Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 026A Translation Al-Baqarah 189-196

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses potential deaths and violence in a group of characters, including a woman named Aluna and a man named Moher. They also talk about the use of animals and booster gear, as well as a woman named Jessa and her fear of Islam. They mention various events and people, including a charity and visa expiration, and express fear of Islam.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to suddenly out of Sunil Karim Amma beret for Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Corbishley Saudi were Sidley, Emery. Hello. Letter melissani of coho Cody Robinson are in

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lesson number 26 Surah Baqarah is number 189 to 196. TRANSLATION yes Aluna aka they asked you on about a healer, the crescents, the new moons.

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Say, here it mo RP to means to reckon time. Lee Nursey for the people

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will hedge and the hedge annual pilgrimage

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well ASA and it is not lb rue the righteousness be an at all that or definitely that. That do you all come elbow youth to the homes, the houses men from Laurie hair, its backs

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what I can but I'll be over the righteousness man is in who? In the car. He adopted the car. He feared Allah

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What do and you all come I'll boo you to the houses men from Abu Dhabi where its doors. What the Who? And you will fear Allah Allah Allah La La como so that you to flee Hoon, you all are successful, you will achieve success. What call Tillu and you will fight fie in severely way Allah He of Allah and Medina those who you caught the Luna comb, they fight you wander and do not that do you all transgress you will exceed limits in indeed Hola Hola. Hola, la not you hibel He loves el mortared in those who cross limits.

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Walk to loom and you all kill them. Hazel wherever or were safe to move home. You all found them will read you and you will expel them. Men from Hazel were 100 You come they expelled you.

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What n l fitna the fitna the persecution a shed to you is more severe, is more intense men than from a cuddly the killing

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one and do not to car to whom you all fight them in the near. l must add the Masjid Al Haram the Sacred Hatter until you caught the LUCAM they fight you on fee in it for him than if PATA LUCAM they fight you all talk to whom, then you all kill them. Gallica likewise thus Jessa who is recompense l Catherine of those who disbelieve

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for in then if in the HoH they stopped, they seized for in. So indeed, Allah Allah have a full room most forgiving for human or resolve merciful or Especially Merciful.

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War and party to whom you all fight them hotter until law, not the corner. It is fitna tune any fitna any persecution way Hakuna and it is a dino the religion lillahi for Allah.

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For in then if in the HoH they stopped further. So not only one any hostility, any transgression in there except Allah against a volley mean those who do wrong. Those who are unjust.

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A show who the month held her on the sacred be sharing with the month before the month. Al haram this

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Sacred what and, and how to merge two meanings first of all prohibitions. Secondly sanctities or sacred things.

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There's also an Arca sauce just retribution

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for men. So whoever, here Tada he transgressed alaykum against you all further ado, then you all transgress I lay up against him Vinitaly with like, ma that year Tada he transgressed, or they come against you all.

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What the cool and you all fear, Allah Allah, what the mu and you all know, and that indeed, Allah, Allah Ma is with a Moute again those who adopt the core

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what end and FICO you all spend fi in Serbia the way Allah He of Allah

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wa ala and do not to you will throw the ad come with your hands either towards attack Luca the destruction.

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What? And I see no, you all do Ersan do utmost good in indeed Allah Allah, you have boo he loves el merci Nene, those who do airson Those who do utmost good. What a T mu and you all complete alhaja the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage, well Urmila and the umbra, the minor pilgrimage, Lila heat for Allah

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for in then if sleep to you all were prevented, firmer than whichever is stay sir. It was easily available. Men from Al Hadi the offering the sacrificial animal

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one and do not definitely go you will shave Rosa comb your heads head there until your will over it reaches l head you the offering the sacrificial animal Mahela who its place or its destination famine. So whoever can he was men come from among you on Maria been in Oh or b He with him? And then any ailment. Then any ailment. Men from ROTC he his head for failure tune. Then if you hear a ransom a compensation

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men from so Yemen fasting Oh or soda cuttin a sadhaka a charity? Oh or nusach a sacrifice for either than when I mean don't you all were secure from then whoever the MATA he took advantage. He took benefit Bill Urmila team with the umbra. Isla Do or do they had the hedge firmer. So whatever is stay sir, it was easily available men from Al Hadi the offering the sacrificial animal

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for men so whoever lamb did not get it, he finds. Firstly I will then fasting selesa 33 A Yemen days fee in Alhaji the Hajj Well, En Sabah seven, either when Raja tomb you will return

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Tilka that I shall return 10 km Kameelah complete, or altogether

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valleca That Lehman for who? lum not yakun he is a who who his family have led ones who are present. I must add the Masjid Al haram, the sacred

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what the cool and you all fear Allah Allah where Allah mu and you all know and that indeed, Allah Allah surely do is most severe, alert record in the retribution

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that listen to the recitation of these verses.

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He's on here my wealthy tolling nurse

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while I used to go

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one dump or what tool whoo

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whoo what Terkel law had to

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work on T rupees

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in the law had Woodmore attending Welcome to Blue Room trying to tell if to move more of free room in Colorado

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one kitchenette to Azure Domina

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while to

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do you know v

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Jehovah in

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laws are lawful walking blocking walk onto you who had

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to deal

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for any Jehovah now the word

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body mean as a whole movie sharing

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than any idea

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what the law how

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the law has

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futile visa vie you wanna be a De

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Luca well actually you know in the law how you bully Masini we're at him militia JaJuan now more than

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that in

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the US Army while definitely a hose

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he will be he

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will see that Vidya Vidya meals Yeah, I mean

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that either

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malati Elan G PHMSA salamin

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now let me add

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that he

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had us others in either or

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do you guys y'all told me that he can email me I couldn't

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miss out on what Allah

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Allah has up to order

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