Syria Crisis and Threat to Bashar Al Assad

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The last sort of, period I have of this, whatever you want to call this,

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I want to mention two important points.

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Because of the events that are basically happening

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around the world,

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I just want to mention something about death, generally, how we conceive it.

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And how to deal with when there's a lot of death going on, which is what's going on at the moment in Syria and other places.

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So death for us is the beginning.

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This is the this is the difference between us. And then

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this is the difference between Muslims and atheists, for example, that whereas atheists do not reckon that there is in continuation, Muslims believe that this particular

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period of death is in fact, the beginning and not the end.

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It's the beginning.

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And if we had an understanding

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of how small the dunya is, comparative to the Ashura, we would not treat it with such a demand with such concern and prioritize it in this way we wouldn't.

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If we understood if we had a macro understanding

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of how small the dunya is,

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comparative to the everlasting to everlasting everlasting means continuing forever. Hereafter, we would not treat this dunya with such great regard.

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Whatever happens to us, in this dunya

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of illnesses,

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or punishments, or grief, or toil,

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is incredibly short lift.

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Now, these disbelievers a lot of the atheists, they say, you know, you have this problem of evil. If God is so great, why did he create evil in the world?

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This is their problem, because they don't believe in a continuation for us is completely the opposite. We believe in a continuation.

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you're analyzing or you're assessing the situation on a micro level, and you have not seen the macro picture.

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So when we see children die,

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and blood being spilt,

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and oppression being done,

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which is what's happening in Syria.

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When we see women being raped, we hear a woman being raped.

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And we hear that the old people are not being given the food.

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And they're dying of starvation.

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Some people will ask metallus Lola, when is the victory of Allah gonna happen?

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And some other weak, weaker demand individuals

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will say, why is this happening? How could God allow this to happen?

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you're only looking

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at a microcosm, or a micro

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of the macro reality.

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That boy that's being killed in Syria, or in Burma, on the Central African Republic.

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Who is being pried out of the rubble?

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Who that who, when the emergency services reached that area, pry that person out of the rubble

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wiping off the dust of that individual, that baby

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to see that he is not alive anymore. And they try their best to resuscitate that boy.

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And the mother is in the background screaming.

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And the people are asking

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Why is this happening to us? Why is this happening? What Tilton

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law says that these are the days that we, we overturn we turn them. So you have good days and bad days and he said this when what had happened.

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And moreover, this is the beginning. That boy will be the king in sha Allah and heaven. We believe in heaven, we believe in an everlasting place where people reside forever.

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We believe in the death of God.

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where every volume every oppressor

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is re compensated. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he says in the Quran

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he says

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Raphael dodge it Do

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you know Harmon Emery my

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Amina Eva de

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la me

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the room and

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he says he's the one who raises in degrees

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and people and others

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the one who's the possessor of the throne, that he throws

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the rule

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upon whoever he wants from his iPad

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and then they will be on the Yama telok is Yama, Yama tala means that they have separation.

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And then he says about Yama

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the day when they will be laid bare, just standing there

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the day when all of the presses that have pressed the children

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and that blown up the children and of course the children to be under the rubble for political reasons.

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They want Bashar Al Asad and others like him will be laid back

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and it will be said to him.

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Law Firm you know law even shady

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nothing of what you did.

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And what that person or anyone did will be concealed anymore.

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Lee manual mukuni Oh, to whom is the kingdom today? Hmm. Is it to him?

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Lehman elimu Coolio.

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To whom is the kingdom today

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lilla Hill

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to Allah, the One

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no one can resist him. He is irresistible.

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We can believe this as Muslims.

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Others cannot believe this if they believe in atheism. Because there's no justice after voting for them.

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We can believe that the young boy has been slaughtered and killed,

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that he will have his heaven and that he can truly rest in peace.

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Whereas the atheist cannot make such as statement and be morally consistent.

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We can believe that the people who are oppressed in the land that they will be recompensed by Allah.

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And Allah will say to them Lee many more kudos to whom is the kingdom today? And then he will reply himself and say lilla Hill

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to unlock the one of the irresistible

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Eliyahu Yamato jazza Kowloon avsim cassava.

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Today every single self will be recompensed for why it has done

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all of the oppresses will be recompensed.

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leiomyoma to Judah

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Casa but level Mali yo there is no oppression today.

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Can you imagine such a statement being made a loss of Hannover tylo say

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there is no oppression today

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in Allah has any is

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that certainly Allah is a very fast reconvince

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He will recompense in a very swift and fast way.

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This is what we can believe as a result of our ontology, our belief system, our will our religion, our key there. We believe in the hereafter. We believe in a time when the boys that have been killed by the oppressors, and the girls who have been raped by the cronies will be recompensed.

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We believe in this