Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 049D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 130-133

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of the Quran's message is not a statement, but rather a way for the consumer's profit. The use of interest and the concept of "weAKiness" is used to avoid suffering from a situation, and the importance of fasting and forgiveness is emphasized. The use of words in relation to actions and the importance of regular prayer and extra cleaning are also discussed. The use of negative words and actions is also emphasized, and individuals are advised to avoid regret and avoid feeling like they are too busy.
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I was going to share, Jim has been they have recommended over him.

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Lesson number 49. We'll begin from aisle number 130. Sort of earlier.

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Yeah, you had Medina Avenue, or you have believed Loretta Kulu Reba do not consume interest do not consume usery of the Alpha mobile or alpha doubled and multiplied, what the cola law law come to flee one and fear Allah, so that you may be successful. This is amazing. The previous verses are talking about what the Battle of or what are the lessons that we learn from that battle. And I mentioned to you earlier, that from this point onwards, up until almost the end of the Surah, all of the verses are related to the Battle of or hurt. And then right in the middle, Allah subhanaw taala told us not to consume interest.

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What's the relevance, you know, people they say that there is no coherence in the Quran. People who do not reflect on the Quran, do not understand the spirit, the message of the Quran, this is what they say that there is no coherence. There is like randomly statements jointed together, it's disjointed. It's very disorganized. This is what people say. But the thing is that the Quran is not a book of information. It's not an essay, where each point has to link with the previous, what is it? It's a canal, it's a speech, it's an address, it's a message. And when you are explaining something to someone, then it happens that you bring examples, you say things which apparently do

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not seem to have a connection, but the one who is being spoken to. He knows what the link is. So over here, what is the link the defeat at UCHealth? What was the main reason behind that? What is it that led Muslims to their defeat? They were victorious at the beginning, but then the situation completely changed. What was the problem? When they disobeyed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Why did they disobey Him? He had told them do not move from here unless and until I allow you. Why did they move? Why? Because they wanted the wealth, the money, right? They wanted to participate in the collection of the booty. So it was the love of wealth that basically distracted them. It was the

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love of wealth that made them disobey Allah and look at where they ended up. Their victory turned into defeat. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala commands, the believers do not consume interest and this idea is the first idea that was revealed concerning the prohibition of interest. Because remember, in Medina, the commands came, and it was in the third year after he Angela that the battle was fought. So soon after that, the prohibition of riba came because it's the love of wealth, because of which a person will earn interest. What is Riba? We have learned about this earlier in Surah Bacara riba interest is basically every profit that is acquired over a loan that is given.

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Right? So if a person lends some money to someone, and then over that he gains some profit. He says, I'm giving you $50, you give me back 55. This is what the $5 are what they are interest. So Allah says, Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu letter Kulu Reba do not eat interest. Letter Kulu is from UCLA, and UCLA is to eat. Now it doesn't mean that a person eats the money. And if he's wearing it, if he's giving it to purchase something that's allowed. No. The reason why Accola is mentioned is because one of the main things we do with our money is what? What do we do we buy food so that we can eat it? Correct? If a person has a limited amount of money, what's his first priority groceries?

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His first priority is not to buy, you know, a new jacket, a new pair of shoes, no to renovate the house. No, that's not his first priority. His first priority will always be to fill his stomach. So this is why the word Akella is used. So let the Kulu Reba and you see the word Accola you eat something it kind of denotes you know, greed on the part of the consumer that don't really consume what a river or durafirm muda arpha doubled and multiplied of Ioffe Lauder I infer floral of thereof and Mugga from the same root blood or infer what does it mean by above layer if is basically the equal of something so above, meaning doubled? Okay,

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Double. So for example, you get 50. And then you take another 50 back. So you're taking 100, back, and mudarabah multiplied many times over, not just twice, but many, many times over. What does this refer to? It refers to compounded interest, which is when a person has been given a loan to a debtor. In other words, if he is unable to return the loan by the fixed time, then what will he say? I need some more time. Okay. For example, He promised that by the end of the year, I'll pay you back this money. Okay. Now, by the end of the year, he realizes I cannot return the money. So he asks for one more year. So the person who gave him the loan, the lender, he says, Okay, I will extend the

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time for you. But you have to give me more money back. Now you're going to be charged interest? Does it happen within six months, pay your OSAP. If you don't, then you have to pay interest on that. Right? If you pay within two years, if you pay within three years, if you pay within four years with that limited interest charge, then the interest charge remains the same. But if you take longer than what will happen, the interest will increase. And sometimes it increases so much that people are just paying off the interest. They're not even paying the actual loan back. Isn't that so? What happens on mortgages, what happens when people take loans? This is what happens every month, they're

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just barely paying off the interest. And then by the end of it, they have paid more money in interest than the money they had originally taken.

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Isn't that so? And this shows extreme greed on the part of the one who is lending the money.

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Why? How because the person who could not fulfill his needs himself. He was in that desperate situation that he had to go ask for money, he had to go borrow money, he didn't have that money in the first place. And now he's struggling to come up with that money to pay you back. And there you are charging him interest asking him to give you back more. And when he's not able to give you back you charge him even more interest. So at the end, he's given you more interest, then the amount that you lent to him in the first place in the Quran. What do we learn? We're in Canada are swattin Fanelli Autobahn Illa may Surah, that if there is a person who is in difficulty, who is not able to

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give back the loan, then what are you supposed to do? Give him more time. Don't increase the interest, don't charge interest don't increase the interest, but rather give him more time. And we know that every day that a person gives time meaning every day that a person increases for the person who's taken the loan, then what happens on the part of the lender, it says though he is giving sadaqa every single day. It says though he is giving all that money in charity every single day. This is why Allah says we're under Sadako highroller comb and if you give in charity that's much better for you. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is telling the believers do not consume

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interest of our alpha Mudaraba what the Kola and instead fear Allah, Allah, Allah come to flee home so that you can be successful. Because if you don't fear Allah, then you cannot be successful. And what does it mean by fearing Allah, leaving that which Allah has forbidden? And what is it that Allah has forbidden, the Rebbe will have Rama Reba very clearly in the Quran, Allah says that he has made riba haram. He has made interest haram. Well, how Rama Riba, there is no other clear statement, you know, it's absolutely clear that it is forbidden. So what the Kola Taqwa of Allah, what does that mean? That a person leaves interest. He doesn't take it. He doesn't give it he doesn't involve

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in it at all. And this is necessary law look him to flee home so that you can be successful. This means that if a person indulges in Haram, then will he be successful? No, he will not be successful at or how the believers failed. They suffered a great loss. And over here Allah is telling us what is it that we need to avoid in day to day life so that we can be successful in the work that we do in the efforts that we make? What the cola Allah, Allah calm, to flee home. Now just imagine the Muslims are wounded, they're injured. They're feeling so guilty. They're so sad, and that they're being told, later called riba

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don't consume interest. You know, when you are very sensitive when you're hurt, right, then things affect you even more, isn't it? Because your heart becomes kind of more receptive. You're more

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soft inside, it's easier for you to accept. Now if the Muslims were happy enjoying another success another victory than if the command came later could Reba you think it would be easy for them to leave labor know when a person goes through difficulty then he turns to Allah more Isn't that so? Which is why we start praying a lot when we are hurt or when we are in some difficulty, but when everything is fine, then we do the bare minimum. So let that go no riba or garrafa Madatha. What Allah Allah Allah come to flee Hoon, leave how long things so that you can be successful. And this IR proves to us that it is a requirement of iman to leave river. And it shows that if a person

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indulges in Haram, if a person does wrong things, if a person does those things which Allah has forbidden, then he will be unsuccessful in the things that he does.

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He will be unsuccessful in the things that he does. In many times, it happens that people start a business but it collapses. People want to fix a relationship with their spouse or with their children, but it's just not working. People want to have a good career, but they don't seem to get a good job anywhere.

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You know, everywhere they show up, it just doesn't work out. It happens with people. You know, we're trying to do many things in life, but things don't work out. And we wonder, at that time, maybe Allah is upset with me.

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Are we become depressed or we become upset and we say, I'm not going to pray anymore. I'm not going to wear this hijab anymore. This religion is not taking me anywhere. You know, I'm angry with Allah.

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There are people who do this, they won't pray and they said, I'm angry with Allah. Because I failed this. I didn't do good at this. This didn't work out for me. You know, if people have had a bad experience in their marriage, then they're so angry with Allah that they won't pray anymore. But is that the solution? No. You have to look at your life you have to analyze your life. Maybe I am doing something wrong because of which Allah is not helping me. Maybe there is some mistake that I am making. I am disobeying Allah in some area of my life, because of which I am suffering this problem today. Many times people have problems in their marital lives. People have problems with their

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children. And if you think about it, you know you can analyze yourself, Am I praying properly? Am I reading the Quran? Am I fulfilling my obligations? Am I giving my zakat Am I living in a house of haram? You know, what wrong am I doing? Because when a person focuses on his Islam, when a person focuses on his own self improvement, his relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, he becomes more obedient and devout servant than Allah special help comes his way to the Allah who will help him. You know, in a hadith we learn that when a servant performs the obligations, then what happens he draws closer to Allah. And when he performs voluntary, good deeds, extra good deeds, then what

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happens? Allah says that I become his hand by which he strikes I become his foot with which he walks, meaning that Allah's help is with him all the time in every step, he takes in every move he makes and everything he does with his hand.

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So to get the help of Allah, we have to draw close to Him to draw close to Him. Let's leave those things which Allah does not like and let's do those things which Allah wants us to do. La La come to flee home, what the corner and fear the Fire, save yourself from the fire. Today, you're suffering one defeat. Today you're suffering one problem in just one area of your life. But tomorrow, it will be much worse. Save yourself from the fire allottee or a little caffeine, which has been prepared for those who disbelieve and who are caffeine what is coffered projection that a person does not accept the Command of Allah. So the fire has been prepared for who those who disbelieve in Allah.

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And if we truly believe in Allah, than what is necessary that we obey Him that we fear him that we love Him, we have a strong connection with him. We love him and he loves us back. So what the canal and if you think about it, in this life, we are so careful. We want to protect ourselves from the heat of the sun, right from the cold wind, whatever it is, we protect our bodies, we protect our skin, we protect ourselves so much. Allah told us save yourself from the fire. The fire that is much worse, much greater, much more intense, much stronger compared to the fire of this world.

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You know, if you think about it

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Any building you go to, then what do you see? You see, you know, fire alarms, you see fire extinguishers? Correct. You see so many things throughout the building for the safety of people that in case God forbid there is a fire people come out safe. We take so much precaution. In school what happens you have those fire drills right? To practice in case there's a fire how are you going to get out of the building safe? Isn't that so? And this is in every building

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so that people are safe. The fire of this world is dangerous. And the fire of the Hereafter is far far more dangerous. It's far more painful.

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What else clear hola hola Rasul and obey Allah and the messenger. Be obedient to Allah and the messenger, the reason for your failure, the reason for your defeat was what you dissipate the messenger Salallahu Salam in just one matter, and look at the consequences, disobeying the Messenger of Allah in one matter, and look at the consequences. Now imagine if we disobey Allah, in not just one matter, but in more matters than imagine the consequences. Imagine the failure imagine the suffering in this world and the hereafter will appear Hola Hola. Hola, sol, la isla come to her moon so that you are treated with mercy. obey Allah obey the messenger, so that Allah is merciful to you.

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So what does this show that when a person is obedient, then Allah is merciful to him and what does the Mercy of Allah mean? It means that a person will be successful, that a person will have Allah's help, that a person will have peace of mind will have contentment will have satisfaction, Allah will take care of his affairs. A person will be saved from hardship and if there is our trip, he will survive with the Mercy of Allah. So what uglier hola hola Rasul Allah Allah come to her Moon recitation.

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the law has

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to flip

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what up?

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Let me

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What else

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so the Mercy of Allah in this world means Allah's guidance, his help his protection, and in the Hereafter, what does that mean his forgiveness as well as Jana? Because when Allah created Jana, he said, Auntie Rama de You are My mercy or hameau became an ASHA I immersible through you on whomsoever I wish. So, obedience to Allah and his messenger leads one to one to Jana, la la come to her Moon meaning so that you may enter Jana

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was Sadie rue de la mer. Filati. Mira be calm, and hastened to forgiveness from your Lord. Hasten rush at the Battle of or hurt some believers. They left the HELOC and they rushed towards what the battlefield to collect the Donia

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to gain dunya Allah tells us instead of running towards the worldly things that are temporary,

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instead, what should you rush towards? Was Sadie rule 11 Well, Filati Mira become rush to forgiveness from your Lord. Now imagine the Muslims must have been feeling so guilty, especially when these verses are coming. You know, imagine if you do something wrong. And then somebody is talking about it, the mistake that you made.

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If we ever make a mistake, we don't want it to be mentioned. We don't want that people should even talk about it. People should even find out about it. Now imagine Allah is revealing verses about the mistake that some Muslims made at the Battle of Word, how embarrassing it must have been, how difficult it must have been for them. But look at the verse rush to forgiveness from your Lord. It's not too late. It's okay. Mistakes happen. You're a human being and you were prone to making mistakes. So what's the solution rushed to Allah seeking His forgiveness so that he will forgive you?

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And this is the beauty of our religion, that no matter what mistake a person has made, no matter what sin he has committed, if a person turns to Allah, seeking His forgiveness before the angel of death appears before him

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Then the doors of Toba, the doors of repentance are always open was Sadhguru Ilma Filati. Middle of become Sadhguru is from the letter seen Lorraine and Surah means to be quick to rush and the word Sadhguru. Notice it's not a city rule, all of you rush. Sad, you're old the Elif, this is from the verb form MUFA Allah in Arabic the verb forms which inshallah you will learn about more in grammar. So Mufasa, Allah, this indicates that there are more than one participants in the action. Okay, that there are more than one people involved in the verb in the action. So Sadhguru, what does this mean that only one person is listening is rushing no more than one person. And it kind of gives the

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meaning of competition, that all of you rush and compete with each other. It's like, if you see someone getting ahead of you, don't stay back, you rush forward to try to get ahead of them.

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And if you see them getting ahead of you, then you rush forward again, to get ahead of them. And this continues until a person passes away Sadhguru keep brushing, keep going forward. What does it show that if we see someone doing good, then we should just praise them and say, Oh, well, mashallah, how nice. I'm so happy for you. And then we just sit down and do nothing ourselves, is that Syrah? No. But isn't this what we typically do? If somebody is doing something good, we say, Oh, very nice. I'm so happy for you. I'm so glad that you're doing it.

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But we never think What about me? We say, yeah, they're doing it. Somebody's doing it. It's good for them. Me, you know, I have so many other things to do. It's okay. I do other good things. And, you know, besides not really a good person, this is the excuse that we give to ourselves, right? But what does Allah say, Sadie, oh, if someone is doing good, then that should encourage you to do good to.

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Either we become jealous, okay? Or what happens? We just don't even think of doing it ourselves. You know, doing good is only for other people. And it's not meant for us, we already righteous or we're already so bad. We have an assumption about ourselves that either I'm too good. So I don't need to do more good. Or I'm too bad. So even if I do good, it's not going to help me. Or what's the other way that typically we react, we become jealous if somebody is doing good. We become envious. And because of that hazard, we lose the good that we have done before even. But what's the right way? What should be done when you see someone doing good? You also do it? You also do it? If you see that

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someone's going to the mall. Your sister's going to the mall? What will you do? Yeah, go ahead. I'm so happy for you. Yeah, yeah, take all this money and go and shop and your mom give her more money in debt. Please take her and also pick her up so that she doesn't need to take the bus on the way back.

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What will you say? I want to go to?

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I'm going as well. Isn't that so? If your sister is going for a party you want to go to you don't want to stay back and miss out on the fun. So why is it that when it comes to good deeds, we say? Yes. She's wearing hijab, very good. She sprained her son. Excellent. She's studying the Quran. Very good. She's doing her lesson she's doing her assignment. Very good. Me. Now. That doesn't make sense.

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Allah says Sadie, oh, rush forward, rush forward. And it doesn't mean that if one person is doing good in the way of Allah, we have to stop them in order to get ahead know, the way of Allah is very spacious. It has room for everybody.

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The good deeds are too many, too many. There is enough plenty for everyone to perform. It's up to you how much you want to do. There is no limit. It's about how much you want to do. So what Sadhguru rush rush forward to what Elon Musk Filati mera become to forgiveness from your Lord. What is Mo Farah set through them what the jail was and who that when a sin is concealed by Allah. And Allah also forgives the person for it, meaning he does not hold him accountable. He does not punish him. He does not reprimand him, he does not make him suffer any kind of punishment for it. This is what mafia is that the sin is covered so that nobody finds out about it. It's only between the servant

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and Allah. And secondly, a person doesn't have to suffer any consequences for the sin that he committed. This is what forgiveness is. So rush towards what forgiveness. Now the question is how do we run to forgiveness

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Is it a place that we have to rush to like for example, the front of the masjid so, everybody rush? Yeah. Is it something tangible? No. How will you rush to forgiveness? That when a mistake happens, then we do not delay in seeking Allah's forgiveness.

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When we make a mistake than we do not delay in repentance rather on realizing immediately turning to Allah seeking His forgiveness and how is it that we can seek his forgiveness in two ways? First of all through is the fall. Okay, through is the fall. For example, a person says a stock Villa a stock below la hora beam and CO Lydon, Vanuatu in a a person says Allahumma fairly there are many of God in the Sunnah are which are four is the far correct. There are many call your book yeah constrain your book of doors, and that is a whole chapter on the doors for seeking forgiveness.

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So when a person says those occur, then he is seeking Allah's forgiveness. The more he says them, the more he is rushing to Allah's forgiveness. The Prophet saw a lot a sudden would seek forgiveness of Allah, how many times in a day, at least 100 times 70 to 100 times. And there are various occult that he would say throughout the day, seeking Allah's forgiveness in his record in his search there also what would he say Subhanak Allahumma behandling

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Allahumma Fridley Oh ALLAH forgive me.

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So, what? Sadhguru Illa Marathi. Likewise there are other God which if a person reads, then what's the reward? What's the benefit of that forgiveness of sins? For example, say you do is to

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write Allahumma Anthropy La ilaha illa and Halekulani. What an Arabic what an Isla de guerra de como esta tarde. Right. So this dua also is a means of is the saying these are gone regularly, regularly morning and evening before going to bed in Salah at the end of a match this at the end of the month is what do we say? Subhanak Allahu Morbihan. Nick the shadow Allah Illa illa Anta nurse del Fuuka Nesta Heruka. Right, we seek your forgiveness. So throughout the day seeking Allah's forgiveness, This is Sadie rule 11.

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But if a person keeps is too far only for the month of Ramadan, or only when he's sitting behind someone who is making dua, and they just as Amin, Amin, amin, is that Saudi Arabia, is that Saudi Arabia? No way that's not Saudi Arabia.

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Secondly, is the father has done by performing almost solely by performing good deeds, because good deeds, what do they do they erase bad deeds. In al Hassan ad, you hipness, say yes, indeed good deeds, they take away the bad deeds. And in particular, there are some actions which when a person performs, Allah wipes off his sins because of those good deeds. You know, that there are certain actions which if a person performs than what will happen, Allah will forgive his sins because of those good deeds. You know, in general, doing good is good. But there are certain deeds which if you do, the sins will be erased. You want to know what there?

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Yeah, should I bother telling you I should have been one. Okay, then you better do them.

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First of all, the five daily prayers, not for daily prayers, not three, not two, not one, five daily prayers and I mean daily.

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Not the five weekend prayers, or the five alternate day prayers, no, five daily prayers. They are what Mooka fill out live do know, they erase the sins of a person. Every time that we pray, the sins that we may have committed between now and the previous salah. Those sins are erased, you know that

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those sins are erased. When we commit sin, it's as though we are lighting fire for ourselves and when we pray Salah it says though, that Salah is extinguishing that fire. Throughout the day, Allah calls us pray, pray, pray, meet, meet your Lord, talk to him beg for his forgiveness, because salah is a means of forgiveness of sins. But if we are negligent when it comes to our prayers, then the sins will remain.

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They will remain

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One Jumeirah to the net

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IX Jumeau

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This is also a means of forgiveness of sins meaning when a person performs so that of Jumeirah. Okay the Friday prayers in the masjid behind the Imam listens to the football okay and then prayers with the Imam then all the sins that he may commit from that point onwards until the next Friday okay if he goes to pray Jumeirah Salah again the next Friday then those sins that were committed in the middle inshallah they do will be forgiven. Jumeirah Illa Jamara likewise Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan to Ramadan if a person has a good Ramadan you know at the beginning of Ramadan what happens? What happens? The angel calls out right? A caller calls out that oh one who is rushing and goodness speed

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up and the one who is rushing and evil slow down stop right and whoever finds Ramadan but does not have his sins forgiven then may he be destroyed. So Ramadan comes wise so that our sins are forgiven. Ramadan come so that our sins are forgiven. So if a person has fasted the month of Ramadan has prayed in the month of Ramadan, he found later to Qatar than insha Allah his sins are forgiven.

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And then next Ramadan, again if he has a good Ramadan, then the sins that were committed in the middle, they are forgiven. Okay. Likewise, there are certain fasts which if we fast, okay, and there are various about which we learned from the Hadith, which have a person fast and they are a means of forgiveness for the sins of the previous year, the following year, correct. So fasting, such fasts as well. Likewise, Rama to Ramadan, I'm Walter Umrah is also a means of forgiveness of sins that were committed in the middle. So if you went for Umrah 10 years ago, then start planning to go for the next, Inshallah, because Omura Turramurra is a means of forgiveness of sins, the sins that were

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committed in the middle, you know, it's like, you take a bath in the morning, but then what happens by the end of the day, you get dirty and stinky than what is necessary that you take a bath again. But if you say, no, no, I took a bath yesterday. I scrubbed myself I used shampoo, I brushed my teeth, you know, I really scrub myself, well, I should be good for a week

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to do that. Never. Never, we never do that.

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Then how is it that we can think that we had a really good Ramadan? Two years ago? So it's okay if this Ramadan is not that great.

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How is it that we can think yes, I prayed all five solids yesterday today, I won't bother praying all five will pray three. No way.

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So it's necessary that we keep washing ourselves, we keep cleaning ourselves, then you see, when you take a shower every day, right? You clean yourself. But then your feet sometimes need extra cleaning, which is why you go for a pedicure. Right? Likewise, sometimes your face needs extra cleaning, which is why you go for facial, right? So yes, on a regular basis maintaining good hygiene. Every day you brush your teeth, you clean your mouth, but then every six months you visit the dentist to make sure your teeth are clean. Why aren't you brushing your teeth every day? Who needs to go these people are just making money? Yeah. Why do you go? Why do you spend all that money

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to get your teeth cleaned, to make sure that your teeth are in good condition that if you were leaving something out, that is also taken care of. So likewise, daily prayers, yes, they are a means of seeking forgiveness. But these extra good deeds are Maura good Ramadan, Friday prayers, they are a means of earning more forgiveness. So don't think that you have five daily prayers if they're there, then you know why bother going for Allah? No, you need a good scrub every now and then you need extra cleaning every now and then. So give importance to such good deeds as well. Likewise, we learn in a hadith that if a person performs will do like the widow that the Prophet saw a lot isn't

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performed. Okay. And then he prays to raka Salah in which he does not speak to himself, but he only speaks to Allah, then this is a means of forgiveness of sins. There are many deeds which if a person does they are a means of forgiveness of sins. Allah says we're sorry rule in FIRA rush towards forgiveness mil have become from your Lord. What Jen nothing and paradise with Jana. I'll do her summer where two will have the John

00:35:00 --> 00:35:53

No, no, don't think of it as a garden of this world that rush towards that garden. No, it is such a Jana. It is such a garden whose width is as vast as big as the heavens and the earth combined. I'll do her. I'll just remind Rob law that all this the width of something. Now if the width of Jannah is as big as the heavens and the earth combined, then imagine the length of gender. Imagine the length of dinner because the width is always shorter, right? And even if the shape of donor is taken a circular because we don't know but if it's taken, if we suppose that it's not, you know, wide and long, it's not rectangular shaped, the width of any shape, any figure, what does that reflect its

00:35:53 --> 00:36:36

vastness, how vast it is how spacious it is, the Arabs, they will use the word or the Oba to show the vastness of something, the spaciousness of something. So Jannah is not a small place. It is not a place where you feel constricted, where you feel tight, where you just want to get out. No, it's as vast as the heavens and the earth and the heavens and the earth combined. This is just an example that Allah subhanaw taala is giving us it doesn't mean that it will be this heavens and earth. No, it is an example. But this is how vast it is. Have you ever been to, you know, a building or a house which is not that wide, in especially townhouses that they make these days? They're like long

00:36:37 --> 00:36:57

and tight. Right? So you enter the house and there's like a big hallway and a small room onto the side a small washroom onto the side you go upstairs, you have only a small living room and a kitchen and you go upstairs and then you have three rooms, or four rooms, whatever are two rooms. It's like levels and levels. But they're long and narrow.

00:36:58 --> 00:37:01

What happens you feel kind of tight.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:50

But alhamdulillah for the windows, that at least you can look out Alhamdulillah for the lighting and are handled for the high ceilings, you don't feel that tight. But if you are in a place such as this for too long, then what happens you feel constricted you want to get out. But if the place is vast and spacious, then you don't feel constricted. Jana is a place that is vast, spacious, it's up to you what you want to have over there. If you want to go there. Sadhguru Elon Musk filata millrock DICOM what Jana 10 or Blue has similar to well up to read that Linwood Turpin. It is prepared for who for those people who have the COA. Allah said earlier what duckula And fear Allah what the canal

00:37:50 --> 00:38:05

save yourself from the fire. So those who fear Allah, those who leave haram, those who saved themselves from the fire, then where will they go to Jana? Now notice there are two things mentioned over here. Ma Farah and Jana

00:38:06 --> 00:38:53

Marfil. When a person gets muffled, then he is saved from what the hellfire and when a person gets Jana, then he acquires that witchy desires and this is true success. Remember the definition of success, that a person is saved from, what he does not want what he dislikes, and he acquires what He desires. This is success. So when a person gets mouthful, then he can enter Jannah and this is true success. But this is for who for those who have Taqwa. So what's the lesson in this ayah for us, that we should not delay in seeking forgiveness, in doing good. Rather, we should rush towards such deeds so that we can enter Jannah

00:38:54 --> 00:38:57

because there is no other way of success.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:20

The only way is that a person makes it to Jannah. And for that, don't delay in seeking forgiveness. Don't delay in saying Oh Allah, I'm sorry. Don't delay in saying Oh Allah, I will obey you I am your servant and only your servant. Because then a person can get to him.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:38

Or her these warns us the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, hastened to do good deeds before you become busy, hastened to do good deeds before you become busy. We always make this excuse. I'm so busy. I'm so busy. I'm so busy.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

Later, I'll do this later. I'll do this but later never comes. Because with each day, you increase in your busyness Isn't that so? Like, for example, if a girl is pregnant, she says, You know, when I have my baby, then I'll think about doing something. And her pregnancy is like on her head all the time. She feels as if she's sick and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:17

She's ill as if she's diseased, you know, people take pregnancy as a disease. It's not a disease, okay? It's just a state of your body, which is temporary, and very soon it will be over accepted, embrace it, enjoy it. But what do people say, when I've had birth and I will do something.

00:40:18 --> 00:40:56

And then they have one baby. And that baby seems like a huge mountain to them. Right? That every day, they're just lost with the baby. They're busy with the baby, they're so preoccupied. They cannot think of anything else. But then what happens there comes the next child, and then the next child, and then the next child. And then people who are having their first baby, they say, enjoy your time. You know, you can do it right now. Don't delay, just do that. I was talking to a friend of mine. And I was asking her about what she was doing these days. And she said, Well, I have to complete my degree still. And mashallah, she has three children right now. And between her first and

00:40:56 --> 00:41:08

second child, there was a long gap. I said, Why didn't you do it before? She said, Well, I thought I was so busy with my one kid, that I didn't think I could do it. But now I feel I could have done it.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:24

Because with three, I'm thinking of going back, I know I have to complete it. So I am gonna go back with three kids. Now, it would have been easier if I did it with one kid. This is what we do all our lives. We say I'm too young.

00:41:25 --> 00:41:31

And then we say I'm busy. And then we say I'm busy. I'm busy. And then we say I'm too old.

00:41:32 --> 00:41:46

When it comes to having fun when it comes to going to the mall when it comes to you know, talking and sitting on the computer and watching the movie or something like that, are we busy? Never. Are we old? No. Are we sick? No.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:55

We are young. Right? We have the energy we have the strength, we feel so alive.

00:41:56 --> 00:42:16

But when it comes to doing good Shavon makes us feel lazy. So Sadhguru hasten the Prophet sallallahu sallam said he is said to do good deeds before you become busy. I said, are you waiting for such poverty, which will make you unmindful of devotion? Right now you have money?

00:42:17 --> 00:42:49

Are you waiting for such poverty, which will make you unmindful of devotion meaning you'll be so preoccupied with your poverty, with just fulfilling your basic needs that you won't be able to think of anything else? Whatever our financial status is, we keep thinking, we have less money, I have to be very careful with my spending, I have bills to pay I have this to do I have to save money What if tomorrow such and such happens? We keep saving. We keep you know holding back from doing good. But you never know tomorrow, you might be in a much worse situation.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:32

So don't wait for such poverty that will make you unmindful of devotion, or such prosperity, which will make you corrupt or such disease which will disable you or such old age which will make you mentally unstable, or sudden death or did the gel who is the worst apprehended sign of the hour? Or are you waiting for the hour that will be the most grievous and bitter. This reported in a dignity. So when we know that we're going back to Allah, then don't delay in seeking forgiveness. When we know that there is a hereafter then don't delay in earning highest status in Jannah

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