If Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) are our Great Great Grandparents, we all Human Beings are Brothers

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Good evening, Dr. Zakir night. My name is Naresh. I've completed my econ and I'm looking for a proficient in film industry. Well, my first question to you is about human evolution. What does the Quran say about the human evolution? Because a common man in a common sense thinks that Adam and Eve were the first person, I mean to the cause of human evolution. So if you look into that sense, now for Adam and Eve, he is of a great, great, great, great father, I can say so and we are like sons and daughters to him. So how does relate for us individuals to marry our own brothers and sisters, without the question that What does Quran speak about evolution? That we came back from one common

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good, good can parents Adam and Eve, what he's talking about is not evolution is about creation. When I'm a medical doctor, I have passed my MBBS. When you say evolution, theory of evolution, you start thinking of Darwin's theory

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that we have been evolved from apes. If that's a question you can refer to my video cassette, Quran modern designs have given in detail that that theory has been proved to be wrong.

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Darwin's theory but the main question is the DPF common great, great grandparents Adam and Eve. How come we are marrying our own cousins? That's the question, correct? It's not related with monkeys. No. Monkeys question you can refer to my current modern science.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number 49 was number 13. Yeah, you are now also in the kalapana comienza en Sabah, Jana Shambo wakaba illallah Tara Phu in Nakamura in the riot cocom in the La La Mancha be all humankind we have created from a single pair of male and female talking about Adam and Eve May peace be upon them, or humankind we have created you from a single pair of male and female and have divided you into nations and tribes so that you may recognize each other not that you may despise each other and the most honor in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the person who has taqwa was God consciousness. Now coming to your question, if we have one common

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great, great, great great grandparents. So how come we are marrying our cousins? Today science tells us that if you marry your immediate blood brother and sister, there are high chances of genetic problem. Therefore in Islam, and most of the religions marrying immediate blood brother and sister it is prohibited or marrying your immediate blood relations. As Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 2223 24. It says that you are not allowed to marry your mother, you're allowed to marry your paternal Auntie your maternal Auntie not allowed to marry your sister. And the whole list goes on the image it blood relations. This is prohibited in the Quran, and primarily in

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most of the religions. Now as far as marrying second cousins are the first cousins. Islam does not prohibit

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third, fourth fifth, most of the religions don't prohibit but some religions prohibit the marrying of first cousins. Now as far as today science tells us that marrying your immediate blood relations brother sister, or paternal and maternal Auntie, there are high chances of genetic problems,

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which keeps on decreasing as you keep on even the first cousin, the chances are negligible. But they're in third second cousin, third cousin, it is no problem at all. If you marry unknown, even non relatives of the blues, yet they can be genetic problem that is unique, but can take place. So based on that, in this verse of the Quran, that Adam and Eve are common great grandparents, therefore we are called as brothers in humanity. Yeah, you are not us that we are brothers in humanity. As far as marrying brothers in humanity, fine, as long as they follow the criteria of marriage. There is no problem. though. I agree with you, all the human beings

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they may be your cousins, maybe third, fourth, fifth 10 100,000 million, whatever it is. I agree with you. We are one big family but there's no prohibition in marrying them. And even scientifically, it's permissible only marrying your immediate family members, blood brother or pet on an anti metal anti there are high chances of genetic problems. But the other day so I do agree with you. We all human beings, our brother in humanity, there is no problem in marrying them. Islam does not prohibit it. And even science does not prohibit that. Hope that answers the question.