Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 059D Tafsir Al-Nisa 60-70

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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I number 60 alum Tara Have you not seen have you not reflected on who either ladina to those people who use ru Munna they claim from Zama Zama is to claim to falsely believe in something to claim something. So they claim that unknown that indeed they Amanu Bhima on Ziller II like that they believe in that which has been revealed to you.

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And remember, Alam tara, this expresses amazement and shock and wonder that it's very strange look at these people. They claim that they believe in that which has been revealed to you or Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Quran, when that one's in him in public. And they claim to also believe in that which was revealed before you meaning the previous books to previous scriptures. But yet look at their attitude. UD Duna they want any other her como that they refer legislation, meaning they take judgment, they take decision, they take the ruling of who ilaqua hoods to the hood, meaning when they have a dispute, then they don't want the solution from the book of Allah. They don't want

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the solution from what Allah has revealed. Rather, they want the solution from what, from toggled. What is thought, though, this false god, someone who is worshipped other than Allah, someone who is obeyed in disobedience to Allah, someone who is obeyed in disobedience to Allah, some people that generalize the hood, and they say, any authority, any kind of authority that is not 100% according to the Quran, and Sunnah that is toggled. So they will say, you know, the Government of Pakistan, the government of Somalia, the government of Egypt, the government of Saudi Arabia, told everyone is thought according to them, they generalize this because they say it's not 100%. And for them under

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percent means how they understand how they interpret the law, according to their own understanding. So they wish to impose everything on others. And if they don't fit in that criteria, then they label them with the holes. However, this is incorrect. The hole does not generalize but who is one, that who is obeyed and worshipped, other than Allah in disobedience to Allah,

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that who is worshipped obeyed in disobedience to Allah, because it's an opposing force. The whole disk from falling Yep. De Leon, what is the Lian rebellion? Okay, so it is to rebel, the bounds that Allah has set for His servants for His creation. So if there is a person, if there's a system that has no way, we do not tolerate the Quran at all, we do not accept anything that the messenger SallAllahu sallam said, anything at all the disregard they oppose vehemently oppose than that is thoughtful, it's a force that is against the law of Allah. This is what the Buddhists, but if there is a system that allows you to practice your faith, to pray at work, to wear your hijab, to do what

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you are required to do, then please don't go and say, the hotel boat. Don't do that.

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Because this is if generalized. This means that when you get a traffic ticket, then don't go to a court in Canada. Okay, when you're fighting for your legal rights or whatever, then don't go to a local judge. This is not what this means.

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This is when Allah's law is there. When the messengers law, is there guidance is there when their instruction is there. A person doesn't want to take the solution through he doesn't like the answers that Allah and His Messenger have given he doesn't like them. Instead, he seeks something else.

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You read una at the hakam Elektra who work on O'Meara, whereas they have been commanded a yak for Ruby that they should reject it that they should disbelieve in it disbelieve in what reject what rejected the hood, we have been told to not accept our route, where you read the Shavon but shaytaan wants and you will the humble Ember either to lead them far astray buried far, meaning to lead them far astray from guidance from truth from rectitude. This is what Trayvon once and they're following his footsteps is reported that a man from Medina who claimed to be a Muslim, and a Jewish man, from Medina, these two individuals they had a dispute and the Jewish man said, Let us go to Mohamed Salah

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Salam and let him make the judgment between us. But that man who came to be Muslim, he knew that if they took the case of the prophets of Allah Salam, he would make the

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decision against him, not in his favor. So he said, No, no, we won't go to him. Instead we'll go to carbon Ashraf, he was the Jewish leader. He said we'll go to him. Why? Because he hoped that garble Ashraf will make a decision that was in his favor against the Jewish men.

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Do Muslims do this today?

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That, for example, when it comes to, let's say, inheritance or divorce, right, then for example, a woman knows that when she takes divorce, and she has to return the money that the husband gave.

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Now, if she goes to an Imam, and asks him for the solution, this is what he will say. So they say, No, instead, we're gonna go to the legal court and seek the decision from there. So what happens, the man has to give 50% of his property to the divorced wife, and he has to pay a certain amount of his income every month to her and part of his salary is cut off because of the benefits that the woman is receiving. So the woman says, You know what, I get a better luck here. So I should seek that instead?

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Is this correct? This is not correct. You can get a lot out of that men in this world. But tell me, who's going to go and defend you before Allah subhanaw taala?

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Who's gonna save you over there? No one will.

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So this is something that we should be very careful about, that, once the law of Allah, the law of the messenger is present, clear guidance has been given than we have to observe that. And if we deliberately leave that seeking the judgment of someone else, because we feel that we're going to get more out of that, than that is incorrect. Somebody wants to purchase a house, they look at the law of Allah, okay, you can't take interest. So what's the solution? Don't take interest. And then they go to a bank, and they find out if they can take a loan based on their history. And they say, Yeah, of course, you are completely eligible for this loan. But you know, you'll be charged

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interest. So they say, oh, that's something that you make me pay so fine. You know, this is the ruling that they've made for me. So this is why I'm going to take it is this correct? No. Who can save you from Allah then? So the attitude of a believer is one, that he goes to Allah and his messenger for solution, even if he dislikes it. And remember the story of that woman who had committed Zina. And she came to the Prophet said, Alana said, and while she was pregnant, and she said, I have done wrong, so purify me

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on the Prophet salallahu Salam, you know, when he heard that he turned away, because he didn't want to impose the punishment on her, it's a very severe punishment. And he told her to go back and after her child is born, then come for the punishment.

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So she came back with the child,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam again, he said, Go back, nurse the child, and then come so she came back after some time, and the child had a piece of bread.

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The child was eating solids. So she insisted again, and again and again, going to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam insisting that the punishment be implemented on her. And then eventually the punishment was carried out on her.

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And someone said something nasty about her. All the punishment was being carried out.

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And the prophets of Allah Islam said, don't, if the repentance of this one individual was distributed among the people of Medina, it would be sufficient, it would be sufficient.

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So going to Allah seeking the solution from there, sometimes, yes, you will suffer loss, you won't gain as much, but you know what, that is still better for you, for your duniya for your villa. Because in dunya, how much can you enjoy? How much money can you use? How much can you enjoy? Really, it's temporary, right?

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It's all going to end one day. If the woman you know, through some legal fights, you managed to get 50% of the salary of the ex husband. Right? She gets it how much can she enjoy those dollars? Eventually she will run out of them right? So the enjoyment of this world is little. This is why the attitude of the believer is Samara Now what else are we here and we will be even if it's difficult, what either appeal Allah whom and when it is up to them other people whose interest is not the book of Allah but something else when it is up to them to Allah come when they're told come in Burma to that which under the Allah Who to the law that Allah has revealed what Elon was soon and to the

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messenger when it comes to the book of Allah. Come to the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam let's find a solution from their little Aten Munna Philippine. You see the hypocrites? Yes. What do noncustodial do the they stop from you? They turn away from you in a version you're so dunya from SWAT del del Sol that is to stop meaning to not go forward oneself

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to stop so they stop. So do then same route what

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doesn't mean like stopping vehemently, like really resisting, staying away keeping away in a version. They don't want to come near you. They don't want to come near the book of Allah. They don't want to go near the messenger SallAllahu sallam, they don't want to even open the book of Allah to find out what Allah has said. This is their attitude. But the believers what is their attitude? In the mechanical movement in either do it Allahu Allah sola, heliacal, Medina, Juan, Pablo, Samara, Anna Alterna, their responses we hear and we obey, Allah says for kafer so how will it be meaning what will happen then? What a terrible situation they will be in how embarrassing it

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will be for them when either Asaba Tomasi button when a masiva when a disaster will strike them will sleeper, you know the meaning of this from solid well bad, it's literally that which reaches but it's used for a calamity or disaster. So when they're struck by a disaster, why Vmail put them at ad and because of what their hands have put forth because of their own sins because of their own wrongdoings. Because when we do something wrong, then what happens? We suffer from difficulty in this life, right? Then difficulty upon difficulty comes. So when they suffer from a calamity from a crisis, because of their own sins, some Majah okay, then they come to you, then they come to you

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before they didn't want to come to you. But now when they're in a crisis, now they come to you. And then yesterday funa they swear from health halamka, to swear an oath, they swear Billahi by Allah, that in Aradhana, we did not intend Aradhana from Nevada, you read una same root as that word. So in order to know we only intended Illa IR Santa with a few call, when we went to both for Judgment, when we didn't refer to Allah and his messenger for the decision, you know, we just wanted your son we just wanted to feel what does your son mean over here? Goodness, good solution Tofik from the roulette as well foul cough. And what occur is when things are in agreement when things fit with one

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another, when things are appropriate and suitable. So we just wanted Delphia, meaning we just wanted a good solution.

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So they come and make an excuse that we're sorry, but we only went to the hole because we wanted the best solution. We just wanted something really good. That's the only reason why we referred to them. Now, what is this Iommi? This idea means that there's some people who just use the law of Allah when they find no other solution anywhere else.

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When there's a dispute, when there's a problem, they're asked to come to the law of Allah seek a solution from there, but what's their reaction? No way. No way. Quran sunnah. The Messenger of Allah. Never Jaso Duna angkasa Duda. But when they're in some crisis, and they find no solution,

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then they say, Okay, let me see what Islamic law says about that.

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Do people have such attitude? Yes, they do. For example, when they're getting married,

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and they're told look, sister, I mean, it's your wedding day but you still have to press Allah You know, so make sure you have you will do before you put all that makeup on. No, no, I'm not going to pray right now. It's my wedding day. I'm not going to pray.

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Or people are told come on schedule the entire program in a way that people can also pray. Why are you serving dinner right when it's time for McGriff salah. But people say no, no way.

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And that situation, they don't refer to the law of Allah at all. But later on, if the husband and wife are going through some trouble, they've tried marriage counseling, they've tried everything. Then they go to a religious scholar, or they go to that really, you know, bias Auntie or uncle, right? And they go to, you know, an imam for counseling. And then they want to go to Umrah and then they want to go for Hajj. I'm not saying that when a person is in difficulty, you should not turn to religion, definitely you should. But this kind of attitude is wrong, that when it's all good, a person doesn't care about Allah and His messenger and the law that they have revealed. But when

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there's a problem and they can't find a solution elsewhere, then normally they refer to Allah and His Messenger, this is wrong. This is just like greedy children who only run to where there's candy, and where there's fun.

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Right? It's misusing.

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We see this kind of attitude amongst many Muslims, that when it comes to certain matters that are prohibited that they should not be involved in. They ignore the prohibition that Allah Subhana Allah has given so for example, buying a house and interest they'll say, no, no, I have to buy this house. I'm sorry, you know, I have to do this.

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But then, when they want to marry a second wife, then they say, Oh, this is the right that Allah has given me. Look, Allah says, Thank you. It's like a command and

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Allah's commanding us, well did he not say that don't take interest? Well, how long a river. So, unfortunately, we have this kind of attitude.

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But this kind of attitude does not suit a believer who is sincere in his faith was committed to the Spirit who obeys Allah and His messenger

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that everyone has like, customized the deen to suit themselves, that whatever suits them, we take whatever doesn't suit us we neglect it.

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But typically, when do we refer to Allah and His messenger? When we are suffering? When we are in a crisis when we have no other way? We will pray? We will pray our sunnah Yeah, we will get up Bernie will prefer June. On the day that we have an exam we will say all our other call, we will make dua we will give sadaqa Yes, you should do that very good. But look at yourself at other times as well. What do you do then?

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Allah says in the Quran that we either must sell inside of the room, when a human being is afflicted with difficulty with some harm. Then he calls upon Allah remembers Allah sitting, standing lying down, and then when that difficulty is removed, it's as though nothing happened before. Nothing happened before. Everything's fine. Back to normal. Hola, Iike Latina, those people Yara la mala who Allah knows Matthew Kaluga him what is in their hearts. Allah knows what is in their hearts. They come and present excuses are the only one at the best solution. We were just seeking the best way out. You know, this is the only reason why we took that loan. This is the only reason why we

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disobeyed in that matter. But what does Allah say? Allah knows what is in their heart. What kind of hypocrisy double standards they have in their hearts for ardillon home so the Prophet saw a lot of them was told turn away from them, ignore these people, stay away from them, or stay away from them.

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Why turn away from them? Because if you start listening to them, they will get influenced

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and adorn home also that ignore them don't start arguing with them and proving to them that they were wrong and that they're they've been insincere. Because, you know, just like little children, they need time to grow up. So just like that, some people even when they're adults, they need time to mature. They don't see the kind of double standards that they've made for themselves. They don't see the way they're misusing the deen. They don't see that.

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You know, for example, if a child you offer him candy on candy, juice box and juice boxes, we'll go and take it and you tell them come have roti sollen come have your food. Roti, Sal has like bread and gravy. You tell them to come and have that? No way. They won't do it. What's good for them? They don't want what's bad for them. They want it why? Because they like it. So what should you do? argue with them that Why don't you eat this food? You know, it's good for you. If you don't eat it is gonna happen, that's gonna happen, that's gonna happen. You logically present to them? Are they going to get it? When they see that candy? No matter what you say to them is not going to affect

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them at all. Right? So then what do you have to do, you have to leave them for a little while. You have to put all the candy away, they have to leave them for a little while leave the food on the table, and then they'll get hungry and then they will come.

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Alright, so far they aren't home, where it home and advise them do say something to them that say something that will actually affect them. Don't go on that same rant again. For whatever you say goes in one ear and out the other, no real home, advise them what call the home say to them something that will reach them such a word that is called will unbelievable. A statement that is believe what is believed from below or to reach meaning a word, a statement that will reach their heart that will reach their head. It won't just pass through the ears. It will actually reach the head reach the heart, meaning it will actually have an impact on them.

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Say little but say that which will be effective.

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Women are salam ala Sulan and we have not sent any messenger INLA except Lele Thora B isn't Allah that he should be obeyed by the permission of Allah you call her from follow or ain't lower. It are to obey. So any messenger that Allah has sent, why has he sent him so that that messenger is obeyed? Because otherwise what's the point of sending the messenger? Was the book not enough? If everybody was to read the book and interpreted by themselves, then what was the benefit in sending the messenger tell me no benefit. So why did Allah send the messenger then, so that he is obeyed? Illallah Utara be it Nila wallow under whom and if only they meaning the people is one or more and

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for some of them when they've wronged themselves, meaning

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When they have done something wrong when they've made a mistake, Jeff Walker, they came to you, instead of going to thought they came to you on Messenger salatu salam for stowford Allah and then they sought forgiveness from Allah that it is still fall they asked Allah to forgive them was still follow the human Rasul and the messenger also asked Allah to forgive them, then what would happen? LaWanda doula, surely they would have found Allah from wild Jean dal, they would have found Allah to Weber Rahima Accepting of repentance and merciful meaning that if Allah has sent a messenger than he has to be obeyed, when the messengers guidance is present, then what should people do? Go to him?

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Even if they know that they're going to be in trouble? Because they have done something wrong? Yes. Why? Because if they're guilty, again, it's good for them. How is it good for them? Because the messenger will seek forgiveness for them. You will seek forgiveness for yourself and inshallah Allah will forgive you. Face it, you've done something wrong, but it's not the end of your life. No matter what mistake you make, no matter what crime you commit, you can always repent from it. As long as you're breathing as long as you don't see the Angel of Death, you can still repent, you can still ask for forgiveness.

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At the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the people will go to him and ask him what the solution was and the prophets of Allah Edison would also seek forgiveness from Allah for them. Now, okay, the messenger is not there.

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So, what should be done?

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What should be done that even if a person goes to a Muslim leader, okay, or seeks a judgment that is in accordance to the law of Allah, then he should seek forgiveness himself that Oh Allah, I am guilty, I am wrong. I know it is by mistake, my fault. I confess, I admit,

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I am taking responsibility of it. Yeah, Allah you forgive me because your forgiveness is more than the sin that I have committed.

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Your mercy is more vast than the damage that I may have caused by committing the crime that I committed.

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Isn't that so? This is so so every crime every mistake, no matter what it is, you can always repent from it and that is always the best solution. Running away from Allah is not going to help you running to Allah is going to help you. Allah says fella then know what a beaker by your Lord Wow over here means by this is like Wallah he well over there means by it's for an oath. So for now what a bigger than no buyer Lord law you may known they have not believed their Eman is not complete. Their Eman is not acceptable. Who's those people who say we believe do we say we believe? Yeah. Do you say that? Do you believe? Okay. So Allah says, Follow on a bigger lie. You may know by your Lord

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their Eman is not complete. You can say all you want, I believe I believe I believe but it's not acceptable.

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Until you had chemo they appoint you or messenger SallAllahu Sallam as judge you had chemo from hokum until these people appoint you as their judge referred to you for judgment for final decision on their matters. They accept your ruling your decision. Until then there Iman is not complete.

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But unfortunately, when the people are told that this is what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said concerning this matter, what do they say? But what does the Quran say?

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But it's only had these right what does the Quran say about it? Well, is there any other opinion? Yeah, this is what we say right?

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We have to accept the decision of the Prophet salallahu Salam, if he has made a decision concerning a matter then we have to accept until we accept our Eman is not complete. It is not acceptable to Allah. So your hacky Mocha, they have to appoint you as Judge female concerning that which sheduled Albina home that has come about in them. The word shuttle is from sheen, Jeem bra, any word that comes to your mind shadow tree.

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Shadow literally means to occur to happen to develop. And that's what happens in a tree right? Like it's a you know, a small stem, okay, that grows and as it grows taller as it grows bigger than what happens the branches come forth, right. It was one sprout. But now there are multiple branches. There was unity and now there is a difference of a

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opinion, there was one understanding and now there is confusion before people were on the same page and now, people are not in agreement anymore. All right. So any matter of dispute of disagreement that rises among them, they have to refer to you or messenger Salado center for judgment. So whether it is in financial matters, or it is in family problems, no matter what kind of situation it is seeking the guidance of the messenger so a lot of that I'm following that is essential. And not just that summer, then layer G do they do not find fi unfussy him in themselves? How to join any constriction, how to child Adim? What does that mean constriction, tightness, distress, that they

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don't feel any kind of discomfort in their hearts mimma felida from that what you have decreed. First of all, they have to make you judge, they have to come to you for judgment. Secondly, the judgment that you make, they have to accept happily, when you suddenly notice lemur, they should submit incomplete submission seen lamb meme, they should not feel awkward about the decision that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made, they should not feel uncomfortable about it, no, they should submit in complete submission happily accepted.

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Now this is what a matter of the heart.

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So we see that submission. Acceptance of the messenger is supposed to be both outward and inward, external and internal external, meaning that a person accepts and obeys and follows internal that the heart also accepts.

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Because sometimes we may be doing something that we do, because you know, we have to do it. But inside our heart, we don't want to do it. We're just waiting to stop it. It's like, for example, a woman she wears hijab just because her parents want her to and she hates it. She hates every moment of every second of it. I don't want to do I don't like I don't want to wear it. So then what happens as soon as she's somewhere where the parents aren't watching, or she gets married, and then she has a freedom or she's away from home, then what happens off it comes off it goes, right? Because when the heart is not accepting, then you cannot even accept externally, you have to accept outwardly and

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inwardly both. This is true submission. But aren't we human beings? Doesn't it happen that we do something? Because we know we have to do it, but our heart is still not into it?

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Does it not happen with us? Does it not happen with you?

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It happens that for example, you know, you have to pray. So you get up and pray. But if somebody were to ask you do you want to pray?

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Then you'd like to be honest, I don't want to right now. I'm tired. I'm sleepy, I'm exhausted. So just because you don't want to do it doesn't mean you don't do it. No, you still have to do it. That's because you don't want to do something. It doesn't mean that you don't do it. You still have to do it. Because eventually the heart will also surrender until you do it until you see the benefit. How will your heart like it? It's like if there's some kind of new food that you've never tried before. And your friend is insisting try it. Try the sushi. Come on, eat it steak one bite, like raw fish never.

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You're like never. I don't want to she's like come on. Just take one bite. Just one bite, pick up those chopsticks. Even if you don't know how to just figure out just do it.

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And then eventually when you eat it, then you actually like it. Asked me took me a long time to put that first bite in my mouth. There when I did. I love it now. So it happens with us that you don't want to try something new just because it's different. Just because you come from a different background just because you always thought and believed different. You've been raised differently. You've seen something different at school, at work outside in the world. It's all different. Nobody wears their hijab, nobody British Salah when you start doing it, it feels very awkward, very strange.

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And then your heart you don't want to do it.

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But you still have to do it until you will acquire that taste. And then you will enjoy every bit of it. every morsel love it, every second of it. That pleasure will come that enjoyment will come but you have to take yourself there Right.

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That's you saying that when she started wearing her Avaya, she'd go to school then the first week she said it was so difficult that she felt awkward as if everybody was staring at us at her and she felt very uncomfortable. But then she said asked me now even if I wanted to take it off. I wouldn't take it off. Because I'm so used to it. It's a part of me

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She's saying that her daughter when she started putting on her hijab, one day, she left the house and she forgot to put it on. When you've just started something, then you don't realize like, like when I started wearing the niqab, but one day I walked out of the house without my niqab. And, you know, there was a gatekeeper at the house. And he's like, staring at me that what's wrong with her the one day she covers her face and the other? Like, why is he looking at me? Oh, I forgot.

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So it happens with you. So anyway, with her daughter would happen that when she went in the car, she was insisting I'm not getting out of the car, let's go back home, I have to put my hijab on.

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Initially, there's hesitation. But then what happens? When you break the ice when you take that step, and then you accept it, then your heart also submits? And then you feel the enjoyment in your heart.

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It's just like when the parents make certain decisions for their children. When those decisions are made for them, the children never liked them. Right? They're always upset that Why does my mom have to make this rule? Why does my dad have to impose this rule on us, but then eventually, when they grew up, it makes sense to them. And they treat their children the same way their parents treated them, they set the same rules, sometimes even tougher, because they have seen the benefits. Right? So eventually you will get it but you have to surrender externally, and internally, surrender externally, an internal surrender will also come internal submission will also come but don't wait

00:31:24 --> 00:31:41

for internal submission to come. Do surrender externally. Just do it, and your heart will be in it very soon. Just do it. Your heart will be in it very soon. And if it's not in it, ask ALLAH ask Allah and He will give you

00:31:43 --> 00:32:15

one Oh uneca Taberna aleja and if we had imposed on them gotta banana from cassava cassava Allah is to make something mandatory. Right? katiba Lake Como Siyam fasting has been written on you, doesn't mean the word fasting is written on your body. Yeah. What does that mean? That it has been prescribed upon you, you have to do it. So when Annette Gaggenau really him if we had decreed upon them on your Cthulhu and forsaken that kill yourselves

00:32:16 --> 00:32:59

or we could you or leave go out mean dare come your homes? kill yourselves or leave your houses go somewhere else? Allah says Malford woohoo Illa kalido Minho none would have done it from them except a very few. What is this referring to? The thing is that Allah subhanaw taala is making us understand that how difficult is it to obey Allah and His messenger. Allah is not telling you to kill yourself. Allah is not telling you to leave everything that you have. What is Allah subhanaw taala telling you to do? What is the messenger Salallahu Salam instructing you with something that is very doable. Something that is very realistic, very much possible, very practical. It's not

00:32:59 --> 00:33:18

impossible to obey the law of Allah. You can follow. You can be a very devout believer you can be because the deen of Islam is what uses is possible. Realistic. In our life, we have been commanded to pray.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:39

But how often? Five times a day, not 50 times a day. If it was 50 times a day, that would be really difficult. And if someone did not pray, okay, yeah, that makes sense. But praying five times a day, that's not impossible at all. Likewise, if Allah has commanded us to do pilgrimage, how often is it? Every month? Every year?

00:33:40 --> 00:34:03

Every five years? No one pilgrimage and lifetime that is mandatory. More than that. It's up to you. But one is the minimum that you have to do. Is it possible? Is it possible? Yes. Is it realistic? Definitely. wearing the hijab. Is it something impossible to do? No. How difficult is it? It's not difficult, you can do it.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:13

You know, think about it. People wear whatever they want. The weirdest of colors. Like honestly, the weirdest of designs even

00:34:14 --> 00:34:42

once I was at the mall, busting my store, I won't take the name of it. But I saw something on the mannequin, unlike freely. What anybody wear that horrible print, and that horrible design. Would anybody wear it? Like? I mean, would they? I mean, yes, people wear short clothes or you know people have different tastes, but some things are absolutely ridiculous. And believe me if it's on the mannequin, that means somebody is going to put it on.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

Right? If it's on sale, if it's on in the store, that means people wear it. You can wear anything you want today, anything you want. You can look a weirdo a total weirdo people will not object because that's your taste. That's what you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

Like, they might pass a comment or two, but then eventually they'll be like, You know what, it's their choice. And Alhamdulillah, the place we live in, people are educated. They have this kind of sense that we don't pass unnecessary comments on the kind of clothes that people are wearing. We accept them the way we are.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:40

And people who don't have this kind of sense, who don't have this kind of tolerance, then we know what kind of reputation they have in society. Right? So you can wear the hijab, it's not impossible. Definitely, you can wear it. Let me share an experience with you. When I went to university over here, I went to get my university card made. Okay.

00:35:41 --> 00:35:42

And I was weighing nine o'clock.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:09

And you know, they have to take your photo, and they have to put it on the card, right? Because I went there and I'm like, normally take this niqab off? Did you take my veil off? And the lady was like, No, it's up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with? I'm like, really, like, I thought it's for the purpose of identification. She's like, Yeah, it's okay. It's your choice, you can keep it on if you want. She took my picture with my view. And I don't have the card right now. But I'll bring it and I'll show it to you guys.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:12

I'll scan and I'll show it to you guys.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:21

People who are educated, who have tolerance, they will accept you the way you are.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:34

They will appreciate you the way you are. And people who don't respect you than such people. You don't need to attach any importance to them. You don't need to attach any importance to the kind of comments they make.

00:36:35 --> 00:37:08

When I went to university, also, there was an orientation of students were invited with the barons, And Alhamdulillah I got a scholarship. So there was a breakfast that we were supposed to have with the president of the university. So I went there and my dad was with me, my mom was with me. And I went with nine o'clock. And I actually went to greet the VP as well, and everybody, and they extended their handout, but I stayed back, my dad greeted them. And I said, I'm sorry, you can do that. Just briefly. And no problem. Nothing at all asking questions I have in conversation, no problem, nothing.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:23

This is something that I've experienced myself. And I know over time, things have changed. But things keep changing. And just because you've had a bad experience in one place, doesn't mean you'll have a bad experience everywhere.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:58

Just because one or two individuals are intolerant, that does not mean everyone is intolerant. All right. So be confident and know that the deen of Allah is not impossible. If Allah is telling you to do something, it is very much realistic. Allah is not telling you to go kill yourself. Allah is not telling you to go leave everything, leave your house and go on the streets know, if Allah is telling you to leave something. It's only two and a half percent of your wealth once a year. That's the Catherine a little bit of your money, a little bit of your possessions. That's all that Allah is telling you to give.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:15

And if Allah had made the deen very difficult, then Allah says Yes, only a few people would have done it. And it's amazing that there are a few people who will still follow even if the deen is extremely hard.

00:38:16 --> 00:39:04

Right? What's their level, their level of excellence of our son, that even if it's very difficult, they will still do it. They won't leave it they won't disobey Allah at any cost. This is why Allah says well unknown, and if indeed they follow if they had done my you are gonna be that which they had been instructed with. If they did what they were told to do, than Locanda hail Allah home, it would have been better for them. So what does it mean? That it may not be difficult, on average, but it may be very difficult for you, right? For an average Muslim woman, it's not difficult to wear hijab, but in your situation, it might be very difficult, you find it hard, because you are an

00:39:04 --> 00:39:45

individual, you will have your weaknesses on your strengths, your likes and your dislikes, that a certain level of your comfort. So you are different, you might find it very difficult, wearing the hijab for you might be like, you know, killing yourself, choking yourself. It might be very difficult for you, but what does Allah say? If you still do it, it will be good for you. It will be good for you. This is just like there is a medication, very bitter. You have it and then you can't lie down for half an hour. And then you know you become thirsty all day, you know certain medications are like that they have very severe side effects, severe side effects, but then what do

00:39:45 --> 00:39:45

you say?

00:39:47 --> 00:40:00

I have to take it What can I do? It is good for me. Yes, I suffer in this way but I benefit in the other way. So likewise, even if you feel very nervous and very

00:40:00 --> 00:40:52

Are you uncomfortable following a certain command of Allah, then still tell yourself, it is good for me. It is good for me. It is good for me like Anna hieronder home. What a shed that does betta amazing that if they would do it, then it would be firmer position for them I shudder from sheen that she needs to be strong. So I shed that stronger, stronger in What does be it does be it from saboteur Tabitha is to make firm and does be it is to make stable to make firm to stabilize. So it would be stronger in granting firmness. Meaning if they would obey Allah in the matter, which they find difficult as well, then you know what? This would lead them to be more stable and firm in the

00:40:52 --> 00:40:52


00:40:54 --> 00:41:15

And doesn't it happen, that when you do something that Allah has commanded you with that allows you that helps you in doing something else as well, which helps you in doing something else as well. So as a result, what happens, you keep getting stronger and stronger in your faith, you keep going forward and forward.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:24

But if you leave one thing, then you end up leaving one more thing and you end up leaving one more thing, isn't it?

00:41:25 --> 00:41:29

Isn't it? So? Like, for example, if you're wearing the hijab,

00:41:30 --> 00:41:33

and it's time to pray, then what will happen?

00:41:34 --> 00:41:46

What will happen, she will get up and pray, right? Because everybody knows you to be the religious girl and the one who studies Quran on the weekends. And she has been wearing hijab for so long. So yeah, it's a lot of time she asked to pray.

00:41:47 --> 00:42:08

Right? And then you tell yourself as well not because the fear of people that I wear the hijab and Salah is something that is mandatory on me, how can I not pray when I wear the hijab? What kind of, you know, hypocrisy is is what kind of dishonesty is is with Allah subhanaw taala. So you're doing one good deed will help you perform another

00:42:09 --> 00:42:17

it will lead you to one more. But when you leave one thing, then you will leave another and then you will leave another and you will leave another

00:42:18 --> 00:43:03

because when a person does something good, then Allah gives him tofield to do one more good. And when a person does something bad, then that way is facilitated for him that way is made easy for him. So we're assured that as betta for Eden and then meaning if they will do it no matter how difficult they find it. If they would do it, then what would happen to you now home, then surely we would give them Mila Dona from us. Or Tirana, Lima a great reward. The greater the struggle, the greater the effort, the greater the reward. What do we learn that the person who finds it difficult to recite the Quran, but he still recites it no matter what mistakes he made, he keeps trying. He

00:43:03 --> 00:43:04

keeps trying. He keeps trying.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:24

He keeps embarrassing himself before the teacher the teacher says no ha and he says, but the digital is hard. And you feel almost embarrassed that the teacher is telling him to recite so many times, but he doesn't he keep trying keeps trying them for such a person is how much reward double reward. Why? Because the effort is double.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:46

For one person very easy to wear hijab, because you've always worn it from their childhood, no struggle, no effort. But for you very difficult in school where you're the only girl in that class. My mom just came back from England. And she was telling me about a girl who was the first one to wear hijab in public school in Glasgow,

00:43:47 --> 00:43:51

the first girl back in the day, the first girl to wear hijab in public school

00:43:53 --> 00:44:25

in Scotland, till now people remember her that she was the first one she started and then everybody else started. So it was very difficult for her being the first one being the only one. But then Allah doesn't just look at the action that you're doing. He also looks at the effort that you're putting in the struggle that you're going through the difficulty that you're enduring. So this is why I did on our Lima a great reward. What a holiday now home and surely we would have guided them slit all with almost

00:44:26 --> 00:44:59

a straight path. If they would obey despite the difficulty than Allah would guide them to the straight path we ask Allah, it didn't assault on Mr. Team. When a person obeys despite difficulty, then what will happen Allah will surely guide him on the right way. In this dunya he will be on the truth and the hereafter a little guide him the path to paradise the way to Jana. What a holiday now I'm Serato Musa Kima woman yielder ILAHA Rasul and whoever obeys Allah and the messenger

00:45:00 --> 00:45:51

We were told earlier obey Allah and the messenger. And there's benefits to that. But of the greatest benefits of obeying Allah and the messenger is what that felt Lulu Iike than those, those who are obedient to Allah and the messenger those people will be Morrow they will be with, there'll be with who Alladhina and I'm Allahu La him, they will be with those whom Allah has blessed. They will be in the company of those whom Allah has granted blessing, whom Allah has granted the greatest favors the greatest blessings. Who are those individuals, the creme de elite, who are they, those at the top who are they whom Allah has favored, whom Allah has blessed? They are mean in the beginning, the

00:45:51 --> 00:46:18

prophets Florin of Nabhi will sit dear Cain, Lord of Sadiq, the truthful ones, those who are true in their faith, firmly committed to their faith, people like Abu Bakar acidic, he was called a flood the UK why? Because he didn't just believe but he was a firm believer, a sincere believer, someone who affirmed the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in every situation. He said that the Prophet said it that I believe in it.

00:46:19 --> 00:46:25

A slick deal. It's a very high level. What shahada and the martyrs Shaheed imagine someone

00:46:26 --> 00:46:27

like himself.

00:46:29 --> 00:46:30

Shaheed, right.

00:46:31 --> 00:47:20

Imagine all those great companions who went invader who went in and they got killed in the bath of Allah who are their shahada was slowly healing and the righteous, the righteous scholars, the righteous people of the past of the President of the future. Unlike when you look at people, there are some people whose level of righteousness is higher or clearly higher. Obviously, Allah knows about their final end. But solid people, they're very distinguishable. Right? Well has sooner or later he got off your call and how excellent Are they as raffia Ryfylke from Rafael cough, a friend, a companion, who is kind a kind friend, a friend who is good in nature, soft and gentle and tender

00:47:20 --> 00:47:41

and warm, someone who has very good manners. So obviously, such people such elite, the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, the righteous, definitely, they are the people who possess the best of luck. Allah says you obey Allah and His Messenger, and you will be with them.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:04

You will get to see Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. If you obey Allah in the messenger, you will get to see mother young, you will get to see them you will get to see new harlot Salam, you will get to see Hamza Loggly, Allah who are most are have been remade all the Allahu Anhu imagine this is not something small.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:29

If you see a popstar, you're like, wow, you know, I've seen him. I saw him at the mall. I saw her at the mall. If we know a little bit about them, we boast so much if we possess a photo of them, it's like, wow, if we follow them on Twitter, like wow, when Who are they just people of this world, right, who just have some fame because of the things that they do, because of the way they act in front of other people.

00:48:31 --> 00:48:42

The elite, the true top stars or who the true stars are who? The prophets, the martyrs, the truthful, and the righteous.

00:48:43 --> 00:48:54

They're the superheroes. So you obey Allah and the messenger, and you will be with them, you will see them and what fine companions they are, what fine friends they are.

00:48:55 --> 00:49:38

Once a man came to the Prophet, salallahu Salam, and he said to him, O Messenger of Allah, you are more beloved to me than myself, my family and my children. Sometimes when I'm at home, I remember you. And I cannot wait until I come and look at you. It's like when you're studying the seed of the prophets, all of a sudden, you're gonna see him. When you learn about his beautiful character, beautiful manners. You want to see him, you've talked to him, you want to ask him gonna take advice from him. You want to discuss with him to this companion, he said, When I remember you went home, I cannot wait until I can come back and look at you. When I contemplate about my death and your death.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:59

I know that you will be with the Prophets when you enter paradise. And I fear that I might not see you when I enter Paradise, because your level is so high. And where do I belong? I'm afraid I won't be able to see you. I want to see you. So the prophets of Allah listen did not answer him and

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

All this I was revealed that whoever obeys Allah and the messenger, that he will be with the messenger, he will see him, he will visit him, he will talk to him, he will be in his company, he will. And don't think that just because you're a woman you won't be able to because there were women companions as well, who went to see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who spoke to him who asked him who gave him gifts. There was a woman who made a shawl and she brought it to the Prophet Allah, Allah sent him and she said, I made this myself with my own hand for you to wear. The prophets of Allah Saddam took it immediately and he put it on. So don't think just because you're a woman, you won't

00:50:37 --> 00:51:06

be able to see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, no, you still will be, you will be able to talk to him but you have to obey Allah and the messenger that he called for bloomin Allah. That is the bounty from Allah, that is the great favor. That is, you know, the high level that is the unique blessing. mean Allah, Wa Kafa BiLlahi er Lima, And sufficient is Allah as Nora, meaning he knows.

00:51:07 --> 00:51:13

He knows who deserves this privilege, and who does not deserve this privilege.

00:51:14 --> 00:52:02

People want to have the privilege of sitting with certain people eating with certain people, being in their company, even if it's for a few minutes, even it's for a few seconds. If there is a scholar ever in town, then what happens? All the brothers are competes to be his driver, right? To be his escort wherever he has to go. Right? This is a great honor. Serving someone or being in the company of someone who is great, is an honor. Being in the company of the prophets. This is an even greater honor. But who deserves this privilege? The one whom Allah knows he deserves and who is it? The one who obeys Allah and the messenger, in public and in private. In the matters of deen and in the

00:52:02 --> 00:52:03

matters of dunya.

00:52:04 --> 00:52:18

The closer a person is to the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, the closer he is to Allah then Allah loves him in contempt to him. Boone Allah wa Roni, what will happen, your bib come Allah Allah will also love you.

00:52:19 --> 00:52:46

Another Hadith in which we learn an Obeah have been carved a salami, as companion, he said that I used to sleep at the Prophet salaallah Muslims house and I would bring him his water for will do and also his needs meaning I would look after his needs, especially in the night and early morning. So he once said to me, asked me, meaning what do you want ask me I'll give you you serve me like this day you spend the night over here to serve me asked me what do you want?

00:52:47 --> 00:52:52

So he said that I said O Messenger of Allah, I asked that I be your companion in general.

00:52:53 --> 00:53:20

The Prophet sallallahu sallam said anything except that so he said only that the prophets of Allah Islam replied, for insomnia, I learned F seeker because thought is So dude, then helped me fulfill this wish for you by performing many frustrations helped me if you want to be my company, then help me. How? By performing many sujood main frustrations, meaning worship Allah more and more.

00:53:22 --> 00:54:05

So that you can be in my company in the hereafter. Yes, I can request for you to but you have to do something yourself as well. Waka Fabula Lima, Allah knows who deserves that privilege and who does not the prophets of Allah Islam said Allah O Merriam merriment hub, a person will be with those whom he loves. How do we prove that we love Allah? How do we prove that we love the messenger by following the messenger right? How do we prove that we love or model Dillo on who we are and who all of the great companions? How do we prove that we love them by following their footsteps? And what are their footsteps obedience to Allah and the messenger so when we do that, only then we can be in

00:54:05 --> 00:54:08

their company worker Fabula Hara Lima recitation.

00:54:11 --> 00:54:15

I'm gonna Isla Lavina is Munna.

00:54:20 --> 00:54:21

Xena Elaine Can

00:54:29 --> 00:54:29

you read

00:54:31 --> 00:54:33

to her come home.

00:54:35 --> 00:54:42

Do you want me Oh, a fooling you Are you ready to shape on

00:54:44 --> 00:54:49

loan while you reduce shape on your lemon Bala.

00:54:53 --> 00:54:53

Were either

00:55:00 --> 00:55:00


00:55:07 --> 00:55:08

casts we'll do that

00:55:11 --> 00:55:12


00:55:17 --> 00:55:18


00:55:27 --> 00:55:31

okay you're gonna be in

00:55:38 --> 00:55:40

will be ball Ola

00:55:42 --> 00:55:42

you can

00:55:46 --> 00:55:48

follow him for

00:55:49 --> 00:55:51

more more

00:55:55 --> 00:55:58

more fi

00:56:03 --> 00:56:03


00:56:14 --> 00:56:14


00:56:23 --> 00:56:27

stone or

00:56:30 --> 00:56:34

stone long as Del Sol was

00:56:36 --> 00:56:36


00:56:38 --> 00:56:41

Hema fell out because

00:56:44 --> 00:56:47

your hunky mukha FEMA shut down on

00:56:49 --> 00:56:49


00:56:53 --> 00:56:55


00:56:56 --> 00:56:57

forcing him

00:57:02 --> 00:57:04

to sleep while

00:57:07 --> 00:57:08

he him

00:57:12 --> 00:57:13

with all

00:57:14 --> 00:57:15


00:57:16 --> 00:57:19

math ALU math

00:57:21 --> 00:57:22


00:57:28 --> 00:57:29

gonna be here like

00:57:32 --> 00:57:32


00:57:34 --> 00:57:36

I should be

00:57:37 --> 00:57:38


00:57:43 --> 00:57:45

John Alima

00:57:51 --> 00:57:53

or me your

00:57:58 --> 00:58:02

econ levena long on

00:58:03 --> 00:58:03


00:58:08 --> 00:58:09

a long while I

00:58:10 --> 00:58:16

mean in no sleep the Beano was short.

00:58:17 --> 00:58:19

It was wall

00:58:21 --> 00:58:22

wall has owner all

00:58:26 --> 00:58:32

that you can blow me off, welcome

00:58:37 --> 00:58:39

so, what's the main lesson we learned in these verses

00:58:40 --> 00:58:50

obey Allah obey the messenger will be the leader for your own good. Even if it's difficult, still do it.

00:58:51 --> 00:59:32

Because the benefits are amazing. They will get you certain points that will give you the privilege to be in the highest company to be at the highest level to be of the elite. You know, like if you're ever traveling in a plane there is a business class sometimes because of the fact that you've been a frequent traveler what happens you get points, points points and then you get upgraded. So if you want that upgrade, you have to have those points how do you accumulate the points will be Allah and the messenger and the leader Subhanak Allah who will be Hambrick the shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Nesta Pharaoh Kona to relay a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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