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The speakers discuss the similarities between Islam and the media, including cultural and political topics like the holy month and the use of the word Islam in negative ways. They emphasize the importance of listening to others and avoiding negative comments. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions and negative behavior on one's position and the importance of forgiveness. The speakers stress the need to purify oneself and use a key Manisha to avoid fatigue, while also emphasizing the importance of clarifying one's position and avoiding false accusations. They also mention the use of "use your body to prove yourself" and the importance of not letting anyone's image come up on social media.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, are you Latina? Or are you people who which people, Otto keytab, or your people who have been given the Book? Who are they? The hood, and NESARA. So all you people who have been given the book, me know, believe, accept, amen. In what went to many believers? Didn't they already believe in Allah? I'm asking you that you hadn't done a Salah. Did they not already believe in Allah? Yes. Did they not already believe in the angels? Yeah. What about the Day of Judgment? Of course. What about Musa Sana? Yeah. What about Ibrahim alayhis salam? Yeah. They believed in all of this. Then what is Allah subhanaw taala telling them to believe in, in the Quran,

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in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, because unless and until a person believes in the Quran in Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his Eman is incomplete. It is unacceptable.

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So me no believe in what Beaman azana in that which We have sent down in that which We have revealed and what is it that Allah revealed the Quran, Musa kalima miracle and this Quran it confirms the truthfulness of that which is with you, meaning it's not a new message. It's not something strange. It talks about the same things that were revealed earlier just in a far better way in a more comprehensive way, in a more practical way. Musa Kalima, Marco, it confirms that which is with you. And if you think about it, if you compare the teachings of Islam with the teachings of Christianity of Judaism, there are a lot of similarities aren't there? There is a concept of pilgrimage there is

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a concept of prayer. There's a concept of charity, there is a concept of the Day of Judgment. There are many concepts which are very, very similar. All right, Chestatee, dietary restrictions, they're all very common. So Masada Calima miracle. So in other words, why are you not believing what's preventing you what's stopping you?

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Now in total Bacara in Surah, earlier Imran we read in so much detail about how Allah subhanaw taala invites the People of the Book to email, isn't it? Any question any concern, any objection they had any confusion they had wasn't clarified. It was clarified in every detail from his matters concerning our key that everything was clarified. If they had a question, they asked the prophets of Allah, it was clarified. So many times the who they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they tested him. Right? They would ask him about different different things to see if he was really the messenger. And every time it was clear to them.

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There was a man in Makkah,

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who had become a Christian, and this was before the prophets Allah Mollison received prophethood. All right. And when Mohammed Salah Garrison received the revelation, and he was in fear, he was shocked as to what had happened. Then Khadija will deliver on her took the profits on a lot of them to that man who was that man? What a pub in Norfolk. Right. And what did he say? He told him that it is the same one who has come to you that came to Musa imagine he was a Christian, and he confirmed the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, right. And what did he say that I wish I would be alive when your people will expel you that I know this is going to happen because there's

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something that happened with every messenger. He knew that it was Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he wasn't even the messenger. He died very soon after, which is why we don't see any mention of him other than this, right? Likewise a man a Pharisee. He was a Christian, did he not see the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam? Yes, he did. Abdullah bin Salam did he not see the truthfulness? Yes, he did. The Roman king hirako. Did he not see the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sana? Yes, he did. There many examples. Now, some believed others didn't. Now, if you're telling someone, for example, a child even to do something, you tell them once you tell them again,

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you tell them nicely you explain to them, right? You present the benefits, the harm of not doing it, logically, you present it, and then you encourage your given incentive. They still don't listen to you. Then what would your mom do?

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Tell me if you were in such a situation where your mom's telling you to do something and she tells you 1000 times nicely in every possible way. You still don't listen and what is she going to do? Do it otherwise? Otherwise, then what happens? You get a what do you get? You got a threat? Did you say something else?

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A slap across the face. Wow. Okay.

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You can't explain what she can do. Whoa. Okay. So anyway, when we don't listen, then what happens then we get a threat that you better listen. Otherwise

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If you're going to suffer the consequences, so likewise the hood had been given ample time. Allah subhanaw taala now threatens them that you better believe you better believe Min cobbly Before a knuckle missa would you hand that we obliterate faces, not Mesa from thumps, thought meme scene bumps, is to wipe something, to disfigure it, to turn it about. And this is both in the tangible sense as well as the intangible sense. That to physically change something, physically wipe it out, or in the intangible sense that, for example, because over here nothing Lisa would Johan right that we obliterate faces obliteration of faces in the physical sense. What does that mean? That the eyes

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are wiped out? Literally, the eyes don't remain.

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The eyes don't remain imagine that the skin becomes completely plain. The ears, they don't remain. This is thumps. You know, sometimes people get so burned, that they get disfigured completely. Right? It's as though there were no eyes over there before. It's as if there were no ears over there before. It's as if there was no nose over there before. This is thumps but in the physical sense, in the intangible sense, what does it mean that the eye is there, but he doesn't see properly or he doesn't benefit from what it sees the IRS there but it doesn't benefit from what it hears. So what use is that if it's not benefiting the person? What use is that I if it's not benefiting the person?

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It says though it is not there. So a thread is being given that believe before we obliterate faces for Neruda, the birdie her for Neruda, so that we turn them around, no doubt from Rodell Dan rod is to turn on a debate he hit upon their backs, meaning that the face is turned, it becomes just like the back of the head is the back of the faces. Imagine

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that it becomes plain without any eyes without any ears without any nose, or that the front of the face is as dysfunctional as the back of it. And the back of your head. You've got no eyes, you've got no nose, you've got no mouth. So imagine the front of the face becomes the same way. So mean company anatomy Sir, would you hunt Fernanda Allah to bury her own Alana home? Or that we curse them? Fear believe before we curse them, come on. US have a sub just as we curse the people of the Sabbath. What happened to the people of the Sabbath, who were warned who were told who were reminded not to fish on Saturday, but they still went fishing on Saturday. What happened to them? Cool new

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kiloton horses in they were told the apes detested their physical bodies were transformed into something so detestable.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is all capable of doing that. What can Allah Hema for Allah, Allah has command, it is MUFE rune, meaning it's done. When Allah subhanaw taala says be then it is done. When Allah wants something to happen, it is done. What cannot undo Allah Hema Verona. So fear Allah and believe.

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Not the scholars, they said about this idea that in this is basically a threat. Because if you look back to you who lived in Medina, this never happened to them didn't happen, that their faces were changed. They were physically disfigured. Did it happen? No. Historically, this never happened. did happen to the you who were in Russia in favor? No, it never happened to them. So then, is this not true? I mean, if Allah saying something, then it has to happen. So what does this I mean, the site has been understood in two ways. First of all, the scholars said that this is still a threat that applies to any person who knows who understands yet he does not accept

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this as a threat. For any person who knows who reads who learns who understands who gets it. But still, he says Samina or Selena? I've heard I know, but I'm not going to do it. I know but I'm not going to do it. This is a threat for that person. And tell me Is it possible that this can happen to such a person that his eyes his ears, like all obliterated his face as disfigured can it happen? Yes, it can happen very easily. One car accident, one burn. And that's it. Allah can put a person in such a situation where he's physically punished for it. He's physically punished in this way. Secondly, the scholar said that this has happened, but not in the tangible sense in the intangible

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that when they refuse to believe, even though it made complete

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sense to them, then what happened? They saw, but they wouldn't get it anymore, they would hear, but they wouldn't get it anymore. Because there comes a point when a person Nose, nose, nose, nose, and then whenever he knows anything he knows it doesn't benefit him anymore. When you don't transform your knowledge into action, then your knowledge becomes becomes what to you like a normal thing to you doesn't affect you anymore. It doesn't move you anymore. Your Eman doesn't increase. You don't have any fear, you don't have any motivation left, which is why it happens that people have lots of knowledge, their books will be full of nodes, they will have one degree after the other one

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certification after the other one qualification after the other one course after the other have done. But when it comes to their actions, nothing at all.

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Their hearts are unmoved.

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Their hearts are not shaken.

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And this is something that we should be really afraid of as we're learning the Quran, that when we're learning if we're not implementing,

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for not benefiting, then really, Allah subhanaw taala can deprive us of the senses that he has given he can take them away from us that the heart is not soft, it does not melt. It does not weep, it does not humble

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that a person knows the fake off salah, all the details. But when it comes to Salah, not gonna pray, don't feel like it can't be bothered.

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A person knows. But when it comes to action he's far and no matter what lecture he hears, no matter what verse he reads, nothing affects him anymore. So we should be afraid of this. And we should beg Allah for the softening of our hearts, that our hearts are softened so that they accept everything that Allah says. Then Allah says in Allah halaya Pharaoh, indeed, Allah does not forgive a huge shock OBE that he is associated partners with. ALLAH does not forgive schicke that if people associate partners with him than ALLAH does not forgive the sin with sin, the sin of *. Why? Because the sin of * is the greatest of the major sense. It is the worst of all sins. Why is it

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the worst of all sins? Why? Because it's against Allah, the one who made you, the one who gave you everything. And if a person does ship with him, depriving him of his right, then he has done the greatest injustice. So ALLAH does not forgive schicke way of Pharaoh, but he forgives Medina Delica what is less than that the word doula has several meanings. Over here it gives meaning of less than meaning other sins that are less than check than Allah can forgive them for who Lima yesha for whomever He wills. You see, there are some sins for which a person has to repent, so that Allah will forgive him, meaning a person will leave it, a person will beg Allah for forgiveness, a person will

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change his ways. And then in sha Allah, Allah will forgive him. But there's some other sins for which when a person does good deeds, then because of those good deeds or sins are wiped out. So for some since nobody is necessary for other sins, the performance of good deeds is sufficient. When it comes to shake, Allah doesn't forgive that unless and until a person does.

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Unless and until a person prevents

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when he will leave *. And he asks Allah forgiveness that Allah will forgive him. And if he does not, then no matter what good deeds he has done, no matter what great accomplishments he's made, it will not benefit him. This is why He says when they usually Biller, whoever associates partners with Allah Faqad if Torah is mineral Lima, then in fact he is fabricated a great sin, meaning he has made a great sin he has committed a great sin. In a hadith we learned that a companion as the prophets of Allah Salander or messenger of Allah, which is the greatest sin. And He said unto Jalil, Allah hinted them were who were Haluk that you set for Allah, a partner, while he alone created you, he

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alone made you and you go and prostrate to someone else. This is like your mother, she gave birth to you.

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And if you start treating someone else, like your mother, and you begin to ignore your mother, then this is what so unfair.

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Isn't it so unfair, that you listen to everyone, you listen to your friends, you listen to people you get along with but you ignore your mother. You don't give her any importance, then this is injustice. Now this is only your mother who has just given birth to you.

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Well, Allah Hill maternal Allah for Allah is the greatest example. What has he done for you? Everything that you are everything that you have

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of so this is why doing Sheikh is the greatest same. This is why ALLAH does not forgive for it unless a person repents from it. Allah says Allah, Allah in Alladhina, US Hakuna and for someone, have you not reflected Have you not seen these people who purify themselves? What does it mean by this? Use Hakuna and for some use Hakuna is from does Kia? And does Kia from ze Caf Well, or zaika? Yeah. What does it mean to purify something. And this includes two things, first of all, taglia, and then the Halia. First of all, to rid of the bed to get rid of the impure. And then to adorn with that, which is beautiful.

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So for example, if a room is dirty, it's got a lot of garbage, maybe some cobwebs and a lot of dust. And if you want to clean it, then what will you do? What will you do?

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You will dust it, you will vacuum it, if needed, you will mop whatever is necessary, you will do that right to clean it.

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And if there is any broken furniture, you will also get rid of that. But then will the room look nice if it's just empty and clean and sterile? Yeah, will it look nice? No. What do you need to make it look nicer? Maybe some nice color on the walls, right? Maybe a nice piece of art on the wall, maybe a nice piece of furniture, maybe some fragrance, right? Because that will beautify the room even more. This is what this gear is that you don't just get rid of bad habits, bad words, bad ways. But you also adopt good ways good habits, good words. This is what does good is alright, it has two steps in it. And this is something that we have to do. All right. Now, there's two ways of doing

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this gear.

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One is the original way.

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Okay, and the other is the pretend way. What's the original way that a person focuses on himself he gets rid of his bad actions. He adopts good qualities. This kind of does pa the original does PA is good.

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All right. The other kind of Ischia the pretender one What does that mean? That a person pretends before other people? That look, I pray so nicely and yeah, look at my hijab so long and yeah, the way I walk so nice, you know, so modest, and the ideal Muslimah and then yeah, I have a Quran in my bag. And my ringtone Yeah, it's a verse of the Quran. You know, such things that a person is just showing to other people, that I am a very pure person, a very good person. I don't have any bad things, any bad qualities, I only have good qualities. This kind of skill, the fake one, the pretend one, how does the person do it through his words?

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Right, how that she says, for example, you know, I was gonna buy that hijab, it was so short, it was so small, or it was so colorful, that I thought it's not appropriate. So instead, I got this one. Okay, you don't have to talk about it. You don't have to go on advertising it or like a person says, Yeah, you know, it was pretty my sunnah. And then I was just doing my knuffel. And yeah, that's when you called, I was doing my knuffel

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I was doing my oath card when you called I was, I was reading my, you know, my Islamic book, and I was making dua when you called me that's why I couldn't respond to you. I mean, okay. You could be truthful in that. Very good. And it's good that you're telling your mother, for example, that you were reciting the Quran so that she's happy. That's good. But if you're just focusing on telling people,

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that's Riyadh, and you say, I was doing my God and all you did was Subhanallah from the dialogue what? I was doing my God

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What if God did you do just with God? What did you do? Did you read your morning? Dora's, I just did my first call. What did you do? Did systemize car don't ask me what I did, but I did it.

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I was just praying Salah Did you for your son? No, I was just praying my salah.

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You see what I mean? The focus is just on proving to others that I am a good person, I am a good person. And this also reflects in the way a person is always clarifying his position, his intention before other people

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that he does something where she says something and then she goes to the person again, you know, my intention was this and this, you know, this is what I meant. I just wanted to clarify by the way I hope you do not misunderstand me. This is what I wanted to do. Actually, this is what I meant actually, and I hope you didn't get it wrong. On and on and on. You know person is just clarifying himself before others.

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He wants to make sure that he is pure in the eyes of others. Original Peschiera is one that a person wants to ensure that he is pure in the eyes of Allah

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Fake does Kia is what that a person wants to be pure in the eyes of people. My mom's coming a better get up and pray

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or she's gonna find that I prayed at 537 today

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you know I should quickly pray to see what I mean that a person says yeah I woke up at five you know around five I woke up a little after five and in fact you woke up at like 540 Just one minute before so that was over. And you're showing as if you prayed on time early. Okay, this is what the sky through where it's and this kind of does get really bad.

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Really bad. Allah says Allah, Tala Illa Allah Deena use Hakuna and for some Have you seen these people who just go on claiming purity, purifying themselves a fake way, purifying their image before people showing themselves as very good and very righteous in the eyes of people. Allah says but Allah who use a key Manisha, it is actually Allah who purifies whomsoever He wills because you can go on and show it to people that you are a very sincere person, a very good natured person, a very honest person. But if Allah does not purify your image before people can, what can you do? You could give 100 clarifications and people will not accept it. Isn't it so? So but in love, we use a key

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Manisha and also when you're trying to do your own task here when you try to purify yourself, then who gives you the ability alone. So if you see some problems, some defects in yourself and ask Allah to clean you, but Allah will use a key Manisha will use lamona fatigue, and they will not be wronged even as much as a thread. Meaning that Allah does not do injustice to people even a little bit. And what's the word that has been used for a little bit fatigue? What is fatigue? Fatigue is from the letters Fattah lamb. And fatigue is basically it's a rope that is twisted together, okay. And in particular, the word fatigue is used for the thread that you see in the long slit, have a date

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Of what have a date stone. Next time you have a date, please observe it, look at it. First of all have a date. Okay? Not the other time. I mean, the good, okay. So when you eat a day, okay, as you open it, observe the seed, it will have a thread a very small one that's going along the long slit of the stone.

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So when are you gonna Fatima? How tiny How small is fatigue, it's so small that you don't even notice it most of the time. Because if it was big enough, you definitely must have noticed in any person who's ever had a date would have remembered what if a deal was.

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But the fact that you don't remember you can't fully imagine, that is an evidence that it's so small. This is a 14 It's like a thread which is along the long slit. This is how tiny it is. Allah says Well, I use lamona for Tila, the people will not be wronged even This much. Allah is so just, he does not let a person suffer wrongly even this much. So don't be worried about your image before people be worried about your connection with your Lord, and He will purify you, and He will fix your reputation in the eyes of people as well.

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You know, sometimes, if there is a small hair on our face, okay, like an eyelash that probably, you know, broke off and was sitting on our cheek, then somebody will come in to remove that remove that taken off quickly. And if somebody takes a closeup of your picture, and that comes into picture and goes on Facebook, you're like so embarrassed that that one hair was on my face. And now everybody's seen it. It looks so bad. I look so dumb, right? Or if you were wearing your eyeliner, and you didn't realize you messed it up slightly, just a little bit. It's just a slight mess up. But still, we're so conscious, isn't it? Because we want to look perfectly fine before people when a person

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tries to fix his image in the eyes of Allah than Allah who will make him good in the eyes of people as well.

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It's like you're doing something great, but you're doing it for the wrong reason. Your effort is not going to help you your efforts not going to be a benefit to you at all. It's like you go and got the grass on government property and you go to the government you say pay me I cut the grass for you guys. And I know you never did it for us. I mean whatever. We didn't ask you to do it. Or you go and demand from your mother that look I go and cut the grass of government property you obey me your mom's gonna go ask them why are you asking me don't do it for me. So you have to do the right action for the

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right purpose for the right reason. So does Kia if done for Allah has beneficial if done for people useless only look K phi of Toluna Allah Hilda deep how they lie against Allah. Whatever be it mama Urbina And sufficient is that as a clear sin? What does it mean by this? Look at how they fabricate lies against Allah. What does it mean by lying against Allah lying against Allah is saying something and saying that Allah has said it when Allah never said it.

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So for example, a person says, well, this isn't the Quran, or this is something that Allah said, or this is you know what the Prophet said a lot of Saddam said and Allah taught him this whereas there is nothing like that this is what lying against Allah.

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This is by making Halal haram or haram into halal, okay, something is halal. A person has to know what It's haram. Allah has made it hollow or something is haram and people didn't remember is halal. This is what lying against Allah. Lying against Allah also includes talking about Allah without any knowledge, describing him talking about him without any knowledge. It also includes denying or misinterpreting His names and attributes, or giving opinions without knowledge. Right? Like, for example, someone is sick. And you say, Yeah, Allah is very angry with you. Who told you that Allah is angry with this person? Who told you

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this is lying against Allah? Or someone, you know, pass their exam you like, Allah is very happy with you. How do you know? Somebody got very rich, all of a sudden you're like, Allah is very happy with that person. How do you know you don't know. I mean, you can be hopeful that I hope inshallah this is a good thing. I hope Allah will accept it from you. I hope Allah will bless you in this, I hope this means something really good, you can be hopeful, but you cannot make final statements. If a person makes final statements, then how does he know? On what basis is he talking about Allah. And you know, sometimes, when a person believes that he is very good, very righteous, very bias. Then he

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goes on saying such statements as well.

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Then he goes on saying, well, this person I know they're very sincere. This person is going to Jana, this person so close to Allah, this person, Wali, Allah, this person, you know, Holly Allah, this person Habibollah that gone passing judgments about every other individual, because they say, I just feel it, you know, they have this expression of calmness and tranquility, as if you know, I'm high up there and no, I'm even higher than the prophets. You know, what kind of claim is this? Remember, when it comes to such statements, we have no right to pass, we have no right to pastor judgments.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said there were two men among Bani Israel, who are both striving for the same goal. One of them would commit sin, and the other would strive to do his best in the world, meaning one of them would end up doing something on and the other would completely stay away. The man who exerted himself in worship, continued to see the other incident. So one of them is like worshiping a lot and the other is like sending and the worship or he would say to the sinner, refrain from the same. Stay away from it, stop it. And one day, he found him committing that sin. And He said to him, stay away from it to the center. He said to him, leave me alone with my lord.

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Have you been sent as a watchman over me? You know, thank you, somebody's coming on. You're gonna get like, forget it. Leave me For God's sake, I'll do it myself. You know, who are you? Why are you nagging me? So he said, Have you been send us a watchman over me, leave me alone with my Lord. So that worshipper, he said, I swear by Allah, Allah will not forgive you. Allah will not forgive you, here you are committing the sin, Allah will not forgive you, He will not let you enter into Jannah.

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He said such a statement.

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And you know, what was a consequence of these two individuals,

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the one who passed that a judgement about the other that Allah will never forgive you, He will not enter you into Jannah he was sent to hellfire.

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And the person who was sinful Allah can forgive him right? So Allah forgave him and he went agenda.

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Imagine So, this is something very serious. We have no right to pass judgments about others. But unfortunately, we see someone making a mistake, hypocrite when outfit facet, such a sinful person they are, look such a hypocrite they are. The word hypocrite is used so commonly so commonly by us. We go on labeling every other individual with hypocrisy. Who are we, even the prophets of Allah Islam who actually was told who the hypocrites were, he would not go and call them hypocrites. He concealed their names, he did not publicize them. So who are you and I assuming that other people are hypocrites and call

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Random hypocrites and insulting unlike this who are we?

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Before we point to others we should look at ourselves

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and before we assume things we should realize our knowledge that how little it is

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although kafer look at them how they fabricate you have to lunar Allah him Kenny Walker fabby if mama Bina sufficient that is as an open sin, this is clearly a sin. There is no doubt about this being a sin to be very careful when it comes to talking about other people never ever be judgmental.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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I knew

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to keep amino be

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orderly and Nabal me so

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far no

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one can last long enough Rola in

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Shakopee while Fiona Dorner then he can email me

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or me oceanic be laggy

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or mana Lima

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