can explode. And before you know it, you're dealing with a serious problem. Point number two that I want to deal with concerning this issue is some advice that I want to give to those people who have inferiority complexes. You

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know, in society, there are different people. You have the rich, you have the poor, the educated, the not people not educated. You have the ignorant, the arrogant, you had the individual who was humble, you have all kinds of a snuff and upside of people. You have the racist the bigot, the one who is suffering from superiority complex, it's and you have his antithesis, the answer, opposite of that. You have the person who was inferior. Maybe his country was colonized. Maybe his country is

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not that advanced. So he looks at other more advanced countries. Maybe this individual, something happened to me just doesn't love himself. Like some of my sisters, where I come from in Africa, bleaching the skin to look like white people wearing wigs and burning your hair to look like white people be satisfied with you who you are. People have inferiority complexes, that thing in America will show you them people, those people I'm a community, whenever they look at the West America,

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white people, they see things from a lens where everything is rosy, everything is sunny and beautiful. Everything is nice. Whenever they look at white people, Europe, America, all they hear birds chirping and beautiful sounds, that's what they they smell nice aromas. But when it comes to people of color, when it comes to the Muslims, all they can do is criticize, everything is dark, black, bleak, raining, what they see is not nice. What they hear is not nice. And he just can

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criticize criticize the rulers of the Muslims, the lands of the Muslims, the uneducated Muslims. And all of that is there, no doubt. But just as we have all of those negative things, we have positive things. And just as America, the West white people, they have a lot of positive things, but they have negative things as well, like your kid going to school on Monday morning and getting his news buried on the wall for no reason other than someone allowed another young kid to purchase a gun. So

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we say to those people with inferiority complexes, America is not Janna.

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America is not what Allah is going to ask you about to get into Jana. That's not It's not like that. So some of us suffer from this thing, inferiority complexes and we have others who think they're superior to people. And this is not something that only white people have. I've suffered from more I've experienced more racism from Muslims than I did in America or from non Muslims. But my point is that person who is inferior who wants to always put us down, people of color down Muslims down. That

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was from the actions of the United Kingdom in the Quran. They used to always talk bad about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the companions of the Alon Germain. And they used to always talk good about the non Muslims. So Allah azza wa jal mentioned to the Malachi Pino the hypocrites in the Quran ha into ha hula e JAL Delta Angela Delta. Phil hieratic. Dunya firming you Jai doula and whom your MO piano you are those people who you are defending them you're always defending them. Are we

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sick master or are we Okay boss? That's how we are people with that mentality, who's going to argue on their behalf your piano, who's going to be there to argue on what they did what they

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The Law of fit and facade. So for the one who has an inferiority complex, is it's not an idea for you to know, everything in the West, everything in America is not okay, some serious issues. And if you need a situation like this to wake you up to that point, then you have really been sleeping. The other issue and this is critical. And I stand here to warn this community of this, especially our youngsters, and that is, I have to warn you about being careful, being careful being from those

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people who are the conspiracy theorist of Legionnaires this from this member a number of times, there are some Muslims who give their hearts, their minds, their heads, to the people on the internet, who everything is a conspiracy to the degree and to the point that these people don't even believe that what happened last week happened. My question to you Muslims is if someone came here, I'm the member and he was a conspiracy theorist. And he decided to give a hook but today about El

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Hoopa, and a sham, that city where the Muslims are suffering, he decided to start telling us don't believe in what you see on the news as it relates to a sham. And then of Walpa is something that's been put together in Hollywood. It may be that some of us are going to get out of that line and come up here and throw him over this member. Because what he says is incendiary, is graphic is not respectful. And it's absurd. Who in his right mind thinks like that. Because I was in in Florida

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when that man shot those kids. I don't believe it. They manufactured that in Hollywood, who talks like that? Accordion Ellis Nyan. You all know, getting knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. Our religion is a religion that's predicated and built upon knowledge, knowing what you're doing on this Joomla Is it permissible for someone to sign languages on the day of Joomla? Well, we can't just decide it just decided like that. We have to study this issue to come up with proofs that would

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allow us to do it or not to do it. That's our religion. Before you put that foot down, know what you're doing. And don't worship Allah haphazardly, like the yahood and the NESARA. And other than them.

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So when you come to this thing about the people who are on this Illuminati, Illuminati conspiracy, conspiracy, is not knowledge based. Everything about our religion is against that you make decisions based upon guessing conjecture. He said she said lies is not substantiated. And I say from my own personal experience, those Muslims who I know who are given the time to conspiracies like this, those people if they just spent a fraction of the time that they get to read in all of these

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conspiracies to learn in their religion Wallahi they'll be competent and qualified to teach our religion. You young brothers and you young sisters, beware Be careful kill those sites where you're giving your mind to this conspiracy stuff. Allah azza wa jal sentence Prophets and Messengers Salawat Allah He was sent Amma who Annie, and he sent them with them he Zan and the Mazon in Ellis lamb is faring just, you have to be fair and just for the Muslim. You have to be paying just for

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your relatives fair and just for your relatives and other than your relatives. And then you have to be faring just who are upwardly Taqwa be faring justice better for us closer to a Taqwa. Allah told his Narrabeen as a real social aid Salawat Allah He was sent on one day when he sent him to his people in Midian show he went to those people and they had an issue with not being fair and just that's one of the reasons why they were destroyed when they used to do business they used to cheat

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each other and Chip each other was part of their culture was well known it was acceptable he came to them to tell them stop doing that. We were told that story to learn the issue the importance of being fairing just yeah told me Oh full make Jada will miserable test. When I took her to NASA shadow whom will attack often rbwm of CD. He told his people as I'm telling you, a my people established the way you weigh things, weights and measurements, establish them with justice, and

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don't prevent the people from the things from their rights and don't make mischief in the earth. Now the mother or the father had to go to that school. Not knowing was my child one of the children that was killed

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The whole dunya heard about what was going on, you get used to that as a parent. And you go to that school not knowing is my kid alive or dead? And then you find that he was dead. Not only was he dead, but it was overkill. He was shot eight times, eight times when an assault rifle

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and then some Muslim comes. And the Muslim who has the religion of Truth says without any higher without any hesitation, He's not shy, he's not embarrassed. He says it didn't happen.

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Allah He there are many, many haters out there many men Hodges there's the men Hydrotech fear. There's the men hij of being liberal. There's the men hatch of the women who they don't like where Ellis lamb has put them. So as a result of that she's calling for women's liberation and feminism. There are many, many men Ah, one of the worst, most dangerous men hatches out there for the Muslim mind is the one of the conspiracy theory. That thing happened in sha Allah and only an idiot,

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someone has something is wrong with you. If you can't get your mind around that. You're the only one along with another few people walking around not believing that. And it's not fair, as I said, How would you feel as an ummah as an airman as a community? Someone says, Were you in Syria yourself? No, I wasn't there. It's not real. All of those destroy buildings, those women are asking for help the children. All of it has been manufactured in Hollywood. Every Muslim who has some level of Eman

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is going to say, hey, us good. Let, can you be quiet when I try to hear that garbage that you're talking about. So this thing shows us as an m&a team. Beware, beware, beware, beware of that stuff about being on the consumer conspiracy bandwagon. The other issue like 20. And this is really important as well, I want to deal with it from two angles is the issue of the media. The issue of the media. First thing I want to mention about what happened last week in the media is the spin that

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was quickly given to the situation about the boy having mental problems being crazy. And he hadn't been to problems. And beforehand before him before that individual a few weeks ago, a few weeks ago, in Las Vegas, the white Christian American man who went up in the hotel, started shooting people with a similar assault rifle. And he had other ones other ones in the room started shooting those people in blasting those people killing them indiscriminately. As soon as they found out he was

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American and white. And he was a Christian. Right away. The spin was crazy mental problems. And I agree mental problems, kick kill people like that and be sane. And then before that, and then before that, before that, in South Carolina, a young white Christian kid goes inside of a church on Sunday kicks the church open. While some African Americans are worshiping Did Jesus, their version of Jesus Salawat the light was sent out what opened fire on them and blasted eight of them and killed senior

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citizens innocent. As soon as the media got a whiff up. What's his color? What's his religion? Again? The spin. He is crazy. He has mental problems, past Ramadan, a white man Christian from this country right here. He was radicalized how? By looking on the internet and reading the stuff from British first

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British prayers. They are allowed to radicalize people. And when they radicalize people, the media makes it okay is not dealt with the way is dealt with towards the Muslims when the Muslim gets radicalized.

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So that man went and ran over a bunch of Muslims, maimed some and killed one may Allah have robbed him upon the issue that the individual when they found out white individual Christian from the UK, he's crazy mental problems. I can go on and on and on with these situations. A lady I'm going to mention her name from this member out of respect to her. Her name was Joe Cox. She was a member of parliament up in the north. This lady did a lot for women across the globe, Muslims and non Muslims.

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She used to go and protect them

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from * and the aftermath of *, protect them from hunger. She did a lot for women across the globe in the Muslim world on Lamson world. She did a lot for her constituency. She is one of the few one of the few politicians that you can believe what she speaks. You can believe her when she speaks

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There was another man white Christian British man. He was radicalized by the not by the British fun by those people he stabbed during shot and broad daylight and civilized society starter and shot her in broad daylight for everybody to see. But when they saw white ban Christian right away the spin was crazy mental problems. And I agree. And I can go on and on but I'm gonna stop there. And Manchester, one of the young Muslim boy was accused of doing what he did. They condemned Him, they

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condemned Islam, and they put all of us on trial doesn't have anything to do with me. I don't have to come here and apologize. I don't have to go to the police and apologize. I don't have to go to the to the politician. I apologize. Why are we always made the film we on the backfoot defensive part of it is inferiority complex on leadership part. Part of it is weak leadership. Part of it is the pressure from the government pressure from the media.

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The kid in Florida was a Muslim had homosexual tendencies or Chroma Kamala, he was a practitioner of homosexuality, Muslim, he goes into the nightclub shoots to people, he has nothing to do with Islam for the most part. But when they found out what's his religion was his ethnic background is Namic. Terrorism becomes what the newspaper in the media is telling us. So I'm bringing this to your attention and making you aware of this law because it's something new, but we got to wake up as it

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relates to what are we going to do about this media? How are we going to address and deal with this challenge? Do we stay a community that stays in the four walls of our masajid? And we're just discussing and debating the important issue of should I move my finger? Or should I not move my finger? And if I should move it? Should I move it up and down to the right or should I do it like that important issue. But there are more important issues on the table for the leadership of the

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Muslims, more stuff that we have to deal with? So that's the first issue as it relates to the media. The second issue? Yeah, Abdullah Omar Al Islam. Did you see how when that thing happened on Thursday, and America, that on Friday, the whole world was talking about this thing. And the whole world knew about this thing. And I'm not necessarily blaming anyone for this. If anything, I'm saying we have to wake up as a community, this Masjid over here, doesn't like this Masjid right

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here. And I messed it over there. Doesn't like that missed him over there. And that Masjid over there doesn't like him. And then it's compounded, that Pakistani person doesn't like that one. And that Arab doesn't like that one. And that African doesn't like that one. And then it gets more compounded. And we have all of this. And all of this to follow up with our Madonna hip, and I draw my heart. And these people are playing hardball with us.

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It's not a joke. Everybody who has a family, we have more than enough to keep us busy with just keeping our families together. Now, Islam says no, that's your responsibility, first and foremost. But you got to come out of your house and help al Islam get establishing the earth, you got to help al Islam spread, you have to help to address these issues. So the whole dunya knew about what happened in America. Why? Part of it is because of white privilege. Part of it is because of that

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white lives seem to matter more than the lives of other people. And also because you have to play the song that the man is paying a man with an instrument, the one who's got an instrument, guitar, flute, whatever. He's going to play the tune that the man who's paying him tells them play this tune.

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So that's the country they have the media, they're in charge. So when only make sense. A young kid goes into school kills 18 other kids, it's a clear indication you're gonna put that on here. But now my question is, only this week was the first time many of our community heard of the city called Allahu Akbar is the first time only with the problem of Syria that many of our community here are raka we never heard of that before. Never heard of that. Although the word and little time that city

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was mentioned by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said sallallahu alayhi wa salam full started Muslimeen Yeoman mill hammer Bill outta the garrison. And the place where the muscles are going to be establishing a stronghold will be when there's going to be a big war, close to your piano. It's going to be at a place called El luta.

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He called it that in the authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, he said that that city was close to Damascus. And it's one of the best cities in all of Sham. Okay. Why did we hear about what was taking place, because the killing and the carnage and the massacre, and the rapes and things that are going on and voter is a bigger crime than what happened in Florida. And I don't take anything away from the severity of what happened in Florida. That was a massacre. That was a

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massacre. But

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a bunch of people are being killed. Many kids are being killed, many women are being killed. And the people are just looking on, the media's just looking on. The world is just looking on.

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So am I going to come here and just scream and scream and say to you people, it's not fair. It's not fair. I'm gonna tell you it's not fair. But now the question is after realizing that, what are we going to do about it? What are you and you and you going to do about it? Because the way it is the coaching our message, it is a, I'm gonna leave it up to someone else to deal with the situation. When we get up for Salah we have some little girls in the roles, we have some little girls, little

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girls should be in a rolls with the men. Many of us when we see that little girl, we won't say to our father, who's your brother, hey, take my niece go to the end of the line. She can't be here because she's breaking the line. If you know that the sin is on you. If I know that and I don't say anything the sin is on me. Because our culture now I'm just gonna come to the messages on Friday. I pray I get out of here but I ain't gonna know what to do. No, you have something to do with the

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You have everybody has something to do with the religion. And that's why the Prophet told the people Salatu was Salam give Dawa to Allah and tell about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even if it is one iron, and we're giving Dawa, whether you realize it or not, and one of the messages that our community is giving Dawa on and I have to say it, and it's kind of like washing our dirty laundry out in public. But I gotta say it. One of the messages that we give to these people are, we

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are a joke. We're immature when I ready for primetime.

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Because when you look at the people, and you see what we're talking about what we're engaged in what's the most important thing to us? Usually, Islam is not on the priority list.

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It's about money. It's about little things that may be important, but the most important thing is the deen of Allah. And the fact that people know who Allah azza wa jal is. So metal Islam, I come here to you today, just share some awareness to open up a door that I hope our community will begin to realize the importance of the fact that these people are not playing around with us. This is where I believe in conspiracies. And I believe everything is conspiracy, but they're all

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conspiracies. And I know one of the conspiracies because Allah and His messenger told us about it. You should Cohen to die Lakeman Omen, Kimata. Dal Ecolo. To

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these people are going to come together to destroy your religion, the same way people come together to eat for one plate, they are going to that is not a conspiracy.

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That's real. And part of that conspiracy part of that conspiracy that is real with its proof from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is those people going to do whatever they can do to stop the spread of really slam pure slam? I saw the slam of Korra fat, or the Islam that we have today. The culturally slam, I'm a Muslim. I just want to pray five times a day fast the month of Ramadan, give some southern Knesset. I don't think they worry too much about

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that because they're getting a good image of what that is. And I'm not putting you down. I'm a part of you. You're part of me, I'm a reflection of you your reflection of me I talk to you, I'm talking to myself. I will stand up here talking and I'm looking down at you people. So we need some responsible people to wake up from this slumber that we find ourselves suffering from a cold Cody ha That was stuck with Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah to Allah to fit Maceda

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and hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Amma boggle

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20 I wanted to come today.

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And really, I just wanted to make a short hold by maybe 15 minutes and just ask you people to donate generously today for the massacre that's going on in a loop. I was going to shorten the hook but so we can pray. And then after the slot ask you for more money. But I fear that I did that people get up and leave anyway. But on this day, the best day during the course of the week, the day in which the Prophet said there's no day better than Friday. There is an

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out when we should do eyes accepted on this thing. This is the day that Allah guided this only to the truth and left the Yahoo than the NESARA. Not knowing our father Adam was born on this day was created on this day putting Janome this bank, Friday is the day in the life of the Muslim. What remains of this day, don't let it just go by, do something positive with that time in the deal. And that doesn't necessarily mean just stay in the masjid. Do something with your family do something

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positive. On this day on this Friday. All of the money that you guys give today is going to go to a hooter many people cannot get inside of water because there's a blockade all over the point all over the place. But the people are Greenland, they were able to connect with some people where we can get them some food and some help. And that's what's going to happen. And the last three years for anyone who has double Green Lane this message with your help. When I say green lane, I'm not talking about

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the people running the office. When I say green name, I'm not talking about Pakistanis who started this semester. When I say green lane, I'm not talking about them.

00:31:08 --> 00:31:40

This semester, I'm talking about you people. For the last three years, our community was able to get over 3 million pounds to help the Muslims in Syria. So that's to say what to brat know to let you know that the money that you give it finds its place. And there's transparency over here on the ground. So I want to take this opportunity. I know every week you give two pounds, three pounds, some good five, some good 10. I'm asking you people, the one who gives one pound or MC pocket we

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change give 510 pounds today, the one who gets five or 10 pounds normally give 2030 pounds today. Let us let us look at this day. And I'm not going smoking your ear. I'm telling you that the people over there I need last night there was a program on TV called face facing Africa, facing Africa where British doctors highly qualified and competent, went to Africa, Ethiopia specifically and perform some miracle operations on the Ethiopians who had been disfigured in their faces. Amazing

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operations. Normally I can watch programs like that, and I can even eat doesn't bother me. But it was so grotesque. So I'll let Phil that will lie. He was disturbing me to see some of those people and I said those people got challenges. Those people got problems. I got issues. I got challenges you do too. But if you saw that lady whose face in her jaw was out like that, non Muslims went and cut that stuff out and fixed her face up along with the other people which those his show. Not all

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Europeans not all Americans are against us. They went in and did that for free. But my question is, how do they find it? Doctors find it in their heart to get time to go and do free operations for two for two three weeks, and a so called third world country how and then the Muslim comes in he is about El hooter. Your Prophet said that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said about a sham in a facet, the evolution for that crater fee. If the people of a sham go corrupt and they're no good,

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then there's no good in this OMA, if someone told you, you, Abdullah, I'm asking you that people would tax Mecca. They blockaded Mecca, how are we going to we're going to look at that and say what, even those people go overboard against Saudi Arabia, we don't say what

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we got a march we got to do this. People want to want to do something. They did that to Medina. People don't want to do something. Well, they're doing that to a sham. And that's the third most important message in love Islam. Where is that? Where is that sensibility and sensitivity that empathy and sympathy. So in concluding omit to the slam men and women, and even your children, we're asking you today, let us break the record, and give as much money as we possibly can. All of that

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money having the need of going to those people are in need for my brothers and sisters in Alberta. And we asked Allah subhana wa Tada to help us and to help them and to give them strength over the enemies and that he subhanaw taala makes it so that this banana that is affecting the Muslim soon passes, and that he given us gives us some people have the voice of reason to help us to secure and to keep and maintain our Eman and these types of trials and tribulations. So if 2020 20 will fly to

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mentalist land, donate generously today, all of the money all of it that's collected, it's going to go to our brothers we ask Allah azza wa jal to put it in your magazine or passing like yo Kiana aka masala, your hammock Musa

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