Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 039D Tafsir Al-Baqarah Reflections

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The virtual party introduces a student program and a student named Mo operational who tests their reflection. The speaker discusses various topics including a proposal to reward people for their interest in the internet, a study on the internet's potential for harm, and a return to normal life with a big backyard and barbecues. The holy month is highlighted as a way to encourage people to ask questions and fast before returning to normal life. The video of a holy month is also mentioned as a way to encourage people to ask questions and fast before returning to normal life.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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You don't sound happy, masha Allah you have completed certain Baqarah they are happy they're just tired. So make them stand up. Yeah, exactly. Just and hug each other. Yeah.

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We can all sit down instead of program Shala

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rubbish rashly Saturday wire Sidley, Emery, Washington. Data Melissa Annie of the hookah Holly. Robin se Denine. Ma'am. I would like to welcome you all to this program today. And also the students on online as well. Actually, I had prepared this hadith but already Samia she gave it to us. But still, I think I'm going to read to you as well.

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Even recorded that Abu Omar Alba Haley said that he had the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, read the Quran because it will intercede on behalf of its people on the Day of Resurrection. Read the two lights Al Baqarah and Al Imran because they will come in the shape of two clouds, two shades, two lines of birds on the Day of Resurrection and they will argue on behalf of their people on that day. Subhanallah So alhamdulillah you have recited the surah since we started this course, masha Allah also you did what to our translation and also tafsir So I pray that Allah subhanaw taala grant you to fig to implement what you have learnt and also share this treasure with

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To start our program, I'm going to call it a Saba Sharif, masha Allah she worked with a group of students to present a ski to us and she wrote this kit herself as well.

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As salam Wa alaykum.

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We have prepared a skit based on the two verses of Surah Baqarah verse 262 on Manawa Aza not reminding favours of harming others. And the other words is verse 109. Regarding FIFO As for who that is to forgive and to overlook, the participants are now Manal Maleeha Samira. Robbie excetera jus Aquila, Slava.

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Meriam yes mean Aisha and Isma Hannah are high school students and are discussing about an upcoming Eid party that their friend Rihanna has invited them to their friends Tamiya is also with them

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guess who just got him ready for the biggest eat party of the year? It's me. Oh my god. That's amazing. Guys. I heard there's gonna be a chocolate fountain. Do you guys so you're gonna wear Oh my god. I don't know. What's wrong. So Maria, aren't you invited? No, I wasn't invited. I don't understand why though. I mean, I've done so much around on her family. I've given her bus tickets whenever she's needed it I've even helped her with her math homework, especially algebra. You know, I even bought her food one time on a trip when she forgot her lunch. So I don't understand why

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Mina shape on you're watching me Smith.

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levena you

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visa vie.

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Spear on

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Judo Mariano it'll be him. Hello everyone Riley Mala then

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when it comes to love Did you hear biology was so easy wasn't it? Yeah, it was. So did you invite to my at your eat party? Excuse me? No way. Am I inviting her she embarrasses me. She's constantly reminding people of the favorites and good things she does. Blah blah blah. Who cares? I don't like her wine. It's not probably from listen tonight. Excuse others. Well, even though she was your friend and she didn't do nice stuff, yet, but still she's so desperate for attention. Why on earth should excuse her? No cheer up. You know Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah Bani Israel harasser Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he forgave them and he overlooked their mistakes you should do

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the same if you forgive others faults that Allah forgive us and our Day of Judgment Subhan Allah I didn't know that. Was that really written in the Quran? Yeah, I think I should apologize to my

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family go

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What's the yeah what's wrong? Why are you so upset? I still haven't been invited to refinance eat party. I don't understand. I've been nice chair since forever. What's going on? Calm down. So my Yeah, you have been really nice to Rihanna. And that's good for you. But you know what? You have to stop bragging about it all around.

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Why not? It's my deeds I have every right to boast about it. No, you don't. You should have a class and our intentions whatever we should do, we should do it for the sake of Allah, but for the sake of people and you know what Allah says, Do Ehsaan on other people and do good deeds the utmost good deeds even if someone don't invite us to the parties under talk to us, we shouldn't just like be rude to them we should continue with a nice behavior like Allah commandez And so my Yeah, I have to tell you something really important. You know what Allah says in Quran he says that if the person who do good deeds and keep reminding other people of it and hurting them you know all the reward the

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good deeds is lost.

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Really? Oh my God, I didn't know that. May Allah forgive me

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what the giffy

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below here with Donna

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birdie. Amen. ecom gopher or herself.

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We'll see.

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Birdie mad eBay and Ella homeowner how fair or fu was for her her deal law will be Amin. In Allah Allah cliche, buddy.

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Are you excited for the party? Who else did you invite? The party is going to be amazing. I invited all my friends.

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Guys, guess what? Tomorrow is? Friday.

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Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't invite you and I ignored you this whole time. Maybe you should come to my party. Please, please forgive me.

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I forgive you. But I'm really sorry as well. I really shouldn't have been reminded you Will you forgive me? Forgive her.

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I forgive you don't worry. And you're more than welcome to come to my party. It's going to be even more amazing now that you're coming

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some, like

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sister show her remember last time when I asked the students a bunch of questions and they passed the test with flying colors. So I have some harder questions this time. Really to last time it was just just one this is just one two and part of just three. So it's a lot of a lot of material to cover. Okay, first question. What is the root and meaning of moobot? Tellico?

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The root word is Barlaam wall ad. It means what certainly what who's gonna test you? Okay, it's one who tests you all? There's no certainly but close enough

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so you did pretty well in that question. I have another question. This one's a little harder. I need you to recite any two drawers from Sir to

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Tina doing your husband

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your husband Adam. Hi there

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Rob benna three RLA now slob a little bit awkward am Anna Wales

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oh me again. At my shot. That was excellent. Okay, I will come back with more questions.

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And Hamdulillah I knew they'll make it. Now. I'm going to call a student mashallah, first of all we thank most of you Mashallah. All of you. You gave a good reflections as well as online students Masha Allah, may Allah reward you, but because of time we selected only few students. So I'm going to call now, sister, Moon as a person to share her reflection with us.

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Bismillah he was salatu wa salam ala Rasulillah assalamu Alikum everyone. The reflection that I shared with the sister Simon everyone else was Surah Baqarah ir 186 which goes something like this or the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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were either Salah Are you bad knee for in knee urllib O G Buddha what the diary either

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Failure study booty, what do you mean to be there? I left home Yoshu do I want to start with a scenario? For example. You're at school or you're aware of work and you had a really bad day and you really want to rent it out to someone and you go home and you want to share it with someone and you call up your very best friend. And before you could even greet

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Her or say salaam to her, you're just breathing on the phone. And the moment you start breathing, she exactly knows what's going through your mind. Now, isn't that a very beautiful thing that you share with some friends or some people in your life, it could be your parents, teachers, mentors, son, daughters, whoever it is. And these people are a blessing of Allah.

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I myself, love this kind of relationship with people, I will literally surround myself with those people. Since I remember a long time ago, I was doing that. I will love those people, because they understood me the way I wanted them to understand me, I would love those people. Because even without seeing me anything, they would still understand me. And that can going on and on. And I love them dearly. I would call them my best friends. I would text them, call them message them the whole deal. And few months or years passed by and then I realized, like, I think I started getting more inclined towards Islam. And I was talking to my neighbor one day, and I said, You know what, if I

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feel like, I feel like just text messaging Allah, it was a very immature in your statement to say, but I think at that point, I was too immature. And I couldn't really understand my equation with Allah. Like I felt, if I would text message him, I would warn more well with him. And I thought, okay, if I text message him, I do it to all my loved ones, probably he would get my message better, I would be able to communicate with him. But little did I realize at that point that Allah smart Allah doesn't need a medium to communicate with him. He gave us our hearts. And that's the source in the medium that all he needs. And he created them. Okay, so a couple of years passed again, and I

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was listening to a lecture somewhere, and the word appeared, someone said, hola is buddy.

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And that's when it hit home the first time, Allah is near. So when when I was reciting this words, this hit me the most. So whenever the slave asked about me, whenever my slave asked you about me, I'm near. Allah is near, he was always near with his knowledge. We couldn't see it.

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Why was a judgment and intellect so much clouded by everything else, because our judgment was clouded by garbage music and unbeneficial knowledge and love of dunya. And if you take it apart, and you start looking at the real picture, he is near.

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And if my biggest need always was people to acknowledge me to affirm my emotions and thoughts, then who knew me better than that? Who knew me better than all my best friends. And if my biggest need was that I would only love people, if they know me, if I express myself, and only then they understand me, then without expressing who knows me, who knows me inside out. And even when I'm not talking to him, he still is listening.

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And if all that is true about Allah, then who deserves my love, my friendship, my hola my devotion, my worship my obedience. It's only Allah. And that's when I realized that my equation of Allah should have been this, but I couldn't see it. Allah is near. But he doesn't stop there. He says he would bury is that whenever the caller calls me, I would respond to a skull. Give me one friend or one being in your life that would respond to you, no matter what happens. What did that person be restricted by time by his mood swings or her mood swings by death or sickness?

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The Lord of the worlds the king of the world is telling you, I'm available to you 24/7. Just talk to me. He's there to take our call.

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Are we willing to call him

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and this is what probably real hola is when we tucked away stated about Ibrahim alayhi salam and his relationship with Allah. He was Allah's best friend. And a part of me made me think, Oh, can I be a less best friend? And then the next part said, Oh, you can really deserve that honor. But this words basically affirms my thoughts in my opinion that if I ask Allah and only Allah, He will give it to me. What am I asking him? Am I looking for him? All he wants us off us is to talk back to him.

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So this is my take home message for everybody and for myself first. Just talk to Allah. He's the source of all good. So he can give us that sacrifice that level that Ibrahim alayhi salam achieved, just talk to him. Make dua to him to let him be your best friend Sokolov.

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Sound like him got more questions here. This one's kind of an easy one. So I'm kind of going to giving it away here. What is the singular of sada clot?

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Okay, what does shaytaan threaten us with and what does Allah promise us?

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threatens us with poverty. And Allah promises Jenna.

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for Elsa, so what is the root and what is the meaning?

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Then it reaches him and

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she said then it reaches him that close is it slightly off maybe.

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Okay, so it's past tense that it reached him

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no cold system I'm gonna follow your passion. Cinema cinammon equal more labor character Bismillah a salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah first of all, I thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for bringing me to study his book for having chosen me, for amongst so many people out there to guide me. I was wandering blindly in my life as I read the English translation of the Quran, and was not obtaining any spiritual satisfaction that I'm feeling now. I feel rejuvenated, like I was dead. Now I have come to life. I also like to thank the people who made this course possible for all of us here. The receptionist, the management, the cashier, the GI and sister timea. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala reward all of you abundantly for shining the light of the Quran in my heart and bringing my soul to life. My reflection of Surah Al Baqarah I wouldn't be law him in a shaytani regime. Were Assa and Takara who che were who are Hyrule Lacan, rasa Taheebo che? Well who are shadow Lacan. Wala who Yeah, Allah wa Anton la Tana moon.

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Perhaps you hate to think, and it is good for you. And perhaps you love I think it is bad for you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, while you're not no Surah Baqarah part of it to 16 it is extremely hard to choose one I have this amazing surah and it's like a treasure in a golden box that is hidden somewhere. And every week, I'm allowed to check something with me. That includes a warning or a hope head or paradise, showing me edit the right way. Try me either to be a moment, or I'm gonna guide a person or a misguided person. Every Friday evening. I'm so exhausted from work.

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And I say to myself, I won't be able to attend tomorrow. But morning comes and I feel so refreshing. And I know if I don't attend, I will get the treasure and late and I'm eager to be there to be able to collect my share of the treasure with my fellow classmates. All the verses in the Quran are amazing. And it leaves you speechless. I chose this verse to 16 Because after studying this verse, Now I'm satisfied with whatever comes my way. It is Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows what is best, it is very difficult. But with Allah subhanho wa Taala is help Nothing is difficult. Now I understand that. What I think is good for me might be bad. And what I think is bad for me might be

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good. My capacity to comprehend these things is very little when compared to what Allah has well for me, and Hamdulillah I used to read the English translation of the Quran, but I realized I did not understand anything at all. Since coming here every week I learned something new. When I feel like crying out loud. Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala thank you for choosing me to be here. Now I'm looking forward to unveiling what the treasure that might be hidden in the coming sores and I wish it will go on for the rest of my life. This study has brought out a new person in me that has awoken upon the alliance in God Allah has to tell his slave of his Alhamdulillah salaam aleikum.

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Mashallah, that was a great reflection itself was good although we're a little bit behind on time. There is a group of students mashallah they work together. I hope they'll speed up their play, and you want to leave them out especially because they use the time span to practice only for today. So if today you can call your group mashallah and study the playfulness.

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Alright, so we're doing a skit on the verses that we recently learned about on Riba and interest, and this is going to present a conversation that might happen in your dinner table. And I know it happened in mind part of it, you'll find out how it relates.

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So I'm DECA Simone. She's just setting up the table and she has special afford beautiful daughters. And they just came home from school. Okay.

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You know, Mom, I still haven't applied to university. The deadline is coming soon. You know, my future is on the line. We expect me to do more. All my friends have applied

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And I'm the only one left I need to apply for university and loan tomorrow. Forget about that. Have you seen the condition of this house? It's ridiculous. Not to mention embarrassing. I can never have any parties at my house like Sofia and Rubia do. And it would be great if we could have a huge backyard. And where we could have barbecues as well. I mean, can't we just move into a regular house like everyone else?

00:20:24 --> 00:20:29

Yeah, I want a big backyard. And I'm cool with it, where I could plead with my toys and have fun, please, Mommy?

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Yeah, basically, like we could have like a greater house if we could just like get a mortgage.

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How exactly do you guys get paid on getting all this money? This is a huge amount we're talking here. Hello. It's called a student loan and a mortgage? Yeah. What they said, was taking money on credit that involves interest. Do you have any idea what law says about interest in the Quran? No interest.

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I remember my teacher telling me that interest is every loan that brings a profit including student loans and mortgages. The loan is given to you so that the person giving the loan will not only expect the principal amount, but also an extra amount as well. So what's wrong with that? I mean, everyone takes these loans and look at them, they're living a good life. Yeah, why can't we just do something like that? It's haram. Allah has said that those who take or use riba will not be able to stand in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment, except like Mad Men, they will have snakes in their bellies and are cursed by along as well. Those who are involved in interest in any way, no matter

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how big or small. The amount is, these people are in war with a lion his resource alone, he was gonna read it for yourself.

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Somehow, I guess you're right. But how should I go to school though?

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Well, you know, there are many options. You can also take a loan from an Islamic Foundation, which does not charge interest. So that means we can't move into a better house and Sharla in the future, we'll move but for now, just be grateful for what you have. A lot will give us a HELOC means and we will make that but But what about my swimming pool and backyard? There is a better swimming pool and backyard waiting for you in general. Just be patient with Allah and be obedient.

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Okay, one last quick question. Can anybody name the four sacred months?

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Muharram Rajab, the lcada in the Hijjah

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Bismillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, Assalamu alaikum. Everyone. I just wanted first of all, to request you to make dua for all of us that despite the fact that it's a huge blessing from Allah that we were chosen. It's a huge test to so please make the offers that Allah purifies our intentions and accepts our efforts. Apart from that, I just wanted to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the video. The video was definitely inspired by prayer, the primary source was to shoot me a stock and what she made us all think that was the concept of getting people to think and getting people to question, different beliefs and different sorts of beliefs. I was talking to one

00:23:12 --> 00:23:50

of the youth who was born and raised here, and he was trying to defend the concept of he was a practicing Muslim. But if you still trying to defend the concept of Halloween, and how he should have been celebrating, it is fair to him Let him but he was saying that he felt all his life he felt left out on Christmas holidays on Easter on Halloween. All he could do was trick or treating. He couldn't dress up. And he felt that as long as one of the things like these practices are harmless. People should be allowed to do it, especially children. If it's taking it away would cause distress to children then we shouldn't probably take it away. And he was trying to defend it through Islamic

00:23:50 --> 00:24:19

laws that oh, it's not directly written in Quran and Sunnah. That Halloween is haram. So I what made us think further was that it's not about laws that probably people are really worried about. What people really want to know, is why they're doing it. So how the whole video and its efforts is to prompt people to question why are they doing it and what are they doing? Exactly? Okay, please share this video. The name is Halloween and Al Hakim does that go ahead? It's up on YouTube.

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So I like Morocco. barakatu.

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My sister and I have done with a dual hija Dara activity. We have done a brochure and a blog. For the brochure, we divided ourselves and we headed out to our friends, family in our school. And the most exciting place was like doing our school because we had like, like a discussion in our cafeteria. And there's like other people who are walking by and heard us like talking about it. So they just stood there and like listen to what we had to say mashallah, we had like positive feedback. And we also had other people like us

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Same questions. So We answered them and clarified any doubt. All our Muslim friends had like they all fasted on the 10 days, if not the Yo, Marfa. And this is what our paffett look like, after we were done with it.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:18

So we just talked about what is

00:25:19 --> 00:26:08

the benefits of dual hedger, what is like your offer and what you can do on 10 days of Tunisia. And I'm gonna pass on to my sister who will talk about the blog. So I can recommend able to catch you. So for our blog, we gave her title Welcome to hija. And as you can see, it has, it's in big letters and bold, because we wanted to capture the viewers attention. And also, for a blog, you should have a big title. And also, for the number of views we have was 30. And it's worldwide and it's mostly in North America that you did and some in the States. And also that, for the comments we got all of them actually were positive and some needed clarification. Shall we gave them clarifications about

00:26:08 --> 00:26:20

what was the age because some of them were non Muslims. And also, it was a very unique way of spreading the Dawa. And, in conclusion, I want to thank Allah subhanaw taala for giving us this opportunity to spread the message

00:26:21 --> 00:26:24

to sister Alberto, can you come please?

00:26:27 --> 00:27:00

I benefited from this activity a lot because my teacher at school is one of us. Students share about our culture and religion. So whenever there's like a holiday coming up, then she wants us to share about it. So on the ninth of the hijab, most of my Muslim classmates and I were fasting, so my teacher wanted us to share why we do this and the point of it, a lot of the people who were fasting had no idea why they were, but I wanted to share this holy month or hijo. With my whole class, everyone is eager to listen because it was cool and different. I started off by explaining our difference in months, I explained that Islamically we followed the moon which is called the lunar

00:27:00 --> 00:27:36

months and commonly we follow the sun. A question came up of why we think months are holy, and which months are they I give an example of the month or hedger because it is a time pilgrims go to Saudi Arabia and worship God and seek forgiveness, they do big rituals. I explained that fasting on the ninth of these 10 days is very good because it erases sin and gives us blessings. The following days eight this was a big one is called either either it is the time we offer a sacrifice. Another question came up it was asked why we sacrifice the animals. My friend join in saying this sacrifice happens for a reason. We sacrifice any cattle animal and distributed amongst the poor who can afford

00:27:36 --> 00:27:50

it. So the PowerPoint that was shared with us was very beneficial for me because I got some new knowledge about this month, which I never knew before. And I was able to tell my whole class about it. And since my class is mostly Muslim, they got brief explanations about how to maximize their deeds.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:30

I'm gonna call the three students most students mashallah they wrote the notes very well. And they're from a group Samaya one of them system refiere Massoud groups, groups are here. And then backstab Naveed, and Heidi IJA from group new cyber Heidi JJ from group no cyber also we have prizes for students who have been attending classes since we started mashallah either they missed a few days and they are center Raisa Zainab sassy say my Shaheed she has either if the car Marina Zizi Maha khatiwada Houma Mirage is less Mohamed Satyam Hamid

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he'll have no midsommer

00:28:37 --> 00:28:37


00:28:39 --> 00:28:43

me, well, I want to keep

00:28:51 --> 00:28:54

hankie clean

00:28:59 --> 00:28:59


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Online students our thoughts are with you as well may Allah reward you for your effort and no mashallah, however, different students have been doing very well although we cannot give any prizes but what was with you, and now I'd call upon system Roush the heck.

00:30:41 --> 00:30:57

She has been one of the teachers here during the weekdays. And all she did tell him Quran and she's been teaching different subjects as well. She has fewness here for us and I welcome her as an American, we're over time so I won't take too much of your overtime.

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Marsha, Lama Brooke on completing Surah Baqarah the largest surah in the Quran, not 300 verses not 250 verses but 286. If you bought something that was $286, and you told somebody you would say it's about $300 or it was over $250 But Allah subhanaw taala didn't around. He said what he had to say in 286 verses and I was thinking, when you have a difficult task or a large task ahead of you would have they say chunk it and some people say start with the easiest or the smallest. And some people say no tackle the biggest, scariest thing and get it out of the way. Allah subhanaw taala started with Surah Fatiha easy, beautiful, deep and followed it with Surah Baqarah. The largest one and

00:31:51 --> 00:32:03

started very gently right? What is surah? Baqarah? An answer to your da guidance. You want guidance? Okay, come here it is. Have you ever read a journal article or business report? What's at the beginning?

00:32:04 --> 00:32:37

It's called the abstract. Right. And it has the gist of the report. Does it replace reading the report? No, but it tells you is this report worth reading for you or not? Does this have the information you need? Or not? What is the basic point? It doesn't cover everything you need to read the rest of it. But it lays it out for you. Some of you might have done some personal development courses or life coach training there's something called the life wheel does anyone know what the life wheel

00:32:38 --> 00:32:47

eight slices right religion health, career social finances, spouse family emotions, Allah talks about them all.

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In surah baqarah the five pillars are mentioned straight call to worship him as mentioned DA is mentioned Quran is mentioned right your health is mentioned eat halal and the hip your career is mentioned your business transactions are mentioned that Abba transactions with Allah debt what to do social interactions are mentioned kind speech and charity are better than mine and other finances are mentioned how to deal with the money of orphans how to loan money to Allah subhanaw taala inheritance, marriage as mentioned divorces mentioned family as mentioned to be good to your parents and others like the instruction given to Benissa you

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emotions are mentioned

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in the last is What does Allah tell you? No soul is burdened beyond their capacity. If any other friend family member told you that it would be a source of comfort. So Allah telling you is a source of infinite comfort. Because no one knows what you're going through better than Allah. Only Allah knows and imams are here wherever he wants said the Quran is my life coach.

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And I thought how beautiful the Quran is the guidance for mankind and he's saying that's what I need to carry me through my journey. So my request to you minus he heard to you is nobody should go home and say we finished Surah Al Baqarah

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you should go home and say Alhamdulillah we finished surah baqarah and now we can start Surah Ali Imran Don't end your journey. This is a milestone it's a beautiful milestone. Make dua to Allah subhanaw taala thank Allah subhanaw taala implement what you've learned and continue your gratitude by coming on time next week or sutra. Ali Imran as Allah subhanaw taala has enabled you to complete Surah Al Baqarah may you complete the entire Quran and then may you start over and then may you study Hadith and then may you continue to implement for all of your days. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you all and I'm wondering what what the why.

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So shall I see you next week ready for Saturday Imran

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sun circle

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