Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 083C Tafsir Al-Anam 95-99

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In the Lucha indeed Allah fairly clever and have been off the grain when Noah and the dead seeds. Indeed Allah, He is the one who cleaves who breaks open who causes to split the grains and the seeds the word failure is from the root letters fat lamb Tov, and Falcon is to split to break something fairly up, one who causes to split, one who breaks, we all say full are all the bit of Bill falak what is alpha lock the daybreak when the night sky cracks, and the light comes forth, and the morning enters. So Daybreak is what I'll follow up. So follow the cleaver, the one who splits the one who causes to break what I'll help and an hour and help her Berber grains, such grains that are

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eaten, like for example, wheat, lentils have an Noah, this is the plural of Norwex. And the words are such seeds that are not eaten. So you can say how are grains and seeds which are eaten, and nowhere are those seeds, which are not eaten. So for example, fruit stones, so for example, date seed, you don't eat that you eat the date, but you leave the seed out. Likewise, seeds that are in other fruits, for example, mangoes, nectarines, peaches, all of them, what are they and Noah, so, Allah says that he is the failure of these two, what does it mean? When a grain when a seed is put in the soil, what happens to it after some time, it splits open, and then a chute comes out and a

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new plant comes into existence. Right. So he is the one who causes the hub to split, so that a plant can come out. So that more provision is given to the people in Allaha, fairly could have been an hour, when we think about the things that Allah subhanaw taala has created. We think about a tree a big one, a big tree that Allah has made for over here something so small is mentioned. That cracking open that breaking open that splitting open and that sprout that shoot coming out. Allah is the one who causes that. Such a small thing, but he causes that, but that is the beginning of that creation.

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So every step of the way, big or small, who causes it? Allah subhanaw taala in the law, her failure could have be one hour you read you he brings out a hate the living mineral may yet from the dead. from the dead. Allah produces something that is alive, a seed that appears to be dead, it's dry, doesn't have any life. You shake it no sound, you leave it it cannot move. But when you put it in the soil, and you water it, then what happens? Life comes out who produces that life from that dead creature? Allah subhanaw taala who produces the living from the dead will milkweed you and one who brings out and may get the dead mineral hay from the living there from something living, what comes

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out dead. So for instance, a mother who was alive gives birth to a child that is dead. Well, Mukherjee will meet him in Ojai Valley common law that is Allah for a nerd for Khun, then how are you deluded to focus from Hamza calf, and if because basically return something from its original direction. So how are you turned away? Meaning when you see this before you, Allah causes life to come forth, Allah causes things to grow. He is the one who produces so many things brings the living from the dead and dead from the living. And when you realize all this, you should realize the greatness of Allah. And this should lead you to prostrating before him submitting before him. But

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what happens to you that instead of being impressed by him, you get impressed by people, you get impressed by others who've done nothing, or what they've accomplished is literally nothing before what Allah has made. If someone has produced a certain product, in millions, we get so impressed. But how many grains has Allah subhanaw taala cost to split open? You cannot even count but we're not impressed by Allah. This is why we don't say Alhamdulillah we don't say Subhan Allah. But when we see people producing a certain product in millions and trillions, we're like, Wow, that's so impressive. That's amazing. So we talk about them, we mentioned them, we go after them. We read

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about them, we follow them. But Allah azza wa jal whose actions are so marvelous, so amazing, more beneficial for us compared to the things that people do.

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yet we're not impressed by him. Allah says, I'm not too far gone, then how is it that you associate partners with Allah? Allah, the One who does all this and the false gods whom you worship, they do nothing. What have they done? What have they accomplished? What have they done for you? Nothing at all. Yet you respect them so much, yet you adore them so much, you serve them so much, fairly clever, meaning he is the clever he is the one who breaks open. He is the one who produces, you'll spend the morning and aspire to become morning to enter into the morning from Slava. He is the One Who dares the night sky and brings out the morning light. When it's dark, he is the one who causes

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the day to come in with Jharna. And he has made a Leila the night second, a means of rest. Second scene Crafternoon means of rest. He has made the night a means of rest for you. And think about it. During the night. What happens as the darkness falls, everything becomes still in silence. From the birds, to the animals, to the cars, even traffic, everything calms down. And because everything calms down, you're able to sleep. Because if those birds won't stop chirping, how can you sleep? If those cats and dogs don't stop, then how can you have a restful sleep? So he is the one who has made the night is second. And we see that when people still drive if you live by a major highway, and

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still there's high traffic through the night. How difficult is it for you to fall asleep if you live close to the airport, the busy airport how difficult it is for you to sleep in the night. So, Allah out of His Mercy has made the night a second for you. So that you can rest was shumsa and he is ultimate the sun will come on and the moon, what has been as calculation means of calculation. What does it mean by this husband is from herself has seen and it's a means of calculation. That's what the word husband means. So Allah has made the sun and the moon both a means of calculation for you. What do you calculate by the sun and the moon? Time? Right? So from the sun you get, what kind of

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time can you calculate? of the day basically? Right? Hourly. Okay, long time ago, when there were no watches and clocks, people use a sundial right to figure out what time of the day it was to figure out what part of the day it was. And also by the sun, you also have the solar calendar, the moon that tells you about days, right months. So each phase of the moon tells you which part of the month it is. So he has made both the sun and the moon. And by the way, some people are very biased. When it comes to the solar calendar. They say no, no, don't tell me to January. Tell me which Islamic month it is? No, Allah is the One who has made the sun and who has made the moon. So whether you are

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calculating time, the calendar the days the dates, the months by the sun or the moon, it doesn't matter. But obviously when it comes to acts of worship, then yes, you have to follow the lunar calendar has been very good that is stuck a deal. The determination, the calculation of who Allah Aziz the mighty early in the knowing the clear of dal or what does the clear mean? ordaining estimation decree, meaning all this does not happen on its own, nor is it haphazard, rather All of this occurs. Why? Because that is how Allah subhanaw taala decreed it because that is how Allah subhanaw taala has measured it for you calculated it for you. This is Allah's favor upon you. Then

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he got the Quran or Aziza or leam and the one who is mighty who was able to create something like the sun, something like the moon, and I leave knowing it's an amazing, amazing calendar really, that we've been given, whether it's through the sun or through the moon.

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And yet we get very impressed by watches but when it comes to the sun and the moon or like whatever, this is the Deal of LR Aziz and Arlene in Soto ramen I have five we learned a Shamsul kamaru The husband, the Son of the Moon moved by precise calculation into the camera I have 14 And Allah says in canola che in Holika. Now who because everything we have created it according to a certain decree and measurement. Meaning things are not created haphazardly. No. There's so much organization so much order. In so many details. Allah subhanaw taala has decided them well who and he is the one who under the hood gyla He has made Lacan for you know, Doom the stars. It is here who has made for you

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the stars,

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Nigerian floral of Nigeria and the stars. What are they a source of beauty, but not just beauty and adornment?

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This shows to us that Allah subhanaw, taala, whatever that he has made is not as beautiful, but it also fulfills some other purpose. So whatever that we have in our lives should not just be a source of beauty and decoration, but it should also serve a purpose. Because many times we fill our houses we fill our lives would mere decoration, that becomes a burden on us because you have to look after it, you have to take care of it, you have to dust it, you have to clean it, you have to wash it. But what's the function? What's the purpose? You know, for example, even if you have plants in your house, don't just keep them just because they look nice. Keep them ye for another reason as well.

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And what is that to purify the air to keep the air clean. So don't keep fake flowers, keep real ones so that there is actually some benefit. So the stars Allah has made not just as beauty for the night for you to see. But also Lita that it will be her so that you are guided by it. You take guidance by it. When feel Lumet in darknesses, which darkness a bottle of the land while bar and the sea, meaning when you're traveling in the night, whether you're traveling on land, or you're traveling by sea, and you're lost, or you want to make sure you're going in the right direction. What do you look up to the stars they're used for? They're used for what direction, right a sense of where you are,

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which direction you're going to. And for many people, it may seem irrelevant, because now you have your

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GPS and your you know, maps and everything, your compasses right on your phone, then, you know, you do feel like you don't need the direction that is given by the stars. But there are many times when they are actually a source of benefit to many people. You know, there are many places where your GPS won't work. Right? Where your compass won't even work. So over there, how do people figure out where they're going? how find the stars, all these great explorers? How do you think they figured out which direction they have to go in? You think they had compasses back then? No, not everybody.

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So how did they figure out by this guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has provided God the first sunnah, in fact, we have detailed for Salah you fosu tafsir, which is to detail to explain in detail so we have explained in detail I'll add the signs, you comin for people who you are alone, they know meaning all the signs, Allah subhanaw taala has explained them in detail, look at every example that has mentioned over here so much detail, but who will benefit, who will benefit people who have knowledge, people who have knowledge and the more knowledge a person has, the more he benefits from the verses of Allah will who were and he Allah the the one who uncheck them produced you may have

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seen from a soul why the single who is that single soul, Adam renessa, all these hundreds and 1000s of human beings, different colors, different faces, different types. They came from who one man one soul, and notice from Adam came her work, because human beings have to be from one another. They're not two different species, species of men and species of women know they're in the same Nuptse Wahida for Mr. Kavon. So a place of dwelling, one was still there, and a place of storage was the car from off rora place of Corolla, or time of what this Karami stay. So for every person, there is a place of stay a temporary place upstate. And where's that in the womb of the mother. And when that

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time is up that what happens Musto there well the line whether to put down some still dark place and time of depositing of handing over of delivering. So the place and time of delivery of each person is fixed, where that child will be born, when that child will be born. And will still there has also been understood as the grave because that is where a person will be ultimately deposited to rest until when the day of judgment, whatever that grave may be, but the first son, in fact, we have detailed Elia the signs Lukumi of Cahoon for people who understand who have felt fell off her field is to understand something upon reflection. You know, if somebody is trying to explain something to

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you, they give you examples, they explain the concept to you elaborate the details to you. And then what happens they ask you so do you understand?

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You're like no. Why? Because you were just listening. You weren't paying attention. Right? You weren't imagining yourself you weren't thinking yourself. But when you think every word that they're saying you think about you imagine that you pictured you and

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realize it you're with the person who's explaining to you, then what happens when they ask you. So do you understand? You're like, yeah, I understand. So Phil comes how? By marrying, my marry listening? No, it comes by how by reflection by using your mind. So all the signs are there, but who will benefit?

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People who use their mind? Because we know about the sun the moon? Yes, we've studied about time, yes, we've studied about how you know each person is going to be born at a particular place at a particular time, how the time of death is fixed. Yes, we know about these things. But when you think about them, really when you reflect upon them, then you understand from them what, what the power of Allah, the Oneness of Allah, the fact that he alone deserves or that it shows that really, you're nothing. You know what a woman is expected. And she's getting very antsy, because she's not delivering already. Alright? And then people suggest to her that, okay, do this, do this, do this,

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maybe you'll go into labor. But what happens? Nothing works until the baby actually has to come. What does that prove to you? That really, you have no control even over your body? You have no control even over your body. And you realize Allah subhanaw taala is greatness. You were so impressed by the doctor, by the midwife throughout the pregnancy, but when the doctor says, I think you're gonna go into labor tonight, and nothing happens till two days. Then you're like, yeah, the doctor also knows nothing. Who knows everything? Allah subhanaw taala. So all these Hinds, what do they show when you use your mind when you use your reason? When you reflect that Allah, you are

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perfect, you are sublime, you are truly amazing. And it makes you submit and surrender to Allah. But you have to use your mind. So whatever happens in life, use your mind fifth.

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Well, who ullery And he is the one who ends Allah, He sent down Mina sama II from the sky, man water, it is Allah, Who sends down water from the sky. What does that mean? That when rain falls, when snow falls, when hail falls, when water comes down from the sky, in whatever form, in whatever quantity, in whatever way, it comes, by whose permission at whose command Allah subhanho data. So what does that mean, then? That if Allah decides that rain should fall at a particular time, at a particular place, then what should we do? We should get upset. Oh, man, why is it raining again?

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Yeah, we should complain about it. Or if we see somebody in the elevator, we're like, yeah, it's raining so much. It's crazy weather.

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Yeah, this is what typically people do. This is what typically we do. We complain a lot about the weather. And we forget that rain only falls down at the command of Allah. And if ever we make fun of the rain, or we object as to why it is falling, or it's falling too much, or we don't really need it, then we're basically objecting at whose decision and command and whose wisdom, Allah subhanaw taala has wisdom. So let's become very careful. Because it's been raining on the weekends a lot. People complain that it has to come on the weekend, you know, already, you don't feel like doing any work on the weekend, and then it rains on the weekend, and then you don't feel like doing anything.

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And then we curse or we use bad words. And it's in reality objecting it who's command? Allah subhana there. Think about it, you do something? And people say you really have to do this. How would you feel? And we're just human beings. And if somebody insults us in that way, it's not a big deal. But objecting at the decision of Allah azza wa jal, the greatest being that's really really wrong in our part. So what who I love the ends al Amin, Osama Eema. And it is He Who sends down water from the sky. And there's always a reason why Allah says rain. We get offended. Why is it raining? Because it's so inconvenient for me so inconvenient that I have to put a jacket on you know, so inconvenient

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for me is so inconvenient that I have to go sit in a car and drive and I'm not gonna get wet in the car but still it is inconvenient for me. You think about how much we complain sometimes. So Allah sends down rain from the sky and there's a reason behind that. What is that for a hello Jana. So we bring out meaning we produce be heat by it meaning because of that rain, what is produced? No Berta. The growth, no bad growth, vegetation quality

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Shape of everything the word in the bath is from the debtors noon data. And it's used for every kind of growth every kind of plant. Basically it is when it is germinating, it is growing, it is prompting. So think about Nebat as trees as grass as crop as different kinds of plants. This is what Nevada is. So Allah causes Nevada to grow. And this Nevada is what coalition of everything meaning different different kinds of plants. And you see this there's grass, there's shrubs, there is vines, so many different kinds of plants, Allah subhanaw taala causes to grow because of rain for us Lajeunesse then we bring out men who from it from what from that and Tibet, what do we bring out

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Holly law, greenery covered from the root letters, ha, but what does the word mean? Allah means green, meaning green color. So Khalid is greenery. Meaning initially, it's just, you know, tiny, tiny sprouts scattered. And then what happens as it grows more and more because of that rain, you see the entire field lush green,

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think about a field. Okay, agricultural field. At the beginning, it's just brown mud. But as water is given as rainfalls and what happens, you see little sprouts, that's no bad.

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And then as it grows bigger and bigger than the entire field, it turns green for lunch now men who have later on and this greenery. It's not just a source of enjoyment for the eyes, but rather know what to do we produce men who from it have been green, that is Motorolla Kiba. One on top of the other, arranged in layers. Musacchio is from the route that Rizal Kapha and ruku is to mount a right. Okay, so to get onto something. So for example, a person getting on top of a camel sitting on a camel sitting on a horse sitting in a car, even this is what ruku Rocky is a writer, so moto rocket is one on top of the other, arranged in layers.

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In total Onvia 30, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says what your ultimate Alma equals Russia in height, we have created every living thing from what from water. And we see in this idea that how the food that we eat, the grains that we eat, where do they come from, from plants? Where do those plants come from, from the earth? But when is it that Earth produces these things? When water falls on it? If water doesn't fall on it, if it's not given water, then what will happen? You can put the best seeds, but nothing will come out. Correct. If you have a beautiful plant, you expose it to sunlight, you put the best fertilizer in it, is it going to grow? No it won't. Because it needs

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water without water it cannot survive. So who is it that has given this water in the form of rain in the form of rivers that we irrigate the lands with? It is Allah subhanaw taala

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so over here, I'm gonna show you some pictures just so that you can imagine what these words are referring to. So Allah subhanaw taala says well, who already owns the lamina sama EMA so rain from the sky? What happens as a result of that? For a halogen OBE, Nevada cliche, you see that land is barren, and all of a sudden you see patches of green? Alright, Lindell plants in the form of grass in the form of shrubs, or the initial sprout that comes forth. And then what happens for a while gentlemen who have little have it green, that same field that was brown turns green, and this is an example this is wheat basically, initially it is green, and then what happens to it? No, what did

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you mean who have been Moodle arqiva? That turns golden, all right. And as it turns golden, we see that there's green in it that is arranged in layers have been with the rocky But, and this is not just in wheat, but there are so many examples of this. For example, you see here, the wheat, that how each grain is on top of the other the picture in the middle, each grain is on top of the other arranged in layers, the one on the left top corner, that's corn, that is also what have been with the rock Cuba, you know, when we're eating corn, we just eat it and we don't look at it think about how perfectly each one is put against the other. It's literally arranged in layers in so many

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different ways. The picture Beneath that is rice. Even rice grows like that, you know one grain on top of the other and the picture on the other side that is millet. So different types of grains we see arranged in this manner one on top of the other.

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We know rice as just a bag

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rice that we buy from the grocery store, and we don't think of where it came from how it got there. When we think of wheat, we just think of whole wheat bread or something like that, because many of us don't even use flour, right, we just go buy bread as is. So where did that flour come from? The other day, we were at a grocery store. And I guess for the purposes of fall decoration, they had put some bunches of wheat, you know, the actual plant, the golden plant, so I was showing to my son that see, this is the grain, the wheat, and then they crushed it, and then it turns into flour. And then we make different things with that flour, we make cookies, whatever, make breads with it, you know,

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we make different things with it. So it's really, really important to think about where all of this came from so that we can appreciate what we're eating, we can value what we're eating, we can be grateful to Allah, you know, if Allah subhanaw taala didn't cause all of this to happen, where would we get food from? Think about it. Where would we so Allah is the one who causes all of this knowledge men who have been moved around Cuba Wamena, Natalie, and from the date bombs mentality her from it's emerging fruit follow is from the root letters thought lamb green dollar is basically to lower means to rise, okay. And when the sun is rising, then it emerges, you can see it. Okay, so

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thought it is the first of what emerges of the fruit. Whenever a fruit it grows on a tree, it doesn't just come like that. Okay, initially, there's always something like a bud from which a flower will come out, and then eventually the leaves will fall. And then eventually the thing will grow, grow, grow into some kind of fruit, right? search on YouTube, from C to Apple, or something like that, or flower to Apple. And you'll find amazing videos, they show, you know how initially it's just about a flower, and then it grows into an entire apple.

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And it's not just with apples, it's with every kind of fruit that we enjoy every kind of fruit. Over here, especially dates are mentioned. No meat, and luckily military have from its boiler, from its flowers, you can say or from its bed from its spandex from its sheath. What happens, Allah says in one bunches cluster, in one from the root letters off noon, well, the singular of this word is going off noon, well with a llama on the cough. So from it, toddler come out in one on bunches of dates, we just see dates in a box, and we complain that they're too dry or they're too sweet, or they're too weird. Or they're too fresh or they're too old. And we forget about where they came from what

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process they have undergone. Where do they come from? From a tree? But how just like that? No, initially, there were flowers. And then those turned into dates and bunches of dates pin one on and these pin one these bunches these clusters of dates. They are Danya What's the meaning of the word then? Yeah, hanging low from the root lepers dal noon well to know which is to be low. Dunya is also from the same root. Why are they hanging low? Because they become so heavy. There are so many dates and as they grow and as they ripen, they become so heavy, that they hang really, really low. I'll show you some pictures of this as well. Because many of us we may have seen apple trees we may have

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seen pear trees, but we probably never seen the farms.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says Wamena initely from the dead palms, orchards. You see the orchard over here. What do you think is right beneath the leaves? These branches that you see, this is where the dates grow. Okay, so what happens military hair color, this is the Fowler. If you see over here, something like a flower. Okay, it looks like petals. The yellow yellow part that is the power this is the first what grows of the fruit. And then gradually it grows into dates and these dates are how pin one how beautiful

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bunches of dates, pin one on clusters of dates. It's not just one day here one day there are no it's bunches and there are Danya hanging low. Look at how heavy they become that they come so low. If you ever go to the Middle East, you will see sometimes date palms and if you're lucky. If you're fortunate enough, then you might even see them right on the tree cider. My neighbor he grows grapes in the summer and they grow in like bunches and they literally hanging low and he has to put these wires on because the weight of it because

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So heavy yes, that you know, very true that sometimes they'll reach the ground, because especially grapevine, it's very delicate. So it will reach the ground, it'll touch the ground, if it touches the ground, the grapes will decay. Same thing with tomatoes, right? That they're heavy, the Hank law, so you have to literally tie the plant up so that Meadows don't really touch the ground. But these are on the tree, and they handle all in one on. And here are the dates that we enjoy. So can one then hear tone, so whenever we eat something, let's think about where it came from. And be grateful to Allah.

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You ever, like if you've ever baked cookies yourself? And I mean from scratch, okay, that you melted the butter, you mix the flour, you put the chocolate chips in you, you know refrigerated the batter, whatever, and then you put each cookie dough, you know, separately separately and then you bake? Will you appreciate those cookies? Of course you will. And if you just get this mix, and then you you know, take a tablespoon for love and you just bake it. Will you appreciate that? Yes, a little bit, you know, and if you just buy a package of cookies,

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so when you know the entire process, then you are more appreciative. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about all of these things so that we are grateful, and that we realize that how amazing Allah subhanaw taala is, what do we do we just put things together, we just combine them together. And Allah subhanaw taala causes them to grow. I mean, where does that date come from? Where was it? It grew gradually into a date, where was that apple that grew on the tree, it grew gradually step by step stages. So who brought that into existence without the use of any mixer or any blender or any, you know, of these big big tools that we use in the kitchen, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need to

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use all these tools. So it's amazing that Allah causes all these things to grow. So, we should reflect on this and realize the power of Allah, what genetic and gardens meant or Nervin off. grapevines are now floor love are in a grapes or grape vines, gardens of grape wines was a tune and olive were Romain and pomegranate.

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All of these things who causes them to grow Allah and these things these fruits must there be one one resembling while you're on with the shabby and other than or not resembling what does it mean that all these routes are such that they resemble one another but yet they are different they are unique.

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How compare for instance, grapes and olives, you have green grapes, and you have green olives, right? You have black grapes and you also have black olives. And then you have purple grapes and you also have purple olives and on the apparent they look very very similar. Alright wish that behind, they resemble each other in their color in their appearance. But they are very, very different when it comes to their taste later on with a shabby. Likewise, within the grapes. Also, that some grapes are such that they're very sweet, very soft. And other grapes, they are a little sour, or they are not that sweet or they are extremely sweet. Or let's say the skin is harder, it's not that soft. So

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they're similar you would think they're only grapes but there's a huge difference when it comes to taste

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isn't it'll usually when we go to the grocery store, we pick up typical green grapes or purple grapes. Try different things that Allah subhanaw taala has created, get out of your comfort zone and sometimes get the different kinds of grapes that Allah has made. And 100 Allah down the street you have an amazing grocery store where you can find a variety of all these fruits. I'm not saying always do groceries there if your budget doesn't allow but still go there to just appreciate the hunk of Allah. Just appreciate how many amazing things Allah has made. The other day I was there and I saw

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purple eggplant and white eggplant. I was amazed. White eggplant. You see bumpkins have different different colors, different shapes, different sizes, different appearances. So they all resemble yet they are different. You have green broccoli, you have purple broccoli,

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

so much that we can overlay along with a shabby, resembling and yet different on guru. Allah says look, look at it. All this beauty all the states that Allah has created, own little you

00:35:00 --> 00:36:01

The memory to its fruit but what do we like to watch just television shows about food. Allah wants us to look at the food, the fruit, the vegetables that he causes to grow, owns a little inner memory he to its fruit, either when Mara it yields a model from the root letters that mean ra S model is when it produces the fruit when the fruit has grown F model when it begins to emerge. So look at the fruit when it's growing, when it emerges when it's produced when it yields were young or yHI. And at its ripening, young reheat from the root letters. Yeah known, right? So Young, reheat it's ripening. Meaning contemplate the ability of the creator of these fruits that how Allah subhanaw taala brings

00:36:01 --> 00:36:39

them into existence. They were nowhere basically he caused them to emerge and he continues to cause them to grow until they become so ripe that you are able to eat them. Urine is the ripening of the fruit. When it becomes soft, when it's sweet. When it smells good. So this is what you can earn. So look at it when it's not ripe. Either a tomato when it first emerges and look at it when it becomes ripe. And for this you have to have some kind of vegetable garden.

00:36:40 --> 00:37:25

I mean you have to have something growing in your backyard or your front yard whatever that you have. And even if you live in apartment, get yourself you know a pot or something that's big enough, you know to grow something even if it's just herbs. I have a pot in which I keep herbs in my kitchen. I try to have fresh herbs in my kitchen always. And this isn't a bot why? Because you see how the leaf is so small initially and then it grows and grows and grows and it becomes so big. Either a small way young or when it's small, it's not that fragrant and as it grows, it becomes so fragrant that literally you walk into the kitchen what you smell is Basil. Alright, what you smell

00:37:25 --> 00:37:34

is some fresher. So on the rue Ilana summary the Earth model were Henry and for this you also have to go out

00:37:36 --> 00:38:05

I don't know if there's still time to go apple picking. But if you didn't go any fruit picking this year, go apple picking if you still have that chance left, because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us all to go and look and if we go and look, this would be what an act of worship an act of worship. If we look because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us and we reflect on it. This would be obedience to Allah soprano. This is how easy it is to please Allah.

00:38:07 --> 00:38:34

We like to go out anyway. We like to go out for family outings anyway. Go. Allah is telling you go but when you go don't forget to look at what he has made. And don't forget to appreciate what he has made in the feed Danny come indeed in that for you all 10 Surely signs for who? Lil Coleman for people you may know they believe there are many signs in this but only for people who believe.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:20

Introduce of i 105. Allah says waka ama attend for summer worth you will all your maroon Arleta, whom on her Morial balloon, there are so many signs within the heavens in the earth, which they pass by meaning the people see they see those signs but yet they turn away from them. They don't reflect on them. Which is why we see plants we see fruit we see trees, we see so many things yet we don't reflect we don't take a lesson. So Allah has made all of these things not just for the pleasure of our tongue, but also for our understanding for our reflection for our iman, you know the apple that you eat, shouldn't just satisfy your hunger shouldn't just cause you to enjoy shouldn't just provide

00:39:20 --> 00:39:59

your physical nourishment. It should also cause your Eman to grow to strengthen. I was saying a couple of weeks ago we went to Chatterley's apple farm and we were picking apples and the workers there were just kind of giving us a tour and they're saying when everyone picks their apples just be careful of how you pick it because the buds are for next season's apples, meaning in a year from now are already there and growing. So when you're picking the apple Be careful that you don't tear the apple off the branch because the seeds for next year's apples are already there and I was like Subhan Allah it's such a process that Allah has created, you know from the same branch where the

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

apple is ready

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

To eat the same branch is also producing a small seed ready for next year for next year and imagine it's gonna go through an entire winter. So already it has a thorough already it has emerged and when will it ripen next year is such a long process. So look at it reflect on it there are many eye out for you.

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