Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 029A Translation Al-Baqarah 215-220

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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wouldn't want to suddenly or a lot of Sunil Karim? Allah bad Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Corbishley Saudi were Sidley Emery. Wilderotter melissani of Kahu Kohli probenecid and our in math

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lesson number 29. Surah Al Baqarah. Is Number 215 to 220. TRANSLATION Yes. Aluna aka they ask you, Mother, what is that? You and for your corn they should spend to say ma whatever. And faculty them you spent men from hiring any good fall ill Wiley Daini. So for the two parents will occur Robina and the close relatives one year timer and the orphans while Messiah kini and the ones needy. Wha and even son a severely the way Robin is severely and the traveler warmer and whatever, therefore I do you all do men from hiring any good for inner then indeed. Allah Allah be with it. Or the moon. Always all knowing.

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Good evening, it was ordained. It was written on a calm upon you all Elzbieta Lu the fighting war who were while it Goodman is disliked Lacan Do you? Why sir, and perhaps on that the crow who you all dislike che N A thing Wahiawa while it Chiron is good luck on for you. Why, sir, and perhaps on that, too. Hey boo. You are Love. Che and I think Wahiawa while eight Chevron is evil, law calm for you. Wallah who? And Allah Ya Allah. He knows what Anton and you all laugh not dollar moon you all know? Yes Aluna can they ask you? I'm about a chef at the month. I'll Harami the sacred Peterlin fighting fee he it

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to say Peter alone fighting fee in it. cabbie Iran is great wellsite done and to stop to hinder us from severely way Allah He of Allah walk off from and this belief, be with him while must do and the Masjid Al Haram the Sacred. What if Raju and expelling as li of its residents, men who from it Akbar who is greater in the mere Allah Allah while fitna two and the persecution a couple is greater men than el kotli the killing wala and not yours lunar bases you caught the unicorn they fight you had the until your will do come they turn you back on from the nickel your religion in if is the thought who they were capable woman and whoever yelled at it. He turns back men come from you on from Dini

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he his religion failure mode then he dies Wahiawa while he gets your own a disbeliever for hola ICA so those have you heard it was wasted among their deeds, fee in a dunya the world will earn euro and the hereafter what will occur and those of how our companions a naughty of the fire home they fee her in it highly don't want to abide eternally

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in indeed Alladhina those who Aman who they believed one Medina and those who had your room they migrated what your Hadoo and they stroll fee in severely way Allah He of Allah. Allah acre those your June they hope they expect Rajmata mercy, Allah He of Allah, Allah who are

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And Allah, Allah for whom most forgiving or Haman most merciful yes Aluna can they ask you on about a hungry the wine while may say and the gambling

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say fee humor in them too is Moon a sin kelbyone Great. Well my nephew and benefits li Nursey for the people what if Mahoma and sin of them to ACBL is greater mean then neverI humor benefit of them to

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Why is Aluna and they ask you, Mother, what is that? You and your cone they should spend call say L R for the extra be excess, the surplus Parabolica thus, Yuba, you know, he explains clearly, Allahu Allah Lacan for you, Li et the vs. La Isla calm so that you that have a karoun you all reflect

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fi in a dunya the world will akhira and the hereafter

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Why is a Luna and they ask you and about Elliot Emma the orphans cool say is Latin reformation LA home for them hi Iran is better while in an IF to call you to whom you are mingle with them for a while no calm so they are your brothers will law who and Allah yeah animal he knows I'll move cedar the corruptor men from a mostly the meander. wallow and F shirt he willed. Allahu Allah let our Netta come surely he put you in difficulty

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surely he will put you in hardship in Allah indeed Allah Aziz on always Almighty hacky one always always

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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law heavy

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Gucci bag early

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on was

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the crochet oh who

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to him bougie oh who was shot

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one long way

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yes Runa garnish shot on me.

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He will look into V Gabby was to

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be one minus T

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one minus g

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one v 2x.

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Dini come in is

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Dini heat I am otusa who works

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ICA Have you thought

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else have

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we have already

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said savvy

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who do not have math or law

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or lawful little more he Yes. Luna

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will be Hema

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why is Canada

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on La Hola, como de la

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ys, Lu like it

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My wife to

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Allahu Allah.

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Allah law has his own psyche