Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 076E Tafsir Al-Maidah 105-108

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of responding to others' demands and not labeling success. They stress the need to be mindful of one's own success and not to focus on external labels. The speakers also touch on the concept of death and loss of life, including the importance of giving wealth to family members after the death of a deceased person. They emphasize the need for people to be truthful and honest in their testimony and the importance of being aware of one's health and working towards one's goals.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim yeah are you Hala Dena M and who are you who have believed are they come and fossa come upon you is a responsibility for yourself I lay come on you and fossa calm yourself meaning you are responsible for yourself alone. So what does that mean that you should be first and foremost concerned about your guidance, you should be first and foremost concerned about your righteous deeds, your obedience to Allah subhanaw taala you should worry about perfecting your iman you should be concerned about protecting your iman, because many times we are concerned about the entire world, but we neglect to ourselves. Just yesterday somebody

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shared with me that if we all follow the advice that we give to others, then we would indeed be very successful.

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That we are advising other people all the time. Why? Because we care for them. But at the same time, we don't do those things. And if we were to do them, we would definitely be very successful. So what does Allah say over here are lay calm and full circle, you are responsible for yourself, worry about yourself because at the end, who are you responsible for? Who are you answerable for? For yourself? You have to answer to Allah subhanaw taala about your life, how you spent it about your money, how you earned it, how you spent it about your time, about your Salah, you have to answer to Allah about yourself, therefore Worry about yourself and for the sake of others, don't cause yourself to suffer.

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Just to advise other people to improve their condition. Don't destroy yourself. Just because you care for humanity doesn't mean that you don't care about your iman, you don't care about your well being No, you have to care about yourself. And I'm not talking in the worldly sense, but your iman, your faith, your obedience to Allah subhanaw taala liable will come he will not harm you who mandala, the one who has gone astray the person who has gone astray, he cannot harm you, meaning he cannot cause you to suffer in your Eman when either they don't when you are rightly guided. Meaning if others go astray, then they cannot harm you. If you are rightly guided. You worry about your deen

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and Allah Who will protect you. Now this does not mean that you don't care about others. You're only concerned about your Salah about your slam about your truthfulness. And you don't tell other people about what is right and what is wrong. No, you tell other people, but if they don't listen, if they don't accept, then you don't have to destroy yourself over them. You don't have to neglect yourself just because of them. Because what happens is that sometimes people want others to wake up and persona and they're sitting by their side trying to wake them up, wake up, wake up, it's time for Salah time for Salah and the other person is not getting up. So in this process, don't miss your own

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salah. If you have tried to wake them up, they wake up good and if they don't, you are not responsible anymore.

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This doesn't mean that you don't even bother to tell others you tell them but if they're not listening, you don't destroy yourself. You don't ruin yourself because remember that layer Gurukul mandala either today to when you're ready guided the other people's misguidance is not going to harm you in Allah hemos Eurocom Jamia to Allah is the return of all of you together for you in a b2b marketing term alone and then he will inform you about what you use to do you have to answer to Allah, your spouse has to answer to Allah, your children, your parents, your siblings, your friends, everyone is individually responsible to Allah subhanaw taala. So, yes, you care about others, but

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first and foremost, you care about your deen

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Yeah, Are you her Latina ermine, who are you who have believed shahada to buy Unicam testimony among you? What does that mean? This means that testimony should be taken among you.

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When either held on ahead the common mode when death approaches one of you, meaning one of you, meaning one of the believers is about to die, death has approached him he is near death, the signs of death are visible and he is about to die.

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Like for example, a person had a very serious accident, very serious accident. He is between consciousness and unco.

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anxiousness constantly bleeding profusely, and the doctor saying that he's not going to last for more than a couple of days. So, the signs of death are quite visible, this person is still somewhat conscious, but not fully or he is conscious and then he falls unconscious, it means that he is going to die very soon. So, at this time either Hello Hardaker will mode at this time what should be done? At this time, especially when a person is at the verge of dying, Hainan will sleep at the time of Wesley at the time of making a request, what is mostly a request the final will concerning what concerning a person's wealth concerning his work, any advice which he wishes to give to his family,

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any particular instruction which he wants to give to his family or friends or coworkers? That is, what was the Yeah, so he is about to die, and he is making it clear, he is making a will. So when he's making a will, who will he make it before? Allah says if nanny do men, which kind of men which kind of two people that were idling for possessors of justice, meaning to just people, men come from among you, meaning from among Muslims. So he's at the verge of dying, and he has some wealth with him. So what does he do, he grabs two Muslims, he finds out that the doctor is Muslim, the nurses Muslim, so he gets them and he calls them and he says, Okay, this is the money that I have, please,

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this is my address, give it to my family. This is where they are,

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oh, hold on human lady come or two others from other than you.

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This will be in the situation where there are no Muslims around. So there are non Muslims, whether they're Christian or Jews, or whoever, or men, Lady calm has also been understood as your non relatives, meaning people, not from your country, not from your tribe, they're distant people. But still, you will get them and you will tell them about your Hosea. And this will especially be in which case in unto them if you were Robert and Phil or the you are traveling in the earth, for us all but come so it reached you mostly battle mode, the muesli bar of death means the disaster of death. So in other words, what is being mentioned over here in simpler words,

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a very important principle of a believers life is being mentioned in this idea.

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And that is concerning his wealth, what he is going to do with it at the time of death, every person who is born, he will eventually die. Because death is what led up in the certainty, the only certain thing about our lives is what? Death, that's the only certain thing of our lives that we will eventually die. And while a person is alive, he gathers many things, he buys things, he owns many things, it may be a little, and it may be a lot. Some people, they own just their personal belongings, nothing that expensive. The only thing expensive that they may own is perhaps a telephone, perhaps a computer, and that's about it. Other people, they may have assets in millions.

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So every person who lives on this earth owns something or the other, even if it's just one ring, even if it's just a pair of clothes that he or she is wearing, he owns something or the other. And we have learned earlier that when a person dies, whatever he leaves behind becomes who's right, it becomes a right of who the heirs, the relatives, they own it. And how is it divided amongst them according to the law of inheritance which we have studied earlier in Surah missa. So what if a person is traveling and then unexpectedly, he is in such a situation which shows to him that he's not going to survive that long, which shows to him that he might not make it back home, he might not

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see his family members again. And it may be a business trip, or it may not be but whatever it is, he is far from home far from his family and he has his things with him. And when he dies, they are the right of his family. They must be delivered to them. He cannot take it back himself because he knows he's going to die. So he has to hand over those things to who to somebody who is reliable, who is honest, so that they will take it to the deceased person's family and they can get there right.

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Likewise, it

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may not be money, but it may be some other important instruction.

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Like, for example, there is a person who's traveling, and his family never hears back from him. And they don't know whether he's alive or not. So this man before he dies, he wants to leave a message for his family. So he says, My family lives in such and such place, please let them know that I have passed away. And I say my Salaam and I give my love to my children, and tell my mom, I love her and tell my wife to forgive me whatever message he wants to give. This is also what part of will say yeah. So at this time of mostly button mode, what will he do? Allah says over here, that to just people will be brought before the dying person, he will do his wasa to them, he will hand over his

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belongings to them, and what are they required to do? Deliver that do to the family?

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And in the ideal situation, it should be to reliable just Muslims. And if that's not possible, then any other two people even if they're not Muslim, now, the question is, why do people? Why do people?

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Why is the wealth going to be handed over to do people and not one person so that they can deliver to the family? Why do people? That's my question, why not want

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to ensure that they will remain honest? You know why? Because what happens is that, if you're the only person who knows about something, then what happens, you can hide it, you can pretend not to know. But if there's even one more person who knows about it, then you become more conscious, then you will remain honest and truthful. Because you will have this fear that what if he lets people know. And even if he is an accomplice with you in the wrong that you're doing, then still you will have this fear? What if he cheats me? What if he tells people about my crime, it's good in the favor of the witness and also in the favor of the deceased person and his family. Now, a person who was

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dying, he handed over his wealth to two people, they brought it to his family, they gave it to them. And then when they receive it, when they open it up,

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they doubt the honesty of those two men. Why? They have a reason to, for example, let's say it was the mother and the mother's jewelry is sent by the dead mother to who to the Son through those two people. And the son knows that my mother had eight gold bangles. And I know that when she was leaving, she had all eight on and I when these two people when they bring those bangles, they're only six. If you were in such a situation, would you doubt the person? Yeah, you have a reason to doubt them. Especially when you know that your mother would not give them away to anybody because she knows the how much you love them and it's understood that she's gonna give them to you,

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you have a reason to doubt them. So, in the case where the family where the heirs are doubting those two people, then what will happen? Remember at the beginning, we learned shahada to buy Unicom then testimony has to be taken. How Allah says, Be sooner Houma. You will detain them both who bought the two people you will detain them mimbar the salah tea, after the prayer where's the salah to be performed in the masjid? So it means in the masjid, after salah and the scholars have said it refers to salata also. So after that, what will happen both of these people will be detained and for you see many Billahi they will not swear by Allah. They will vote swear oats by Allah, in which case in

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the case where in it debitum If you are dealt meaning you doubt their honesty, who does you refer to the IRS? What will they say? What on earth will they take? They will say learn or study be feminine. We will not sell it for any Theremin we will not sell what we will not sell our oath we will not exchange it for what for a summon meaning for any price for any gain. Because if we are taking to bangles we are as though selling our oath we are giving it we are giving up our honesty our integrity for the sake of those two bangles. So the SE learner study behaved feminine we would never ever exchange our oils for any world leegin While Oh Canada Koba even if it is a close relative who

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the person who would benefit that I want these two bangles, I'm for

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Returning only six were given to me, I'm taking these two, and I'll give them to my wife and she will be so happy. I'll give them to my mother and she'll be so happy to say no, even if my closest relative is going to benefit from this, from my life from my crime, I won't do it.

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And they say, one neck to Moshe heard that Allah and we do not conceal the testimony of Allah, meaning what Allah has testified to what Allah has witnessed, and what is it that Allah has witnessed the reality? So in other words, we do not hide the reality at all. Because if we were to do that, in that even laminal, earthy mean, that indeed we would surely be off the sinful ones that we say no, no, your mother narrative, it bangles, she only gave six bangles, they're hiding the reality. They say if we do that, then we would surely be sinful.

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Now when they will swear these odds in the masjid, then they cannot be accused of theft. They cannot be accused off treachery. They will be believed as well as innocent and honest people so they will be left.

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Now what happens? Allah says for inro theory, then if it was discovered, Allah upon unknown Houma is the haka hitmen that these do are actually guilty of sin. Ruthie, Allah, Allah from the root letters I INSA or Ruthie, Allah, Allah or INCEL, which means to discover something by chance to come across something accidentally, that you're not looking for something, but you just come across it by chance how that you go somewhere, and you see that a woman is wearing, do bangles that look exactly, like the ones that your mother left, they look exactly like that identical. And you know, especially if you've seen something on your mother, on your father, on your close relatives, then you recognize

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it. So you see them you ask the person by the way, where'd you get these from? Say, Oh, I've bought them on Kijiji so and so person was saying that what was their name? Let me check my email, the check their email, it's the exact person who brought your mother's six bangles to you. So now you know that these are my mother's bangles which this person sold and they came to the masjid and swore a false oath. Now in this situation, what has been done, the heirs they have suffered from injustice, okay. So in this case, what will happen for in the Ruth era, if it is discovered or the unknown woman that indeed these two are what is the hepco if they are guilty of sin is the hubco

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they are deserving is to help guys to deserve from how happens what right so it's the haka to have a right to deserve. So they are deserving of st being they're guilty of sin. They have willfully told an untruth in a court, they give false testimony. Then what will happen for a while Ronnie, you have too many mahkamah, Huma, then to others, to other people will your cumani they will stand McCall Mahoma in their place which place the place where the first two men stood and gave testimony. Where was that in the masjid? And they swore oath that we are innocent, we would never exchange an oath for it worldly gain, we would then be sinful. So they stood in the masjid they swore those odds, but

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those odds are what? False so now they have to be canceled out how that do people from the heirs they will stand in that place? And who are these two people? Allah says Minar Lavina there from those who is the hub guy lay him? Is the hub parley him? Is the hub Carolinian means those who have a lawful right because it's the hacker again what does it mean to have a right to deserve? So they have a lawful right they are deserving of what of what they have claimed. And these two are a ole and the closest, the two who are nearest the two who are closest closest to who the deceased person. So in the case where a woman died, her son for example, okay, her two sons, for instance. They to

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both of them will stand in the masjid and then they will swear oats. What will they do for you see Manny Billahi then both of them will swear by Allah, that last shahada to Now surely our testimony is a Haku is truer, it is more true men shahada to Hema than the testimony of the former two people. Our testimony is truer than

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In these two why, how? Because we have material evidence. We have physical evidence. The former two didn't have any physical evidence, but we have physical evidence to show that they are guilty that they lied. And they will say, well, Martha, Dana, and we are not transgressing over here. We are not committing any injustice against these two people, by accusing them of something they have not done. No, we have physical proof.

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And if we were to accuse them falsely, in that, indeed, we even then Lemina volley mean surely from the wrongdoers, then we will be logged in, then we would be unjust. And we wouldn't do that, if we falsely accused them, we would be doing

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now, when this will happen, the two people will be accused of theft of treachery. And then obviously, a decision will be made by the judge as to how they are to be punished and that is left at the discretion of the judge according to what is my roof at the time that will be done. Allah says there Lika that what this complicated law that you have learned over here, this whole process, why has this been given? Why has this been taught, because by this it is added

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at the nerves from dad noon Well, do you know to be closer, so Adena it is closer meaning it is more likely when something is near and means it is more likely that a yet to be shahada D that both that they that these people will bring the testimony, Allah what He has upon its face meaning upon its true face to face, meaning in its true form,

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that this process will compel the people who have been given the Asiya to give the testimony in its true form. This will serve as a deterrent for them, they will be afraid of being treacherous. They will be afraid of lying in court. They will make sure that they don't do any treachery, they are honest, they hand over whatever has been given by the deceased to his family. They're not treacherous. So this will make sure that they're honest. Oh, yeah, harmful, or at least they will fear untoward, the a man on Verda Emani him that other Olds might be taken after their oats.

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Because when a person knows that whatever I'm saying can be canceled by somebody else, that what happens, they become more careful. They become more conscious. They make sure that what they say they say with evidence, it is crystal clear. For example, in Sahih Bukhari we see that when Makati style is very amazing, he will write something as a chapter heading and the typical refutations that are out there, he will disprove them immediately how by quoting a statement of a scholar before even he brings a hadith. Okay, before even he brings a Hadees he will quote something to make sure that people have no doubt as they proceed.

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So when you have this fear that people might refute what you're saying, then you put an extra effort to make sure that your argument is very, very strong. What you're saying is very solid is backed with evidence. So just like that, when these two people will fear that their testimony can be canceled by the testimony of the family, then they will make sure that whatever they say is very, very true. So this entire law, why do you think Allah subhanaw taala has given this in order to protect the wealth of all the dying person and his heirs so that they get their right, no one is treated with injustice, no one suffers. Allah says what the Kola fear Allah was smooth and listen,

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listen to what to what has been explained very attentively, because if you don't listen, then how will you understand what Allah who lay a deal como faceting and Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people over here. Allah says fear Allah, why? Because the person should do what is right out of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. But sometimes people don't have that fear of Allah, who do they fear? Other people who do they fear that their reputation will get ruined? Who do they fear the law. So as a result of this fear, they do what is right. And if they didn't have this fear of the law was not in place. If the reputation was not at risk, then they would not bother to do what is

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right. So

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A person should be doing right out of the fear of Allah. First and foremost, what duckula, who was Maru? Wala hula did a common philosophy, he does not guide who the disobedient people, the sinful people, the guidance is there, but who benefits those who want to benefit those who truly accept it and follow it.

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Now, these verses were very different from what we have studied so far. It feels like as if you're sitting in a law class, and I know you have many, many questions in your head, but what if this happens, and what if that happens, but because this is not the place to study law, if you want to study Islamic law, Inshallah, there are many other places where you can go and do that. And because the details are many, and if we start discussing them right now, we wouldn't be able to get through our tournament, on course, okay. So this is why we have to limit ourselves over here. But what do we understand what is relevant to us over here? What lesson can we take for ourselves from these

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verses? First and foremost, that we should be very, very clear about what we own about our property, whether it is money sitting in the bank, or it is things that we have kept in the house, the work that we do, and we should be concerned that What if I die right now What if I die today? What's going to happen to my wealth? What's going to happen to my money, who's going to do the work that I'm doing is it going to be carried on is going to be taken care of, or will it be lost amongst the many things that are disorganized, in my house, in my life, so we need to organize ourselves, we need to make sure that the people around us they're aware of what we do, how it is done, what kind

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of work we are doing, people should be aware.

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And likewise, we should be fulfilling our commitments, whatever we have started, we should complete whatever amount that we have, we should hand over to their owners as soon as possible, because death comes without any warning, we could die today. Secondly, in an event such as this, that a person unexpectedly sees death approaching him, then he should ensure that his wealth is taken to his family, and he should adopt whatever means that he can in order to ensure that this happens, and we also see over here about the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that how he has guided us with every single matter of our lives. Even this kind of a situation, which every person doesn't experience. I

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was just doing some reflecting and I was like, Allahu Akbar, how amazing are these verses because when a person is dying, like it's like Allah subhanaw taala is reassuring them Don't worry about the people left behind, let me worry about that. It's like so reassuring for the dying person that they don't have to worry about their family and their loved ones getting what they deserve because Allah is making sure don't worry, I'm going to make sure that they're going to get what they deserve. And that's why such a comprehensive and thorough law is being taught over here for all of us to learn that you know, it's so comprehensive and thorough so that we learn and we understand you know what

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the deserving people are being left behind that Allah cares for the heirs more than we care for them. And yet people are afraid that if I die what will happen to my family? Allah will take care of them woman and Deb button will only Allah and Allah He just told her there is no creature on the earth except that ALLAH takes care of its provision.

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We listen to the recitation of these items

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are you Hello?

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eighth nanny though I

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mean come on, you mean one in

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