Abu Bakr Zoud – The Effect Of Aayat Al-Kursi Against Evil & Magic

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the intense effects of area 10 compelled evil and magic shaking Islam. It describes people performing these acts, including cutting people with weapons and damaging cars, and how they can be harmed and destroyed if they perform them. The segment also touches on the idea of the beast's beasty actions and how it is exposed to the crowd.
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Now let's discuss the intense effect that area 10 kursi has upon evil and magic shaken Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahim Allah He mentioned in his book and for call Urbina oleaca. Shabbat. He mentioned in his book, very free person, if a believer was to read AYATUL kursi with absolute certainty and honesty, believing every single word and certain with every single word he is reading. If you were to read this area upon people that are performing satanic devilish acts, then their devilish performances will be destroyed and ruined, and they will be exposed. Such as Sometimes you see people walking on fire, stabbing themselves with a sword that comes out from the other side with no

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blood coming out, pulling a car with his teeth, and the cars attached to a chain. They lay down on pins and needles, cars drive over them and they're not harmed. Some put fire in their mouth will put a snake's head in their mouth or sits among the snakes. All of these are Satanic devilish acts Wallah. If a Atul corsi was recited upon such people that are performing these things, their performances would be destroyed, and perhaps the snake or the fire or whatever it is, would rebel and turn against these people.

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And such people exist today, not only among the disbelievers and the magician's, but you also have among those who ascribe themselves to Islam, such as the extremists, from the Sufi sects, and they say this is God who I met on earlier. This is the the miracles that Allah azza wa jal gives his friends and those he loves the most on Earth. This is alive, Allah here is alive, then we'll come at the miracles because in the Aqeedah of sunnah Jana, we believe that the righteous leaves of Allah only Allah, Allah are given karamat they are given miracles. But how does this happen? It doesn't happen in the manner that these people say, he brings a sword and he puts it in himself and takes it

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out on the other end and says, And he got our metal earlier, doesn't happen in this manner, that got our mat, he miracles, they happen to the fringe of Allah azza wa jal and Allah grant to them, without them asking for it, without them seeking it or trying for it. It comes naturally Allah azza wa jal gives it to them. As for these devils among mankind, who gather crowds, and they do these types of performances, all of them are devils checklist. Remember de miel Rahim Allah, he mentions in much more on fatawa that many, many, many of the righteous believers have recited a at an kursi upon people that performed devilish acts, and the performances were completely shattered and ruined

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and destroyed. And their true nature was exposed to the crowd. And they were harmed by their own devil by their own evil and their own magic. So the devils don't stand a chance in front of a at KUSI and this is from their own mouth. They're the ones that told Ebola or they have been cab will say they've been fair bit wise they've been German. What about a human oh sorry, a che upon is the one who taught the companions. This is a red line for us. As soon as it is recited, we are destroyed. We are finished. We can no longer harm anyone. Hola. Hola, como

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