Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2012 01 07

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the danger of being evil, including false color, respecting others, and being too afraid to act normally. They stress the importance of showing weakness and Polyoraic behavior, rather than just negative behavior. The speakers also emphasize the need to focus on one's heart and actions, rather than negative thoughts, and discuss the use of jealousy and praying for others. They mention a study on the topic of blood testing and the use of solar power during a recent incident.
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Sato samosa, La MaMa no Rahim Allah Allah yaku feva

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Mindy Uppsala hain. He said in the chapter of tolerance and gentleness, color were angelin Juan de nom de la audiological amphiphiles a natural sort of LA is salado, Santa Monica, may you run the risk Are you from Syrah Kula?

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Very short statement, but very powerful. In that translation, the prophets of Allah Sam says, He who is deprived of kindness and gentleness is in fact deprived of all good.

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Did you guys understand how dangerous that is? The prophets of Assam say that if you are deprived of gentleness and kindness, there is no fire.

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regardless how much you try to prove it, no handler, I'm good. I don't lie, I don't cheat. I don't do this. I don't have that. But you're rude.

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You're submissive.

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You're so bad in that regard. That's what the professor says.

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If you're not gentle, if you're not kind, if you're not polite with people, when you deal with them, particularly your closest ones,

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your wife, your husband, children. If you're not gentlemen, Canva those people, it doesn't matter how much you try to do it outside because the profits are.

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The best among you are, those are the best of their families not outside.

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So that's what I need to show goodness and kindness and gentleness.

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He is deprived of all kinds of goodness. So remember this day, it's very, very dangerous format.

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And the following again, in the following her in

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and around your car and

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a man came to the Messenger of Allah and he said, yaroslava house. Please give me an advice. Give me some counsel. Again, when people come to you ask them for advice, what do they expect? They expect a detailed advice

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means do this. Don't do that. Because you be careful with that. And so far, that's what they care about. They want that detailed advice. So this man coming to the province of Alaska,

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give me advice for Carlos de la sala la de la.

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So don't be angry.

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That's it, he stopped.

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Now I'm sure that everybody you know, or suspect any advice would say, what else?

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I got that so what else? And the Prophet says I'm sad again.

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Don't be angry.

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Now the man is kind of confused. Did the professor's repeat himself? Did he not understand my question? What is the exactly so he asked again, you guys call

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me now. So like, Can you give me an advice?

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The prophets as if he said, I got that one. So can you give me another? So the problem again, he says law Bob, don't be angry.

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For me, Ron. So the man of course Afterwards, he realized that it meant to be that way.

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That is that advice.

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Nothing else means I'm not going to give you anything else. Just focus on this care about this one, and you shall be good inshallah. Hello, hi. So see the prophets of Assam was given German kind of these comprehensive statements, meanings and just few words, a lot of them and interpretation to the previous headache.

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If you don't have kindness or gentleness, there is no good and, you know,

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life is so scary. And one of these ways that to show kindness and gentleness is don't be

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I'm not saying getting angry is and how long.

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You can get angry but get angry for something legitimate. And the process also never get angry for anything personal, my Holiness

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the Dalai Lama, until the last part as rules being violated, that's when it gets upset. But for some reason, person never gets angry. And even if it gets angry salasar

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he never turns abusive. He's never physically he's never rude or emotional abuse. He never does that.

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So lots of above. Never be angry. And be kind and be gentle. That's the message of

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this year.

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Any questions?

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Don't be shy. You can ask questions.

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You can be angry as long as you don't have a grudge doesn't mean you get angry. How did you spend anger isn't just the feeling or do you take action when you get angry? What do you do with that?

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They get angry and then they cut off their ties with their friends or their relatives or their family and they say I don't hold grudges but in for the shown that they held their holding not so clever that doesn't mean that you're not acting upon your holding grudges. So you have to be your heart and also action should be the first and in you know nice and gentle forgiving Allah.

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Any questions? Yes.

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Okay the same the same question asked by person to the Prophet Muhammad Allah.

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But he has different Yeah, different answer for every one of them. Yeah, so

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what what the

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profit? So the profit or loss, I would be asked the question, the same question multiple times. And each time he gives different answers, it seems that he is seeing something in this person that makes them give that particular answer. That is true, the prophet SAW some can see, you know, meaning he has basura for us as we've got an Arabic language which is intuition. In English, you can see through his eyes that he knows that he's this person has a problem with anger, maybe this man was very upset about something. So he came and he's kind of, you know, so angry, you can see that on his face and his eyes. And the province could have seen maybe had seen that special

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person the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to him and he asked, you know, he came to the Prophet asked for advice. And the prophet SAW Sam give them the AMA lane, for example. So people they ask different questions are the same question but they get different answers based on how the professor knows about it. He knows through forests and masirah intuition, and also our last panel the most inspiring because the prophets Allah, Allah

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Allah he doesn't speak out of bad design. He speaks on why so I want to learn so Allah

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monastrol diva for

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anyone who's been provoked never got angry, just like a donkey.

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That doesn't sound like one.

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But even the meaning of it is not right.

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Because the last time you said the opposite.

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The stronger is not the one strong and strong the wrestling and the machines

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themselves. That's the song a lot. Yes.

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We'll talk about that later.

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Any questions?

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Like jealousy, and we get upset for the purpose of

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jealousy? What's wrong with that? Not to be jealous. Of course, I mean, jealousy, monitor jealousy. You know, is, is quite good, initially be jealous. And jealous is one of the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a manner that suits his matches this animal Of course,

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as a professor Sam says in

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the last panel with the Allah jealous and that sense that he hates, he hates what Allah to see, the servants is committing sins. So you all you know when you see someone is violating the rules of Allah subhanaw taala degree angle, and as a man, a human being get jealous, you know, for his family. It's a it's an essence of survival and protectiveness, and of course, but being over jealous, to the extent that you become now so suspicious, you don't trust yourself, you don't trust your wife, trust your children being over jealous. Now that is a psychological problem. You need to have to see a doctor in this case.

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But being normal and jellison absolutely you have the right to be jealous and not to be not being jealous at all. That's another problem to

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this Wednesday

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that's what I'm trying to find out. Yeah, I have actually multiple topics. I'm trying to see one that is very long inshallah.

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If not tomorrow, then within on Monday, we can have it and also

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I have a question about like, the grammar said the second part was

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You understand?

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Oh, there's no no. Yes,

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sir again.

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I hope so. I hope so. Shall I now

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just have a question about the blood test.

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blood test doesn't invalidate the old Oh, no, actually, if you take your blood out eventually though, it doesn't beg you a quarter of a lot to get the majority of the football. Take him around doesn't break though.

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So how about a lot around you used to pray, feed your heart and you will have blood on him because of the wounds and so forth. And that was not great. There's a lot that we'll do. And the number one thing was also praying so the kind of stress maybe wound that led some blood out equity with a solar power when he was that he still preyed on the last time you're not actually interrupt the solar

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condition when he was hit three hours, you know, on his stomach and he said that to the salon. So eventually it does not break the law.

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